collections historical and archeological relating to montgomeryshire. and its borders. issued by the powys-land club for the use of its members.

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עמוד 288 - And thorough this distemperature we see The seasons alter : hoary-headed frosts Fall in the fresh lap of the crimson rose, And on old Hiems' thin and icy crown An odorous chaplet of sweet summer buds Is, as in mockery, set.
עמוד xxxiv - HISTORICAL anecdotes of heraldry and chivalry, tending to shew the origin of many English and foreign coats of arms, circumstances and customs.
עמוד 112 - Alfieri," together with his own poems, show him to have been an accomplished scholar. Then, not much above a mile from Calgarth, at his beautiful creation of Elleray, lived Professor Wilson, of whom I need not speak. He, in fact, and Mr Lloyd, were on the most intimate terms with the bishop's family. The meanest of these persons was able to have " taken the conceit" out of Dr Whittaker and all his tribe.
עמוד xii - Each member shall pay in advance to the Treasurer the annual sum of one guinea. If any member's subscription shall be in arrear for two years, and he shall neglect to pay his subscription after...
עמוד 113 - He wrote, indeed, pleasing verses and with great facility — -a facility fatal to excellence; but his mind was chiefly remarkable for the fine power of analysis which distinguishes his " London " and other of his later compositions.
עמוד 143 - I care little. I am old and worn out in the service of the Crown : but I am mortified to find that Your Majesty thinks me capable of giving a judgment which none but an...
עמוד 231 - York and their successors that they and their successors shall and may have, hold, and keep, within the said...
עמוד 356 - Robert Fitz Roger, in the 6th Ed. I. entered into an engagement with Robert de Tybetot to marry, within a limited time, John, his son and heir, to Hawisia, the daughter of the said Robert de Tybetot, to endow her at the church-door, on her wedding day, with lands amounting to the value of one hundred pounds per annum.
עמוד 105 - I sent to the Monthly Magazine (1797), three mock Sonnets, in ridicule of my own Poems, and Charles Lloyd's, and Lamb's, etc. etc. exposing that affectation of unaffectedness, of jumping and misplaced accent, in common-place epithets, flat lines forced into poetry by italics, (signifying how well and mouthishly the author would read them) puny pathos, etc. etc. The instances were almost all taken from myself, and Lloyd, and Lamb. I signed them ' Nehemiah Higginbotham.' I think they may do good to...
עמוד 315 - Charlotte," her mother replied, " Belongs to no station or place ; And nothing's so vulgar as folly and pride, Though dressed in red slippers and lace. " Not all the fine things that fine ladies possess, Should teach them the poor to despise ; For 'tis in good manners, and not in good dress, That the truest gentility lies.

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