What Is a Real Man?

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What Is a Real Man?

Have you ever wanted to know what a Real man is but were afraid to ask? Are you just like most people who were taught one thing but later found out that the information was inaccurate? The Bible states in Hosea 4:6 that Gods people are destroyed because of lack of knowledge. In Proverbs 4: 7, scriptures say we should get wisdom and with all our getting, we should get an understanding.

In this book, William McLean reveals from the scriptures what a real man is and the spiritual principles that apply when a man takes his place. In addition, how it affects Gods original order. As you read What is a Real Man you will learn:

The difference between a boy and a man

Gods original intent for creating man

Why men are attacked and the effects


Plus much more!


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William McLean is married with two children and currently serves in the United States Armed Forces. He and his family are members of Grace Christian Center.

Terry Whitley is the Senior Pastor at Grace Christian Center.

For more on Grace Christian Center visit the website at


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