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Some Antiquities at Glastonbury and in the Cathedrals of Salisbury, Wells, and Winchester, 1711. By. S. G.

Account of a Journey made at Easter, 1720. By S. G.
Account of his Tour into Scotland. By Roger Gale.
Part of a Tour in Derbyshire. R. G.
Observations on Kingsbury, Middlesex. S. G.
Account of Barben, Tunbridge, etc. S. G.

Curious Memoranda relative to English and Foreign Antiquities. S. G. Letter from Mr. S. Gale to (probably) Dr. Stukeley.

Bishop Fleetwood to Mr. R. Gale.
Bishop Gastrell to Mr. R. Gale.
Mr. Browne Willis to Mr. S. Gale.
Mr. Arthur Bedford to Dr. Z. Grey.

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The success of this Spalding Society led to the foundation of similar societies at Peterborough and Stamfordif not also at Doncaster and Boston. These continued but a short time, although the Peterborough Society (under Archdeacon Neve) occupied three volumes of manuscript with its minutes. These various societies interchanged their communications with those of the Spalding Society, whose minutes were also regularly transmitted to the Society of Antiquaries in London, and there duly read and acknowledged; the London Society of Antiquaries sending to Spalding its own publications, including prints, etc., for many years.

Still, it must never be forgotten that Maurice Johnson continued to the end of his life (obit. Feb. 7th, sepult. Feb. 11th, 1755, at Spalding) to be the mainstay of our Society. As long as he lived the Society flourished. The greater part of the communications were made by him, the minute-books, written in a variety of hands, were mostly by him, and the numerous illustrations are almost all of them his work. To the library he gave many of its most valuable books, and the museum owed much to his liberality. But, alas ! shortly after his death a change comes over the scene; the Society continued to meet weekly, and accounts of its weekly and yearly receipts and expenditure were duly kept ; but the minute-book ceased to be used, little or nothing was added to the library, the physic garden was given up, and the museum went to decay.

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This state of affairs ruled for a period of about seventy years, when, upon the death of Dr. Johnson, his successor in the vicarage, Dr. Moore, was by the then members elected President in 1828. A few 'interesting essays now appear at long intervals in the minute-book Dr. Cammack and Canon Moore followed in his footsteps. During this period thirty-six meetings were held, the papers read between 1828 and 1889 appear to be nineteen in number, but have the advantage, as to several of them, of being entered in extenso in the minutebook (vol. vi).

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Under the Presidency of DR. MOORE, DR. CAMMACK, and

June 28, 1848. Dr. Moore's paper on Spalding Gentlemen's Society.
May 26, 1856. Extract of letter from Mr. Pishey Thompson on Dr.

Stukeley's paper relating to Threekingham.
Jan. 12, 1857. Dr. Cammack read short paper on the Rise of Mo-

Mar. 16, Rev. E. Moore read extracts from the Bishops' Epi-

scopal Registry at Lincoln relative to Moulton
Church, and also extracts from MSS. in private
hands relative to Ivo Tallbois and the Family of

“Multon." May 13,

Dr. Cammack gave Lecture on Locke.
Nov. 18, Dr. Cammack made some remarks on Origin of

Febr. 7, 1859. Rev. R. Hollis read paper on Names of Towns and

Villages in Lincolnshire.
Oct. 13, 1862. Rev. E. Moore gave Illustrations of Inscriptions on

Bells at Cowbit, etc.
Dr. Cammack made some remarks on the Origin of

the Word “ Cheal ” in Gosberton, etc.
June 1, 1863. Rev. E. Moore made some observations respecting

the Piers, etc., of Pinchbeck Church. Mar. 17, 1864. Dr. Cammack read brief memoranda relative to

Statistics and Sanitary Condition of Spalding

during the Last and Present Century. April 20, Memoir of John Richard Carter. Dec. 23, Memoir of Maurice Johnson by Rev. E. Moore. Nov. 22, 1867. Memoir of Dr. William Moore. Jan. 15, 1868. Rev. E. Moore read an account of the Restoration of

the Church and exhibited a number of Tokens,

offering his views of their original uses. Febr. 8, 1875. Memoirs of Dr. Cammack and Mr. James Speechly,

by Canon Moore.

et seq.

Febr. 8,

April 26,

Account of the Discovery of the Abbey Mill-race by

Canon Moore.
Querns, a paper also by Canon Moore.
Mr. Joe G. Calthrop read a paper on the Enclosure

of about 600 acres of land from Fosdyke Wash.

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During the latter portion of that time the library and museum were in a most filthy condition from accumulation of dust. Still, in fulfilment of Gale's prophecy, the library remained “a glorious monument of the public spirit and learning of its founder, and the record of a noble attempt which otherwise could scarcely be credited by posterity.”

No meeting having been held since April 26th, 1875— a period of fourteen years—thc few remaining members met on July 15th, 1889, and decided that an earnest effort should be made to revivify the Society. Dr. Perry was elected President, and a committee appointed. to consider the rules and report thereon. The President exhibited some Roman gold coins which had recently come into his possession ; Mr. Everard Green, F.S.A., presented pedigrees of several families ; Canon Marsden, who had been a member since 1828, presented his book, “Philomorus ;” and Mr. White, of Grantham, read a memoir of the late Canon Moore.

On Sept. 30th following the next meeting was held, a fresh set of rules, drawn up by the committee, adopted ; and a secretary, treasurer, and librarian appointed. Another paper read and works given to the library. The Society now got again into working order, and from that time quarterly meetings have been regularly held. The Society has itself purchased several books, and others have been given by its members ; donations to a small extent have been made to the museum ; a goodly number of interesting and instructive papers read and articles of antiquity exhibited; an annual excursion has taken place for the past six years. To the list of regular members seventy-one names have been added, and thirty-one honorary members have been elected. Total, one hundred and two names.

The following is a list of the papers recently read :



to S.G.S. from July 15th, 1889.
July 15, 1889. In Memoriam Edward Moore, by Mr. Robert Aslack

Sept. 30, Dr. Marten Perry read a paper on Numismatics.
Jan. 21, 1890. Wykeham Chapel: a paper written by the late Canon

April 29, A List of the Plate belonging to the Parish Church,

read by Dr. Perry. Nov. 4,

Major G. P. Moore reported Mr. Mortimer's (Brit.

Mus.) opinion on the horns exhibited at last meet

ing (Aug. 18) by Mr. W. Caulton.
Dr. J. T. Walker gave lengthy account of the

Roman Remains from Peterboro' and Castor (ex-
hibited), and the Roman Occupation of those

Rev. J. Conway Walter read a paper on the Influence

of the Dialect of Lincolnshire and East Anglia in

the formation of Standard English. Jan. 27, 1891. Dr. Perry read a paper on the Saxon Coinage, illus

trated by specimens.
April 21, Mr. A. Harrison communicated by letter an account

of the late drought.
Major Moore sent an account of St. Thomas's Guild

and Holyrood House.
Mr. Canham read paper on the Antiquities and

Geology of Crowland.
Rev. Kenelm H. Smith read paper on Our Duties

in respect of the Conservative Study of Local Anti

Rev. Grant W. Macdonald read a paper on the Miss-

ing Portion of the Holbeach Register.
Dr. Perry read some Notes on the Spalding Register.
Rev. J. C. Walter sent a paper on Bayard's Leap,

illustrative of the old belief in Witchcraft.
Febr. 25, 1892. Mr. Everard Green sent a letter respecting the

Missal belonging to S.G.S.
Translation of a Customal of the Manor of Spalding

and its Villages of Pinchbeck, Moulton, and Weston
in 1124, translated by Mr. Frank B. Lewis, was

read by Mr. C. E. Bonner.
Dr. Perry made some remarks on a Bill of Acquit.

tance given in 1583, being half-year's rent for

Haddon Hall.
Mr. A. Harrison read letters describing his visit to

Pompeii and Vesuvius.
April 19, Mr. A. S. Canham read a paper on the Geology of

the Fens,

Nov. 4,

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April 19, 1892. Rev. Dr. Jessop sent, in a letter to the President, a

brief account of some Anglo-Saxon Remains in an

A.-S. Cemetery at Castle Acre. Aug. 11, Rev. R. Hollis read a paper on Bellarmine Pottery,

illustrated by several specimens. Oct. 26,

Dr. T. J. Walker read a paper on Anglo-Saxon

Remains in Eastern England, especially at Wood

stone. Febr. 6, 1893. Rev. J. R. Jackson read a paper on the Constables'

Accounts at Moulton, 1690-1750. May 2, Mr. A. S. Canham, paper, Notes on the History of

Crowland, its Charters and Crosses.
July 31, Mr. Fitzalan Howard, paper on Cultivation and

Preparation of Woad.
Mr. Everard Green, paper on Lord Denbigh's fifteenth-

century book, which he styles “ Biblia in Rebus." Oct. 23, Mr. Hufton, paper on Plant Life, illustrated by


Mr. E. Green, paper on Poets Laureate. Febr. 2, 1894. Mr. G. E. Abbott, paper on Bimetallism.

Mr. T. H. Brogden, paper on Aquatic Birds of South

Lincolnshire, illustrated by specimens (reading con

cluded on Feb. 16th). April 25, Mr. E. Green, paper on a Royal Tournament, temp.

Henry VIII.
Dr. Perry, paper on Roman Family Coins, illustrated

by specimens. July 24, Mr. E. W. Bell, paper on Microbes, with microscopic

illustrations. Mr. H. Watkinson, paper on Life and Teaching of

Socrates. Dec. 10, Mr. A. Harrison read report on a Littleport Court

Roll, by Mr. Martin (temp. Edw. II, A.D. 1267).

Rev. J. Č. Walter, paper on the Coritani. Febr. 11, 1895. Mr. Edward Tatam, paper on History of the River

Welland, descriptive of the difficulties of the Maintenance of its Efficiency in the Past, Present, and

Future. April 25, Mr. V. I. Allen, account of the removal of the old

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railway bridge on the Holbeach Line. Mr. Wallace Watts, paper on Church Brasses, illus

trated by rubbings. Aug. 14, Mr. C. M. Hufton, paper on Rocks and Sands, with

microscopic illustrations.
Rev. N. Green Armytage, Notes on a Roman Camp

near Homburg
Rev. G. W. Macdonald, paper on the Part Spald-

ing played against the Spanish Armada. Rev. H. J. Green, paper on Mountsorrel Quarries,

and some Roman and other ancient remains found

in a well there.


Oct. 30,


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