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Llangenydd font, 316, 319
Llanmadoc font, 311, 320
Lore and Legend of the English Church,

LYNAM (Chas., F.S.A.), describes Wans-
ford Church, south door Norman, 70

Describes Whittering Church, 70

MITCHINSON (Bp.), Sermon by, before

Association, 75
Moulton Court Rolls, 1356-1473, 173
Municipal parks, etc., of London, 265

MACLAGAN (C.), Catalogue Raisonné, 367
Macray, Rev. W.D., edited for Rolls Series

the Chronicon of Ramsey Abbey,” 233
Manuscripts in British Museum belong-

ing to Ramsey, 235, 236
Maxey Castle, 115

church visited, described by Rev.
W. D. Sweeting, 188

and parish described by Rev. W.
D. Sweeting, 106

Almoner of Peterborough has it
confirmed to him, 1191, 107

Black-letter Inscriptions, 1390-
1102, 113

chantry founded by Sir Robert
de Thorpe. 1367, 113

church hall close to, 1'9

confirmed to Abbot of Peter-
borough in 1145, 106

field at, still held by Precentor of
Peterborough, 107

Three manors in, Torpel, Maxey,
anıl Northborough, 114

mentioned 1013, 106
Norinan tower of, 111

north aisle a second Norman
work, 111

Piscina in clerestory, south wall,
for rood-loft altar at, 113

Saxon fragment found at, 110
south aisle, transition froin Nor-

Neolithic implements, abundance of in

the Fens, 285
Nicholaston font, 316, 319
NOBLE (Rev. W. M., Wistow), paper hy,

on Knights Templars at Gidding, 88
Northborough Church and Manor Hous",

celebrated locally as a home of
the Claypoles, 122

Church and Manor House de-
scribed by Rev. H. J. D. Astley, M.A.,

visited, 191
Northborough, canopies over reredos in
chantry. 127

De la Mare Chapel, monument in,
guild or chantry chapel at, 125

supposed erection by Bp.
Roger of Northborough, 1321-1360,

widow of the Protector buried
here, 128

Early English piscina and sedilia
discovered, 125

Norman west wall of church
remains, 125

noble gate-house to castle, erected
by de la Mares, 130

man, 112

recovered by Edmer Holbrook,
1048, 106,

remarkable vestry, 113
vicarage house at, described, 109

work of master-mason of Castor
Church and Wakerley, 111
May-day songs, Peterborough, 327
Medleshamstede, name changed to Peter-
borough, 8

Hourishing state under Abbot
Adulph, 8

vengeance of the Conqueror on
abbey, 8
MELVILLE (Lord), gives account of La-
tham Hospital, Oundle, 29

reads paper on Lathor's Hospi-
tal, 88
Merstbam, finds at, 353
Milton Hall visited, 72
Ministers of Lincolnshire plundered, 271
Minos (Rev. Dr., Vicar of Garway), ex-

hibits rubbings from Templar's Chapel,

Obituary notices :--

Sir H. E. L. Dryden, Bart, 276
Mr. Robert Ferguson, F.S.A , 206
Mr. George McGuire, 206
Mr. John Thomas Mould, 355
Mr. Joseph Stevens, M.R.C.S.,

L.R.C.P., 207
Old English social life, 262

churches, notes on, 271
Old Peterborough customs and their sur-

vival, 323
OLIVER (Andrew), on Derbyshire Brasses,

exhibits bronze mortar, 1598, and
altar-cross of seventeenth century, 94

paper by, on Ancient Customs,
Orton Longueville Church, 97

epitaphs (1734) in, 102

niches in south wall of choir,
their original position, 72
recess in north wall of tower, 99

in external wall of choir

ironwork in, 100
money-box of brass in pillar, 99
monuments in, 99
painting of St. Christopher at, 99

Orton House visited, 194
Oxfordshire, History of, 356
Oxwich font, 316, 319
Oystermouth font, 316

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Palæolithic Age, long continuance of in

the Fens, 283
Parish Cattle-brands for Maxey, 120
PARKER (Mrs. K. L.), More Australian

Legendary Tales, 362
PATRICK (G.), describes Peakirk, 191, 215
Peaga's Cell restored by Barry, 218
Peakirk Church described, 215

founded by Edmund Atheling,

recess light in choir, 220
PEARS (Mrs.), notes by, on canoe found

between Southport and Rufford, 205
Penmaeu font, 321, 322
Pennard font, 316, 322
Penrice font, 316, 320, 322
PERRY (Marten, M.D.), exhibited hand-

brick, 2 ins. wide at one end, to 14 ins.
at the other, 95

reads Paper on history of Gentle.
men's Society of Spalding, 83

gives account of state of Gentle-
men's Society of Spalding, 39
Peterborough Abbey, burnt 1116, 9

begun to be rebuilt 1117, 9
consecrated 1237, 10

Abbot Waterville
Chapel of St. Thomas, 10

destroyed by Danes, 870, 7
restored, 8
- Abbey, Saxulphus, first abbot of, 7

Cathedral, commemoration of
founders, 332

the so-called “ Herda
Monument" in, Norman, according to
Mr. Bloxham, 7

importance of in pre-Roman
times, 88

survival of old customs at, 199
Anglo-Saxon cemetery at, 342
Bridge Fair at, 334

notes relative to, in Spalding
Society's Minutes, 159

ancient tithe-barn, only skeleton
left, 87

St. John's Church, remarkable
embroideries in, 86

St. John's Church, Squires,
Agnes, monument by Flaxman, west-
end north aisle, 87

St. John's Church, Wildbore,
Matthew, his monument in chancel of ;
left legacy for ringing bells, 87

Registers begin 1559, 86
The Right Reverend the Lord
Bishop of, his Inaugural Address, 1

his sermon before the Association,

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Petition of Welsh people, temp. H. VIII,

PHENÉ (J. S., L.L D., F.S.A.), reads

Paper on pre-Roman Peterborough, 88
Pin-lore and the Waxen Image, 161
Pile-dwellings at Hedisor, Bucks, 267

off East Coast, 268
Polling-Day Customs, Peterborough, 340
Pope Paul's Confirmation of David Pool,

second Bishop of Peterborough, 152
Porteynon font, 316, 322
POULTER (J. A.), describes Bury Church

and Biggin House, Ramsey, 253
Preston, Lancs., History of, 273

Queen Katern's Day, Peterborough, 335
QUICK (R.), on the Eolithic Age, 353

Ramsey Abbey, founded about 969, 229

Archbishops Dustan and Oswald
dedicate the church, 229

Egelwine, or Ailwine, the founder,
buried there, 229

Historical notes on MS. belo::g-
ing to, 229

St. Ivo, a Persian bishop, rests
there, 231

abbots, list of, 231
RAWNSLEY, Canon, reads Paper on Caed.

mon, 88

sonnet by, on Little Gidding, 183
Records of the Marches, 303
Report of Secretaries for year ending

December 31st, 1898, 201
Reynoldston font, 316
Rhossili Font, 316, 317, 319
Right to bear Arms, the, 257
ROBERTS (Rev. Arthur Courtenay), Paper

by, On an Essex Church Tower, Great

Dunmow, 91, 209
Rolls of Ramsey in British Museum, 241
Roman Camp, Narenta, Herzegovina, 268

near Peterborough, 56
Roman Ironstone workings, 55

iead coffin, etc., found in Chester-
ton Roarl, 150-151

occupation, traces of, left in
Peterborough and neighbourhood, 51

· pavement at Dorchester, 266
pottery at Castor, 53
urns dug up at March, 146

wells, found at or near Peter-
borough Camp, 59

in the Fen district, 291
Royston, Rev. Peter, reads Paper on
Orton Longueville Church, 72

on Orton Longueville Church, 97
RUSSELL FORBES (Dr.), on Cremating of

Caesar and Discoveries at Rome, 20 1,

KUSSELL (Miss), Paper by, on Vitrified

Forts and Brochs, 200

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TOWNSEND (H. M.), reads notes on St.
John's Church, Peterborough, 83

describes Fotheringhay, 193
Tower, secret passage, 267

recent discoveries at, 351
TRAYLEN (J. C., F.R.I.B.A.), describes

Castor Church, 71
Track (Rev. G. S.), on Lore and Legend

of the English Church, 364

Union of Wales with England, temp. H.

VIII, 308

Valentine's Day verses, Peterborough.

Various results of Pin-lore and waxen

image, 165
Vitrified forts and brochs in North of

Scotland, etc., 200

St. Christopher, painting of, Ortou

Longueville, 99
St. George's, St. John's, St. Mary, and St.

Martin's, Stamford, all visited, 74
St. John's Church, Peterborough, visited,

embroideries, remarkable, at, 86

registers begin 1559, 86
St. John, Oliver, his grant to Will Parker,

St. Peaga's Cell, destroyed 870 by Danes,

Saxon Cross, part of, preserved in Peaga's

Cell, 219
Saxulphus, first abbot of Peterborough, 7
SCOTT (Rev. Canon S. C.), on St. John

Baptist, Chester, 264
Scottish Kings : a revised chronology, 260
SEXBY (Lt. Col., V.D.), on London Parks,

SHARLAND (Miss E. Cruwys), on Story

Books of Little Gidding: 275
Shields (inscribed) on old Palace wall

Peterborough, 145
Smith, Dr. Wm., Bishop, Linc., 307

Thomas, tumbof, at Maxey
Church, 189
Spalding Church visited, built 1284, 82

ancient books preserved in its
vestry, 82

visited, 81

origin, progress, and present state
of Gentlemen's. Society there, founded

1711, 39
Stamford visited and described, by Mr.
J. C. Traylen, 73

Brown's hospital at, visited, 74
STATHAM (Rev. S. P. H.), on Dover Town,

Castle and Port, 357
Statuette bronze of Roman kuight, 60
Steelyard found at Maxey, 191
Stone, with arms, found at Maxey vicar-

Walker (Dr. T. J.), ou Anglo-Saxon

Cemetery, 342
WALKER (Dr. T. J.), on Roman sites in

and near Peterborough, 51
Wansford Church visited, 70
WAREING (Mr.), description by, of jour-

ney to Bath, with drawings, 43
Warmington Church visited, 194
Waterville, Abbot, commences Chapel of

St Thomas, Peterborough Abbey, 10
Waxen images, use of, 167
Way (Earle), exhibits Roman pottery

found in Southwark, 93
Welsh Marches, the, 300
Whitstones, Franciscus, his fine monu-

ment in choir, Barnac Church, 21
Whittering Church, visited and described

by C. Lynam, F.S.A., 70
Wife-selling in the market-place, Peter-

borough, 338
WINSTONE (B., M.D.), reads paper by

Rev. A. Roberts, on an Essex Church

Tower, 91
Woodcroft visited, and notes on, 186
WOODHOUSE (Rev. R. J.), exhibition by,

Wool Church, Dorset, 35
Worsley, Richard, of Deeping Gate, 118
Wyldbore's Day, March 15th, at Peter.

borough, 325
Wulgatus, Abbot of Peakirk, ejected, 216

age, 118

Sun-dial on south wall of tower at Bar-

nac, 14

SWEETING (Rev. W. D.), on Maxey Church

and Parish, 106

Table of fonts in Gower, 321
THISELTON-DYER (T. F., M.A.), on old

English social life, 262
Thorpe, John, probably engaged on ori-

ginal design of Burghley, 248
Town Hall, Peterborough, subscriptions

towards, 155

Yaxley Church visited, 185


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