First Blood in North Africa: Operation Torch and the U.S. Campaign in Africa in WWII

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Stackpole Books, 2017 - 202 עמודים
In November 1942, eleven months after Pearl Harbor, the United States launched Operation Torch, the invasion of Morocco and Algeria. Overwhelmingly successful against Vichy French forces, the Americans next shifted their focus to Tunisia, where they battled the German Afrika Korps at Kasserine Pass, El Guettar, and Bizerte.
  • Story-in-photos of a campaign that featured Eisenhower, Patton, Rommel, and the Rangers
  • Hundreds of photos of this important campaign showing soldiers, vehicles, weapons, and exotic desert locations that will be familiar to viewers of the classic movie Patton
  • Perfect complement to Rick Atkinson's Pulitzer Prize-winning An Army at Dawn

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Jon Diamond has written extensively on military history topics. In addition to articles for World War II History and Military Heritage, he is also the author of Guadalcanal (978-0-8117-1626-0), New Guinea (978-0-8117-1556-0), Orde Wingate (978-1-84908-323-2), and Archibald Wavell (978-1-84908-737-7). A graduate of Cornell University, Diamond is a medical doctor in private practice and has taught at Harvard and Penn State. He lives near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

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