תמונות בעמוד

Or this :

O MOST mighty and gracious God! thy mercy is over all thy works, but, in an especial manner, hath been extended towards us, whom thou hast so poweriully and wonderfully defended. Thou hast showed us terrible things, and we have seen thy power upon the deep, that we might learn how great and gracious a GOD thou art; how able and ready to assist those who trust in thee. Thou hast showed us, that both winds and seas obey thy command ; that we may learn, even from them, to obey thy voice, and to do thy will, during the remaining days of our lives. We, therefore, praise and thank thee for this thy mercy in saving us, when we were ready to perish. And, we beseech thee, make us as truly sensible now of thy mercy, as we were then of our danger : and influence our hearts to be always ready to express our thankfulness, not only by words, but also by our lives, by being more obedient to thy holy commandments. Continue, we beseech thee, this thy goodness to us ;

that We,

we, whom thou hast so lately preserved, may serve thee in holiness and righteousness all the days of our life, according to the gospel of Jesus Christ our lord. Amen.

A psalm of praise and thanksgiving' after a

dangerous tempest.

O COME ! let us give thanks unto JEHOVAH, for he is gracious, and his mercy endureth for ever.

2 Great is JEHOVAH, and greatly to be praised; he hath delivered us from the merciless rage of the sea.

3 The sea roared ; and the stormy wind lifted up its wayes.

4 The waters of the sea had well nigh covered us; the proud waters had well nigh gone over us.

5 We were carried up as it were to heaven,and then down again into the deep: our hearts melted within us, because of trouble.

6 Then cried we unto thee, O JEHOVAH! and thou didst deliver us out of our distress.

7 Thou didst send forth thy commandment ; and the stormy wind ceased, and was turned into a calın.

8 Thanks

8 Thanks be unto thee, who didst not despise, but heardest the prayer of thy servants; and hast saved us.

9 O let us ! therefore, praise JEHOVAH for his goodness; and declare the wonders which he hath done, and still doeth, for the children of men.

10 He is our God, even the god from whom cometh salvation : JEHOVAH IS GOD, by whom we have escaped death.

Now unto JEHOVAH ! immortal, invisible, the only God;

Be honour and glory, through the gospel of Jesus Christ, forever. Amen.

A psalm of praise and thanksgiving after

victory. IF JEHOVAH had not been on our side, now may we say ; if JEHOVAH himself had not been on our side, when the enemy were opposed against us;

2 They had swallowed us up alive, when they were so wrathfully displeased at us.

3 But praised be JEHOVAH; who hath not given us over as a prey unto them.

4 JEHOVAH hath wrought a mighty deliverance for us.

5 We gat not this by our own sword, neither was it our own arın that saved us : but thy right hand, and thine arm, and the light of thy countenance, because thou hadst a favour unto us.

6 JEHOVAH hath appeared on our behalf; JEHOVAH hath confounded and overthrown our enemies..

7 Therefore, not unto us, O JEHOVAH ! not unto us; but unto thee, and unto thee alone, be praise and thanks from this time forth for evermore. Amen.

Now unto JEHOVAH! immortal, invisible, the only GOD;

Be honour and glory, through the gospel of Jesus Christ, for ever. Amen.

Then this Collect.

O ALMIGHTY GOD! the supreme governor of the world, whose power is irresistible; we praise and thank thee for our happy success, the whole glory of which we wholly ascribe unto thee, who art the only giver of victory. And, we beseech thee, lead us to improve this great mercy to the benefit of our country, and, as much as in us lieth,


to the good of all mankind. Give us, also, such a sense of this great mercy, that we be truly thankful for our success, and that our gratitude may appear in our lives, by an humble and holy obedience unto thee all our days, according to the gospel of Jesus Christ our lord. Now unto thee be ascribed, for all thy mercies, and in particular for this victory and deliverance, ali glory, honour and praise, o father almighty! for ever. Amen.

MAY JEHOVAH bless us and preserve us ; may he be merciful unto us, and look fa. vourably upon us, now and for evermore. Numb. vi. 24-26.

At the burial of their dead at sea,

The foregoing office, for the burial of the dead, may be used, only instead of these words (we therefore commit his body to the ground, earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust,] may be said ;

We, therefore, commit his body to the deep, until the sea shall give up its dead ; in a well assured hope that there will be


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