British Exploits in South America: A History of British Activities in Exploration, Military Adventure, Diplomacy, Science, and Trade, in Latin American

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Century Company, 1917 - 585 עמודים

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עמוד 424 - For which of the kings of this land before Her Majesty had their banners ever seen in the Caspian sea? which of them hath ever dealt with the Emperor of Persia, as her Majesty hath done, and obtained for her merchants large and loving privileges?
עמוד 401 - ... about a yard from the ground, as if to ask me what business I had to take liberties with his tail. I let him come, hissing and open-mouthed, within two feet of my face, and then, with all the force I was master of, I drove my fist, shielded by my hat, full in his jaws. He was stunned and confounded by the blow, and ere he could recover himself, I had seized his throat with both hands, in such a position that he could not bite me ; I then allowed him to coil himself round my body, and marched,...
עמוד 454 - MAWE'S (HL) Journal of a Passage from the Pacific to the Atlantic, crossing the Andes in the Northern Provinces of Peru, and descending the great River Maranon.
עמוד 156 - Those commanders and chieftains that shoot at honour and abundance shall find there more rich and beautiful cities, more temples adorned with golden images, more sepulchres filled with treasure, than either Cortez found in Mexico, or Pizarro in Peru ; and the shining glory of this conquest will eclipse all those so far extended beams of the Spanish nation.
עמוד 424 - Constaninople ? who ever found English Consuls and Agents at Tripolis, in Syria, at Aleppo, at Babylon, at Balsara, and which is more, who ever heard of Englishmen! at Goa before now?
עמוד 26 - If all the miseries and troublesome affairs of this sorrowful voyage should be perfectly and thoroughly written, there should need a painful man with his pen, and as great a time as he had that wrote the lives and deaths of the...
עמוד 409 - The feeling of inhospitable wildness which the forest is calculated to inspire is increased tenfold under this fearful uproar. Often, even in the still hours of mid-day, a sudden crash will be heard, resounding afar through the wilderness, as some great bough or entire tree falls to the ground. There are, besides, many sounds which it is impossible to account for.
עמוד 457 - RESEARCHES INTO THE LOST HISTORIES OF AMERICA ; or, The Zodiac shown to be an Old Terrestrial Map, in which the Atlantic Isle is delineated ; so that Light can be thrown upon the Obscure Histories of the Earthworks and Ruined Cities of America. By WS Blacket.
עמוד 32 - ... his cap with his gold band off his head, and ran a little distance from him, and shared it with his fellow, the cap to the one, and the band to the other.
עמוד 401 - I laid hold of his tail with the left hand, 29 one knee being on the ground ; with the right I took off my hat, and held it as you would hold a shield for defence. "The snake instantly turned, and came on at me, with his head about a yard from the ground, as if to ask me what business I had to take liberties with his tail.

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