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Photomechanical reprint

by WILLY KAUPP Tübingen, West Germany

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All ye inhabitants of the world, and dwellers on the earth, See Ye, when He

lifteth up an Ensign on the Mountains.- Isaiah XVIII, 3.

Vol. I.

JANUARY, 1853.

No. 1.

PROSPECTUS OF “THE SEER.” THE SEER is a title assumed for their second estate, and their final rethis Periodical in commemoration of demption and exaltation, as Gods, in Joseph Smith, the great Seer of the their future state—are subjects which last days, who, as an instrument in the will, more or less, occupy the pages hands of the Lord, laid the foundation of the Seer. of the Kingdom of God, preparatory It is hoped that the President elect, to the second coming of the Messiah the Hon. Members of Congress, the to reign with universal dominion over Heads of the various Departments of all the Earth.

the National Government, the highThe pages of the Seer will be most- minded Governors and Legislative Asly occupied with original matter, illu- semblies of the several States and cidating the doctrines of the Church Territories, the Ministers of every Reof Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, as ligious denomination, and all the inrevealed in both ancient and modern habitants of this great Republic, will Revelations. The Prophecies, relat- patronize this Periodical, that through ing to the grand and remarkable events the medium of our own writings they of the last days, will be carefully ex- may be more correctly and fully inamined and unfolded. The doctrine formed in regard to the peculiar docof Celestial Marriage, or Marriage trines, views, practices, and expectafor all eternity, as believed and prac- tions of the Saints who now flourish tised by the Saints in Utah Territory, in the Mountain Territory, and who will be clearly explained. T'he views will eventually flourish over the whole of the Saints in regard to the ancient Earth. And we say to all nations, Patriarchal Order of Matrimony, or subscribe for the Seer, and we proPlurality of Wives, as developed in mise you a True and Faithful descripa Revelation, given through Joseph, tion of all the principal features, charthe SEER, will be fully published. acterizing this great and last “dispenThe Celestial origin and pre-existence sation of the fulness of times." of the spirits of men-their first estate The Seer will be published Monthor probation in a previous world—the ly, at $1 per annum, in advance. great benefits, derived by descending ORSON PRATT, Editor, from Heaven, and entering fleshly ta

Washington City, D.C bernacles, and keeping the laws of DECEMBER 21, , 1852.

First Epistle of ORSON Pratt to the Saints scattered throughout the United

States and British Provinces Greeting : Dear BRETHERN: Having been ap- Emigrating Fund Company, and is pointed by the First Presidency with hereby appointed and authorized to the sanction of a special Conference act as Traveling-Agent in the United of the Church of Jesus Christ of States and British Provinces in North Latter Day Saints, held in Great Salt America, and he is instructed to colLake City on the 28th of August, lect, and disburse and aid to promote 1852, to preside over the Saints the emigration of poor Saints to the throughout the United States and valleys of the mountains. British Provinces in North America ; BRO. ORSON PRATT is too well and in accordance therewith, I have left favorably known to need any testimomy family and my home in the peace- nial further than his own presence and ful vales of the mountains; and, alter acquaintance to secure the esteem and crossing the wild desert plains which confidence of all among whom his lot intervene between the happy land of may be cast. His acquirements and the Saints and the Gentile lands of attainments are of the highest order, strise and wickedness, I find myself and possessing, as he eminently does, within the field of my mission: that every requisite of an honorable and the Saints may more fully learn the high-minded gentleman, we take great nature of my mission among them, 1 pleasure in recommending him to the will insert the following:

kindness and consideration of all


BRIGHAM YOUNG, This certifies that Professor Orson

Heber C. KIMBALL, Pratt of the University of Deseret,

WILLARD RICHARDS, one of the Apostles of the Church of Presidency of said Church. Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saiuns, is Signed and sealed at Great Salt appointed by us, with the sanction of Lake City, U. T., Sept. 13, 1852. the special Conference, convened in this city on the twenty-eighth day of The principal features of my misAugust, A. D. One Thousand Eight sion are contained in the foregoing Hundred and Fifty-two, to preside letter; but ever feeling a deep interest over the affairs of the Church through- in the welfare of the saints, you will out the United States and the British permit me, through the medium of Provinces in North America; and ihis epistle to impart to you such inalso, to write and Publish Periodicals, structions as the Holy Spirit may Pamphlets, Books, &c., illustrative of whisper to my mind. I wish to ask the principles and doctrines of the the saints who still remain scattered Church, and to do all other things abroad, Do you enjoy as great a measnecessary for the advancement of the ure of the Spirit of God as when you work of the Lord among all nations were first baptized into this kingdom ? Elder Pratt is authorized and re. Or are your minds barren? Your unquired to receive and collect tithing of derstandings unfruitful? Your souls in the Saints through all his field of labors: darkness ? and your feelings cold and and we request the Elders and other indifferent towards the great work officers and members of the Church which you have embraced, and which to give diligent heed to his counsels once made you joyful and happy? If as the words of life and salvation, and this be your condition, it is of the assist him to funds to enable him to utmost importance that you know the travel, print, establish book agencies, causes of these unhappy changes in and perform all other duties of his your feelings. Is it because the Lord calling, and the blessings of our Father has changed and forgotten to be grain Heaven shall rest upon them. cious ? Is it because the fulness of Bro. Pratt is one of the Perpetual his gospel does not produce the same effects or happiness now, as it did in light to bless with the greatest blesancient times? Is it because the Book sings, ye that hear me; and


that of Mormon, or any of the Revelations hear me not, will I curse, that have given through Joseph, the Seer, have professed my name, with the heaviest failed to accomplish those purposes of all cursings.” Have you hearkenfor which they were sent? Is it be- ed to the word of God? Have you cause the saints have passed through exerted yourselves to the utmost to great tribulation, and have been driven flee from Babylon? If not, no wonfrom city to city, from State to State, der that you are in darkness-no and finally banished from this great wonder that the peaceable Spirit has Republic to seek a home in the wild been grieved from your bosom. Reglens of the Rocky Mountains? Is it pent, therefore, speedily, and obey the because God has forsaken his people voice of the Lord and gather yourand will no longer show them mercy? selves among his people, lest the deNo, verily, no; none of these causes stroyer lay hold upon you in an hour have conspired to drive away the you think not, and you perish in disComforter from your hearts, or to en- obedience, and your name be cut off velope you in darkness, or to make from the generations of Zion. If you you cold, and indifferent, and unhappy. will awake from the slumber of death But the principal cause of your un- which has seized upon you, and use pleasant and unhappy state of mind, every exertion to obey the voice of the is your own disobedience to one of Lord your God, His anger shall be the inost important commands which turned away from you, and He will God has given to his people in this show you mercy, and His Spirit shall last dispensation, namely: to flee be restored unto you again, and His out of Babylon, and gather themselves hand shall be stretched out over you together, and stand in holy places, to shield and protect you, and to that they may escape the plagues and gather you even as a hen gathereth desolating scourges which the Lord her chickens under her wings to save has decreed to pour out upon the na- them from the approaching storms; tions, because of their great sins and so shall the Lord your God save you, wickedness which continually cry and comfort your hearts, and make unto the heavens for vengeance. Can you to sing with joy and gladness, and any saint neglect so important a com- you shall be His people, and He will mand, when it is within their power be the Lord your God. Awake then, to keep it, and still be justified, and O awake! flee to the mountains for retain the peaceable Spirit of the Lord ? refuge! For a day of trouble is at No: the Spirit of the Lord is grieved hand-a day of fierce battle and war with such, and will, by degrees, with a day of mourning and lamentation draw from them, and they will grope for widows and orphans whose husin the dark, and be liable to be bands and fathers shall fall in battle : overcome by temptation, and be led it shall be the day of the Lord's concaptive by the will of the Devil : troversy for His people-a day of resuch ones, not having the Spirit that compence for the innocent blood of leads into all truth, are liable to be de- prophets and saints which has been ceived by the doctrines of men and shed among this nation. Devils; for the Lord will frequently The time is drawing nigh for suffer strong delusions to overpower these things to be fulfilled; for this nasuch that their damnation may be tion have rejected the Book of Morthe greater, because they profess to mon, which the Lord brought forth know the Lord, and yet will not obey by the mininistering of Angels, and Him. Remember the word of the sent unto them by the hands of His Lord which came by the mouth of servants; they have rejected the Joseph, the Seer, saying, “ Hearken Church of Christ which the Lord and hear, 0 ye my people, saith the God in mercy established in their Lord and your God, ye whom I de- midst; they have suffered His Saints

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