Discoveries in Australia, כרך 2

כריכה קדמית
T. and W. Boone, 1846

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עמוד 6 - The other rocks near it were of a fine-grained sandstone: a new feature in the geology of this part of the continent, which afforded us an appropriate opportunity of convincing an old shipmate and friend, that he still lived in our memory; and we accordingly named this sheet of water Port Darwin.
עמוד 530 - May is the month in which the winter weather fairly sets in, and it rarely happens that the middle of this month passes without the rains having commenced. This season seems to vary but little as to the time and manner of setting in — it is ushered in by blowing weather, from about NNE, the wind gradually veering round to the westward, as it increases in strength. The first of this weather usually lasts from a week to fourteen days ; then comes an interval of fine weather, generally of a fortnight's...
עמוד 172 - These savages of Australia, as we call them, who have adorned the rocks of Depuch Island with their drawings, have in one thing proved themselves superior to the Egyptian and the Etruscan, whose works have elicited so much admiration and afforded food to so many speculations — namely, there is not in them to be observed the slightest trace of indecency.
עמוד 97 - Essington that I thought this anything but some Australian mother's toy to amuse her child: there I was asked, one day, to go and see the "bird's playhouse...

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