תמונות בעמוד
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& wrong ground, conducting my passions,

imaginations, and endeavours: If this be my error, return, my soul, to the contrary disposition and practice from all thy

projects and counsels, and conduct all • thy affairs by this one principle, that re4c ligious virtue is the true end, and the

bighest enjoyment of life; fo shalt thou “ poffefs equanimity in all events; fo shalt Ft thou enjoy thy own existence with com“ fort; fo shalt thou be able to suppress “ tumultuous desires, perplexing fears, and “ discouraging griefs, the scandals, weak“ neffes, vices, and torments of nature,

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In another place, with respect to the christian religion, he writes thus ; " Many

are the objections that are raised against “ christianity. Sometimes they are started


very unseasonably, and tend to beget an indifference to, and a disrelish “ of the gospel scheme : This certainly “ must be got over, otherwise I can never

enter into christian exercises with that « spirit, and those affections, that become 5 me. Still, it must be acknowledged that ♡ since it pleased God to reveal his will to

men, he treats them as men; and allows

os them

“ them the free use of their understanding “ in examining it, to distinguish between " true and false, and to form a right judg

ment of what is contained in his word. “ But the foundations upon which I have « received christianity always appear to my “ most deliberate thoughts concerning them, « firm and anshaken. I am perfectly fen“ fible they have often appeared fo in the < freeft exercise of all


powers, « and in the greatest, most dispassionate

serenity of mind. This farther I am sure

of, that my most exalted sentiments of “ virtue and moral perfection, I have been “ led into from a contemplation of the “ rules, views, and motives of the gospel, “ And tho' there be some representations « and forms of speaking hard to be ac« counted for, yet the most important

points, particularly the nature of future “ rewards, as consisting in the perfection of « virtue, are declared according to truth, and “ the nature of things. The design of “ Christ's coming into the world, his dying,

rising, ascending into heaven, (not as “ darkened by mens explanations and hyos

potheses, but in the simplicity in which “ these points are declared in the New


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“ Testament) are amazing effects of Phi

lanthropy. And the gift of the holy

spirit, as represented in the scripture, so “ far from being any way shocking and ab“ furd, Town, it appears to me most

worthy of God, and a most beautiful “ part of the scheme. When all these “ things are confidered, I am perfectly fa“ tisfied. I consent to the gospel covenant. “I find the greatest prejudices against it at “ bottom, arise from the vanity of my own “ heart, and the depravity of my

affections. “ I therefore willingly go again to the “ knowledge of Christ, that I may learn “ virtue, and


the same foundation on " which I have begun, and by the same

means, to carry on a war against fin. My “ irregular appetites, my selfish pafsions, « have even of late been very vexatious, « and providence has interpofed very re

markably to controul them. Let dif

content, anger, the love of the things of " this world, pride, with all fantastic and « unnatural affections, be hated and " opposed. And as I am weak, Lord,

strengthen me by thy holy spirit, that so - the vigour of my


may be preserved, and I may every day, and by the con

s tinued


« tinued use of prayer, meditation, and

every ordinance of God, be aspiring to integrity. If I be thus seeking glory and

immortality, eternal life (for what is eter« nal life, what is heaven, but the integrity « and perfection of nature ?) is mine. And “ how little ought this world to seem in

my account? How little should I regard

men and their behaviour towards me? O " that the blessed Jesus were more in “ esteem, and I endeavouring to walk even « as he walked.

I repent of


former “ follies, and I turn to the Lord with all


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my heart.

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AGAIN, God has not framed the “ human nature so as to be necessarily mise “ rable. Nay, such is our constitution, that " the greatest comfort, the noblest enjoy

ment, arifes from our acting agreeably to " it. That is, from doing constantly, and

uniformly, what our minds appove. One “ would think, now, here is an easy and

ready way to be happy. But indeed the “ doing our duty, acting a reasonable part,

conforming our practice to the deliberate «

sentiments which are the result of an im« partial inquiry, is rendered difficult by


Sour vehement appetites and tumultuous " passions, which darken the mind, per

plex its counsels, diffipate its vigour, « and, as I often find by experience, pre

cipitate men into a rash and finful conduct. “ Yet I find no necessity laid upon me to "be hurried in that manner, and driven by the brutal impulse of the mechanical part of nature.

It is in an unhappy choice, and in the prevalence of corrupt affections, that the guilt consists. How

wonderfully is the glorious gospel suited to this excellent design of raising the « mind above all fervitude to appetites and

paffions, and of giving life and spirit in " the performance of duty ? There is the

promise of pardon to be the foundation u of our dutiful return to God, when we " are conscious of having offended him.

There is a promise that fin shall not have

dominion - The assistance of the holy ' fpirit is offered. Virtue is recommended " by a plain and easily intelligible law, en"forced by a very powerful sanction. I "do, therefore, betake myself to the remedy the gospel has provided for me; I . lay hold of the great salvation. I have indeed for many years professed to do so;

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