The Court magazine and belle assemblée [afterw.] and monthly critic and the Lady's magazine and museum, כרך 18

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עמוד 211 - I warn the abolitionists," says South Carolina, "ignorant, infuriated barbarians as they are, that if chance shall throw any of them into our hands, he may expect a felon's death.".
עמוד 193 - Gladly my lord, quoth he, would God I had some better thing as ready to your pleasure as that. And therewith in all the haste he sent his servant for a mess of strawberries. The protector set the lords fast in communing, and thereupon praying them to spare him for a little while departed thence.
עמוד 60 - He was a shepherd, and no mercenary. And though he holy was and virtuous, He was to sinful men full piteous ; His words were strong, but not with anger fraught, A love benignant he discreetly taught.
עמוד 384 - Maillart, one of the four chosen captains of the municipal forces, was the most vigilant. Marcel, at his wit's end, made an offer to the king of Navarre to deliver Paris up to him on the night between the 31st of July and the 1st of August.
עמוד 59 - There was also a Nun, a PRIORESS, That of her smiling was full simple and coy : Her greatest oath was but by saint Eloy : And she was cleped Madame Eglantine.
עמוד 194 - Shore's wife, with their affinity, have by their sorcery and witchcraft wasted my body.' And therewith he plucked up his doublet sleeve to his elbow upon his left arm, where he shewed a werish withered arm and small, as it was never other.
עמוד 196 - ... their breath failing, they gave up to God their innocent souls into the joys of heaven, leaving to the tormentors their bodies dead in the bed. Which after...
עמוד 173 - The marshal hastened to obey. " Ventrebleu !" quoth the Bastard, when extricated from the weight of his steed, "I cannot hold by the clouds, but though my horse failed me, surely I will not fail my companions...
עמוד 185 - But sure it is that although King Edward were consenting to his death and destruction, yet he much did both lament his unfortunate chance and repent his sudden execution; inasmuch that, when any person sued to him for pardon or remission of any malefactor condemned to the punishment of death, he would accustomably say, and openly speak, О unfortunate brother, for whose life not one creature would make intercession!
עמוד 194 - Paul (quoth he) I will not to dinner till I see thy head off. It booted him not to ask why, but heavily he took a priest at adventure...

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