תמונות בעמוד

Exhortation to several duties. CHAP. I.

Christ the true Son of God 11. To him be glory and domin-1 A. D. A. D. 13 The church that is at Babyion for ever and ever. Ainen. cir. 60. cir. 60.

lon, elected together with you, 12 4 By Silvanus, a faithful bro

och. 4. 11. ther unto you, as I suppose, 1 Re. 1. 6.

saluteth you, and so doth 5 Mar. Ac. 12. 12. 25.

cus my son. have written briefly, exhorting, I d 2C0.1.19. R 1 14 Greet ye one another with

nd testing that this is thee He. 13. 16. I Co. a kiss of charity. i Peace be with true grace of God wherein ye 22. 116. 20. 2 you all that are in Christ Jesus. stand.

21. 1Co. 15. 1. 2 Pe. 1. 12. 1 Th. 5. 26. G Ep. 6. 23.

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you a lif Sharity. i Penether with

Co. 15. 2. 2




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A. D. 66. A. D. 66. calling and election sure: for if 1 Confirming them in hope of the in.

ye do these things, P ye shall

p ch.3. 17. crease of God's graces, 5 he exhorteth

never fall: them, by faith, and good works, to

11 For so an entrance shall be make their calling sure : 12 whereof

ministered unto you abundantly he is careful to remember them,

into the everlasting kingdom of knowing that his death is at hand :

our Lord and Saviour Jesuis 16 and warneth them to be constant in

q Ro.15.14, the faith of Christ, who is the true


4Phi.3.1. Son of God, by the eye-witness of

12 Wherefore I will not be the apostles beholding his maj-sty, and Or,

ch. 3. 1. 1

negligent to put you always in

Jo. 2. 21. by the testimony of the Father, and Symeon,

remembrance of these things, the prophets.

though ye know them, and be SIMON Peter, a servant and

a Ro. 1.12 + 1 Pe.5.12.

established in the present truth. D an apostle of Jesus Christ,

2 Co. 4. 13. ch. 3. 17.

13 Yea, I think it meet, Sas long to them that have obtained a like

Ep. 4. 5.1 s 2 Co. 5.1, as I am in this tabernacle, i to

Tit. 1. 4. 4. precious faith with us through the

stir you up by putting you in rerighteousness t of God and our

Gr. tch. 3. 1. membrance;

of our Saviour Jesus Christ :

God and

u See De. 14 u Knowing that shortly I 2 Grace and peace be multi

14. 21, 22. Saviour,

| must put off this my tabernacle, plied unto you through the know

31.14. 2Ti. Tit. 2. 19.

even as our Lord Jesus Christ ledge of God, and of Jesus our

4. 6. Da. 4. 1.1

hath she wed me. Lord,

1 John 21. & 6. 25. 11

15 Moreover, I will endeavour 3 According as his divine power Pe." 1.2:18, 19. that ye may be able, after my dehath given unto us all things that I Jude 2. y 1Co.1.17. | cease, to have these things alpertain unto life and godliness,

Ic John 17. & 2.1, 4. 2

ways in remembrance. e through the knowledge of him 3.

*Co. 2.17.& 16 For we have not followed d that hath called us to glory di Th. 21

y cunningly devised fables, when and virtue:

12. & 4. 7.1

1: Mat. 17.1 we made known unto you the 4 e Whereby are given unto us 2 Th. 2.14.15

1,2. Ma. 9. power and coming of our Lord exceeding great and precious 2 Ti. 1. 9.Jin


Jesus Christ, but * were eye-witpromises; that by these ye might | 1 Pe. 2.9.&

& 4. 14.

nesses of his majesty. he f partakers of the divine na

17 For he received from God

a Mat. 3. ture, & having escaped the cor- | Or, by.

the Father honour and glory,

17. & 17.5. ruption that is in the world Tel Co. 7.1. Ma.l.11.&

when there came such a voice to through lust.

IS2 Co. 3. 9. 7. Lu. 3.

him from the excellent glory, 5 Aud besides this, giving all 18. Ep. 4. 22. & 9.35.

a This is my beloved Son, in diligence, add to your faith, vir- 24. He. 12.) See Ex.

whom I am well-pleased. tue, and to virtue, i knowledge; 10.1J0.3.2 3.5. Joe.5.

18 And this voice which came 6 And to knowledge, temper- ch. 2. 18, 15. Mat.17.

from heaven we heard, when we ance; and to temperance, pa- 20. 6.

were with him in the holy tience, and to patience, godliness; ach. 3. 18.1c Ps. 119.

mount. 7 And to godliness, brotherly


19 We have also a more sure kindness; and to brotherly kind

word of prophecy; whereunto ye ness, charity.

do well that ye take heed, as 8 For if these things be in you, ! 1 o he in oui Th. 3.12.12

1 & 22. 18. unto ca light that shineth in a and abound, they make you that

dark place, until the day dawn,

4. 21. ye shull neither be t barren 'nor

and a the day-star arise in your unfruitful in the knowledge of t Gr. idle. le Ro. 12.8. hearts: our Lord Jesus Christ.

1 John 15. Poti 3.16. 20 Knowing this first, that eno 9 But he that lacketh these | 2. Tit.3.14.1 Pe I prophecy of the scripture is of things mis blind, and cannot seem 1 Jo.2.9. . Or any private interpretation. Afar off, and hath forgotten that 11.

any time.

21 For f the prophecy came no! he was n purged from his old n Ep. 5.38.1.

:16 2 Sa. 23.

in old time by the will of man: sins.

1 & but holy men of God spake as 10 Wherefore the rather, breth- 1 Jo, 1.7. Ac. 1.16.& they were moved by the Holy ren, give diligence to make your lo lJo..19.13. 18.

I Ghost.

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i Jude 16.

35. Jude 4.

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He foretelleth of false teachers, II. PETER.

and of their punishment. CHAP. II.

A. D. 66. A. D. 66., blemishes, sporting themselves 1 He foretelleth them of false teachers,

with their own deceivings while shering the impiety and punishment

el Co. 11. they feast with you; both of them and their followers: 7

20, 21. 14 Having eyes full of t adultefrom which the podly shall b der vered, I a De. 13.1.1. c.

a De. 13.1. + Gran ry, and that cannot cease from ss Lot was out of Sodom : 10 and

TO Mat. 21. adulteress. sin; beguiling unstable souls: more fully describeth the manners of those profane end blasphemous seda

21 Ac. 20. f Jade 11. I fan heart they have exercised 3878, whereby they may be the better

30. 1Co.11.

with covetous practices; cursed

19.1T1.4.1. trour, and aroiled.

children: BUT a there were false prophets

2 Ti. 3.1.5.

15 Which have forsaken the

1 Jo. 4. 1. D also among the people, even

Jude 18.

right way, and are goue assay, as b there shall be false teachers

following the way of 6 Balaam among you, who privily shall de 7,21,23,23. the son of Busor, who loved the bring in damnable heresies, even

d 1Co.6.20. Jude 11. wages of uurighteousness; e denying the Lord that bought

Ga. 3. 13.

16 But was rebuked for his ini

Ep.1.7.He. them, and bring upon them

quity: the duunb ass, speaking

10 29.Pe. selves swift destruction.

1. 18. Re.

with man's voice, forbade the 2 And many shall follow their


madness of the prophet. i pernicious ways; by reason of

17 These are wells without whom the way of truth shall be

water, clouds that are carried evil spoken of.

# Or,

with a tempest; to whom the 3 And fthrough covetousness


mist of darkness is reserved for

ways, as shall they with feigned words


some cop. 1 & make merchandise of you:

18 For when i they speak great whose judgment now of a long

| Ro. 16.

swelling words of vanity, they time lingereth noi, and their

18. 20.12.

allure through the lusts of the damnation slumbereth not.

17,18.1 Ti.

fiest, through much wantonness, 4 For if God spared not i the 6. 6. Tit. Ac. 2.40. those that were clean escaped angels that sinnedd, but I cast 11.11. ch.1.4.ver. from them who live in error. thein down to hell, and delivered2C0.2.17. 20.

19 While they proinise them them into chains of darkness, to

I liberty, they themselves are the be reserved unto judgment;

De. 32. a litt!, or,

servants of corruption : for of 5 And spare not the old world,

whoin a man is overcome, of the but saved m Noah the eighth per

soine read. same is he brought in bondage. son, na preacher of righteous Ji Job 4. 18.

1 Ga. 5. 13. 20 For Rif after they have esness, bringing in the flood upon

Jude 6.
1 Pe. 2. 16.

caped the pollutions of the world the world of the ungodly;

p through the knowledge of the 6 And P turning the cities of St.

: 84. Ro. 6. Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, Sodom and Gomorrah into ashes,


they are again entangled therein, condemned them with an over

and overcome, thQlatter end is

Re. 20. 2.3. 45. Lu. 11. throw, I making them an ensam

worse with them than the beginple unto those that after should

m Ge. 7. 1, 26. He.8.4,


7, 23. He. &c. & 10. live ungodly :

21 For it had been better for 7 Andr delivered just Lot, vex

11. 7, 1 Pe. 26, 27.

them not to have known the way

8. . ed with the filthy conversation

lo ch. 1. 4.

of righteousness, than, after they of the wicked:

n1 Pe.3.19. ver. 18.

have known it, to turn from 8 (For that rirhteous man dwell-och. 3. 6. lp ch. 1. 2.

the holy commandment delivered ing among them, in seeing and I p Ge.19.24. !Lu. 12. 47. I

unto them. hearing, vexed his righteous soul De. 29. 23. 48. John 9. 22 But it is happened unto them from day to day with their un- Jude 7. 41.&15.22.

according to the true proverb, lawful deeds ;)

4 Nu. 26. Pr. 26.11.

The dog is turned to his own 9 - The Lord knoweth how to 10.

vomit again; and, The sow that deliver the godly out of tempta Ge.19.16.

was washed, to her wallowing in tions, and to reserve the unjust Ps. 119.

the mire. unto the day of judgment to be 139, 158.

CHAP. III. punished:

Ez, 9. 4.

1 He assureth them of the certainty of 10 But chiefly them that walk


Christ's coming to judgment, against after the flesh in the lust of un- 19. 1Co.10.

those scorners who dispute against it: cleanness, and despise govern 19.

8 warning the godly, for the long pa.

tience of God, to hasten their repentment. y Presumptuous are they, Jude 4,7,

ance. 10 He describeth also the man. self-willed; they are not afraid 8, 10, 16.

ner how the world shall be destroyed : to speak evil of dignities.


11 exhorting them, from the expec. 11 Whereas angels, which are dominion,

tation thereof, to all holiness of life: greater in power and might,

15 and again, to think the patience

Jude 8. Ering not railing accusation la

of God to tend to their salvation, as gainst them before the Lord.

* Jude 9.

Paul wrote to them in his epistles. 12 But these, das natural brute


THIS second epistle, beloved, beasts, made to be taken and de read,

1 I now write unto yoll; in stroyed, speak evil of the things


both which al stir up your pure

themselves. a ch, 1. 13. that they understand not; and

minds by way of reinembrance: shall utterly perish in their own

a Je. 12. 3.

2 That ye may be mindful of the corruption :

Jude 10.

words which were spoken before 13 And shall receive the reward | 5 Phi.3.19. 8 Jude 17. by the holy prophets, and of the of unrighteousness, as they that. See Ro.. ti. 4 commandment of us the apostles count it pleasure cto riot in the 13. 13 2 Ti. 3. 1. of the Lord and Saviour: day-time. Spots they are and I a Jude 12. Jude 18. 3 c Knowing this first, that there

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Ps. 24. 2.& 66. 22. & 136. 6. Re. 21. 1, Col. 1. 17.19.

The certainty of


Christ's second coming. shall come in the last days scoff-| A. D. 66. A. D. 66. manner of persons ought ye to be ers, d walking after their own

sin all holy conversation and gou

d ch. 2. 10.. 1Pe.1.15. luists,

liness, 4 And saying, Where is the

. Is. 5. 19.11 Co. 1.7.
Je. 17. 15. Tit. 2. 13.

12 Looking for and hasting promise of his coming ? for since

Ez. 12. 22,

unto the coming of the day of The fathers fell asleep, all things

27. Mat.21.1 Or,

God, wherein the heavens being continue as they were from the 48. Lu. 12. hasting the on fire shall u be dissolved, and beginning of the creation.


coming. the elements shall smelt with 5 For this they willingly are ig f Ge. 1. 6, u Ps. 50. 3. fervent heat ? norant of, that by the word of 9. Ps. 33.6. Is. 34. 4. | 13 Nevertheless we, according God the heavens were of old, and

He. 11. 3. Mi. 1. 4. to his promine, look for y new the earth t6 standing out of the

+ Gr. ver. 10. heavens and a new earth, wherewater and in the water:


un ly Is. 65.17. in dwelleth righteousness. 6A Whereby the world that then

14 Wherefore, beloved, seeing was, being overflowed with wa

that ye look for such things, be ter, perished:

h Ge. 7.11,

diligent that ye may be found of 7 But ithe heavens and the

21, 22, 23.

1.1 Co.1.8. him in peace, without spot, and earth, which are now, by the same

ch. 2. 5. & 15. 58.

blameless. word are kept in store, reserved

| |Phi. 1. 10. i ver. 10. 1 Th. 3.13.

15 And account that a the longunto a fire against the day of

* Mat. 25. 5. 23.

suflering of our Lord is salvation ; judgment and perdition of un

even as our beloved brother Paul godly men.

11 Pe. 3. 20.

also, according to the wisdom 8 But, beloved, be not ignorant

I Ps. 90. 4. ver. 9.

given unto him, hath written unto of this one thing, that one day is m Hab.2.3.

you; with the Lord as a thousand He. 10.37.

16 'As also in all his epistles, years, and la thousand years as I n Is. 30.18.10 Ro. 8. 19. bspeaking in them of these things; one day.

1 Pe. 3. 20. 1 Co.15.24.

in which are some things hard to 9 m The Lord is not slack con- ver. 13.

1 Th. 4.16.

be understood, which they that cerning his promise, as some men

o Ez.18.23,

are unlearned and unstable wrest, count slackness; but is long


as they do also the other scripsuffering to us-ward, not willing

p Ro. 2. 4.

tures, unto their own destructhat any should perish, but pihat

i Ti. 2. 4.


9 Mat. 24. all should come to repentance.

43. Lu. 12. c Ma. 13. 17 Ye therefore, beloved, see10 But the day of the Lord 39. 1 Th.5. 23.ch.1.12. ing ye know these things before, will come as a thief in the night : 1 2. Ror 3. 3. Id Ep. 4.14. d beware lest ye also, being led in the which the heavens shall & 16. 15. ch..10,11. away with the error of the wickpass away with a great noise, and Ps. 102. & 2. 18. ed, fall from your own steadfastthe elements shall inelt with fer- 26. 18,51.6.

ness. vent heat, the earth also and the

18 . But grow in grace, and in works that are therein shall be

| Ro. 8. 20. |

the knowledge of our Lord and burned up.

He. 1. 11. 2Ti.4.18. Saviour Jesus Christ. To hiin 11 Seeing then that all these Re. 20. 11. Re. 1. 6. be glory both now and for ever. things shall be dissolved, what I & 21.1.

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After After ye also may have fellowship with 1 He describeth the person of Christ, in A. D. 90. A. D. 90. us: and truly k our fellowship is whom we have eternal life, by a com.

with the Father, and with his

a John 1.1. k John 17. munion with God: 5 to which we must

ch. 2, 13, adjoen holiness of life, to testify the

Son Jesus Christ. 11. 2 Co.1.

0 John 1. 9. ch.2 24. truth of that our communion and pro

4 And these things write we unfession of faith, as also to assure us 14. 2 Pe. 1. 1 John 15. to you, that your joy may be full. of the forgiveness of our sins by

5 m This then is the message Christ's death.

cLu.21.39.2 Jo. 12. which we have heard of him, and THAT & which was from the John20.27. mch. 3.11. declare unto you, that God is I beginning, which we have d John 1.4.1

n John 1.

light, and in him is no darkness beard, which we have seen with 1 & 11.25. &

9.& 8.12.&

at all. 14.6.

9. 5. & our eyes, which we have looked


6 If we say that we have fel

35, 36. upon, and cour hands have halle Ro.16.26. 2Co.6.14.

lowship with him, and walk in dled, of the Word of life;

1 Ti. 3. 16. ch. 2. 4.

darkness, we lie, and do not the ? (For d the lite was manifest ch. 3. 5. p Co.6.11. truth: : ed, and we have seen it, fand f John 21. Ep. 1. 7. 7 But if we walk in the light, as bear witness, and shew unto you 24. Ac. 2. He. 9. 14. he is in the light, we have fellowthat eternal lite h which was with 32.

1 Pe. 1. 19.

ship one with another, and Pthe the Father, and was manifested

blood of Jesus Christ his Son

1.5. unto us ;)

1 John 1 1Ki.8.46.

cleanseth us from all sin. 3 i That which we have seen and | 1, 2. 12 ch.6.36.18 If we say that we have no heard declare we unto you, that I i Ac. 4. 20. Job 9.2. & 15. 14.&25. 4. I'r. 20. 9. Ec. 7. 20. Ja. 3.2.

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We must love the brethren.


We must beware of seducere sin, we deceive ourselves, and After After thers, because ye have knows the truth is not in us.

A. D. 90. A. D. 90.

him that is from the beginning. 93If we confess our sins, he is

I have written unto you, young faithful and just to forgive us our

rch. 2.4.1

y Ep. 6.10. men, because y ye are strong,

Ps, 32. 6. sins, and to cleanse us from all

and the word of God abideib in

Pr. 28. 13. unrighteousness.

you, aud ye have overcome the 10 If we say that we have not 1 ver.7.Ps. Ro. 12.2.

wicked one. sinned, we make him a liar, and


a Mat. 6.1 15 - Love not the world, neither his word is not in us.

24. Ga. 1. the things that are in the world. CHAP. II.

10. Ja. 4.4. a If any man love the world, the 1 lle cor furleth them against the sins

6 Ec. 5. 11. love of tbe Father is not in him. of infirmity. 3 Rightly to know God

c 1Co.7.31.

16 For all that is in the world, is to keep his commandments, 9 to love our brethren, 15 and not to love the

Ja. 1.10.&

the lust of the flesh, band the

4. 14, 1 Pe. lust of the eyes, and the pride of world. 18 We must beware of sedu

1. 21. life, is not of the Father, but is cers : 20 from whose deceits the godly are safe, preserved by perseverance in

d John 21.

of the world. faith, and holiness of life.

17 And the world passeth TY little children, these things

e He. 1. 2.

away, and the lust thereof: but I write I unto you, that ye

f2 Th.2.3,

he that doeth the will of God sin not. And if any man sin,

abideth for ever.

&e. 2Pe.2. a we have an advocate with the a Ro. 8.34. 1. ch. 4. 3.

18 d Little children, it is the Father, Jesus Christ the righte- ? Ti. 2. 5.

last tiine: and as ye have heard ous:

thats antichrist shall come, seven

1 9. 21. 2 And

5,21.2J0,7. he is the propitiation


now are there many antichrists; for our sins; and not for ours

> Ro. 3. 25. n I Ti.4.1.

whereby we know that it is the

2 Co, 5. ls. 2 Ti. 3. 1. only, but c also for the sins of the

last time.

ch.1.7.& Holi De. 13.13. whole world.

19 i They went out from us, but 3 And hereby we do know that

Ps. 41. 9.

they were not of us; for kif they we know hin, if we keep his

c John 1. Ac. 20.30.

had been of us, they would no commandments.

29. & 1.42. Mat. 21.) doubt have continued with us:

& 11.51,52 21. John 6. 4 . He that saith, I know him,

but they went out, I that they

ch. 4. 14. 37.& 10.28, and keepeth not his command

might be made manifest that

4 ch.1.6.6 29.2 Ti. 2. ments, is a liar, and the truth is

they were not all of us. 4. 20.

19. hot in hiin.

20 But mye have an unction

cb. 1.8.11 1 Co. 1). 5 But s whoso keepeth his word, och. 1. 8.

n from the lioly One, and ye & in him verily is the love of God

know all things. perfected:

m 2 Co. 1. hereby know we 21, 23.

21 I have not written unto you

21. HeJ.9. that we are in him.

& ch. 4. 12. ver. 27.

because ye know not the truth, 6 i He that saith he abideth in

A ch. 4. 13. Ma.1.94.

but because ye know it, and that him, kought himself also so to

no lie is of the truth.

1 John 15. Ac. 3. 14. walk, even as he walked.

22 p Who is a liar but he that

4, 5. 7 Brethren, "I write no new

10 John 10. denieth that Jesus is the Christ?

K Mat. 11. 4, 5, 6 14. commandment unto you, but an

He is antichrist, that denieth the

29.John 13. 26.& 16.13. old commandment m which ye had

Father and the Son.

15. 1 Pe. 2. ver. 27. from the beginning: The old com

| 23 Whosoever denieth the Son,

Pch. 3. 3. mandment is the word which ye

the same hath not the Father:

12 Jo. 5. 2 Jo. 7. have heard from the beginning.

[but he that acknowledgeth the

mch.3.11. 8 Again, na new commandment

John 15. Son hath the Father also.

2 Jo. 5. I write unto you, which thing is

23. 2 Jo. 9. 21 Let that there fore abide in true in him and in you: obecause

John 13. John 14. you, which ye have heard from the darkness is past, aud P the 34.& 16.12. 7, 9, 10. ch.

the beginning. If that which ye true light now shineth.

have heard from the beginning 9 He that saith he is in the Ep. 5. 8. 1 & 2 Jo. 6. shall remain in you,'ye aiso shall light, and hateth his brother, is

Th. 5. 5, 8.11 John 14. continue in the Son, and in the in darkness even until now. p John 1. 23. ch. 1.3.

Father. 10 " He that loveth his brother 9.& 8.12.& » Job 17. 25 u And this is the promise that abideth in the light, and there

12. 35. 3.ch.1.2.& be hath promised us, even eternal is none occasion of stumbling in I 1 Co. 13. 5. 11, life. hiin.

2.2 Pe.1.9. ch. 3. 7. 26 These things have I written 11 But he that hateth his bro ch.3.14,15.2 Jo. 7. unto you concerning them that ther is in darkness, and walkethrch. 3. 14. y ver. 20. seduce you. ir: darkness, and knoweth not $ 2Pe. 1.10. : Je.31.33,

27 But y the anointing which whither he goeth, because that

+ Gr. 34. He. 8.

ye have received of him abideth clarkness hath blinded his eyes. scandal. 10, 11. in you, and 4 ye need not that 12 I write unto you, little chil

1 John 12. & John 14. any man teach you: but as the dren, because u your sins are for


26. 16.13. same anointing a teacheth you given you for his name's sake.

of all things, and is truth, and is 13 I write unto you, fathers, be

47. Ac. 4.

no lie, and even as it hath taught

Or, it, cause ye have known him that 19. 230.43

you, ye shall abide in him. is from the beginning. I write & 13. Se.

28 And now, little children, unto you, young men, because yel oh. 1. 7.

abide in bim; that when he have overcome the wicked one. Lch1 d Ac. 22.14. shall appear, we may have confiI write unto you, little children,

1 Or, dence, Cand not be ashamed bebecause ye have known the Fa

know ye. fore him at his coming.

e ch. 8. 7. 29 d If ye know that he is right41 have written unto you, fa- !

eous, I ye kuow that every one


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4 Lu. 24 Ver. 20.

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of trying the spirits.

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Is, 53, 5.18. & 21.22

The singular love of God. CHAP. III, iv. that doeth righteousness is born After After 16 S Hereby perceive we the love of him.

A. D. 90. A. D. 90 of God, because he laid down his CHAP. III.

life for us and we ought to lay

John 3. 1 He declareth the singular love of God a John 1. 16.& 15.13.

dow our lives for the brethren. towards us, in making us his sons : | 12.

R0.5.8. En. 17 But & whoso hath this world's 3 who therefore ought obedientiy to

John 15. 5. 2, 25. ch. good, and seeth his brother have keep his commandments, 11 as also 1.19.& 16. 4. 9, 11. need, and shutteth up his bowels brotherly to love one another.

3. & 17.25. & De. 15.7.

of compassion from him, how PEHOLD what manner of love

Lu. 3. 11. dwelleth the love of God in him? the Father hath bestowed

18 My little children, let is not upon us, that we should be call Ga 3.26.&

love in word, neither in tongne,

Ro. 12. 9. ed the sons of God! therefore the 4.6.ch.5.1.

Ep. 4. 15.

but in deed and in truth. world knoweth us not, because d Ro. 8.18. Ja. 2. 15.

19 And hereby we know that it knew him not.

2 Co. 4. 17.1 Pe. 1. 22. we are of the truth, ant shall 2 Beloved, how are we the sons • Ro. 8.29. * John 18. I assure our hearts before him. of God, and dit doth not yet ap i Co.15.49. 37. ch. 1.8. 120 For if our heart condemn pear what we shall be : but we | Phi. 3. 21. [t Gr. us, God is greater than our heart, know that, when he shall appear,

Col, 3. 4. 2 persuade. and knoweth all things. we shall be like him for f we

Pe. 1. 4. 21 Co. 4.4.

21 m Beloved, if our heart conshall see him as he is.

Job 19. m Job 22.

demn us not, then have we con 3 & And every man that hath

26. Ps. 16. 20

fidence toward God. this hope in him purifieth himself,

22 And o whatsoever we ask, even as he is pure.

we receive of him, because we 4 Whosoever committeth sin

o Ps. 34.15. & ch. 4. 17. &

keep his commandinents, P and transgresseth also the law; for

145. 18,

do those things that are pleasing Asin is the trausgression of the

Ro. 4.15. 19. Pr. 15. ch. 5. 17.

in his sight.

29. Je. 29. law.

23 And this is his command5 And ye know ithat he was

ich. 1. 2. 12. Mat. 7.

ment; That we biould believe manifested *Io take away our

Ma. 11. 21.

on the name of his Son Jesus sins; and l in him is no sin.


John14.13. Christ, and love one another,

15. He.1.3. 6 Whosoever abideth in him

& 9. 26. 1

15.i.& s as he gave us commandment. sinneth not: m whosoever sinneth

16. 23, 21. 24 And he that keepeth his

Pe. 2. 21. Ja. 5. 16. hath not seen him, neither known

1 1 2C0.5.21. ch. 5. 14.

commandments,udwelieth in him, him.

He. 4.15.&

and he in hin. And hereby we

John 8. 7 Little children, n let no man 9.2. 1 Pe. 29.& 9.31.

know that he abideth in us, by deceive you: he that doeth 2. 22. 9 John 6.

the Spirit which he hath giveu us. righteousness is righteous, eveu mch. 2. 4. 29. & 17.3.

CHAP. IV. as he is righteous.

& 4.8. 3Jo. Mat. 22.

1 H warneth them not to believe all 8 P He that committeth sin is of 11... 39.John13.

teachers, who buast of the Spirit, the devil: for the devil sinneth Inch.

but to try them by the rules of the from the beginning. For this

Ep. 5. 2. 1
. Ez. 18. 5,
o Ez. 18. 9, Th. 4. 9. 1

catholic faith : 7 and by many teepurpose the Son of God was

og Wasu

. Ro. 2 P
. Ro. 2. Pe.4.8.ver.

sons exhorteth to brotherly love. manifested, I that he might de- 13.ch.2.29. 11.ch.4.21. DELOVED, believe not every stroy the works of the devil. . p Mat. 13 ch.2 8.10. D spirit, but I try the spirits

9 Whosoever is born of God! 39, John 8.1 John 14. whether they are of God: because doth not coinnit sin; for his | 44. 23.& 15.10. cmany false prophets are gone seed remaineth in hiin; and he 19 Ge, 3.15. ch. 4. 12.

out into the world. cannot sin, because he is born of Lu. 10. 18. Ju John 17.

2 Hereby know ye the Spirit of God.

John16.11. 21, &c.

God: d Every spirit that confess10 In this the children of God He. 2. 14. Ro. 8. 9.

etb that Jesus Christ is come in are manifest, and the children of

1 Je. 29. 8. the flesh, is of God: the devil: whosoever doeth not

sile.l.23. Mat. 21. 4.

3 And every spirit that conrighteousness is not of God, I ch. 2. 23.10 1 Co. 14. I fesseth not that Jesus Christ is neither he that loveth not his uch. 4.8. 29. 1 Th.5.

come in the flesh, is not ot God. brother.

Ich 1. 5. 21. Re.2.2.

And this is that spirit of anti11 For this is the message

& 2. 7. c Mat. 21.

christ, whereof ye have heard that ye heard from the beginning,

Or, com-6, 24. Ac.

that it should come: and seven y that we should love one au

mandment. 20.30. ITI.

y John 13. 4.1.2 Pe.2. other.

now already is it in the world.

4 5 Ye are of God, little chil12 Not as - Cain, who was of

34.& 15.12. 1. ch. 2.18.

ver. 23. ch.2 Jo, 7. dren, and have overcome them: that wicked one, and slew his

4.7,21.2.Jo.dICo. 12.3. because greater is he that is in brother. And wherefore slew he

ch. 5. 1.

you, than he that is in the world. him? Because his own works

* Ge.4.4,8. le ch. 2. 22.

15 They are of the world: there were evil, and his brother's He. 11. 4.2 Jo. 7.

fore speak they of the world, and righteous.

the world heareth them. 13 Marvel not, my brethren, if

16 We are of God. He that a the world hate you.

14. 2 T h Johu 12. knoweth God, heareth us; he that 14 . We know that we have

31.& 14.30. 12.

is not of God, heareth not us passed from death unto life, be

Hereby know we mthe spirit of cause we love the brethren. c He

truth, and the spirit of error.

c ch. 2. 9, Ep.2. 2. & that loveth not his brother, d


7 " Beloved, let us love one anbideth in death.

18. 12.

d Mat. 5. i John3.31. other: for love is of God; and 15 & Whosoever hateth his bro

21,22.ch.t. John 15. every oue that loveth is born of ther, is a murderer. and ye 20.

19. & 17.14. God, and knoweth God. know that e no murderer hath 1 Ge.5.21.1 John 8. 47. & 10. 27. 1 Co. 14. 37. 2 Co. 10. 7. eternal life abiding in him.

Re. 21. 8. Im Is. 8. 20. John 14. 17. mch. 3, 10, 11, 23.

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