תמונות בעמוד

The Christian's rest.


Christ's priesthood. your hearts, as in the provoca- A. D. 64. | A. D. 64. , sight: but all things are naked Lion.

nand opened unto the eyes of 16 ( For some, when they had


* 26.
, Nu.14.2,
26. & 34.21.

him with whom we have to do. heard, did provoke: howbeit, not 4, 11,21,30.

14 Seeing then that we have a

De. 1. 34. Pr. 15. 11. that caine out of Egypt by

36, 38.

'loch. 3. 1. great High Priest, Pthat is passed Moses.

p ch. 7. 26. into the heavens, Jesus the Son 17 But with whom was he griev

& 9. 12, 24. of God, let us hold fast our proed forty years ? was it not with

q ch.10 23. fcssion. them that had sinned, whose Nu. 14. Is. 53. 3. 15 For T we have not an high carcasses fell in the wilderness? 22, 29, &c. ch. 2. 18.

priest which cannot be touched 18 And sto whom sware he that

& 26. 65.s Lu.22.28.
Ps. 106.29. t 2C0.5.21, 1

with the feeling of our infirmities: they should not enter into his

but was in all points tempted rest, but to them that believed Jude 5. Pe. 2. 22. like as we are, yet without sin. not ?

Nu. 14.1 Jo. 3. 5.

16 u Let us therefore come bold19 So we see that they could

30. De. 1.4 Ep.2.18.

$ 1: u Ep. 2.18. ly unto the throne of grace, that not enter in because of unbelief. 34, 35. & 3.12. eh. we may obtain mercy, and fiud CHAP. IV.

ich. 4. 6. 22.

19, 21, grace to help in time of weed. 1 The rest of Christians is attained by

ach, 8. 3.

CHAP. V. faith. 12 The power of God's word.

b ch. 2. 17. 11 The cuthority and honour of our Sad14 By our High Priest Jesus the Son

c ch, 8.3,4, | iour's priesthood. 11 Negligence in of God, subject to infirmities, but not

& 9.9.& 10. the knowledge thereuf is reproved. sin, 16 we must and may go boldly to

11.& 11.4. ILOR every high priest taken the throne of grace.

d ch. 2. 18. from among inen, is ordainI ET . us therefore fear, lest a a ch.12.15. & 1. 13. ed for men 5 in things pertaining U promise being left us of en

1. Or, can to God, c that he may offer both

reasonably tering into his rest, any of you

gifts and sacrifices for sins:

bear with. should seem to come short of it.

ech. 7. 28.

2 d Who can have compassion 2 For unto us was the gospel

S Le. 4. 3. on the ignorant, and on them that preached, as well as unto thein:

& 9.7.& 18. are out of the way; for that e he but the word preached did not + Gr. the 6, 15, 16, 17. himself also is coinpassed with profit them, I not being mixed word of ch. 7.27.&


infirmity with faith in them that heard it.

hearing. 9. 7.

3 And s by reason hereof he 30 For we which have believed Or,

& 2 Ch. 26.
18. John 3.

ought, as for the people, so also do enter into rest, as he said, CAs because

for himself, to offer for sins.

127. I have sworn in my wrath, if they h if they they were

4 5 And no man taketh this honh Ex. 29 1.

not united shall enter into my rest : although

by faith to. Nu, 16. 5,

our unto himself, but he that is the works were finished from the

40. Ch.23. called of Gol, as h was Aaron:

och. 3. 14. 13. foundation of the world.

5 i So also Christ glorified not 4 For he spake in a certain placec Ps.95.11. Ji John8.54.

himself to be maile an high priest; of the seventh day on this wise,

ch. 3. 11. + Ps. 2. 1. )

but he that said unto hiin, Thou d And God did rest the seventh d Ge. 2. 2.

9 |ch. 1. ô..

art my Son, to-day have I begot

"1 Ps. 110.4. day from all his works.

Ex. 20. 11.

ch.7.17,21. ten thee. 5 And in this place again, If they & 31. 17.

m Mat. 26.

6 As be saith also in another shall enter into my rest.

89, 42, 44.

place, I Thou art a priest for ever 6 Seeing therefore it remaineth

Ma. 14. 36, after the order of Melchisedec. that some must enter therein,

39.John 17. 7 Who in the days of his flesh, and they to whom | it was first ch.3, 19.

when he had moffered up prayers preached entered not in because

in Ps. 22. 1. Or,

and supplicatious n with strony

Mat. 27.46, of unbeliet:

the gospel
50. Ma.15.

crying and tears unto him that 7 (Again, he limiteth a certain was first

34, 37.

was able to save him from death, day, saying in David, To-day, preached.

o Mat. 26. and was heard IP in that he after so long a time, as it is said, I S Ps. 95.7.53. Ma.14. I feared: f To-day, if ye will hear his ch.3. 7. 36.

8 4 Though he were a Son, vet voice, harden not your hearts. That is, I Or, for learned her obedience by the 8 For if Jesus had given them Joshua.

his piety. things which he suflered;

Ip Mat. 26. rest, then would he not afterward

37. Mali.

| 9 And s being made perfect, he bave spoken of another day.

keeping of 133. Lu. 22.

becaine the author of eternal sal9 There remaineth therefore a la sabbath. 143.John 12. vation unto all them that obey I rest to the people of God.

gch. 3. 12, 27.

him; 10 For he that is entered into his 18, 19. 19 ch. 3. 6. | 10 Called of God an high priest rest, he also hath ceased from his Or, dis. Phi. 2.8. after the order of Melchisedec. own works, as God did from his.) obedience.sch. 2. 10.111 Of whom t we have many

11 Let us labour therefore to s. 49.2 & 11. 40. things to say, and hard to be utenter into that rest, lest any man Je. 23. 23.

At ver.6.ch. fall 6 after the same example of | 2C0.10.4,5.

* 6. 20.

tered, seeing ye are dull of hear. u John 16.

ing. tinbelief.

I Pe. 1. 23.1
.23. 12. 2 Pe, 3.

12 For when for the time ye 12 For the word of God is quick, li Pr. 5. 4. 16.

ought to be teachers, ye have need and powerful, and i sharper than Ep. 6. 17. * Mat. 13. that one teach you again which any a two-ed red sword, piercing Re. 1. 16.& 15.

be y the first principles of the oraeven to the dividing asunder of 2. 16. Ly ch. 6, 1.

cles of God; and are become soul and spirit, and of the joints

11 Co.3.1, Ti Co. 14.

such as have need of milk, and and marrow, and is la discerner

14. 2, 3. 21, 25.

I not of strong meat.

t Gr. of the thoughts and intents of the

m Ps. 33. hath no es

a 13 Forevery one that 11seth milk, heart.


tis umskilful in the word of righte. 13 m Neither is there any crea- 8. 139,11, 1 Co. 13. ousness: for he is a babo. ture that is not manifest in his 1 12. Tul. & 11. 20. Ep. 4. 14. 1 Pc. 2. 2

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God is sure in promise.


Melchisedec and Christ, 14 But strong meat belongeth to A, D. 64. A. D. 04. | 17 Wherein God, willing more them that are l of full age, even

abundantly to shew unto the those who by reason of use have

. Or, ch, 11. 9.

heirs of promise the immutabil

perfect. their senses exercised b to discern

lc Ro.11.29. i Co. 2. 6.

ity of his counsel, t confirined it both good and evil.

Ep. 4. 13. + Gr. by an oath:

Phi. 3. 15. inter posed 18 That by two immutable

himself by I He exhorteth not to fall back from the Or, of alana

things, in which it was impossifaith, 11 lut to be steadfast, 12 dili habil, or

ble for God to lie, we inight have gent, and patient to wait upon God, I perfection.

a strong consolation, who have 13 because God is must sure in his Is. 7. 15.1

fled for refuge to lay hold upca promise.

1 Co. 2. 14./d ch. 12. ).

the hope d set before us: THEREFORE a leaving the 15.

19 Which hope we have as an 1. principles of the doctrine of a Phi.3.12,

anchor of the soul, both sure and Christ, let 18 go on unto perfec- 13,14.ch.5. e Le.16.15. steadfast, eand which entereth tion; not layug again the foun 12.

ch. 9. 7. into that within the vail; dation of repentance from dead Or, the Is ch.4.14. 20 f Whither the forerunner is works, and of faith toward God, word of the & 8.1. & 9. for us entered, even Jesus, & made 2 c Of the doctrine of baptisms, beginning 21.

an high priest for ever after the d and of laying on of hands, and of Christ. g ch.3.1.& order of Melchisedec. of resurrection of the dead, and ch.9. 14. 15.6,10.& 7.

CHAP. VII. of eternal judgment.

c Ac, 19.4,"

1 Christ Jesus is a priest after the order 3 And this will we do, 3 if God 5.

of Melchisedec, il and so, far more perinit.

d Ac, 8. 14,1

excellent than the priests of Aaron's 4 For it is impossible for those 15, 16.17.&

order.. i who were once enlightened, and 19.6. la Ge. 14. For this e Melchisedec, king have tasted of the heavenly gift,

18, &c. & Ac.17.31,

I of Salem, priest of the most and I were made partakers of the

high God, who met Abraham reHoly Ghost,

turning from the slaughter of the 5 And have tasted the good word

f Ac. 21. 25. Ro. 2.

kings, and blessed him; of God, and the powers of mthe


2 To whom also Abraham gave world to come,

a tenth part of all; first being by

& Ac.18.21. 6 If they shall fall away, to re

1 Co. 4. 19.

interpretation King of righteousnew them again unto repentance;

ness, and after that also King of 1 seeing they crucify to them

h Mat. 12

Salem, which is, King of peace;

31, 32. ch. selves the Son of God afresh, and

10.26. 2Pe.

3 Without father, without moput him to an open shame.

2. 20, 21. ilt Gr.

ther, t without descent, having 7 For the earth which drinketh

Jo. 5. 16. without neither beginning of days, nor in the rain that cometh oft upon

end of life; but made like unto it, and bringeth forth herbs meet

* John 4.

the Son of God; abideth a priest for them by whom it is dressed,

10.& 6.32

continually. o receiveth blessing from God:

Ep. 2. 8.

4 Now consider how great this 8 p But that which beareth

man was, bunto whom even the thorns and briers is rejected, and

ch. 2. 4.

patriarch Abrahain gave the tenth is nigh unto cursing ; whose end

of the spoils. is to be burned.

5 And verily cthey that are of 9 But, beloved, we are persuad

nch.10.29.21, 26. the sons of Levi, who receive the ed better things of you, and things Or, for.

office of the priesthood, have iz that accompany salvation, though o Ps.65.10.

commandinent to take tithes of we thus speak

the people according to the law, 10 1 For God is not unrighte

p Is. 5. 6.

that is, of their brethren, though ous to forget s your work and la

« Pr.14.31.

they come out of the loins of

Mat.10.42. bour of love, which ye have shew

& 25. 40.

Abraham: ed toward his name, in that ye

John 13.20.1 Or,

6 But he whose I descent is not have ministered to the saints,

counted from them received tithes pedigree.

r Ro. 3. 4. and do minister.

of Abraham, d and blessed ehim

2 Th.1.6,7.d Ge.14.19. 11 And we desire that y every

that had the promises. one of you do shew the same dili

:1 Th.1.3. le Ro. 4. 13.
Ga. 3. 16.

7 And without all contradiction gence to the full assurance of


the less is blessed of the better. hope unto the end :

2 Co. 8. 4.

8 And here men that die receive 12 That ye be not slothful, but

& 9. 1, 12.

tithes; but there he receiveth followers of them who through

them, f of whom it is witnessed faith and patience y inherit the

uch. 3. 6,& 6. 20.

that he liveth. promises.

9 And as I may so say, Levi 13 For when God made promise

Col. 2. 2.

also, who receiveth tithes, payeu to Abraham, because he could y ch.13.36.

tithes in Abraham. sware by no greater, he sware | Ge.22.16,

10 For he was yet in the loins by himself,

17. Ps.105.

of his father, when Melchisedec 14 Saying, Surely blessing I will 9. Lu.1.73.

met him. bless thee, and multiplying I will

Ga, 2.21. 11 & If therefore perfection were multiply thee.

ver. 18, 19. by the Levitical priesthood, (for 15 And so, after he had patiently

ch. 8. 7.

under it tbe people received the endured, he obtained the promise.

law,) what further need was there 16 For men verily swear by the

that another priest should rise greater: and aan oath for con & Ex.

after the order of Melchisedlec, firmation is to them an end of all 11.

and not be called after the order strile.

of Aaron ?

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m ch. 2. 5. le Nu. 18.

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Christ a priest of an higher


order than that of daron. 12 For the priesthood being | A. D. 64. , A. D. 64. NOW of the things which we changed, there is made of neces

have spoken this is the sum : sity a change also of the law.

We have such an high priest, 13 For he of whom these things

a Ep. 1.20. I who is set on the right hand of are spokeu pertaineth to another

Col. 3. 1. the throne of the Majesty in the tribe, of which no man gave at

ch. 1. 3. &

beavens ; tendance at the altar.


2 A minister of b the sanctuary, 14 For it is evident that hour h 18. 11. 1.1

and of cthe true tabernacle, Lord sprang out of Juda; of which Mat. 1. 3. Or,

which the Lord pitched, and not tribe Moses spake nothing con Lu, 3. 33. of holy

man. cerning priesthood.

Ro.1.3.Re. things.

3 For devery high priest is or15 And it is yet far more evi

5. 5.
b ch.9.8,12,

dained to offer gilts and sacrifi

dained to ofler dent: for that after the similitude


ces: wherefore it is of necessity of Melchisedec there ariseth an

c ch. 9. 11. that this man have somewhat Other prlest,

4 ch. 5. 1. also to offer. 16 Who is made, not after the

e En. 5. 2. 4 For if he were on earth, he iaw of a carnal commandment,

ch. 9. 14. should not be a priest, seeing that hut after the power of an endless

1 Or, they

there are priests that offer gifts are priests.

according to the law: 17 For he testifieth, i Thou art a Ps.110.4.

5 Who serve unto the example priest for ever after the order of ch.5.6.10. f Col.2.17. and shadow of heavenly things, Melchisedec.

& 6. 20. ch. 9.23. & as Moses was admonished of God 18 For there is verily a disan

20. 1.

when he was about to make the nulling of the commandment go

Ro. 8. 3. .

16 Ex. 23. tabernacle : & for, See (saith he) ing before, fork the weakness and

*. 40.& 26.30. Ga. 4. 9.

that thou make all things accordunprofitableness thereof.

& 27.8. Nu. I Ac.13.39.8. 4. Ac. 7.

ing to the pattern shewed to thee 19 For the law made nothing

RA. 3, 2, 14.

in the mount. perfect, I but the bringing in of

6 But now hhath he obtained a in a better hope did ; by the which 3. Ga.2.16.

more excellent ministry, by bow we draw nigh unto God.

18, 9, ch. 7. ch. 9. 9. 1

much also he is the mediator of a 20 And inasmuch as not with Or,

better covenant, which was esout an oath he was made priest :

u Or, but it was

tablished upon better promises. 21 (For those priests were made the bring.


7 i For if that first covenant had I without an oath; but this with ing in,

i ch. 7. 11,

been faultless, then should no an oath, by him that said unto

Ga. 3. 24. 18.

place have been sought for the him, The Lord sware, and will m ch.6.18.

second. not repent, Thou art a priest for & 8.6.

8 For finding fault with thein, ever after the order of Melchise n Ro. 5.2.Je.31.31, he saith, 4 Behold, the days come, dec:)

Ep.2.18. & 32, 33, 34.

saith the Lord, when I will make 22 By so much was Jesus made 3. 12. ch. 4.

a new covenant with the house of a surety of a better testainent.

16.& 10.19.

Israel and with the house of Ju23 And they truly were many | Or, priests, because they were not


9 Not according to the covenant suffered to continue by reason of


that I made with their fathers, in death:

of an oath

the day when I took them by the 24 But this man, because he con o Ps.110.4.

hand to lead them out of the land tinueth ever, hath an unchange- p ch.8.6.&

of Egypt; because they continable priesthood.

9.15. & 12.

ued not in my covenant, and I 25 Wherefore he is able also to 24.

regarded them not, saith the save them to the uttermost that #Or, come unto God by him, seeing he

which pass- 1 ch.10.16. 10 For this is the covenant that ever liveth ? to make intercession

eth not

I will make with the house of Isfor them.

from one

rael, after those days, saith the 26 For such an high priest be

to another. It Gr. give. Lord: I will put my laws into came us, who is boly, harmless,

| Or,

Tu Or, upon their mind, and write them in undefiled, separate from sinners,


their hearts: and m I will be to Sand made higher than the heav

them a God, and they shall be to

i Ti. 2. 5. ens;

me a people. ch. 9. 24. 1.

11 And they shall not teach those high priests, to offer up sac

every man his neighbour, and rifice, 'first for his own sins,' and

rch. 4. 15. 1 Jo. 2. 27.

every man his brother, saying, then for the people's: for this Ep. 1. 20.

Know the Lord: for all shall know he did ouce, when he offered up 4.10.ch.

me, from the least to the greatbimself.

est. 28 For the law maketh y men

12 For I will be merciful to their high priests which have infirmi

unrighteousness, and their sins ty; but the word of the oath,

and their iniquities will I rememwhich was since the law, maketh

u Le.16.15.

ber no more.. the Son, who is t consecrated Ro. 6.10. P2C0.5.17. 13 p In that he saith, A new for evermore.


covenant, he hath made the first

& 10. 12. CHAP. VIII.

old. Now that which decayeth y ch.5.1,2.

and waxeth old, is ready to van1 By the eternal priesthood of Christ the Levitical priesthood of Aaron is

3 ch. 2. 10.

ish away. abolished. 7 And the tempor ul cude.

1 & 5.9.
& 0. 9.

CHAP. 1X nant with the fathers, by the clernal 1 Gr.

1 The description of the rites and Noorty covenant of the Rospel.


sacrifices of the law, 11 far inferior lo

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th not daily, as

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John 6. 45.


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The sacrifices of the laio

CHAP. X.' far inferior to that of Christ. the dignity and perfection of the blood A. D. 64. A. D. 64. the mediator of the new testaand sacrifice of Christ.

ment, P that by means of death,

| Or, cere- p Ro. 3. 25, THEN verily the first covenant

for the redemption of the trans

monies, &5.6. 1 Pe. I had also ordinances of di a Ex. 25.8. 3. 18.

gressions that were under the first vine service, and a worldly sanc-Ex. 26.1.la ch.3.1.

testament, they which are called tiary.

c Ex.26.35.

might receive the promise of eter2 . For there was a tabernacle & 40. 4.

nal inheritance. snade; the first c wherein was

d Ex. 25.

16 For where a testament is, d the candlestick, and the table,

Or, be there must also of necessity I be

e Ex. 25.23, brought in. and the shew-bread; which is

the death of the testator.

30. Le. 24.1. called

5 the sanctuary.

5, 6.

Ga. 3.15. 17 For "a testament is of force 3 / And after the second vail, the Or, holy.

after men are dead : otherwise it tabernacle which is called the Ex. 26.

is of no strength at all while the lloliest of all;

31,33.& 40.

testator liveth. 4 Which had the golden censer,

3, 21. ch.6. Ex. 24.6, 18 Whereupon neither the first

19. and 8the ark of the covenant


testament was dedicated withoverlaid round about with gold,

& Ex. 25.

out blood. 10.& 26.33.

'n Or. wherein was h the golden pot that

19 For when Moses had spoken had manna, and i Aarou's rod h Ex. 16..

every precept to all the people that budded, and the tables of 33, 34. Ex. 21 5, according to the law, the took the covenant ;

i Nu.17.10. 6, 8. Le. 16.

the blood of calves and of goats, 5 And lover it the cherubims of Ex. 25. 14, 15, 18. u with water, and scarlet wool, glory shadowing the mercy-seat;

16,21.&34. u Le, 14. 4, and hyssop, and sprinkled both of which we cannot now speak

29.& 10.20. 6, 7, 49, 51, the book and all the people,

De. 10. 2,5. 52. particularly.

20 Saying. This is the blood

1Ki.8.9,21.. 6 Now when these things were

e Or, 2 Ch.5.10.

of the testament which God hath thus ordained, m the priests went I Ex.25.18,

purple. enjoined unto you. always into the first tabernacle, 22. Le. 16.3 Ex. 24.8.

21 Moreover, y he sprinkled with accomplishing the service of God: 2. 1 Ki.8.6, Mat.28.28. blood both the tabernacle, 7 But into the second went the 7.

y Ex. 20.1

and all the vessels of the high priest alone nonce every

m Nu.29.3.12,36.Le.8.

ministry. year, not without blood, o which

Da. 8. 11. 15, 19. & 16. 22 And almost all things are by he offered for himself, and for the

the law purged with blood; and

10. Le. 16.18, 19. errors of the people :

s without shedding of blood is no 8 p The Holy Ghost this signi


34. ver. 25). fying, that the way into the ho 0 ch.5.3. )

23 It was therefore necessary liest of all was not yet made 7. 27. a cb. 8.5. that a the patterns of things in manifest, while as the first taber p ch.10.19,

the heavens should be purified nacle was yet standing:


with these; but the heavenly

9 John 14... 9 Which was a figure for the

things themselves with better time then present, in which were

sacrifices than these. ottered both gifts and sacrifices, ch.7.18,19.1°

. 6. 20. 24 For Christ is not entered rthat could not make him that & 10.1, 11.

into the holy places made witli did the service perfect, as per- Le. ll. 2.

hands, which are the figures of taining to the conscience;

Col. 2. 16. ch. 8. 2. c the true; but into heaven itself, 10 Which stood only in meats

now d to appear in the presence and drinks, and i divers wash


of God for us :

1 Ep. 2.15.]ch. 7.25.1 ings, uand carnal | ordinances,

25 Nor yet that he should of

Col. 2. 20. Jo. 2. 1. imposed on them until the time

fer himself often, as e the high

ch. 7. 16. le ver. 7. of reformation.

Or, rites,

priest entereth into the holy place

ver. 12. 11 But Christ being come an

or, cere

every year with blood of others;

ch.7. 27.& high priest y of good things to


26 For then must he often have

1 10.10. 1Pe. conne, by a greater and more

suffered since the foundation of perfect tabernacle, not made with

y ch. 10, 1.]

the world: but now fonce in ch. 8. 2. 1 Co. 10.

the end of the world hath he ap1.9, thit is to say, not of this

a ch. 10.4. 11. Ga.4.4. building;

peared to put a way sin by the

6 Ac.20.28. Ep. 1. 10. 12 Neither a by the blood of Ep. 1. 7.

sacrifice of himself.

Ge. 3.19. goats and calves, but by his Col, l. 14. Ec. 3. 20.

27 h And as it is appointed into own blood, he entered in conce 1 Pe. 1. 19.1

men once to die, but after this

i 2Co.5.10. into the holy place, d having ob- Re. 1.5. &

I the judgment :

Re. 20. 12, tained eternal redemption for us.

5. 9.

28 So *Christ was once I offered 13 For if the blood of bulls and

c Zec. 3.9. 13.

to bear the sins mof many; and

ver. 26, 28. Ro. 6.10. of goats, and f the ashes of an

Into them that n look for him

ch. 10. 10. 1 Pe. 3. 18. heiter sprinkling the unclean,

shall he appear the second time

d Da. 9.24. u Pe.2.21. sanctifieth to the purifying of the eLe. 16.14, 1 Jo. 3. 5.

without sin unto salvation. flesh:


CHAP. X. 14 How much more & shall the

11 The weakness of the law sacrifices. blcod of Christ, who through

":*:* 28. Ro, 5, 1 17, &c. 140. 1o. 3.

10 The sacrifice of Christ's body once the eternal Spirit i offered him

81Pe.l.19. 15.

offered, 14 for ever hath taken away self without spot to God, & purge

i Jo. 1. 7. n Tit.2.13. sins. 19 An exhurtation to hold fast

Re, 1. 5. 2 Pe. 5. 12. your conscience from 1 dead

the faith, with patience and thanks. works in to serve the living God? | 1 Pe. 3. 18 ch.8.5.&9.

giving. 15 r. And for this cause he is l i Ep. 2. 5. 23.

POR the law having a shadow Tit. 2. 14. ch. 7. 27. Or, fault. ch. 1. 3. &

I bof good things to come, and 10. 22. Ich. 6. 1. m Lu. 1.74. Ro. 6. 13, 22. 1 Pe.bch. 9. 11. not the very imare of the things, 4.2 nl Ti. 2.5. och. 7. 22. & 8.6. & 12. 24. lc cb. 9. 9. c can never with those sacrifices

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ch. 3. 1. 13. 18.

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Weakness of the law sacrifices. HEBREWS.

An exhortation to faith. which they offered year by year | A. D. 64. A. D. 64. true heart, - in full assurance of continually, make the comers

faith, having our hearts sprinkled

• Ep. 3.12. thereuntod perfect.

d ver. 14.

a from an evil conscience, and

11. Ja. 1. 6. 1! 2 For then would they not have

Or, Jo. 3. 21.

bour bodies washed with pure ceased to be offered because they would ach. 9. 14. water. that the worshippers once purg- have ceas. E2.36.23.1 23 c Let us hold fast the proed should have liad no more con

ed to be of- 2 Co. 7. 1. fession of our faith without wascience of sins.

fered, be. Icch. 4. 14. vering for d he is faithful that 3 But in those sacrifices there

cause, &c.Id 1 Co.1.9. promised: is a reinembrance again made of

e Le.16.21. 10. 13.

24 And let us consider one ansins every year.

ch. 9. 7. 11 Th.3. 3.
2 Th. 3. 3.

other, to provoke unto love, and 4 For Sit is not possible that the Mi. 6.6, Ich. 11. 11. to good works : blood of bulls and of goats should | 7.ch. 9.13.le Ac. 2. 42. 25 Not forsaking the assemtake away sins.

Ver. 11. Jude 19. bling of ourselves together, as the 5 Wherefore, when he cometh

f Ro.13.11. manner of some is, but exhortinto the world, he saith, Sacri- & Ps. 40. 6, Ch. 4. 5.

ing one another, and so much fice and offering thou wouldest &c. & 50. 2Pe.3.9,11,

the more, as ye see 6 the day ap

18.&c. Is.1. 14. not, but a body hast thou pre


11.Je.6.20. Nu. 15. pared me:

Am. 5. 21,0. ch. 6.1.

26 For hif we sin wilfully i after 6 In burnt-offerings and sacri

1 2 Pe.2.20. that we have received the knowfices for sin thou hast had no


ledge of the truth, there remain

| Or, pleasure.

* Ez. 36.5. eth no more sacrifice for sms,

thou hast 7 Then said I, Lo, I come in

Zeph. 1.18. fitted me.

27 But a certain fearful looking

&3.8.20h. the volume of the book it is writ

for of judgment and a fiery indig

1.8. ch.12 ten of ine) to do thy will, O God.

nation, which shall devour the 8 Above, when he said, Sacri

Ich. 2. 2.

adversaries, fice and othering and burnt-offer

m De 17.2,

28 IIle that despised Moses' ings and offerins for sin thou

6. & 19.15. law, died without Inercy m under wouldest not, neither hndst pleas

Mat 18.10. two or three witnesses: ure therein; which are oriered

John d. 17. 29 n Of how much sorer punishby the law;

2 Co. 13. 1. ment, suppose ye, shall he be 9 Then said he, Lo, I come to

n ch.2,3,4

thought worthy, who hath trod

12. 25. do thy will, () God. He taketh

den under foot the Son of God,

01 Co. 11. away the first, that he may es

29. ch. 13.

and hath counted the blood of tablish the second.


the covenant, wherewith he was 10 A By the which will we are

h John 17. Mat. 12.

sanctified, an unholy thing, Pand sanctified ithrough the offering

19. ch. 13. 31, 32. Ep. hath done despite unto the Spirit of the body of Jesus Christ once

of grace? for all.

ich. 9. 12.19 De.32.35. 30 For we know him that hath 11 And every priest standeth

Ro. 12. 19. said, y Vengeance belongeth unto daily ministering and offering Nu.24.3.

Ir De 32.33.

me, I will recompense, saith the oftentimes the same sacrifices, ch.7. 27.

135. 14.

Lord. And again, The Lord which can never take away sins: I ver. 4. Lu. 12.5.

shall judge bis people. 12 m But this man, after he had

mch. 1.3.! Ga. 3. 4.

31 It is a fearful thing to fall offered one sacrifice for sins, for Col. 3. 1. 2 Jo, 8.

into the bands of the living God. ever sat down on the right hand

uch. 6. 4. 32 But I call to remembrance

Ps.110.1. of God;


the former days, in which, u after

Ac. 2. 35. 30.Col.2.1. 13 From henceforth expecting

ye were illuminated, ye endured

i Co.15.25. lvl Co.1.9. n till his enemies be made his ch. 1. 13. Phi. 1.7.

a great tight of afflictions ; footstool.

o ver. 1. & 4. 14. 11

33 Partly, while ye were made 14 For by one offerino he hath

ya gazing-stock both by repertected for ever them that are

proaches and afflictions; and 14 Phi,1. 7.

31.ch.8.10, sanctified.

2 Ti. 1. 10. partly, while ? ye became com15 Whereof the Holy Ghost also

6 Mat. 5. panions of them that were so used. is a witness to us: for after that

† Some

12. Ac. 5. 34 For ye had coinpassion of ine

copies he had said before,

41, Ja.1.2

a in my bonds, and took joyfully

I have, 16 p This is the covenant that I

# Or, that Then he lye have in

the spoiling of your goods, knowwill make with them after those | said, And yourselves,

ingl in yourselves that C ye have days, saith the Lord; I will put their.

lor, for in heaven a better and an endurmy laws into their hearts, and in Ro. 5. 2. yourselves.

int substance. their minds will I write thein; Ep. 2.18.&c Mat, 6. 35 Cust not away therefore your

17 And their sins and iniqui- 3. 12. 20.& 19.21. confidence, d which hath great ties will I remember no more.

Lu. 12. 33.

recompense of reward. 18 Now where remission

1 Ti.6. 19. of liberty.

36 e For ye have need of patience,

d Mat. 5. these is, there is no more offering ch. 9.8, 12. & 10.32.

that, after ye have done the will for sin.

Lu 21.19.

of God, f ye might receive the 19 Having therefore, brethren, ren, s John 10. Ga.6.9. ch.

promise. q boldness to enter into the 9. & 14. 6. 12. 1.

37 For yet a little while, and holiest by the blood of Jesus, I ch. 9. 8. Col.3.24, he that shall come will come, 20 By sa new and living way, 'Or,

ch. 9. 15. 1 and will not tarry.

Pe. 1.9. which he hath consecrated for neto made.

38 Now ithe just shall live by us, 'through the vail, that is to

Lu. 18.8. faith: but if any man draw back,

tch. 9. 3. 2 Pe. 3. 9. ty, his flesh:

iny soul shall have no pleasure in

Hab. 2.3, 21 And having aan high priest wch. 4. 14.

him. over the house of God;

1Ti.3.15. i Ro. 1.17. | 39 But we are not of them who 22 y Let us draw near with a ych. 4. 16. Ga, 3. u. 2 Pe. 2. 20, 21.



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