תמונות בעמוד
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Exhortation lo steadfastness. 1. CORINTHIANS. Seasonable admonitions. which is spiritual, but that which A, D.69., A. D. 59. cedonia: for I do pass through is natural; and afterward that

Macedonia. which is spiritual.

6 And it may be that I will 47 c The first man is of the John 3.

abide, yea, and winter with you, earth, dearthy: the second man 31.

S Ac. 15,3. that ye may bring me on my is the Lord e from heaven. Ja Ge.2.7.& & 17.15. &

journey whithersoever I go. 49 As is the earthy, such are

3. 19.

21. 5. Ro. 7 For I will not see you now hy they also that are earthy: Sand John 3.1

(15.24. 2Co.

the way; but I trust to tarry a

S. 1. 16. as is the heavenly, such are they 13, 31. 1

while with you, s if the Lord per

& Ac.18.21. also that are heavenly.



20. ch. 4. 19. 49 And Sas we have borne the

8 But I will tarzy at Ephesus | 21.

Ja. 4. 15. image of the earthy, we shall

until Pentecost.

Ge. 5.3. also bear the image of the heav

h Ac.14.27. 9 For ha great door and effec

Ro. 8.29. 2 Co. 2. 12. tual is opened unto me, and enly.

2 Co. 3. 18. Col. 4. 3. 50 Now this I say, brethren, that

1 there are many adversaries,

& 4. 11.Re. 3. 8. i flesh and blood cannot inherit Phi. 3. 21.

10 Now kit Timotheus come, sce the kingdom of God; neither doth 1 Jo. 3, 2. i Ac. 19. 9. that he may be with you without corruption inherit incorruption. i Mat. 16. Ac 19.22. fear; for he worketh the work 51 Behold, I shew you a myste- 17. John 3. ch. 4. 17.

of the Lord, as I also do. ry; * We shall not all sleep, but 8, 5. | Ro.16.21.

11 m Let no man therefore lewe shall all be changed,

Th. 4. Phi.3. 20, 1 spise him: but conduct him forth 52 In a moment, in the twink 15, 16, 17. 22. 1 Th.3. nin peace, that he may come un Jing of an eye, at the last trump: Phi. 3.21. 12


to me: for I look for hin with m for the trumpet shall sound, and

the brethren. the dead shall be raised incor

12 As touching our brother A.

14. Mat.24. ruptible, and we shall be chang- 31. John 5. n Ao. 15.

pollos, I greatly desired him to 25. 1 Th. 4. 33.

come unto you with the breth53 For this corruptible must put | 16. lo ch.1.2.

ren: but his will was not at all on incorruption, and nthis mor

R2Co. 5.4. & 3. 5. to come at this time, but he wili tal must put on immortality.

come when he shall have conve54 So when this corruptible

nient time. shall have put on incorruption,

Ip Mat. 24. 13 p Watch ye, stand fast in and this mortal shall have put

42.& 25.13. the faith, quit you like men, 'be

1 Th. 5. 6. on immortality, then shall be


1 Pe. 5.8. brought to pass the saying that

14 Let all your things be done is written, Death is swallowed

o Is. 25. 8.19 ch. 15. 1.

with charity. up mn victory.

He. 2. 14. Phi. 1. 27.

15 I beseech you, brethren, (ye 65 P O death, where is thy sting?

&4.1. 17h. 15. Re. 20.

know 3.8.2Th.2.

the house of Stephanas,

| 14. 0 l grave, where is thy victory ?


that it is the first-fruits of A56 The sting of death is sin;


chain, and that they have ad

Ep.6. 10. and & the strength of sin is the Or, hell. col. 1. 11.

dicted themselves to the minisq Ro. 4. 16. s ch. 14. 1.

try of the saints,) 57 + But thanks be to God, which

& 5. 13, & 1 Pe. 4.8.

16 y 'That ye submit yourselves giveth us the victory, through 7.5, 13.

unto such, and to every one that

Ich, l. 16. our Lord Jesus Christ.


helpeth with us, and laboureth. 58 Therefore, my beloved breth

u Ro. 16.5. 31 Jo. 5. 4,1

17 I am glad of the coming of ren, be ye steadfast, unmoveable, 5.

22 Co.8.4. | Stephanas, and Fortunatus, and always a bounding in the work of

& 9.1. He. Achaicus: a for that which was

12Pe.3.14.6. 10. the Lord, forasmuch as ye know

lacking on your part, they bave that your labour is not in vainuch. 3. 8. y He. 13. supplied. in the Lord.


18% For they have refreshed my CHAP. XVI.

spirit and yours: therefore cac1 He exhorteth them to relieve the want


knowledge ye them that are sucb. of the brethrer at Jerusalem. 10

Phi. 2. 60.

19 The churches of Asia salute Commendeth Timothy, 13 and after


you. Aquila and Priscilla salute friendly admonitions, 16 shutteth up

6 Col. 4. 8. you much in the Lord, d with the his epistle with divers salutations.

church that is in their house. NOW concerning a the collec

20 All the brethren greet you. tion for the saints, as I have

29,824.17. Phi. 2. 9.

Greet ye one another with an

Ro. 16. 26. d Ro. 16.5, given order to the churches of

holy kiss.

2 Co.8.4.& 15. Phil 17 Galatia, even so do ye.

his 21 / The salutation of me Paul

9.1,12. Galem. 2. 2 5 Upon the first day of the 2. 10.

with mine own hand. week let every one of you lay by co

e Ro.16.16.

22 If any man 6 love not the him in store, as God hath pros- Re, 1. 10.

Lord Jesus Christ, let bim be

Re. 1. 10. 2 Th. 3.17. pered him, that there be no gath

Anathema, i Maran-atha. erings when I come.

& Ep. 6.24. 23 The grace of our Lord Jesus 3 And when I come, cwhomso-c2C0.8.19. Ga.1.8,9, Christ be with you. ever ye shall approve by your + Gr. Kifl.li Jude 14.

24 My love be with you all in letters, them will I send to bring 2 Co. 8.4,6, 15.

Christ Jesus. Amen. your t liberality unto Jerusalem.

ff The first epistle to the Corin4 d And if it be meet that I go d 2 Co. 8.4,

thians was written from Phialso, they shall go with me.

lippi, by Stephanas, and For5 Now I will come unto you, e Ac.19.21.

tunatus, and Achaicus, and when I shall pass through Ma-1 2 Co. 1. 16.


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A. D. 60. that in simplicity and a godly 3 The apostle encourageth them against

sincerity, not with fleshly wistroubles, by the comforts and deliver

nch. 2.17. ances which God had given him, as in


dom, but by the grace of God, 4. 2.

we have had our conversation in sl his afflictions, 8 so particularly in

o 1 Co. 2.4,

the world, and more abundautly his late danger in Asia. 12 And call


to you-ward. ing both his own conscience and

13 For we write none other theirs to witness of his sincere manner of preaching the immutable truth

things unto you, than what ye of the gospel, 15 he excuseth his not

read or acknowledge; and I trust coming to them, as proceeding not of

ye shall acknowledge even to the lightness, but of his lenity towards

end; them.

14 As also ye have acknowledgPAUL, aan apostle of Jesus

11Co.1.1.P ch. 5.19.

ed us in part, P that we are your Christ by the will of God, Ep. 1. 1.11

rejoicing, even as I ye also are and Timothy our brother, unto

ours in the day of the Lord Jesus.

Ti, 1. 1. 2&4.1. ITh. the church of God which is at

15 And in this confidence I was

Ti. 1. 1. 2. 19, 20. Corinth, b with all the saints

minded to come unto you before,

1Co.4.19. which are in all Achaia:

b Phi.1.1.

that ye might have a second ? Grace be to you and peace

Col. 1. 2. • Ro. 1. 11.

| benefit; from God our Father, and from

. Ro. 1. 7. . Or, 16 And to pass by you into Ma

1 Co. 1. 3. grace. the Lord Jesus Christ.

cedonia, and to come again out 3d Blessed be God, even the Fa

Phi, 1 2.

of Macedonia unto you, and of ther of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Col. 1. 2. 11.

you to be brought on my way Father of mercies, and the God Th. 1. 1.1

toward Judea. of all comfort ;

2 Th. 1. 2.

17 When I therefore was thus 4 Who comforteth us in all our Philem. 3.

minded, did I use lightness ? or tribulation, that we may be able d Ep. 1. 3. .. the things that I purpose, do I to comfort them which are in 1Pe. 1. 3. e ch. 10.2. purposeu according to the flesh, any trouble by the comfort where

that with me there should be yea, with we ourselves are comforted

yea, and nay, nay? of God.

18 But as God is true, our 5 For as the sufferings of ChristAc. 9. 4. Or, #word toward you was not yea abound in us, so our consolation ch. 4. 10. preaching and nay. also aboundeth by Christ.

Col. 1. 21. Ma. 1. 1. 19 For the Son of God, Jesus 6 And whether we be afflicted,

Lu. 1. 35. Christ, who was preached among f it is for your consolation and I fch. 4.15. Ac. 9. 20. you by us, even by me, and sin salvation, which is effectual in Or,

vanus, and Timotheus, was not the enduring of the same suffer- is wrought. y He, 13.8. yea and nay, y but in him was ings which we also suffer: or

yea. whether we be comforted, it is

* Ro. 15.8, 20 - For all the promises of God for your consolaticn and salva

in him are yea, and in him Amen, tion.

unto the glory of God by us. i 7 And our hope of you is stead

21 Now he which establisheth fast, knowing that as ye are Ro.8.17. a 1J0.2.20, us with you in Christ, and a hath partakers of the sufferings, so 2 Ti. 2. 12. 27.

anointed us, is God; shall ye be also of the consolation.

Ep. 1. 13. 22 Who o hath also sealed ris, 8 For we would not, brethren,

& 4. 30. 2 and given the earnest of the have you ignorant of hour trouble

Ac.19.23. Ti. 2. 19. Spirit in our hearts. which came to us in Asia, that

1 C0.15.32. Re. 2. 17.

23 Moreover, d I call God for a

& 16. 9. we were pressed out of measure,

c ch. 5. 5. record upon my soul, e that to above strength, insomuch that

Er. 1. 14.

spare you I came not as yet unto we despaired even of life:

d Ro. 1. 9. Corinth. 9 But we had the sentence of

ch. 11, 31. 24 Not for S that we have do

answer death in ourselves, that we should

minion over your faith, but are inot trust in ourselves, but in i Je.17.5,7.] Phi. 1. 8. The

helpers of your joy: for 8 by faith God which raiseth the dead:

e 1Co.4.21. ye stand. 10 k Who delivered us from so 19Pe.2.9.ch. 2. 3. 4 )

CHAP. II. great a death, and doth deliver:

12.20.4213. 1 Havin: showed the reason why he

2, 10. in whom we trust that he will yet

came not to them, 6 he requireth then deliver us:

f 1 Co.3.5. to forgive and to comfort that erco97 11 Ye also I helping together by

1 Ro.15.30. 1 Pe. 5. 3. municuted person, 10 even as himself prayer for us, that in for the gift

Phi, 1, 19.

also upon his true repentance had for. Ro.11.20.

Philem.22. 1 Co. 15. 1. given hinn, 12 declaring withal why bestowed upon us by the means

he departed from Troas to Macedonit, of many persons, thanks may be mch. 4.15.

14 and the happy success which Gud given by many on our behalf.

a ch. 1. 23.

Rape to his preaching in all placed. 12 For our rejoicing is this,


PUT 1 determined this with the testimony of our conscience,

l& 13. 10. myself, a that I would not

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Surcess of Paul's preaching. II. CORINTHIANS. of the gospel ministration. come again to you in heavi- A. D. 60. A. D. 60. faith and graces of tho Cormthians ness.

to be a sufficient commendation of his 2 For if I make you sorry, who

ministry. 6 Whereupun entering a

comparison between the ministers of is he then that maketh me glad,

the law and of the gospel, 12 he pronbut the same which is made sorry

eth that his ministry is so far the by me?

more excellent, as the gospel of life 3 And I wrote this same unto

and liberty is more glorious than tha you, lest, when I came, I should ch.12.21.

Ja ch.5.12.

Law of condemnation, have sorrow from them of whom

& 10.8, 12. DO we begin again to comI ought to rejoice; Chaving confi- och. 7. 16. & 12. 11. U mend ourselves? or need we, dence in you all, that my joy is&8.22. Gal


as some others, 6 epistles of comthe joy of you all.

5. 10.

mendation to you, or letters of 4 For out of much affliction and

c 1 Co.9.2.

commendation from you ? anguish of heart I wrote unto you

2 c Ye are our epistle written in with many tears: d not that yed ch.7.8,9, e Ex. 21.12. our hearts, known and read of all should be grieved, but that ye


& 31.1. men: might know the love which I have

Ps. 40.8. | 3 Forasmuch as ye are manimore abundantly unto you.

Je, 31, 33. festly declared to be the epistle 5 But if any have caused grief, 1.1 Co.5.1. Ez. 11. 19. of Christ d ministered by us, writhe hath not f grieved me, but in Ga. 4.12.

19.& 36. 26.

ten not with ink, but with the part: that I may not overcharge

He. 8. 10. Spirit of the living God; not o in you all.

& John 16. tables of stone, bits in fleshly la6 Sufficient to such a man is this

5. ch. 2.16.

bles of the heart. punishment, which was inflicted. Or,

h 1 Co. 15. 4 And such trust have we through of many.

censure. 10. Phi. 2. Christ to God-ward: 7" So that contrariwise, ye & 1 Co.5.4,

56 Not that we are sufficient of ought rather to forgive him, and 5.1 Ti.5 20. i 1 Co. 3.5. | ourselves to think any thing as of comfort him, lest perhaps such anh Ga. 6. 1.12

& 15.10.ch.

ourselves; but our sufficiency is

5.18. Ep.3. one should be swallowed up with

9. of God;

7.Col.1.25, overmuch sorrow.

29. 1 Ti.1.

| 6 Who also hath made us able 8 Wherefore I beseech you that

11,12. 2 Ti.

i ministers of the new testaye would confirm your love to

11. 11. ment, not of the letter, but of ward him.

* Je.31.31.

the spirit: for in the letter killeth, 9 For to this end also did T


n but the spirit I giveth life. write, that I might know the

He. 8. 6,8. 7 But if o the ministration of proof of you, whether ye be obe-lich. 7. 16.12.09 death, Pwritten and engraven in dient in all things.

& 10. 6.

29. & 7.6. stones, was glorious, I so that the 10 To whom ye forgive any

m Ro.3.20.

children of Israel could not steadthing, I forgive also: for if I for

& 4. 15. &

fastly behold the face of Moses gave any thing, to whom I for

7.9, 10, 11. for the glory of his countenance; gave it, for your sakes forgave I

Ga. 3. 10. which glory was to be done it in the person of Christ;: .

I Or, in In John 6.

away: 11 Lest Satan should get an ad- the sight.

8 How shall not the ministravantage of us: for we are not ig

8 Or,

tion of the spirit be rather glorinorant of his devices.


ous ? 12 Furthermore, Awhen I came Ac. 16.8.

"lo Ro. 7.10.

9 For if the ministration of conto Troas to preach Christ's gos- & 20. 6.

demnation be glory, much more pel, and a door was opened unto : 1Co.16.9. p Ex. 34.1,

doth the ministration 28. De. 10.

of rightme of the Lord,

eousness exceed in glory. 13 ml had no rest in my spirit, mch.7.5,6.

1, &c.

10 For even that which was because I found not Titus my

19 Ex.34.29,

made glorious had no glory in

30, 35. brother: but taking my leave of

this respect, by reason of the glory them, I went from thence into

Ga. 3.5. that excelleth. Macedonia.

. Ro. 1. 17. 11 For if that which is done 14 Now thanks be unto God,

& 3. 21. away was glorious, much more which always causeth us to tri

It ch. 7. 4. ) that which remaineth is glorious. umph in Christ, and maketh

Ep. 6. 19. 12 Seeing then that we have manifest n the savour of his

Or, such hope, we use great plainkuowledge by us in every place.

boldness. ness of speech: 15 For we are unto God a sweet

113 And not as Moses, which

put a vail over his face, that the are saved, and pin them that per-pch. 4. 3.

Ro. 10.4.

children of Israel could not steadish:

, Lu. 2.34. Ga. 3. 23. fastly look to the end of that 16 . To the one we are the savour john 9.39.

which is abolished: of death unto death; and to the

Mat. 13.11,

14 Buty their minds were blindother the savour of life unto life.

1 Co. 15. 14.John 12.

ed: for until this day remaineth And who is sufficient for these 10.ch.3.5,6. 40. Ac. 28. the same vail untaken away in things?

Or, deal 26. Ro. 11. the reading of the old testament; 7 For we are not as many, deceitfully 17,8, 25. ch. which vail is done away in Christ. which corrupt the word of God: with. 4. 4.

15 But even unto this day, when but as of sincerity, but as of God, sch. 4.2.&• Ex. 34. Moses is read, the vail is upon in the sight of God speak we in 11.13. 2Pe. 34. Ro. 11. their heart. Christ.

2. 3. 23, 20. 16 Nevertheless, ; when it shall CHAP. III.

ich. 1. 12. a Is. 25. 7. turn to the Lord, the vail sball 1 Lest their false teachers should charge & 4. 2. lover, 6. 1 be taken away. Aim with painglory, he showeth the Or, of. Co. 15. 16. 17 Now the Lord is that Spirit:

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in them

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Paul's comfort in a fliction. , CHAP. IV, V." His hope of immortal glory. and where the Spirit of the Lord, a. D. 60. A. D. 60. sakes, that the abundant grace is, there is liberty 18 But we all, with open face

I cl Co. 13.

might through the thanksgiving

ch. 1. 11. beholding as in a glass d the glo


of many redound to the glory of & 8. 19. & 4 ch.4.4,6.9, 11, 12,

God. ry of the Lord, are changed into

1 Ti.1.11,

16 For which cause we faint not; the same image from glory to le Ro. 8.29.

but though our outward man glory, even as by the Spirit of 1 Co.15.49. Ro. 7.22. perish, yet f the inward man is the Lord.

Col. 3. 10. Ep. 3. 16. renewed day by day.

Or, of Col. 3. 20. 17 For 6 our light affliction, 1 He declareth how he hath used al sin the Lord 1 Pe. 3. 4.

which is but for a moment, workcerity and faithful diligence in preach the Spiru: Mat. 6.

eth for us a far more exceeding ing the gospel, 7 and how the troubles ach. 3. 6.1

• 12. Ro. 8.

and eternal weiglit of glory; and persecutions which he daily en bico 7.25.

18.1 Pe. 1.

18 While we look not at the dured for the same did redound to the 11i. 1. 13.1.

6. & 5. 10. praise of God's power, 12 to the ben 1 + Gr.

things which are seen, but at the efit of the Church, 16 and to the apos.

h Ro. 8.24.

things which are not seen: for tle's own eternal glory.

Ro. 1.16. ch.5.7.He.

the things which are seen are THEREFORE, seeing we have

6. 21. 11.1.

temporal; but the things which 1 & this ministry, bas we have

c ch, 2. 17.
1 Th 2.3,5.

are not seen are eternal. received mercy, we faint not;

ở ch, 6.4,7. 2 But have renounced the hid


& 7. 11. den things of t dishonesty; not

I That in his assured hope of immortal

e ch. 5, 11. walking in craftiness, C nor hand

glory, 9 and in expectance of it, and

of the general judgment, he labourer ling the word of God deceitfully: ch. 2. 15. 2

to keep a good conscience, 12 not that but, d by manifestation of the Th. 2. 10.

he may herein boast of himsell, 14 truth, e commending ourselves to

& John 12.

but as one that, having received life

31.& 14.30. every man's conscience in the

from Christ, endeavoureth to live as

& 16. 11.1 sight of God.

a new creature to Christ only, 18 and

Ep. 6. 12. 3 But if our gospel be hid, f it is

by his ministry of reconciliation to

h Is. 610. bid to them that are lost :

reconcile others also in Christ to God.

John12.40.1 4 In whom 8 the god of this eb, 3. 14. 1

Job 4.19.

FOR we know that if our

ch 4. 7. 2 world hath blinded the minds

lich. 3.0, Pe. 1. 13,

I earthly house of this taberof them which believe not, lest 11, 18. Ver.114

nacle were dissolved, we have a i the light of the glorious gospel


building, of God, an house not of Christ, k who is the image of

John 1

inade with hands, eternal in the

18.& 12.45 God, should shine unto them.

heavens. 5 For we preach not ourselves, 2. 6. Col.1.1

2 For in this we groan, earnbut Christ Jesus the Lord ; and 15.He.1.3.

estly desiring to be clothed upon m ourselves your servants for Je Il Co.1.13,1

with our house which is from sus' sake.

23.& 10.33.1

heaven: 6 For God, n who commanded

m 1 Co. 9.c Re, 3. 18.

3 If so be that cbeing clothed the light to shine out of dark

19.ch.1.24. & 16. 15.

we shall not be found naked.

n Ge. 1. 3. ness, + hath shined in our hearts,

4 For we that are in this taber

+ Gr.is ne to give P the light of the know

who hath

nacle do groan, being burdened: ledge of the glory of God in the 2Pe.l.19.

not for that we would be unclothface of Jesus Christ.

: di Co. 15. p ver. 4. 116

ed, but d clothed upon, that mor7 But we have this treasure in Pe. 2. 9.

53, 54.

tality might be swallowed up of & earthen vessels, that the ex- ch. 5. 1.

life. cellency of the power may be of

5 Now he that hath wrought

ch. 12. 9. Ep. 2. 10. God, and not of us.

us for the self-same thing is God,

sch. 7. 5. fRo, 8.23. 8 We are troubled on every

who also hath given unto us the side, yet not distressed; we are allogether Ep. 1. 14.

earnest of the Spirit. perplexed, but not in despair;

& 4. 30.

6 Therefore we are always con9 Persecuted, but not forsaken; help, or,

fident, knowing that, whilst we cast down, but not destroyed; means.

are at home in the body, we are 10 Always bearing about in t Ps.37.24.

absent from the Lord : the body the dying of the Lord u 1 Co. 15. & Ro. 8. 24, 7 (For 8 we walk by faith, not Jesus, that the lite also of Jesus 31. ch. 1.5, 25. ch.4.18, by sight:) might be made manifest in our

9. Ga.6.17. 1 Co.13.12. 1 8 We are confident, I say, and

Phi. 3. 10. He. 11. 1. body.

A willing rather to be absent from

x Ro.8.17.JhPhi.1.3. 11 For we which live y are al

the body, and to be present with

2 Ti. 2. 11, ways delivered unto death for Je

the Lord. sus' sake, that the life also of Je

9 Wherefore we | labour, that, sus might be made manifest in lyP8.44.22.

endeavour. whether present or absent, we our mortal flesh.

Ro. 8. 38.

may be accepted of him. . 12 So then * death worketh in 1 Co.15.31, i Mat. 25. 10 i For we must all appear beus, but life in you.


31, 32, Ro. fore the judgment-seat of Chrisi; 13 We having a the same spirit : ch. 13. 9. 14. 10.

k that every one may receive the of faith, according as it is writ a Ro. 1. 12. Ro. 2. 6. I things done in 8 body, accordten, o believed, and therefore

2 Pe. l. 1. Ga.6.7.Ep. ing to that he hath done, whether

o Ps. 116.6.8. Col.3. have I spoken; we also believe,

it be good or bad. 10.

24, 25. Re. and therefore speak;

al Knowing therefore the ter14 Knowing, that'che which 14 Knowing, that

c Ro. 8. 11. 22. 12.
he which ( 1 Co. 6. 14.11Job 31.23.

ror of the Lord, we persuade raised up the Lord Jesus, shall

1 dico.3.21. He. 10. 31.

men; but we are made maniraise up us also by Jesus, and ch.1.6.Col. Jude 23.

fest unto God; and I trust also shall present us with you. .

are made manifest in your con15 Ford all things are for your 2. 10.

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1. 24. 2 Ti.mch. 4. 2.


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Christ died for all.

II. CORINTHIANS. Paul's faithful ministry. 12 For n we commend not our-, A. D. 60. A. D. 60. Goul, in much patience, in afflicselves again unto you, but give

tions, in necessities, in distresses, you occasion to glory on our

nch. 3. 1. le ch.11.23,5 5 In stripes, in imprisonments, behalf, that ye may have some Ch. 1. 14.}ác.

in tumults, in labours, in watchwhat to answer them which glo

Or, ings, in fastings; ry t in appearance, and not in

in tossings 6 By pureness, by knowledge, by heart.

in the face. to and fro. long-suffering, by kindness, by 13 For Pwhether we be beside Ip ch. 11. 1,

the Holy Ghost, by love unourselves, it is to God: or wheth- 16,17.&12.

feigned, er we be sober, it is for your 6, 11. h ch. 4. 3. 7 h By the word of truth, by ithe cause.

& 7. 14. power of God, by the armour of 14 For the love of Christ con

i 1 Co. 2.4. righteousuess on the right hand straineth us; because we thus

X ch. 10.4.

and on the lett, judge, that if one died for all, Ro.5.15. Ep.6.11.13 8 By honour and dishonour, by then were all dead:

2 Ti. 4. 7. evil report and good report; as 15 And that he died for all,

deceivers, and yet true; that they which live should not Ro. 6.11.12 ch.4.2.& 9 As unknown, and yet well henceforth live unto themselves,

12. & 14.7,6.11. & 11. known; mas dying, and behold, but unto him which died for 8.1Co.6.19.6.

we live; nas chastened, and not

Ga. 2. 20. them, and rose again.

m 1Co.4.9. killed; 16 s Wherefore henceforth koow

10 As sorrowful, yet always rewe no man after the flesh: yea,

joicing; as poor, yet making

• Mat. 12. though we have known Christ

In Ps. 118.1

Pe 60.Johnl.

many rich; as having nothing, after the flesh, yet now hence- 11. Ga.5.6.


and yet possessing all things. forth know we him no more.

Phi. 3.7,8.

11 O ye Corinthians, our mouth 17 Therefore, if any man u be in Col. 3. 11. lo ch. 7. 3.

7. 3. is open unto you, our heart is Christ, I he is a new creature : It John 6.

enlarged. vod things are passed away ; be-63.

12 Ye are not straitened in us, hold, all things are become new. u Ro. 8. 9. lp ch.12.15. but pye are straitened in your 18 And all things are of God,

& 16.7.Ga.

own bowels. 3 who hath reconciled us to him- 6. 15.

13 Now for a recompense in the self by Jesus Christ, and bath


lq1C0.4.14. same (9 I speak as unto my chilgiven to us the ministry of recon let him be.

dren,) be ye also enlarged ciliation;

Ga. 5. 6.

14 T Be ye not unequally yoked 19 To wit, that a God was in

& 6. 15.

together with unbelievers : for Christ, reconciling the world

swhat fellowship hath righteousunto himself, not imputing their

19.& 65.17

ness with unrighteousness? and trespasses unto them; and hath

Ep. 2. 15.

3. 1 Ki. 18. what communion hath light with t committed unto us the word of

21. 1Co.10.

darkness? reconciliation.

Ro. 5.10.11.

| 15 And what concord hath Christ 20 Now then we are bambassa

Ep. 2. 16.

with Belial ? or what part hath dors for Christ, as though God Col. 1. 20.

be that believeth with an infidel? did beseech you by us: we pray ( 1 Jo. 2.2.&

16 And what agreement hath you in Christ's stead, be ye re

4. 10.

the temple of God with idols ? for conciled to God.

a Ro.3.24,1 1Co.3.16.

tye are the temple of the living 2! For d he hath made him to be 25. & 6.19. Ep. God; as God hath said, uI will sin for us, who knew no sin ; that

+ Gr.

12. 21, 22. dwell in them, and walk in them; we might be made the right- put in uus.

He. 3. 6. and I will be their God, and they eousness of God in him.

shall be my people.
Mal. 2. 7. 15. Le. 26.

17 - Wherefore come out frora 1 That he hath approved himself a

ch.3.6. Ep. 112. Je. 31.1

among them, and be ye separate, faithful minister of Christ, both by 6. 20.


saith the Lord, and touch not the

Ez. 11. 20. his exhortations, 3 and by integrity

c ch. 6. 1. | 36.25.

unclean thing, and I will receive of life, 4 and by patient enduring all

d Is. 53. 6, 37. 26, &c. kinds of affliction and disgraces for


18 y And will be a Father unto the gospel. 10 of which he speaketh

13. 1 Pe. 2. 13.9. you, and ye shall be my sons and the more boidly amongst them, because his heart is open to them, 13 and he

22,24,1 Jo. Is. 52.11.

daughters, saith the Lord Alespecteth the like affection from them

3. 5. ch.7.1. Re. mighty. again, 14 er horting to flee the society e Ro. 1.17 18. 4.

CHAP. VII. and pollutions of idolaters, as being & 5. 19. & Je 31.1.9. 1 He proceedeth in errorting them to themselves temples of the living God. 10. 3. Re. 21. 7.

purity of life, 2 and to bear him liks W E then, as a workers togeth-lul Co.3.9.

affection as he doth to them. 3 Where er with him, o beseech you

of lest he might seem to doubt, he de. ch. 5. 20.

clareth that com futt he took in hu also that ye receive not the grace

afflictions, by the repor! which Titus

cHe.12.15.1 of God in vain.

gave of their godly sorror, which has 2 (For be saith, I have heard a Ls. 49. 8.

for mer epistle hall wrought in them, thee in a tiine accepted, and in

13 and of their loving-kindness and the day of salvation have I suc

obedience towards Titus, answerable to coured thee: behold, now is the

e Ro.14.13.

his former boastings of them. accepted time; behold, now is 1 Co. 9. 12 a ch. 6. 17, U AVING a therefore these prothe day of salvation. )

& 20. 32. 18.1J0.3.3.

11 mises, dearly beloved, let us 3. Giving no oftence in any + Gr.

cleanse ourselves from all filthithing, that the ministry be not commend

ness of the flesh and spirit, perblamed:

fecuing holiness in the fear of 4 But in all things t approving ch. 4. 2.

God. oursclves as the ministers of fi Co.1.1.)

Receive us; we have wronged

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