תמונות בעמוד

ver. 6. ch. 13. Re. 20.

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Christians are God's temple. I. CORINTHIANS. We ought to follow Christ.

10 » According to the grace of A. D. 59. A. D. 59. | 5 d 'Therefore judge nothing beGod which is given unto me, as

fore the time, until the Lord

Ro. 1.5. d Mat.7.1. a wise master-builder, I have

* 12. 3. Ro.2 1,16.

come, e who both will bring to Irid the foundation, and another

light the hidden things of darkouilleth thereon. But I let every

s Ro.15.20.& 14. 4, 10,

ness, and will make manifest the man take heed how he buildeth

4. 15. Re.

counsels of the hearts: and f then thereupon.

21. 14. Tech. 3. 13.

shall every man have praise of Il For other foundation can no

1. Ro. 2.29. God.

t 1 Pe.4.11. 2 Co. 5. 10. man lay than u that is laid,

6 And these things, brethren,

u Is. 29.16.ch. 1. 12. which is Jesus Christ.

BI have in a figure transferred

Mat.16.18. & 3. 4. 12 Now if any man build upon

2 Co. 11.4. h Ro. 12.3.

to myself, and to A pollos, for this foundation, gold, silver, pre-Ga. 1. 7. lich. 3. 21.

your sakes: hthat ye right learn cious stones, wood, hay, stubble;

& 5. 2, 6.

in us not to think of men above 13 y Every man's work shall be

- Ep. 2.20.

that which is writters that na made manifest: for the day shall y ch. 4. 5. distin: one of you i be puteclr icr one declare it, because a it t shall be 1 Pe. 1.7. Puisheth

against another. revealed by fire; and the fire & 4. 12. thes.

* John 3.

7 For who tinaketh thee to difshall try every man's work, of Lu. 2. 35. 27.Ja.1.17.

fer from another? and what what sort it is.

+ Gr. is 1 Pe. 4. 10.

6: hast thou that thou didst not re14 If any man's work abide

abide revealed. 1 Re, 3, 17. ceive ? now it thou didst receive which he hath built thereupon,

!! Or, it, why dost thou glory, as if he shall receive a reward.

loh. 4. 5. us the last thou hadst not received it? 15 If any man's work shall be

apostles, as 8 Now ye are full, now ye are burned, he shall suffer loss: but

rich, ye have reigned as kings

22. Ro. 8. he himself shall be saved ; c yet c Jude 23.

without us: and I would to God

36. ch. 15. 0 as by fire.

30,31, 2Co.

ye did reign, that we also might 16 Know ye not that ye are the d ch. 6. 19.12

14.11.& 6.9.

reign with you. temple of God, and that the Spirit 2 Co. 6. 16. Inne. 10. 9 For I think that God hath set

Ep. 2. 21,83. of God dwelleth in you?

forth us the apostles last, mas it 17 If any man defile the tem 1 Pe. 2.5

were appointed to death: for ple of God, bim

theatre.. shall God de

n we are made at spectacle unto stroy: for the temple of God is . Or, och. 2. 3.

the world, and to angels, and to holy, which temple ye are.

destroy. Ac. 17.18.

18 e Let no mai deceive himself.
ve himself. Pr. 5. 7.1.18,&c. &

10 We are p fools for Christ's If any man among you seemeth Is. 5. 21. 12. 14. & 3. sake, but ve are wise in Christ. to be wise in this world, let him

18. See 2 we are weak, but ye are strong; become a fool, that he may be

Ki. 9. 11. ye are honourable, but we are wise.

192Co.13,9. despised. 19 For f the wisdom of this fch. 1. 20. 2 Co 4.8.

| 11 Even unto this present hour world is foolishness with God. & 2.6.

& 11. 23,

we both hunger, and thirst, and

. Phi. 4. For it is written, 5 He taketh the Job 5.1316

S are naked, aud tare butfeted, wise in their own craftiness.

Job 22.6. and have no certain dwelling20 And again, The Lord

a Ps.94.11. Rọ. 8. 35. 1 place; knoweth the thoughts of the wise,

1 Ac. 23. 2. 12 u And labour, working with that they are vain.

u Ac, 18.3. our own hands. Being reviled, 21 Therefore i let no man glory Jich. 1. 12. & 20.34.we bless; being persecuted, we in men: for all things are yours: 1& 4.6. ver. Th. 2. 9. 2

suffer it; 22 Whether Paul, or Apollos. 4, 5, 6. Th. 3.8.1

Ti. 4. 10.

13 Being defamed, we entreat: or Cephas, or the world, or life, 2 Co. 4.5, Mat. 5. y we are made as the filth of the or death, or things present, or 15.

44. Lu. 6. world, and are the off-scouring things to come; all are yours;

28.& 23.31. of all things unto this day. 23 And I ve are Christ's: and i Ro. 14.8. Ar. 7. 60. 14 I write uot these things to Christ is God's.

ch. 11. 3. Ro. 12. 14,

shame you, but as my beloved

2 Co. 10. 7. 20.1 Pe. 2. CHAP. IV.

sons I warn you.

Ga. 3. 29. 23. & 3.9. 1 In what account the ministers ought

ly La. 3. 45.

15 For though ye have ten thouto be had. 7 We have nothing which

s1 Th. 2.

sand instructors in Christ, yet we have not received. 9 The apostles


have ye not many fathers : for spectacles tu the world, angels, and

a Ac. 18. a in Christ Jesus I have begotten men, 13 the filth and off-scouring of

11. Ro, 15. you through the gospel. the world : 15 yet our fathers in

20. ch.3.6. 16 Wherefore, I beseech you, Christ, 16 whom we ought to follow.

Ga. 4. 19. be ve followers of me. TET a man so account of us, as la Mat. 21./ Philem.10.

17 For this cause have I sent the ministers of Christ. 45. ch. 3.5. Ja. 1. 18.

unto you - Timotheus, d who is band stewards of the mysteries

Co.6.4.Col. Phi, 3. 17. my beloved son, and faithful in of God.

1. 25. 1 Th. 1. 6.

the Lord, who shall bring you 2 Moreover, it is required in

2 Th. 3. 9. stewards that a man be found

into remembrance of my ways o Ln. 12.42.)

c Ac.19.22. which be in Christ, as I f teach faithful.

Pe. 4. 10.

every where 5 in every church. 3 But with me it is a very small

Phi. 2. 19.

18 n Now some are puffed up, thing that I should be judged of

+ G. đay.1 Th. 3. 2.
ch. 3. 13. di Ti. 1.2.

as though I would not come to you, or of man's t judgment:

you. yea, I judge not mine own self.

c Job 9. 2.2 Ti. 1. 2.

119 But I will come to you 4 For I know nothing by my

Ps. 130. 3.]: ch. 01. 2. |

" & 143. 2. fcb.7. 17. shortly, if the Lord will, and selt; c yet am I not hereby justi- Pr21. c14.33. I will know, not the speech of them fied: but he that judgeth me is Ro. 3.20.& ch. 5. 2. Ac. 19. 21. ch. 16. 6. 2 Co. 1. 15, 23. the Lord.

4. 2. 1 Ac. 18. 21. Ro. 15. 32. He. 6. 3. Ja. 4. 16.

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ch. 15. 3. 115. 15.

Heinous offenders to be avoided." CHAP. V, VI.

Against going to lato. which are puffed up, but the / A. D. 59. A. D. 59. 1 unrighteous shall not inherit the power.

kingdom of God. 15 Our bodies are 20 For I the kingdom of God is 1 ch. 2. 4.

the members of Christ, 19 and temnot in word, but in power.

1 Th. 1.5.

ples of the Holy Ghost. 16, 17 They 21 What will ye? ñ shall I come

must not therefore be defiled.

m 2 Co, 10. into you with a rod, or in love, 2. & 13.10.)

DARE any of you, having a and in the spirit of meekness?

Ep. 5.3.

matter against another, go CHAP. V.

to law before the unjust, and not

Le. 18.8. 1 The incestuous person 6 is cause

before the saints?

De. 22. 30. Ps.49.14. rather of shame unto them, than of & 27. 20.

& 21.20.

2 Do ye not kuow that a the rejoicing. 7 The oid leaven is to be

Da. 7. 22. saints shall judge the world? and purged out. Jo Heinous offenders are

c 2Co.7.12. Mat.19.28.

if the world shall be judged by to de shamed and avoided.

|dch. 4. 18. Lu. 22. 30.
Re. 2.26.&

you, are ye unworthy to judge IT is reported commonly that

2 Co. 7.7, 3.21. & 20.

the smallest matters? I there is fornication among you, 10.

3 Know ye not that we shall and such fornication as is not so Col. 2.5.2

bjudge angels ? how much more, much as a named among the Gen

Or, de- Jude 6.

things that pertain to this life? tiles, bthat one should have his

termined. lech. 5. 12.

4 cIf then ye have judgments • father's wife.

& Mat. 10.

of things pertaining to this life, 2 d And ye are puffed up, and

19.& 18.15.

set them to judge who are least have not rather & mourned, that John20.23.

esteemed in the church. he that hath done this deed inight 2 Co. 2. 10.

5 I speak to your shame. Is it be taken away from among you. & 13. 3, 10.

so, that there is not a wise man 3 f For I verily, as absent in h Job 2. 6.

among you ? no, not one that body, but present in spirit, have Ps. 109. 6.

shall be able to judge between his judged already as though I were | 1 Ti. 1. 20.

brethren ? present, concerning him that hathi Ac.26.18.

6 But brother coeth to law with so done this deed,


brother, and that before the un4 In the name of our Lord Jesus 3. 21. & 4.

believers. Christ, when ye are gathered to 19.Ja.4.16.

7 Now therefore there is utterly gether, and my spirit, B with the lich. 15.33.

a fault among you, because ye go power of our Lord Jesus Christ, Ga. 6. 9. 2d Pr.20.22. to law one with another. d Why 5 A To deliver such an one unto Ti. 9. 17.

12: Mat. 5. 39,

do ye not rather take wrong? why i Satau for the destruction of the

40. Lu. 6. m Is. 53. 7. 29. Ro. 12.

do ye not rather suffer yourselves flesh, that the spirit may be saved

John 1. 29. 17,19. 1 Th.

to be defrauded ? in the day of the Lord Jesus.

8 Nay, ye do wrong, and de6 * Your glorying is not good. Pe. 1. 19.

fraud, and that your brethren. Know ye not, that I a little leav

9 Know ye not that the unright. en leaveneth the whole lump?

n John 19.

eous shall not inherit the king7 Purge out therefore the old

dom of God? Be not deceived ; leaven, that ye may be a new # OT 1 ch.15.50. If neither fornicators, nor idolajurnp, as ye are unleavened. For is slain.

ters, nor adulterers, nor effemieven m Christ our * passover llis lo Ex. 12. Ep. 5.5 l

nate, nor abusers of themselves sacrificed for us:

15. & 13.6. Ti.1.9. He.

with mankind,

12.14. & 13. 8 Therefore let us keep I the Or,


10 Nor thieves, nor covetous, feast, P not with old leaven, nei- holy-day.

nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor ther with the leaven of inalice

p De. 16.3. ch. 12. 2.

extortioners, shall inherit the and wickedness; but with the Mat. 16. Ep.2.2.&4. kingdom of God. unleavened bread of sincerity and 6, 12. Ma. 22. & 5. 8., 1l And such were some of you: truth.

8. 16. Lu. Col. 3. 7. A but ye are washed, but ye are 9 ) wrote unto you in an epistle, 12.1. Tit. 3. 3.

sanctified, but ye are justified in not to company with fornicators: See ver. n ch. 1. 30. the name of the Lord Jesus, and 10 Yet not altogether with the

2,7. 2 Co.6. He. 10. 22. by the Spirit of our God. fornicators of this world, or with

12 : All things are lawful unto

11.2 Th. 3." the covetous, or extortioners, or



me, but all things are not l expewith idulaters: for then must ye

dient : all things are lawful for needs you out of the world.

me, but I will not be brought unn But now I have written unto

17. Ro. 14.

der the power of any. you not to keep company, "if any

1 x John 17. 17. Col. 2.

13 A Meats for the belly, and the man that is called a brother be

15. 1 Jo. 5. 22, 23.

belly for meats: but God shall a fornicator, or covetous, or an 19.

I ver.15,19,

destroy both it and them. Now idolater, or a railer, or a drunk

Mat. 18. 20. 1 Th.4.

the body is not for fornication, ard, or an extortioner: with such

17. Ro. 16. 3. 1.

but I for the Lord; and the Lord an one y no not to eat.

17. 2 Th.3.

6, 14. 2 Jo. m Ep.5.23. for the body. 12 For what have I to do to

n Ro. 6, 5,

14 And God hath both raised judge > them also that are with

up the Lord, and will also raise out I do not ye judge them that

y Ga. 2. 12. 8. & 8.11.

up us by his own power. are within ?

15 Know ye not, that your bod13 But them that are without

Col. 4. 5. 1 o Ep. 1. 19,
Th. 4. 12. 20.

ies are the members of Christ ? God judgeth. Therefore put

1 Ti, 3. 7. p Ro, 12.6.

shall I then take the members of away from among yourselves that

4 ch.6.1,2, ch. 12. 27.

Christ, and make them the memwicked person.

3, 4, Ep.4.12,15, bers of an harlot ? God forbid. CHAP. VI.

De. 13.5.16. & 5.30.

16 What! know ye not that he I The Corinthians must not ver their & 17. 7. & Ge. 2. 21. which is joined to an harlot is one

brethren, in going to law with them : | 21.29.&22. Mat. 19.5. body ? for two, saith he, shall O es; esially under infidels. 9 The 21, 22, 24. Ep. 5. 31. be one flesh.

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s ch.10.27. profitable.
I ch. 1. 20. Mat. 15.

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. Ro. 6. 15

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3.1 GI.


Of marriage.

Of virginity. 17 - But he that is joined unto A, D, 50. A. D. 59. and if he be pleased to dwell with the Lord is one spirit.

her, let her not leave him.

John 17. 18 Flee fornication. Every sin

14 For the unbelieving husband

21, 22, 23. that a man doeth, is without the


is sanctified by the wife, and the body; but he that committeth

unbelieving wife is sanctified by fornication, sinneth against his

the husband : else o were your own body."

13. He. 13.1

children unclean ; but now are 19 What! u know ye not that

they holy. your body is the temple of the

tRo, 1. 24.

15 But if the unbelieving deHoly Ghost which is in you, i Th. 4. 4.

part, let him depart. A brother which ye have of God, and ye

or a sister is not under bondage

uch. 3. 16. are not your own ?

2 Co. 6. 18.

in such cases; but God hath call20 For y ye are bought with a

'p Ro.12.18. ed us pt to peace. price: therefore glorify God in

Ro, 14.7, & 14. 19. 16 For what knowest thou, O your body, and in your spirit,

ch. 14. 39. wife, whether thou shalt 4 save which are God's.

y Ac.20.29. He. 12. 14. thy husband ? or thow knowest CHAP. VII.

thou, O man, whether thou shalt

Ga. 3. 13. ? Ho treateth of marriage, 4 sheuing it

in peace. He. 9. 12.

save thy wife ? to be a remedy against furnication : 1

| 1 Pe. 1. 18,91 Pe.3.1.

17 But as God hath distributed 10 and that the bond thereof ought

19. 2 Pe. 2. + Gr.

to every man, as the Lord hath nut lightily to be dissolved. 18, 20 Er

| 1. Re. 5. 9. what.

called every one, so let him walk. ery man must be content with his do

And so ordain I in all churches. cation. 25 Virginity wherefore to be

Tch. 4. 17. embraced. 35 And for whal respects

2 Co.11.28.

18 Is any man called being cirwe may either marty, or abstain from

cumcised ? let him not become marrying.

uncircumcised. Is any called ja NOW concerning the things

1 Ac. 15. 1, uncircumcision ? ! let himn not be whereof ye wrote unto me:

5, 19,24,28. circumcised. . It is good for a man not to touch

1.8.28. Ga. 5. 2. 19 u Circumcision is nothing a woman.

u Ga. 5. 6. and uncircumcision is nothing 2 Nevertheless, to avoid forni

& 6. 15. but the keeping of the comcation, let every man have his

John 15. mandments of God. own wife, and let every woman

( 20 Let every man abide in the have her own husband.

& 3. 24. same calling wherein he was 3. Let the husband render unto Ex.21.10.

called. the wife die benevolence : and 1 Pe. 3, 7.

21 Art thou called being a serlikewise also the wife unto the

vant ? care not for it; but if thou husband.

ma yest be made free, use it rather. 4 The wife hath not power of

22 For he that is called in the her own body, but the husband :

ly John 8. Lord, being a servant, is y the and likewise also the husband

136.Ro.6.18, Lorel's t freeman: likewise also hath not power of his own body,

22. Philer. he that is called, being free, is but the wife.


* Christ's servant. .5 c Defraud ye not one the other, I c Joel 2.16.1 Gr. 23 e Ye are bonght with a price: except it be with consent for a Zec. 7. 3. made free. be not ye the servants of men. time, that ye may give yourselves See Ex.19.ch.9.21. 24 Brethren, blet every man, to fasting and prayer; and come

15. 1Sa. 21. Ga. 5. 13. wherein he is called, therein abide together again, thatd Satan tempt

4,6. Ep. 6. 8. 1 with God. you not for your incontinency.

di Th.3.5. Pe. 2. 16. 25 Now concerning virgins, el 6 But I speak this by permis

a ch. 6. 20. have no commandment of the Bion, and not of commandment. • ver. 12, 1 Pe. 1. 18, Lord: yet I give my judgment as 7 For f I would that all men 25. 2 Co, 8. 19. See Le.

one that hath obtained mercy were 6 even as I myself. But hey- 8.& 11.17. 25. 42.

of the Lord e to be faithful. ery man hath his proper gift off Ac. 26. ver. 20. 26 I suppose therefore that this God, one after this manner, and

c ver. 6,10, is good for the present distress, another after that.

ch. 9.5. 40. 2 Co. 8. I say, f that it is good for a man 8 I say therefore to the unmar

so to be. ried and widows, i It is good for 12. ch. 12. a iTi.1.16. 27 Art thou bound unto a wife 1 them if they abide even as I.

e ch. 4. 2. seek not to be loosed. Art thou 9 But if they cannot contain,

loosed from a wife ? seek not a let them marry: for it is better to


k Ti.5.14. Or, marry than to burn.


28 But and if thou marry, thote 10 And unto the married I com

f ver. 1, 8.

hast not sinned : and if a virgin mand, I yet not I, but the Lord, 11 See ver.

marry she hath not sinned. Ner. m Let not the wife depart from 12, 25, 40.

ertheless, such shall have trouble her husband:

m Mal. 2.

in the flesh; but I spare you. Il But and if she depart, let her 14,16. Mat. Ro.13.11. 1 29 But this I say, brethren, Teinain unmarried, or be recon 5.32. & 19.1 Pe. 4.7.2 The time is short. It remaineth, ciled to her husband : and let not 6,9, Ma. 10. Pe. 3. 8, 9. that both they that have wives, the husband put away his wife. 11, 12. Lu.

be as though they had none; 12 But to the rest speak I, n not

16. 18.

30 And they that weep, as the Lord, If any brother hath a n Ver. 6.

Inch. 9. 18.

though they wept not; and they wife that believeth not, and she

i Ps. 39. 6.

that rejoice, as though they rebe pleased to dwell with him, let

Ja. 1. 10.&

joiced not; and they that buy, him not put her away.

4. 14. 1 Pe. as though they possesse 13 And the woman which hath

1.21.& 4.7.1 31 And they that use this world, an husband that believeth not,

ll Jo. 2. 17. Tas not A abusing it. For i tbe

A Mat. 19.8, 10.


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Of eating meals

offered to idole. fashion of this world passeth, A. D. 59. A. D. 59. or in earth, (as there be gods away.

many, and lords many :) 32 But I would have you with

i Mal-2.10.

6 But ito us there is hut one

Ep. 4. 6. ont carefulness. He that is un- * 1 Ti. 5.5.

k Ac.17.28.

God, the Father, hof whom are married, careth for the things

Ro. 11. 36.

all things, and we in him; and t that belong to the Lord, how

loue Lord Jesus Christ, by he may please the Lord:

the Lord, for him.

whom are all things, and we by 33 But he that is married, careth

as ver. 34.

1 John 13. hin. for the things that are of the

13. Ao. 2. 7 Howbeit, there is not in every world, how he may please his

36. ch. 12. man that knowledge: for some wife.

3. Ep. 4.5.

n with conscience of the idol upto 34 There is difference also be

Phi. 2. 11.

this hour eat it as a thing offered tween a wife and a virgin. The

m John 1.
3. Col. 1.6.

unto an idol : and their conunmarried woman I careth for the Lu.10.40, Hel.2 science, being weak, is defiled. things of the Lord, that she may &c.


8 But P meat commendeth us be holy, both in body and in spirit:


not to God: for neither if we eat but she that is married, careth

o Ro. 14.

I are we the better; neither if we for the things of the world, how

14, 23. eat not, l are we the worse. she may please her husband.

p Ro.14.17. 9 But atake heed lest by any 35 And this I speak for your

# Or,

means this liberty of yours beown profit; not that I may cast

have we

come 'a stumbling-block to them a snare upon you, but for that

the more.

that are weak. which is coinely, and that ye may


10 For if any man see thee, attend upon the Lord without

have we which hast knowledge, sit at distraction.

the less. meat in the idol's ternple, shall 36 But if any man think that he

9 Ga. 5.13. not the conscience of him which beliaveth himself uncomely to

1 Or,, is weak be temboldened to eat vard his virgin, if she pass the

power those things which are offered to flower of her age, and need so re

Ro.14.13, idols; quire, let him do what he will,

11 And 1 through thy knowledge he sinneth not: let them marry.

1 ch. 10.28, shall the weak brother perish, for 37 Nevertheless, he that stand


whom Christ died ? eth steadfast in his heart, having

+ Gr.

12 But when ye sin so against

edified. no necessity, but hath power over

the brethren, and wound their his own will, and hath so decreed

t Ro. 14.
15, 20.

weak conscience, ye sin against in his heart that he will keep his

Christ. virgin, doeth well.

& Mat. 25.
40, 45.

13 Wherefore, vif meat make 38 m So then he that giveth her m He.13.4.

y Ro. 14,

my brother to offend, I will eat no in marriage doeth well; but he


flesh while the world standeth, that giveth her not in marriage


lest I make my brother to offend. doeth better.

2 Ac. 9.15.

CHAP. IX. 39 n The wife is bound by the n Ro. 7. 2. & 13. 2. &

1 He sheweth his liberty, T and that the law as long as her husband liv


minister ought to live by the gospel : eth; but it her husband be dead,

12. 12. Ga.

15 yet that himsel halk of his own

2.7,8. 1 Ti. she is at liberty to be married to

accord abstained, 18 to be either

2.7. 2 Ti.i. whom she will; only in the 20 .6.14.

chargeable unto them, 22 or offensive

11. Lord.

unto any, in matters indifferent. 24

6 Ac. 9. 3, 40 But she is happier if she so

Our life is like into a race.

17. & 18.9. abide, Pafter my judginent: and p ver. 25. & 22.14,18.

a A M I not an apostle ? am I not o I think also that I have the lal Th.4.8.1 & 23.11.ch. A free ? have I not seen Jesus Spirit of God.

15. 8.

Christ our Lord ? care not ye my CHAP. VITI.

c ch 3.0.4 work in the Lord ?

& Ac. 16. 4. 15. 1 To abstain from meats offered to idols. 20, 29. ch.

2 If I be not an apostle unto oth 8, 9 We must not abuse our Christian

d 2 Co. 3.2. ers, yet doubtless I am to you: liberty, to the off cnce of our brethren:

& 12. 12. 1 for d the seal of mine apostleship

8 Ro.14.14, e ver. 14. 11 but must bridle our knowledge with

are ye in the Lord.

22. charity.

1 Th. 2.6.1

3 Mine answer to them that do NOW eas touching things of

c Ro. 14. 3,2 Th. 3. 9.

examine me is this; I


10. fered into idols, we know

4. Have wo not power to eat that we all have knowledge.

d ch. 13. 8, woman.

and to drink? • Knowledge pufleth up, but

9,12. Ga.6. Mat. 13.

5 Have we not power to lead

3. 1 Ti.6.4. 55.Ma.6.3. charity editieth

Lu. 6. 15.

about a sister, a wife, as well as 2 And d if any man think that

e Ex.33.12,

3:12 Ga. 1. 19. other apostles, and as the breth

17.Na.1.7.1 he knoweth any thing, he know

Mat. 7. 23.

& Mat. 8. ren of the Lord, and & Cephas ? eth nothing yet as he ought to

Ga. 4. 9. 21.1

6 Or I only and Barnabas, have know.

not we nowerte Ti. 2. 19. JA 2 Th.3.8.

not we power to forbear working? 3 But if any man love God, the

7 Who i goeth a warfare any

Is.41.24. 1: same is known of him.

i 2C0.10.4. time at his own charges? who 4 As concerning therefore the

A planteth a vineyard, and eateth

& De. 4.99. & 6. 12. 2 eating of those things that are

not of the fruit thereof? or who

& 6. 4. Is. Ti. 2. 3. & offered in sacrifice unto idols, we 44. 8. Ma. 4. 7.

1 feedeth a flock, and eateth not know that an idol is nothing in 12. 20. ver la De. 20.6.

of the milk of the flock ? the world, and that there is none 6. Ep. 4.6. Pr. 27. 18.

8 Say I these things as a man ? other God but one.

1 Ti. 2. 5. ch.3.6,7,8. or saith not the law the same 5 For though there be that are John 10.1 John 21.

also ? A called gods, whether in heaven | 34. T15.1Pe.5.2 | 9 For it is written in the law of

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Paul's self-denial.

The Jews sacraments. Moses, m Thou shalt not muzzle A. D. 59. A. D. 59. | 24 Know ye not, that they which the mouth of the ox that treadeth

run in a race, run all, but one reout the corn.

in De 25.4. o Ga. 2. 2.
Doth God take
1 Ti. 6. 18.18 5.7.Phi.

ceiveth the prize ? So run, that care for oxen?

2. 16. & 3.1

ye may obtain. 10 Or saith he il altogether for

14. 2 Ti. 4. 25 And every man that Petriveth our sakes? For our sakes, no

17. He.12.1, for the mastery is temperate in doubt, this is written : that nhe Ti.2.6. p Ep. 6.12. all things. Now they do it to that plougheth should plough in

i Ti, 6.12. obtain a corruptible crown; et hope, and that he that thresheth

2 Ti. 2.5.&

we ran incorruptible.

14. 7. in hope should be partaker of his

26 I therefore so run, 192 Ti. 4.8.

not 13 hope.

Ja 1. 12. 1

uncertainly; so fight I, not as cce Jl .If we have sown unto you o Ro.15.27. Pet. 1.4.& that beateth tbe air: spiritual things, is it a great Ga. 6. 6. 5. 4. Re. 2. 27 But I keep under my body, thing if we shall reap your carnal

10.&3.11. and bring it into subjection: lost things?

IT 2 Ti. 2.5. that by any means when I have 12 If others be partakers of this

s Ro.8.13. preached to others, I myself power over you, are not we rath

Col. 3. 5.

should be ua cast-away.

| | Ro. 6. 18, er ? P Nevertheless we have not p Ac.20.33.


CHAP. X. used this power: but suffer all ver, 15, 18..

u Je. 6. 30.

1 The sacraments of the Jews 6 are things, I lest we should hinder the

types of ours, 7 and their punisk

ments, ll examples for us. 14 We gospel of Christ. 13+ Do ye not know that they

must fly from idolatry. 21 We must which minister about holy things

92 Co. 11. Nu.9.18.&

not make the Lord's table the table of 12. . 14. 14. De.

devils : 24 and in things indifferent I live of the things of the temple,

we must have regard of our brethTER. and they which wait at the altar

Le. 6. 16. 1.33. Ne.9.

MOREOVER, brethren, 1 are partakers with the altar?

26, & 7.6. 12, 19, Po.

NI would not that ye should be 14 Even so shath the Lord or

&c. Nu. 5. 78. 14. &
9, 10. & 18. 105. 89.

ignorant how that all our fathers dained that they which preach

8.-20. De. b Ex.34.22.

were under a the cloud, and all the gospel should live of the gos- 10.9. & 18. Nu. 33. 8. passed through bthe sea; pel.

Jos. 4. 23.

2 And were all baptized unto * 15 But u I have used none of

Ps. 78. 13.
Or, feed. Ic Ex. 18.10,

Moses in the cloud and in the these things: neither have I writ

, Mat. 10. 35. Nr. 9.

sea; ten these things, that it should 10. Lu. 10. 15, 20. Ps.

3 And did all eat the same be so done unto me: for "it were

178. 21.

c spiritual meat; better for me to die, than that

I Ga. 6. 6. Id Ex. 17.6.

: 4 And did all drink the same any man should make my glory

1 Ti. 5. 17. Nu. 20.11.

espiritual drink: (For they drank ing void.

Ps. 78. 15. u ver. 12 ly Or, went

of that spiritual Rock that I fol16 For though I preach the gos

Ac. 18.3.& with them,

lowed them: and that Rock was pel, I have nothing to glory of:

20.31.ch.4. De. 9. 21.

Christ.) for y necessity is laid upon me;

10. Thi.2. TP.106.41.

6 But with many of them God yea, wo is unto me, if I preach

9.?Th.3.8. le Nu. 14.

was not well pleased : for they not the gospel!

2 Co. u. 29, 32,35.& e were overthrown in the wilder17 For if I do this thing willing - 10. 26. 64, 65. ness. ly, I have a reward: but if

y Ro. 1. 14.

RA P s. 106. 26, 6 Now these things were tour against my will, da dispensation

He. 3. 17. sch. 3. 8, Jude 5.

examples, to the intent we should of the gospel is commiited unto

It Gr. our

not lust after evil things, asf they me.

also lusted. 18 What is my reward then ?

a ch. 4. 1. figures.

Ga. 2.7. f Nu.11.4, 7 Neither be ye idolaters, as Verily that, & when I preach the

Phi. 1. 17.133, 34. Ps. were some of them: as it is writgospel, I may make the gospel of

ten, The people sat down to eat Christ without charge, that I Ich 10.89 & ver. 14. and drink, and rose up to play. Cabuse not my power in the gos 2 Co.4.5.&

* Ex. 32.6.

18 i Neither let us commit forui. pel.

ich. 6. 18.

cation, as some of them commit19 For though I be d free from

c ch.7. 31. A Nu.25.1,

ted, and fell in one day three all men, yet have e I made myself

9. Ps. 106. d ver. 1.

and twenty thousand. servant unto all, that I might


9 Neither let us tempt Christ, gain the more.

Ga. 5. 13.1 Ex. 17.2,

as some of them also teinpted, 20 And & unto the Jews I be 1 Mat. 18. 7.Nu.21.5. and m were destroyed of serpents. came as a Jew, that I might gain the Jews; to them that are under

& Ac, 16.3. IP's. 78. 18,
:56. & 95.9.

of them also murmured, and the law, as under the law, that I & 18.18. &

& 106. 14.

o were destroyed of Pthe destroymight gain them that are under 21. 23, &c.

m Nu,21.6. er. the law;

11 Now all these things hap21 A Toi them that are without h Ga. 3. 2.

$17.2 Nu.

pened unto them for ensamples: law, as without law, (* being not i Ro. 2. 12, 14, 2, 29.& and , they are written for our adwithout law to God, but under 14.

16. 41. monition, Tupon whom the ends the law to Christ,) that I might 'k ch. 7. 22. lo Nu. 14. of the world are come. gain them that are without law.

37.& 16.49.

12 Wherefore 8 let him that 22 (To the weak became I as 2 Ro. 15. 1. p Ex.12.23.

thinketh he standeth, take heed weak, that I might gain the weak:

2 Co.11.29. 2 Sa. 24.16.

lest he fall. m I am made all things to all l m oh. 10. 11 Ch.21.15.

13 There hath no temptation men, r that I might by all means

In Or, types.

| taken you but such as is comsave some.

, la Ro, 5, 4.

Ro. 11.ch. 9. 10. mon to man: but God is faitb23 And this I do for the gospel'a 14.ch.7.16. ch. 7. 29. ful, 4 who will not suffer you to Bake, that I might be partaker

Phi. 4. 5. He. 20. 25, 27, 1Jo. 2. 18. Ro. 11. 20. thereof with you.

Or, moderate. I ch. 1. 9. #Ps. 125. 3. 2 Pe. 2. 9.

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