תמונות בעמוד

Peter's exhortation.


The rulers ofended at it. in his name, hath made this man, A. D. 38. A. D. 33. 3 And they laid hands on them, strong, whom ye see and know:

and put them in hold unto the yea, the faith which is by him,

next day: for it was now evenhath given him this perfect sound

tide. ness in the presence of you all.

4 Howbeit, many of them which 17 And now, brethren, I wot that

heard the word, believed ; and I through ignorance ye did it, as 1 Lu.23.34.

the number of the men was about did also your rulers.

John 16.3.

five thousand. 18 But u those things which God ch. 13. 27.

5 T And it came to pass on the before had shewed by the mouth

1 Co. 2. 8.

morrow, that their rulers, and of all his prophets, that Christ

1 Ti. 1. 13.

elders, and scribes, should suffer, he hath so fulfilled. u Lu. 21. La. 3. 2. 6 And 6 Annas the high pries, 19 T y Repent ye therefore, and

44. ch. 26. Johnll.49. and Caiaphas, and John, and be converted, that your sins may

& 18. 13. Alexander, and as many as were te blotted out, when the times of

Ps. 22.1s.

of the kindred of the high priest, Tefreshing shall come from the

50.6. & 53.
5, &c. Da.

were gathered together at Jerusapresence of the Lord;

9. 26. 1 Pe.

lem. 20 And he shall send Jesus

7 And when they had set them Christ, which before was preach

v ch.299 CEx. 2. 14. in the midst, they asked, c By ed unto you:

y on. 2. 30. Mat.21.23. what power, or by what name 21. Whom the heaven must re-l ch. 1. 11. ch. 7. 27.

have ye done this? ceive, until the times of a restitu-la Mat. 1. d Lu. 12. 8 d Then Peter, filled with the tion of all things, which God 11. 11, 12. Holy Ghost, said unto them, Ye hath spoken by the mouth of all

| Lu. 1.70.

rulers of the people, and elders his holy prophets, since the world

of Israel, began.

9 If we this day he examined of 22 For Moses truly said unto

the good deed done to the impothe fathers, CA Prophet shall the De. 18.15,

tent man, by what means he is Lord your God raise up unto you, 18,19.ch.7.

made whole; of your brethren, like unto me;


10 Be it known unto you all, him shall ye hear in all things,

and to all the people of Israel, whatsoever he shall say unto you.

e ch. 3. 6, that by the name of Jesus Christ 23 And it shall come to pass,


of Nazareth, whom ye crucified, that every soul which will not

fch. 2. 21.

f whom God raised from the dead. hear that Prophet, shall be de

eren by him doth this man stand stroyed from among the people.

here before you whole. 24 Yea, and all the prophets

18 Ps. 118. 11 $ This is the stone which was from Samuel, and those that fol

22. Is. 28. set at naught of you builders, low after, as many as have spo


which is become the head of the ken, have likewise foretold of

corner. these days.

h Mat. 1. 12 R Neither is there salvation in 25 Ye are the children of the

Id ch. 2. 39. 21. ch. 10.

any other: for there is none other prophets, and of the covenant

Ro. 9. 4,8. 13.1T1.2.5, naine under heaven given among

&15.8. Ga. 6. which God made with our fathers,

men, whereby we must be saved.

3. 28. saying unto Abraham, e And in

13 IT Now when they saw the thy seed shall all the kindreds of

& Ge. 12.3.1.

boldness of Peter and John, 2 and the earth be blessed.

22.18.& 26. 97.

* 25. 1 Co.l. perceived that they were unlearn26 f Unto you first, God having 4. & 28.14. 2

ed and ignorant men, they marraised up his Son Jesus, 6 sent Ga. 3.8.

velled; and they took knowledge him to bless you, h in turning

If Mat. 10.

of them, that they had been with away every one of you from his! 6. & 15.21.1

Jesus. iniquities.

Lu. 24. 47.

14 And beholding the man which CHAP. IV.

ch. 13. 32, X ch.3. 11. was healed k standing with them, 1 The rulers of the Jews offended with 33, 46.

they could say nothing against it. Peter's sermon, 4 (though thousands & ver. 22.

15 But when they had comof the people were conderted that heard the word,) in prison him and John. 5

manded them to go aside out of Mat. 1,

the council, they conferred among After, upon eramination Peter boldly

themselves, arouching the lame man to be healed by the name of Jesus, and that by the

1 John 11. | 16 Saying, I What shall we do same Jesus only we inust be eternally


to these men? for that indeed a saved, 13 they command him and John

notable miracle hath been done to preach no more in that name, add

moh. 3. 9, by them is m manifest to all them ing also threatening, 23 whereupon

that dwell in Jerusalem, and we the church fleeth to prayer. 31 And

cannot deny it. God, by moving the place where they

17 But that it spread no further were assembled, testified that he heard their prayer : confirming the church

among the people, let us straitly with the gift of the Holy Ghost, and

threaten them, that they speak with mutual love and charity.

henceforth to no man in this AND as they spake unto the

name. n people, the priests, and the

n Again, 18 * And they called them, and I captain of the temple, and the

! Or,

ch. 5. 40. commanded them not to speak at

ruler, Sadducees came upon them, Lu. 22. 4.

all, nor teach in the name of 2 a Being grieved that they ch. 5. 24.

Jesus. taught the people, and preached

a Mat. 22

19 But Peter and John answered through Jesus the resurrection 23. Ac. 23.och. 5. 29. and said unto them, o Whether it from the dead.

I be right in the sight of God to

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The church prayeth to God.

THE ACTS. Ananias and Sapphira struck dead. hearken unto yon more than unto A. D. 33. | A. D. 83. | 36 And Joses, who by the aposGod, judge ye.

tles was surnamed Barnabas, 20 p For we cannot but speak ch.1.8.&

(which is, being interpreted, The the things which we have seen 2. 32.

son of consolation, ) a Levite, and and heard.

9 ch.22.15.

of the country of Cyprus, 21 So, when they had further i jo, 2.1,3. ver. 34, 37 Having land, sold it, and threatened them, they let them

35. ch.5.1, brought the money, and laid it go, finding nothing how they

at the apostles' feet. might punish them, because of

- Mat. 21.

CHAP. V. the people for all men glorified 26. Lu. 20

1 After that Ananias and Sapphira his God for that which was done.

6, 19. & 22.

wife for their hypocrisy at Peter's re

2. ch.5.26. 22 For the man was above forty

buke nad failen down dead, 12 and years old on whom this miracle - ch. 3.7,8.

that the rest of the apostles had

brought many miracles, 14 to the inof healing was she wed.

crease of the faith : 17 the apostles 23 | And being let go, I they 1 ch.12.12.

• are again imprisoned, 19 but deliver went to their own company, and

ed by an angel bidding them to preach reported all that the chief priests

openly to all : 21 when, after thert and elders had said unto them.

teaching accordingly in the temple, 24 And when they heard that,

29 and before the council, 53 they are

in danger to be killed, through the ad. they lifted up their voice to God

vice of Gamaliel, a great counsellor with one accord, and said, Lord,

among the Jews, they be kept alive, U thou art God, which hast made | 12Ki. 19.

40 and are but beaten : for which heaven, and earth, and the sea,

they glorify God, and cause no day and all that in them is;

from preaching. 25 Who, by the mouth of thy

BUT a certain man named Anservant David hast said, - Why - Ps 2. 1.

anias, with Sapphira his wife, did the heathen rage, and the

sold a possession, people imagine vain things?

2 And kept back part of the 26 The kings of the earth stood

price, (his wife also being privy up, and the rulers were gathered

a ch. 4. 37. to it,) and brought a certain 'together against the Lord, and

part, and laid it at the aposties' against his Christ.

feet. 27 For y of a truth against * thy y Mat. 26. Nu. 30.2. 3. But Peter said, Ananias, why holy child Jesus, a whom thou 3. Lu.22.2. De. 23. 21. hath c Satan filled thine heart to hast anointed, both Herod, and & 23. 1, 8. Ec. 5. 4. lie to the Holy Ghost, and to Pontius Pilate, with the Gentiles, Lu. 1.35.c Lu. 22. 3. keep back part of the price of the and the people of Israel, were a Lu, 4.18., Or,

land ? gathered together,

John10.36. to deceive. 4 While it remained, was it not 28 ) For to do whatsoever thy ch. 2. 23. ver. 9. thine own ? and after it was sold, hand and thy counsel determined & 3, 18.

was it not in thine own power! before to be done.

why hast thou conceived this 29 And now, Lord, behold their

thing in thine heart 1 thou has! threatenings: and grant unto thy

not lied unto men, but unto God. servants, that with all boldness c ver. 13,

5 And Ananias hearing these they may speak thy word,

words, d fell down, and gave up 30 By stretching forth thine hand

& 13.46. & 1

the ghost. And great fear came to heal; d and that signs and

14. 3. & 19.

on all them that heard these wonders may be done e by the & 28. 31.

things. name of thine holy child Jesus. Ep. 6. 19.

6 And the young men arose, 31 T And when they had pray-lach. 2. 43. John 19.

wound him up, and carried him ed, the place was shaken where & 5. 12.


out, and buried him. they were asseinbled together;

7 And it was about the space and they were all filled with the

e ch. 3. 6,

of three hours after, when his

16. Holy Ghost, h and they spake the

wife, not knowing what was done, word of God with boldness.

f ve 27.

came in. 32 And the multitude of them ch.2.2, 4.

8 And Peter answered unto her, that believed i were of one heart, & 10. 20.

Tell me whether ye sold the land and of one soul: neither said A ver. 29.

for so much? And she said, Yea, any of them that aught of the ich. 5. 12.

for so much. things which he possessed was Rol5. 5,6.

9 Then Peter said unto her, his own; but they had all things 2 Co.13.11.1

How is it that ye have agreed tocommon

Phi. 1. . ver. 8.

gether fto tempt the Spirit of the 33 And with great power gave

&2.2. 1Pe. Mat. 4. 7.

Lord ? behold the feet of them the apostles m witness of the res

3. 8.

which have buried thy husband urrection of the Lord Jesus: and k ch. 2. 44.|

are at the door, and shall carry n great grace was upon them all. I ch. 1. 8.

thee out. 34 Neither was there any among mch. 1.22. & ver. 5.

10 & Then fell she down straightthem that lacked : for as many Inch. 2. 47.

way at his feet, and yielded up as were possessors of lands or

h ver.5.ch.

the ghost. And the young men houses sold them, and brought

0 ch. 2. 45.2.432 & 19.

came in, and found her dead, and the prices of the things that were


carrying her forth, buried her by sold,

ich. 2. 43. her husband. 35 P And laid them down at the

& 14. 3. & ver. 37.19. 11. Ro.

11 And great fear came upon apostles' feet: 4 and distribution eh. 5. 2. 15.19.2Co.

all the church, and upon as many was made unto every man ac- qch. 2. 45. 12. 12. He.

as heard these things. cording as he had need.

1 & 6.1. 12 4. | 12 | And i by the hands of the

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The cpostles imprisoned.

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Gamaliel's counsel.' apostles were many signs and A. D. 33. A. D. 33. doctrine, and intend to bring wonders wrought among the peo

this inan's & blood upon us. ple; (k and they were all with one k ch. 3. 11.

3 ch. 2. 23, 11. 36. & 3.15.

29 | Then Peter and the other accord in Solomon's porch.

a postles answered and said, "We 13 And l of the rest durst no man

ought to obey God rather than join himself to them: m but the & 12.42. &

35.& 17.25.

men. people magnified them.

19. 88.

30 c The God of our fathers rais* 14 And believers were the more

ed up Jesus, whom ye slew and added to the Lord, multitudes & 4. 21.

d hanged on a tree: both of men and women;)


31 Him hath God exalted with 15 Insomuch that they brought

4 ch.10.39. his right hand to be a Prince and forth the sick l into the streets, Or,

& 13. 29. ka Saviour, A for to give repentand laid them on beds and couch- in every

Ga. 3. 13.1

ance to Israel, and forgiveness of es, that at the least the shadow street.

Pe. 2. 21.

sins. of Peter passing by might over- n Mat. 9. l. ch. 2. 33, 32 And i we are his witnesses of shadow some of them.

1 21.4136, 86. Phi. 2.

these things, and so is also the 16 There came also a multitude

& 12. 2.

Holy Ghost, whom God hath out of the cities round about unto

given to them that obey him. .! Jerusalem, bringing o sick folks, lo Ma. 16.ch.3. 15.

33 TI When they heard that, and them which were vexed with 17,18.John & Mat. 1. they were cut to the heart, and unclean spirits; and they were 14. 12.

took counsel to slay thein. healed every one.

n Lu. 21. 34 Then stood there up one in 17 | Then the high priest rose p ch .1.2. 47.ch.3.26. the council, a Pharisee, named up, and all they that were with

& 13. 38. m Gamaliel, a doctor of the law, him, (which is the sect of the Sad

Ep. 1. 7.

had in reputation among all the ducees,) and were filled with in

Col. 1. 14.

people, and commanded to put dignation,

li John 15.

the apostles forth a little space, 18 And laid their hands on the Lu.21.12.

26, 27.

35 And said unto them, Ye men a postles, and put them in the

k ch.2.4.4

of Israel, take heed to yourselves common prison.

10. 44.

what ye intend to do as touching 19 But the angel of the Lord ch. 12. 7.1 ch. 2. 37. these men: by night opened the prison-doors,

& 16. 26. & 7.54. 36 For before these days rose up and brought them forth, and said,

The Third Theudas, boasting himself to be 20 Go, stand and speak in the

Year be somebody; to whom a number temple to the people all the John 6.fore the of men, about four hundred, joinwords of this life.

68. & 17.3. Account

ed themselves: who was slain : 21 And when they heard that,

1 Jo. 5. 11. called

and all, as many as I obeyed him

Antio they entered into the temple early

Domini. were scattered, and brought to in the morning, and taught. But ich. 4.5,6.

nought. the bigh priest came, and they

m ch.22.3.

37 After this man rose up Judas that were with him, and called

I Or,

of Galilee, in the days of the tax

believed. the council together, and all the

ing, and drew away much people senate of the children of Israel,

after him: be also perished; and and sent to the prison to have

all, even as many as obeyed him, them brought.

were dispersed. 22 But when the officers came,

38 And now I say unto you, and found them not in the prison,

Refrain from these men, and let they returned, and told,

In Pr.21.30. them alone: n for if this counsel 23 Saying, The prison truly

Is. 8. 10. or this work be of men, it will found we shut with all safety, and

Mat.15.13. come to nought : the keepers standing without be

o Lu 21.15. 39 But if it be of God, ye canfore the doors : but when we had

1 Co. 1. 25. not overthrow it ; lest haply ye be opened, we found no man within.

poh. 7. 61.

found even Pto fight against God. 24 Now when the high priest,

&9.5.& 23.

40 And to him they agreed : and and the captain of the temple, Lu. 22.4. 9.

when they had called the aposand the chief priests heard these

ch. 4.1.
q ch. 4. 18.

tles, Tand beaten them, they comthings, they doubted of them

Mat. 1o.

manded that they should not whereunto this would grow.

17.& 23.34.

speak in the name of Jesus, and 25 Then came one and told

Ma. 13. 9.

let them go. them, saying, Behold, the men

41 | And they departed from whom ye put in prison are stand

Mat.5.12 the presence of the council, Sreing in the temple, and teaching

Ro. 5. 3. 2 joicing that they were counted the people.

Co. 12. 10.1 worthy to suffer shame for his 26 Then went the captain with

Phi. 1. 2. name. the officers, and brought them

He. 10. 34. 42 And daily in the temple, without violence: *for they fear- Mat. 21.1a. 1. 2. 1

and in every house, they ceased ed the people, lest they should 26.


not to teach and preach Jesus have been stoned.

6 ch. 2. 46. 27 And when they had brought

uch. 4. 20

CHAP. VI. them, they set them before the

1 The apostles, desirous to have the poor council: and the high priest ask

regarded for their bodily sustenance, ed them,

as also careful themselves to dispense 28 Saying, y Did not we straitly ly ch. 4. 18.

the word of God, the food of the soul,

3 appoint the office of deaconship to command you, that ye should not

seven chosen men. 5 of rohom Steteach in this name 1 and behold,

phen, a man full of faith, and of the ye have filled Jerusalem with your

Holy Ghost, is one. 12 Who is takar


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Sepen deacon's ordained.


Stephen falsely cocused. of those, whom he con founded in dis. A, D. 38. A. D. 33.1

CHAP. VII. puting, 13 and after falsely accused

1 Stephen, permitted to answer to the of blasphemy against the law and the

accusation of blasphemy, 2 shew eth temple.

that Abraham worshipped God rightAND in those days, a when the a ch.2. 41.

ly, and how God chose the fathers 20

be fure Moses was born, and before the 1 number of the disciples was & 4..& 5.

tabernacle and temple were built : 37 multiplied, there arose a murmur- 14.& ver.7.

that Moses himself witnessed of ing of the Grecians against theo ch. 9. 29.

Christ: 44 and that all outward cereHebrews, because their widows & 11. 20.

monies were ordained according to the were neglected cin the daily cch. 4. 35.

heavenly pattern, to last but for a ministration.

time: 51 reprehending their rebellion, 2 Then the twelve called the

and murdering of Christ, the Just multitude of the disciples unto

One, whom the prophets foretold them, and said,

should come into the world, 5+ Where. dEx.18.17 It is not reason

upon they stone him to death, who that we should leave the word of

cum mendeth his soul to Jesus, and God, and serve tables.

humbly prayeth for them. 3 Wherefore, brethren, elook vee De. 1. 13.

EN said the high priest, out among you seven men of hon- ch. 1.21, &

1 Are these things so?

16. 2. 1 Ti. est report, full of the Holy Ghost


a ch.22. 1. 2 And he said, a Men, brethren, and wisdom, whom we may ap

and fathers, hearken; The God point over this business.

of glory appeared unto our father But we s will give ourselves fch. 2. 42.!

Abraham when he was in Mecontinually to prayer, and to the

sopotamia, before he dwelt in ministry of the word.

Charran, 5. And the saying pleased the

16 Gc. 12. 1. 3 And said unto him, Get thee whole multitude: and they chose

out of thy country, and from thy Stephen, & a man full of faith and & ch.11.24.

kindred, and come into the land of the Holy Ghost, and ? Philip, ich. 8. 5,

which I shall shew thee. and Prochorus, and Nicanor, 26. & 21.8. c Ge.11.31. 4 Then c caine he out of the and Timon, and Parmenas, and

& 12.4, 5. land of the Chaldeans, and dwelt i Nicolas a proselyle of Antioch, i Re. 2. 6,

in Charran. And from thence, 6 Whom they set before the

when his father was dead, he rea postles: and when they had k ch. 1. 24.

moved him into this land whereprayed, 'they laid their hands on I ch, 8. 17.1

in ye now dwell. them.

& 9. 17, &

5 And he gave him none inherit7 Andmthe word of God in 13.3.1 Ti.4.1

ance in it, no, not so much as to creased; and the number of the 14. & 5.22. a Ge. 12.7. set his foot on : d yet he promised disciples multiplied in Jerusalem

2 Ti. 1.6. & 13.15. & that he would give it to him for greatly; and a great company

mch. 12.15.3, 18. & la possession, and to his seed after R of the priests were obedient to

21. & 19.23. 17.8. & 26. hiin, when as yet he had no child. the faith.

Col. 1. 6. 3.

6 And God spake on this wise, 8 And Stephen, full of faith and n Joha 12..

e Ge.15.13,

& That his seed should sojourn in power, did great wonders and


a strange land, and that they miracles among the people.

should bring them into bondage, 9 T Then there arose certain of

Ex. 12.

and entreat them evil S four hunthe synagogue, which is called

40. Ga.3.17.dred years. the synagogue of the Libertines,

7 And the nation to whom they and Cyrenians, and Alexandri

shall be in bondage will I judge, 0s, and of them of Cilicia, and

said God: and after that shall of Asia, disputing with Stephen.

& Ex.3.12. they come forth, and 6 serve me 10 And they were not able to 1o Lu. 21.

in this place. esist the wisdom and the spirit 15.ch.5.39. Ge, 17.9, 8 h And he gave him the coveby which he spake.

See Ex. 4. 10, 11. nant of circuncision. i And so Il p Then they suborned men,


Abraham begat Isaac, and cirwhich said, We have heard him

3, 4.

cumcised hiia the eighth day; speak blasphemous words against

10,13. Mat.

kand Isaac begat Jacob, and ! JaMoses, and against God.

25. 59, 60. Ge.29.31, cob begat the twelve patriarchs. 12 And they stirred up the peo

9 m And the patriarchs, moved ple, and the elders, and the

&c. & 35. with envy, sold Joseph into Escribes, and came upon him, and

18, 23, gypt: n but God was with him, caught him, and brought him to

m Ge.37.4, 10 And delivered him out of all the council,

11, 28. Ps. his affiictions, and gave him fa13 Aud set up false witnesses,

105. 17. vour and wisdom in the sight of which said, This man ceaseth not

n Ge. 39.2, Pharaoh king of Egypt; and he to speak blasphemous words a

21, 23. made him governor over Egypt, gainst this holy place, and the

o Ge. 41.37.

and all his house. aw:

& 42. 6.

| 11 Now there came a dearth 14! For we have heard him say, ch.25. 8. Ge. 41.54. over all the land of Egypt and that this Jesus of Nazareth shali

Chanaan, and great atlliction : destroy this place, and shall Da. 9.26.

and our fathers found no sustechange the customs which Mo | Or,

pance. ses delivered us.

rites. Ge. 42. 1. 12 ? But when Jacob heard that 15 And all that sat in the coun

there was corn in Egypt, he sent cil, looking steadfastly on him,

out our fathers first. . saw his face as it had been the

1 Ge. 45. 4, 13 "And at the second time Joface of an angel.

seph was maile kuowa to his

12. Is. 54. i Ge, 21. 2,

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u Ge. 46.5. Jos. 5. 15.

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Suphen falsely accused,


answereth the accusation. brethren: and Joseph's kindredi A. D. 33. A. D. 33. | 32 Saying, mI am the God of was made known unto Pharaoh.

thy fathers, the God of Abraham, 14 Then sent Joseph, and call

32. He, 11

and the God of Isaac, and the ed his father Jacob to him, and 27.


God of Jacob. Then Moses tremtall his kindred, threescore and t Ge.46.27.

bled, and durst not behold. fifteen souls.

De. 10. 22. In Ex. 3. 5. 33 n Then said the Lord to him, 15 u So Jacob went down into

Put off thy shoes from thy feet: Egypt, wand died, he, and our

w Ge. 49.

for the place where thou standest fathers,

33. Ex.1,6.

is holy ground. 16 And were carried over into

Jo Ex. 3, 7.
Ex, 13.

31 1 have seen, I have seen the Sychem, and laid in y the sepul

19. Jos. 94.

affliction of my people which is in chre that Abraham bought for a


Egypt, and I have heard their sum of money of the sons of Em

y Ge.23.16.

groaning, and am come down to mor, the father of Sychem.

& 35. 19.

deliver them. And now coine, I 17 But when the time of the

will send thee into Egypt.

Ge.16.13. promise drew nigh, which God

35 This Moses, whom they re

Ver. 6. had sworn to Abraham, the peo

fused, saying, Who made thee a ple grew and multiplied in E

a Ex. 1.7,

ruler and a judge ? the same did

8,9. Ps. 105. gypt,

24, 25.

God send to be a ruler and a de18 Till another king arose, which

PEx.14.19. liverer p by the hand of the angel knew not Joseph.

Nu. 20. 16. which appeared to him in the 19 The same dealt subtilly with

bush. our kindred, and evil-entreated

le Ex. 12.

36 « He brought them out, after our fathers, bso that they cast

• Ex. 1.92 42. & 33.1.

that he had she wed wonders out their young children, to the

Ex 7, &

and signs in the land of Egypt, end they might not live.

8, 9,& 10,

& and in the Red sen, and in the 20 In which time Moses was

& 11,& 14. c Ex. 2. 2. Ps. 105. 27.

wilderness forty years. born, and d was i exceeding fair, d He, 11. Ex 14.01.

37 T This is that Moses, which and nourished up in his father's | 23.

27, 25, 29.

said unto the children of Israel, house three months:

UA Prophet shall the Lord your 21 And e when he was cast out, to God.

God raise up unto you of your Pharaoh's daughter took him up,


| brethren, I like unto me; I him and nourished him for her own 10.

u De.18.15,

shall ye hear. son.


38 v This is he, that was in the 22 And Moses was learned in all

! Or,

church in the wilderness with the wisdom of the Egyptians,

us myself. the angel which spake to him and was s mighty in words and

Mat. 17. in the mount Sina, and with our

19. in deeds.

fathers: who received the lively 23 6 And when he was full forty

& Ex. 2.11, ly Ex. 19.3, boracles to give unto us: years old, it caine into his heart 12.

39 To whom our fathers would to visit his brethren the children

Is. 63. 9. not obey, but thrust him from of Israel.

Ga, 3. 19. them, and in their hearts turned 24 And seeing one of them suf

He. 2. 2. back again into Egypt, fer wrong, he defended him, and

la Ex. 21.1. 140 c Sa yine unto Aaron, Make avenged him that was oppressed,

De. 5. 27, us gods to go before us: for as and smote the Egyptian :

31.& 33. 4. for this Moses, which brought 25 For he supposed his breth

Joh. 1. 17. us out of the land of Egypt, we ren woud have understood how Nou. Ro. 3. 2. wot not what is become of him. that God by his hand would de

c Ex. 32. 1.

41 d And they made a calf in liver them: but they understood

d De. 9. 16,

those days, and otiered sacrifice not.

Ps. 106.19.

unto the idol, and rejoiced in the 26 k And the next day he shew-h Ex. 2.13.

works of their own hands. ed himself unto them as they

e Ps.81.12.

42 Then God turned, and gave

Ez. 20. 25, strove, and would have set them

139. Ro. 1.

them up to worship / the host of at one again, saying, Sirs, ye are

24. 2 Th.2.

heaven; as it is written in the brethreu; why do ye wrong one

book of the prophets, 50 ye to another?

De. 4.19.

house of Israel, have ye offered to 27 But he that did his neigh

& 17. 3. 2 me slain beasts and sacritices by bour wrong, thrust him away,

Ki. 17. 16. the space of forty years in the Bayiny, i who made thee a ruler1 See Lu. & 21.3. Je. wilderness? and a judge over us?

12. 14. ch. 19. 13. 43 Yea, ve took up the taberna23 Wilt thou kill me, as thou

14. 7.

8 Am.5.25, cle of Moloch, and the star of didst the Egyptian yesterday?

your god Remphan, figures which 29 * Then fled Moses at this Ex. 2.15, Or, ye made to worship them: and I saying, and was a stranger in the 22. & 4.20. who spake. will carry you away beyond Baland of Madian, where he begat & 18. 3, 4.

* Ex. 23.


bylo IW) sons.

40.& 26.30. 44 Our fathers had the taberna. 30 ! And when forty years were 1 Ex. 3. 2. He. 0.5. cle of witness in the wilderness, expired, there appeared to hiin

i Jos. 3.14. as he had appointed, I speaking in the wilderness of Mount Sina,

! Or,

| unto Moses, that he should an angel of the Lord in a flame


make it according to the fashion of fire in a bush.


that he had seen. 31 Wben Moses saw it, he won

45 i Which also our fathers,

* Ne. 9.21. dered at the sight; and as he

Ps. 41.2.&

that came after, brought in drew near to behold it, the voice

70.55. ch. with Jesus into the possession of of the Lord came unto him,

113. 10. I the Gentiles, A whom God drave

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