תמונות בעמוד

Eutychus raised to life.


Paul's charge to the elders. 3 And there abode three months. A. D. 60. A. D. 60.1 19 Serving the Lord with all And o when the Jews laid wait

humility of mind, and with many

och. 9. 23. for him, as he was about to sail

tears and temptations, which be

& 23.12.& ito Syria, he purposed to return

25. 3. 2 Cot ver. 3.

fell me by the lying in wait of through Macedonia.

11. 26.

the Jews : 4 And there accompanied him

u ver. 27. 20 And how u I kept back nothinto Asia, Sopater of Berea; and

ing that was profitable unto you, of the Thessalonians, Aristar e ch.19.29.1

but have shewed you, and have chus and Secundus; and d Gaius &27.2.Col.

taught you publicly, and from of Derbe, and e Timotheus; and

4. 10. sch, 18. 5.

hous to house, of Asia, f Tychicus and & Tro

Id ch.19.29. y Mn. 1.15.
d ch.19.29. y Mn. 1.15.1 21 Testify

21 - Testifying both to the Jews, phimus.

lech. 16. 1. Lu. 24. 47. and also to the Greeks, y repent5 These going before, tarriedf Ep.6.21.

ch. 2. 38.

ance toward God, and faith to for us at Troas.

Col. 1.7.2 ch.19.21. ward our Lord Jesus Christ. 6 And we sailed away from Phi- Ti. 4. 12. a ch. 21. 4. 22 And now behold, I go lippi, after h the days of unleav- Tit. 3. 12. 11, 1 Th.3. I bound in the spirit unto Jerusaened bread, and came unto them 1 carne unto theme ch.21.29.3.

lem, not knowing the things that i to Troas in five days; where we 2 Ti. 4. 20.1u Or, wait shall befall me there: abode seven days.

h Ex. 12. for me. 23 Save that a the Holy Ghost 7 And upon the first day of the 14,15.&23. o ch.21.13. witnesseth in every city, saying, week, when the disciples came 15.

[Ro. 8. 35. that bonds and afflictions (abide together 1 to break bread, Paul lich. 16.8.12 Co. 4. 10.

me. preached unto them, (ready to 2 Co. 2. 12. lc 2 Ti. 4.7. 24 But none of these things depart on the morrow) and con- 2 Ti. 4. 13. ld ch. 1. 17. move me, neither count I my life tinued his speech until midnight. Co.16 2.2 Co. 4. 1.

dear unto myself, so that Inight 8 And there were many lights Re. 1. 10. le Ga. 1. 1.

finish my course with joy, d and m in the upper chamber, where I ch. 2. 42, Tit. 1. 3.

the ministry e which I have rethey were gathered together. 46. 1Co.10 ver. 38.

ceived of the Lord Jesus, to tes9 And there sat in a window & 16.&11.20,

4, Ro. 16. 23.

tify the gospel of the grace of eertain young man named Eu- &c.

God. tychus, being fallen into a deep mch. 1.13.

& ch. 18.6.

25 And now behold, I know

bol.18. 2 Co. 7. 2. sleep: and as Paul was long

that ye all, among whom I have preaching, he sunk down with

n ver. 20.

gone preaching the kingdom of sleep, and fell down from the third

i Lu. 7.30. God, shall see my face no more. loft, and was taken up dead.

Johnl5.15. 26 Wherefore I take you to re10 And Paul went down, and

Ep. 1, 11. cord this day, that I am Spure * fell on him, and embracing him, Ini Ki. 17. 1T1.4.16. from the blood of all men, said, Trouble not yourselves;

21. 2 Ki. 4. 1 Pe, 5. 2. 27 For h I have not shunned to for his life is in him.

11 Co. 12. declare unto you all i the counsel 11 When he therefore was come o Mat.9.24 28.

of God. up again, and had broken bread,

m Ep. 1.7. 28 T Take heed therefore into and eaten, and talked a long

14. Col. 1. yourselves, and to all the flock while, even till break of day, so

14. He, 9. over the which the Holy Ghost he departed.

12. 1 Pe. 1. I hath made you overseers, to feed 12 And they brought the young

19. Re.5.9.

the church of God, m which he man alive, and were not a little

n See He, hath purchased with his own comforted.

9. 14. blood. 13 T And we went before to

o Mat.7.15. 29 For I know this, that after ship, and sailed into Assos, there

2 Pe. 2. 1. my departing O shall grievous intending to take in Paul: for so

piTi.1.20. wolves enter in among you, not had he appointed, minding him

1 Jo. 2.9. sparing the flock. Belf to go afoot.

q ch.19.10. | 30 Alsop of your own selves 14 And when he met with us at

He. 13.9.

shall men arise, speaking perAssos, we took him in, and came

verse things, to draw away disci

s ch.9.31. to Mitylene.

ples after them. 15 And we sailed thence, and

1 ch.26.18. ^31 Therefore watch, and re

Ep. 1. 18. came the next day over against


member, that by the space of Chios; and the next day we ar

3.24. He 9.

three years I ceased not to warn rived at Samos, and tarried at

15. 1 Pe. 1. every one night and day with Trogyllium; and the next day

tears. we came to Miletus.

ul Sa. 12.

32 And now, brethren, I com16 For Paul had determined to

13. 1Co.9.12. mend you to God, and to the sail by Ephesus, because he

12 Co.7.2.& word of his grace, which is able would not spend the time in

11.9. & 12. s to build you up, and to give you Asia : for phe hasted, if it were ch.18.2.. 17.

an inheritance among all thero possible for him, y to be at Jeru- & 19.21. &. ch. 18.3. | which are sanctified salemn the day of Pentecost. 21. 4, 12. 1 Co. 4. 12. 33 u I have coveted no man's

17 T And from Miletus he sent q ch.24.17. 1 Th. 2. 9. silver, or gold, or apparel. to Ephesus, and called the elders

ch. 2. 1.

2 Th. 3. 8. 34 Yea, ye yourselves know, of the church.

1 Co. 16.8. y Ro. 15. 1. that these hands have minis18 And when they were come

1 Co.9. 12. tered unto my necessities, and to to him, he said unto them, Ye

2 Co. 11.9, them that were with me. know, s from the first day that ils ch.11.19.12.&12.13.

35 I have shewed you all things, came into Asia, after what man

y how that so labouring ye ought ner I have been with you at all

& 5. 14. 2 to support the weak, and to reseasons,

Th. 3. 8. I member the words of the Lord

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Paul's fourney to Jerusalem. THE ACTS.

He cometh to Jerusalem, Jerus how he said. It is more A. D. 60., A. D. 60.1 19 And when we heard these blessed to give than to receive.

things both we, and they of that 36 T And when he had thus

place, besought him not to go up spoken, he kneeled down, and #ch. 7. 60.

to Jerusalem. prayed with them all.

& 21. 5. lich. 2. 13 Then Paul answered, i What 37 And they all wept sore, and

mean ye to weep, and to break a fell on Paul's neck, and kissed a Ge. 45.

mine heart? for I am ready not to him,


be bound only, but also to die at 38 Sorrowing most of all for the

Jerusalem for the name of the words which he spake, that they b ver. 25.

Lord Jesus. should see his face no more. And

14 And when he would not be they accompanied bim unto the

persuaded, we ceased, saying, ship

x Mat. 6. The will of the Lord be done. CHAP. XXI.

10.& 26.42. 15 And after those days we took 1 Paul will not by any means be dis

Lu. 11.2.&

| up our carriages, and went up to sunded from going to Jerusalem. 9

22. 42.

Jerusalem. Philip's daughters prophetesses. 17

16 There went with us also cer Paul cometh to Jerusalem : 27 where

tain of the disciples of Cesarea, he is apprehended, and in great dan. ger, 31 but by the chief captain is tes.

and brought with them one Muacued, and permitted to speak to the

son of Cyprus, an old disciple, people.

with whom we should lodge. AND it came to pass, that after

I ch. 15. 4. 17 ? And when we were come to we were gotten from them,

Jerusalem, the brethren received and had launched, we carne with

us gladly. a straight course unto Coos, and

18 And the day following Paul the day following unto Rhodes,

mch. 15. went in with us unto m James: and froin thence unto Patara :

13. Ga. 1. and all the elders were present. 2 And finding a ship sailing over

19. & 2.9. 19 And when he had saluted unto Phenicia, we went aboard,

nch. 15. 4,

them, * he declared particularly and set forth.

12. Ro. 15. what things God had wrought 3 Now when we had discovered

18, 19. among the Gentiles by his ininCyprus, we left it on the left hand,

och. 1. 17. istry. and sailed into Syria, and landed

ch. 20. 24. 20 And when they heard it, they at Tyre : for there the ship was

glorified the Lord, and said unto to unlade her burden.

him, Thou seest, brother, how 4 And finding disciples, we tar

many thousands of Jews there are ried there seven days: & who said la ver. 12

which believe; and they are all to Paul through the Spirit, that

ch. 20. 23.)

1 P Zealous of the law: he should not go up to Jerusalem.

Ro. 10. 2. 21 And they are informed of 5 And when we had accomplish

Ga. 1. 14. thee, that thou teachest all the ed those days, we departed, and

Jews which are among the Genwent our way; and they all

tiles to forsake Moses, saying, bronght us on our way, with wives

that they ought not to circumcise and children, till we were out of

their children, neither to walk afthe city: and we kneeled down bch. 20.36.

ter the customs. on the shore, and prayed.

22 What is it therefore the 6 And when we had taken our

multitude must needs come toleave one of another, we took

gether : for they will hear that ship; and they returned home c John 1.

thou art come. again.


23 Do therefore this that we say 7 And when we had finished our

to thee: We have four men which course from Tyre, we came to

have a vow on them; Ptolemais, and saluted the breth

24 Them take, and purify thyren, and abode with them one day.

self with them, and be at charges 8. And the next day we that were

lo Nu. 6.2. with them, that they may I shave of Paul's company departed, and

13, 18. ch. their heads : and all may know came unto Cesarea; and we en

18. 18. that those things whereof they tered into the house of Philip d the | d Ep. 4. 11.

were informed concerning thee, evangelist, e which was one of the 2 Ti. 4. 5.

are nothing; but that thou thyscven; and abode with him. e ch.6.5.&

self also walkest orderly, and 9 And the same man had four 8. 26, 40.

keepest the law. daughters, virgins, f which did I Joel 2.

25 As touching the Gentiles prophesy.

28.ch.2.17. r ch. 15.20, which believe, "we have written 10 And as we tarried there many

and concluded that they observe days, there came down from Ju

no such thing, save only that they dea a certain prophet, named

keep themselves from things of & Agabus.


fered to idols, and from blood, 11 And when he was come unto

and from strangled, and from us, he took Paul's girdle, and

foruication. bound his own hands and feet,

26 Then Paul took the men, and and said, Thus saith the Holy

the next day purifying himself Ghost, So shall the Jews at Je- ver. 33.sch.24.18. with them, Sentered into the temrusalem bind the man that own ch. 20. 23. Nu. 6.13. lple, 'to signify the accomplisheth this girdle, and shall deliver

ment of the days of purification, him into the hands of the Gen

| until that an offering should be ules.

offered for every one of them.

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where he is apprehended, c. CHAP. XXI. Declareth how he was converted,

27 And when the seven days A. D. 60. A. D. 60. to his apostleship 22 At the very were almost ended, "the Jews,

mentioning of the Gentiles, the pso

uch.24.18. which were of Asia, when they

ple exclaim on him, 24 He should

have been scourged, 25 but claiming en w him in the temple, stirred up all the people, and laid hands 2 ch.26.21

the privilege of a Roman, he escapeth. on him,

4 ch.7.2 M EN, a brethren, and fathers, 28 Crying out, Men of Israel,

hear ye my defence which I help. This is the man y that ych. 24. 5,

make now unto you. teacheth all men every where 6.

2 (And when they heard that he against the people, and the law,

spake in the Hebrew tongue to and this place : and further,

them, they kept the more silence : Drought Greeks also into the tem

and he saith, ple; and hath polluted this holy

3bI am verily a man which am place.

2 Co.11.22. a Jew, born in Tarsus, a city in

Phi. 3, 5. 29 (For they had seen before

Cilicia, yet brought up in this with him in the city, Trophi & ch. 20.4. c De, 33, 3. city cat the feet of d Gamaliel, 18, an Ephesian, whom they

2 Ki. 4. 38.

and taught according to the supposed that Paul had brought

Lu. 10.39.

perlect manner of the law of the into the temple. )

14 ch. 6. 34. Fathers, and / was zealous toward 30 And all the city was moved, le ch.26.2. e ch. 26. 6. God, Kas ye all are this day. and the people ran together and


4 h And 1 persecuted this way they took Paul and drew him out

Ga, l. 14.

unto the death, binding and deof the temple. And forthwith

livering into prisons both men

s Ro. 10.2. the doors were shut.

and women.

A ch.8.3.& 31 And as they went about to kill

5 As also the high priest doth

26.9, 10, 11. him, tidings came unto the chief

bear me witness, and i all the es

{Phi.3. 6.1 captain of the band, that all Je

Ti. 1. 13.

tate of the elders; k from whom rusalem was in an uproar;

i Lu.22.66,

also I received letters unto the 32 Who immediately took sol- och. 23.27.ch. 4. 5.

brethren, and went to Damascus, diers and centurions, and ran & 24. 7.

to bring them which were there

1 ch.9.2. down unto them. And when they

bound unto Jerusalem, for to be

26. 10, 12. saw the chief captain and the

punished. soldiers, they left beating of Paul.

Ich.9.3.& 6 And it came to pass, that, as 33 Then the chief captain came

26. 12, 13. I made my journey, and was come near and took him, and com- c ver. 11.

nigh unto Damascus about noon, manded him to be bound with ch. 20. 23.

suddenly there shone from heave two chains: and demanded who

en a great light round about me. he was, and what he had done.

7 And I fell unto the ground, 34 And some cried one thing,

and heard a voice saying unto some another, among the multi

me, Saul, Saul, why persecutest tude: and when he could not

thou me? know the certainty for the tumult,

8 And I answered, Who art he commanded hin to be carried

thou, Lord ? And be said unto into the castle.

me, I am Jesus of Nazareth, 35 And when he came upon the

whom thou persecutest. stairs, so it was that he was borne

mch. 9. 7.1 9 And they that were with of the soldiers, for the violence of

Da. 10. 7.1 me saw indeed the light, and were the people.

afraid ; but they heard not the 36 For the multitude of the peo

voice of him that spake to me. ple followed after, crying, Away Lu 23.18.

10 And I said, What shall I do, with him.

John 19.15.1

Lord ? And the Lord said unto 37 And as Paul was to be led ch. 22. 22.

me, Arise, and go into Damascus, into the castle, he said unto the

and there it shall be told thee of chief captain, May I speak unto

all things which are appointed thee? Who said, Canst thou

for thee to do. speak Greek?

Il Aud when I could not see for 39 6 Art not thou that Egyptian, This

the glory of that light, being led which before these days madest Egyptian

by the hand of them that were an uproar, and leddest out into

nch. 9. 17. with me, I came into Damascus. the wilderness four thousand men

A. D. 55. lo ch.10.22.

12 And none Ananias, a devout that were murderers?

See ch.5. 1 Ti.3. 1.

man according to the law, hav39 But Paul said, I am a man 36.

ing a good report of all the p Jews

q ch.3. 13. which am a Jew of Tarsus, a city

which dwelt ihere, in Cilicia, a citizen of no mean & 22. 3.

13 Came unto me, and stood, city: and I beseech thee suffer

ch. 9. 15. and said unto me, Brother Saul,

& 26. 16. me to speak unto the people.

receive thy sight. And the same 40 And when he had given him

s 1 Co. 9.1. hour I looked up upon him. license, Paul stood on the stairs,

& 15. 8. 14 And he said, The God of and beckoned with the hand & ch.12.17. ch. 3. 14. our fathers hath chosen thee, unto the people. And when there

& 7. 52. that thou shouldest know his will, was made a great silence, he

u 1 Co, 11. and see that Just One, and spake unto them in the Hebrew

23. Ga. 1. u shouldest hear the voice of his

12. tongue, saying,

mouth. CHAP. XXII.

3 ch.23.11. 15 - For thou shalt be his witi Paul declareth at large, how he was

lych. 4. 20. ness unto all men of y what thou Lunetted to the faith, 17 and called

& 26. 16. hast seen and heard.

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Paul brought before the council. THE ACTS.

He pleadeth his cause. 16 And now why larriest thou ? | A. D. 60. A. D. 60. God encourageth him. 14 The Jenos arise, and be baptized, and wash

laying wait for Paul 20 is declared

| . ch. 2. 38. away thy sins, calling on the

untu the chief captain. 27 He sendeta

He. 10. 22. name of the Lord.

him to Feliz the governor.

a ch.9. 14. 17 And it came to pass, that,

AND Paul, earnestly beholding when I was come again to Jeru

Ro. 10. 13.

n the council, said, Men and salem, even while I prayed in the

O ch.9. 26. la ch.24.16. / brethren, al have lived in all temple, I was in a trance;

2Cc. 12. 2. 1 Co. 4. 4. good conscience before God untu 18 And Csaw him saying unto c ver. 14.18

2 Co. 1. 12. this day.

4. & 4.2.2Ti. me, Make haste, and get thee Id Mat. 10. 1.3. He.13.

2 A the high priest Ananias quickly out of Jerusalem; for 14.


commanded them that stood by they will not receive thy testimo

him, to smite him on the inouth.

61 Ki. 22. ny concerning me.


3 Then said Paul unto him, God 19 And I said, Lord, e they e ver.4.ch. Johu 18.22.

shall smite thee, thou whited know that I imprisoned, and 8.3.

wail: for sittest thou to judge me Jbeat in every synagogue them l Mat. 10. Je Le.19.36. after the law, and c commandest that believed on thee:


De, 23.1,2. me to be smitten contrary to the 20 6 And when the blood of thy

Joha 7.5,
Sch. 7.58.

law ? martyr Stephen was shed, I also

4 And they that stood by, said, was standing by, and a consent

Revilest thou God's high priest ing unto his death, and kept the

5 Then said Paul, d I wist not, raiment of them that slew him. Ro, 1.32.

brethren, that he was the high 21 And he said unto me, Depart:

e Ex 22.28. priest: for it is written, & Thou i for I will send thee far hence lich. 9. 15. Ec. 10. 20. shalt not speak evil of the ruler unto the Gentiles.

& 13. 2, 46, 2 Pe. 2. 10. of thy people. 22 And they gave him audience 47. & 18.6. Jude 8.

6 But when Paul perceived that unto this word, and then lifted up

& 26, 17.

the one part were Sadducees, and

Ro. 1. 5, 8 their voices, and said, k Away

the other Pharisees, he cried out with such a fellow from the earth:

16. Ga. 1.1

in the council, Men and brethren, for it is not fit that ? he should 15, 16. & 2.

'If ch.28. 5. f I am a Pharisee, the son of a live.

7,8. Ep.3.7,"

Pli. 3. 5. Pharisee : 6 of the hope and res23 And as they cried out, and 8.1 Ti.2.7. & ch.24.15, urrection of the dead I am called cast off their clothes, and threw 2 Ti. 1. 11. 21. & 2.6. in question. dust into the air,

ch. 21.36 & 28. 20.

7 And when he had so said, 24 The chief captain command- ch.25.24.

there arose a dissension between ed him to be brought into the

the Pharisees and the Sadducees: castle, and bade that he should

and the multitude was divided. be examined by scourging; that

A Mat. 22. 8 For the Sadducees say that he might know wherefore they

23. Ma. 12. there is no resurrection, neither cried so against him.

ls. Lu. 20.

angel, nor spirit: but the Phari

27. 25 And as they bound him with

sees confess both. thongs, Paul said unto the centu

9 And there arose a great cry: rion that stood by, m Is it lawful m ch. 16.

and the Scribes that were of the for you to scourge a man that is 37.

Pharisees' part arose, and strove, a Roman, and uncondemned ?

ich. 25.25. saying, 1 We find no evil in this 26 When the centurion heard

& 26. 31. man: but kit a spirit or an angel that, he went and told the chief

X ch. 22. 7, hath spoken to him, let us not captain, saying, Take heed what

17, 18. fight against God. thou doest; for this man is a Ro

I ch.5. 39.

10 And when there arose a great man.

dissension, the chief captain, 27 Then the chief captain came,

fearing lest Paul should have and said unto him, Tell me, art

been pulled in pieces of them, thou a Roman? He said, Yea.

commanded the soldiers to go 28 And the chief captain answer

down, and to take him by force ed, With a great sum obtained

from among them, and to bring I this freedom. And Paul said,

him into the castle. But I was free-born.

ch.18.9. 11 And the night following the 29 Then straightway they de

&27.23,24. Lord stood by him, and said, Be parted from him which should

of good cheer, Paul: for as thou have examined him: and the Or, lor

hast testified of me in Jerusalem, chief captain also was afraid, tured him.

so must thou bear witness also at after he knew that he was a Ro

Rome. maan, and because he had bound

n ver. 21, 12 And when it was dav, ncer. bim.

30.ch.25.3. tain of the Jews banded together, 39 On the morrow, because he

# Or, and bound themselves under a would have known the certainty

with an curse, saying that they would wherefore he was accused of the

oath of neither eat nor drink till they had Jews, he loosed him from his


killed Paul. bands, and commanded the chief

13 And they were more than priests and all their council to ap

forty which had made this conpear, and brought Paul down,

spiracy. and set him before them.

14 And they came to the chief CHAP. XXIII.

priests and elders, and said, We 1 As Paul pleadeth his cause, 2 Anani

have bound ourselves under a as commandeth them to smite him. 7

great curse, that we will eat po. Dissension among Ais accusars. 11!

I thing until we bave slain Paul.

Paul is sent to Feliz,

CHAP. XXIV. Paul is accused by Tertullus. 15 Now therefore ye with the A. D. 60. A. D. 60. charge worthy of death, or of council siguity to the chief cap

bonds. tain, that he bring him down unto

i ver. 20. 30 And when it was told me you to-morrow, as though ye

how that the Jews laid wait for would inquire something more

the man, I sent straightway to perfectly concerning bim : and

uch. 24. 8. thee, and u gave commandment we, or ever he come near, are

& 25. 6. to his accusers also, to say before ready to kill him.

thee what they had against hin. 16 And when Paul's sister's son

Farewell. heard of their lying in wait, he

31 Then the soldiers, as it was went and entered into the castle,

commanded them, took Paul, and and told Paul.

brought himn by nigh: to Antipa17 Then Paul called one of the

tris. centurions unto him, and said,

32 On the morrow they left the Bring this young man unto the

horsemen to go with him, and rechief captain; for he hath a cer

turned to the castle : tain thing to tell him.

33 Who, when they came to 18 So he took him, and brought

Cesarea, and delivered the epishim to the chiet captain, and

tle to the governor, presented said, Paul the prisoner called me

Paul also before him. into him, and prayed me to bring

34 And when the governor had this young man unto thee, who

read the letter, he asked of what hath something to say unto thee.

province he was. And when he 19 Then the chief captain took

* ch.21.39. understood that he was of #Cihim by the hand and went with

licia; him aside privately, and asked

ly ch. 24. 1. 35 il will hear thee, said he, him, What is that thou hast to

10.&25.16. when thine accusers are also tell me ?

come. And he commanded him 20 And he said, The Jews have over. 12. Mat. 27. to be kept in * Hero's judgmentagreed to desire thee, that thou

hall. wouldest bring down Paul to

CHAP. XXIV. morrow into the council, as

1 Paul being accused by Tertullus the though they would inquire some

orator, 10 answereth for his life and what of him more perfectly.

doctrine. 2+ He preacheth Christ to 21 But do not thou yield unto

the governor and his wife. 26 The them: for there lie in wait for

governor nopeth for a bribe, but in him of them more than forty men,

vain. 27 At last, going out of his which have bound themselves

office, he leaveth Paul in prison. with an oath, that they will nei

la ch.21.27. AND after a five days, Apather eat nor drink till they have

b ch. 3. 2,

n nias the high priest descendkilled him: and now are they

30,35.& 25. ed with the elders, and with a ready, looking for a promise from

certain orator named Tertullus, thee.

who informed the governor a., 22 So the chief captain then let

gainst Paul. the young man de part, and

2 And when he was called forth, charged him, See thou tell no

Tertullus began to accuse him, man that thou hast shewed these

saying, Seeing that by thee we things to me.

enjoy great quietness, and that 23 And he called unto him two

very worthy deeds are done unto centurions, saying, Make ready

this nation by thy providence, two hundred soldiers to go to Ce

3 We accept it always, and in sarea, and horsemen threescore

all places, most noble Felix, with and ten, and spearmen two hun

all thankfulness. dred, at the third hour of the

4 Notwithstanding, that l be night;

not further tedious unto thee, I 24 And provide them beasts, that

pray thee, that thou wouldest hear they may set Paul on, and bring

us ot thy clemency a few words. him safe unto Felix the governor.

le Lu. 23.2.

5c For we have found this man 25 And he wrote a letter after

eh. 6. 13. & a pestilent fellow, and a mover this manner:

16 20.&17.1 of sedition among all the Jews 26 Claudius Lysias, unto the

6. & 21.28. throughout the world, and a ringmost excellent governor Felix,

1 Pe. 2. 12, leader of the sect of the Nazasendeth greeting.

renes: 27 p This man was taken of the lp ch.21.33. la ch.21.28. 6 & Who also hath gone about Jews, and should have been kill- & 21. 7.

to profane the temple, whom we ed of them: then came I with an

e John 18. tock, and would have judged army, and rescued him, having


according to our law: understood that he was a Ro

ch.21.33. 7 But the chief captain Lysias man.

came upon us, and with great 28 4 And when I would have ch.22.30.

violence took him away out of known the cause wherefore they

our hands, accused him, I brought him forth

is ch.23.3r.

8 % Commanding his accusers to into their council:

come unto thee: by examining 29 Whom I perceived to be ac- r ch.18.15.

of whom, thyself mayest take cused of questions of their law, 1 & 25. 19.

knowledge of all these things .but to have nothing laid to his Is ch.28.31.

I whereof we accuse hini.

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