תמונות בעמוד

'resurrcction of Christ.


The death, burial, and

CIIAP. XXIV. . ... 40 But the other answering, re- A. D. 33. A. D. 33. morning, they came unto the buked him, saying, Dost not thou

sepulchre, bringing the spices fear God, seeing thou art in the

6 ch.23.56.

which they had prepared, and same condemnation ?

certain others with them. 41 And we indeed justly; for we

. Mat. 28. 2 And they found the stone receive the due reward of our

2. Ma. 16.4. rolled away from the sepulchre. deeds, but this man hath done

Hver. 23. | 3 d And they entered in, and nothing amiss..

Ma. 16.6.

found not the body of the Lord 42 And he said unto Jesus, Lord,

Jesus. remember me when thou comest

4 And it came to pass, as they into thy kingdom.

Were much perplexed thereau , 43 And Jesus said unto him,

le John . ¢ behold, two men stood by themi Verily I say unto thee, To-day

12. Ac, 1. in shining garments. shalt thou be with me in paradise.


5 And as they were afraid, and 44 i And it was about the sixth Mat. 27.

bowed down their faces to the hour, and there was a darkness 45. Ma.15.

earth, they said unto them, Why over all the learth until the ninth 33. | Or, seek ye I the living among the hour.

# Or, Thim that dead 45 And the sun was darkened, land. fliteth ? 6 He is not here, but is riset. and the vail of the temple was

If Reinember how he spake untu rent in the midst.

51. Ma.15. 21. & 17.23. you when he was yet in Galiler, 46 TAuil when Jesus had cried se.

Ma.8.31.& 7 Saving, The Son of man must with a loud voice, he said, "Fa | Ps. 31.5.

9. 31. ch.9.

be delivered into the hands on ther, into thy hands I commend 1 Pe. 2. 23.

sinful men, and be crucitied, and my spirit: mand having sail m Mat. 27.

the third day rise again. thus, he gave up the ghost. 50. Ma.15. s John 2. 8 And & they remembered his 47 n Now wlien the centurion 97.Johnly. 22.

words, sa w what was done, he glorified

In Mat. 28. 9 And returned from the sepa God, saying, Certainly this was a n Mat. 27. 18. Ma. 16. ulchre, and told all these things righteous man.

54. Ma. 15. 10.

unto the eleven, and to all the 48 And all the people that came 30

rest. together to that sight, behold

10 It was Mary Magdalene, and ing the things which were done,

i ch. 8. 3. 1 Joanna, and Mary the mother smote their breasts and returned.

of James, and other women thal 49 . And all his acquaintance, o Ps.38.11.

were with them, which told these and the women that followed hiin Mat.27.55.

things unto the apostles... from Galilee, stood afar off, be

Ma. 15. 40.lk Ma. 16.

11 And their words seemed to holding these things.

them as idle tales, and they le50 II P And behold, there was a

19. 25.

lieved them not. nian nained Joseph, a counsellor:

p Mat. 27.1 John 20.

12 ? Then arose Peter, and rail and he was a good man, and a

57. Ma.35.3, 6.

unto the sepulchre, and stooping

42.John19. inst:

down, he beheld the linen clothes 51 (The same had not consented

laid by themselves, and depart to the counsel and deed of them :)

ed, wondering in himself at that he was of Arimathea, a city of

which was come to pass. the Jews; Iwho also himself? Ma. 15. m Ma. 16. 13 Im And behold, two of them waited for the kingdom of God. 43.ch.2.25, 12.

went that same day to a village 52 This man went unto Pilate,


called Emmaus, which was fronı and begged the body of Jesus.

Jerusalem about threescore fur 53 And he took it down, and Mat. 27.

longs. wrapped it in liner), and laid it in 60. Ma.15.

14 And they talked together of a sepulchre that was hewn in


all these things which had hapstone, wherein never man before

pened. was laid.

* 15 And it came to pass, that, 54 And that day was the prepa- Mat. 27.

while they communed together, ration, and the sabbath drew on. 62. in Mat, 18. and reasoned, * Jesus himself

55 And the women also, which .ch. 8. 2. 20. ver.36. drew near, and went with them. came with him from Galilee, fol

lo John 20. 16 But their eyes were holden, lowed after, aud u beheld the sep- u Ma. 15. 14. & 21.4. that they should not know him. ulchre, and how his body was laid. 47.

17 And he said unto them, What 56 And they returned, and pre Ma.16.1.

manner of communications are pared spices and ointments; and

these that ye have one to another, rested the sabbath-day, s'accrru- y Ex 20.10.

as ye walk, and are sad ? ing to the commandment.

p John 19. 18 And the one of them, Pwhose CHAP. XXIV.


name was Cleopas, answering, I Christ's resurrection is declared by

said unto him, Art thou only a two angels to the women that come to

stranger in Jerusalem, and hast

( Mat. 21. the sepulchre. 9 These report it to

not known the things which are

ii. ch. 7. others. 19 Christ himsell appeareth

16. John 3.

come to pass there in these days? to the two disciples that went to Em

2.&4.19.& 19 And he said unto them, mats; 36 afterwards he appeareth to

6.14. Ac.2. What things? And they said the apostles, and reproveth their kn.


unto him, Concerning Jesus of belief: 47 givell them a charge : 49 promiseth the Holy Ghost: 51 and so

Ac. 7. 22. Nazareth, I which was a prophet ascendeth into heaven.

a Mat. 29.sch. 23. 1.

I mighty in deed and word beNOW upon the first day of ).Ma.16.1. Ao. 13. 27. | fore God, and all the people : the week, very early in the John 20.2.128. | 20 And how the chief priests


John 11. ver. 20.

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Christ appeareth to two disciples. S. LUKE.

Christ ascendeth into heaven. and our rulers delivered him to A D. 33. A. D. 33. | 36 | 6 And as they thus spake, be condemned to death, and have

Jesus himself stood in the midst

8 Ma. 16. crucified him.

14.John 20.

of them, and saith unto them, 21 But we trusted that it had 1 ch. 1. 68. 19. Co. 15. Peace be unto you. been he which should have re- & 2.38. Ac. 5.

37 But they were terrified and deemed Israel: and besides all 1.6.

aftrighted, and supposed that this, to-vlay is the third day since

h Ma.6.49. they had seen a spirit. these things were done.

38 And he said unto them, Why 22 Yea, and u certain womenu Mat. 28.

are ye troubled ? and why do also of our company made us | 8. Ma. 16.

thoughts arise in your hearts? asinished, which were early at

10. ver. 9.

39 Behold my hands and my the sepulchre.

feet, that it is I mysell': i handle

18. ! 23 And when they found not

20, 27. me, and see; for a spirit hath not fuis body, they came, saying, that

flesh and bones, as ye see nie they had also seen a vision of an

have. gels, which said that he was

40 And when he had thus spoalive.

ken, he she wed thein his banda 21 And certain of them which ver.

and his feet. were with us, went to the sepul

41 And while they yet believed clire, and found it even so as

* Ge.45.26. not * for joy, and wondered, he Sie women had said: but hiin

1 John21.5. said unto them, "Have ye here they saw not.

any meat ? 25 Then he said unto them, O

m Ac. 10. 42 And they gave him a piece fools, and slow of heart to be


of a broiled fish, and of an honey lieve all that the prophets have

n Mat. 16. comb. spoken!

21.&17.22. 43 m And he took it, and did eat 20 y Ought not Christ to have y ver. 46. & 20. 18. before them.

19 Ma. 8. 31. suffered these things, and to en-Ac. 17. 3.

44 And he said unto them, ter into his glory?

* 18.31, ver.

* These are the words which I 27 : And beginning at a Moses, ver. 45. 6.

spake unto you, while I was yet and ball the prophets, he ex

la Ge. 3.15.. Ac.16.14.

with you, that all things must be pounded unto them in all the & 22.18.&l.

fulfilled which were written ita scriptures the things concerning

the law of Moses, and in the prohimself.

10. Nu. 21. Ps. 22. Is.

phets, and in tlie psalms, con28 And they drew nigh unto the

2, &e. A

cerning me.

15. village whither they went: and

27. 3.

45 Thien oopened he their un. e he made as though he would

Ps. 16. 9,

derstanding, that they might unhave gone further.

derstand the scriptures,

132. 11. Is. Ac. 13, 38, 29 But d they constrained him,

46 And said unto them, P Thus saying, Abide with us: for it is

&40.10,11. 112.

it is written, and thus it behoovtoward evening, and the day is & 50. 6. & Ge. 12.3.

ed Christ to sutter, and to rise far spent. And he went in to 53.Je.23.5. Ps. 22. 27. from the dead the third day: tarry with them.

& 33.14,15. Is.49.6, 22. 47 And that repentance and 30 And it caine to pass, as he Ez. 34. 23. Je, 31. 34. Premission of sins should be sat at meat with them, he took

& 37. 25. Ho. 2. 23.

preached in his name among

Da. 9. 21. Mi. 4. 2. bread, and blessed it, and brake,

all nations, beginning at Jerusa

Mi. 7. 20. Mal. 1. 11. and gave to them.

Mal. 3.1.&s John 15.

lem. 31 And their eyes were opened,

48 And · ye are witnesses of and they knew him: and he John 1.

these things. vanished out of their sight. e See Ge. & 3. 15.

49 T. And behold, I send the 32 And they said one to another, another, 32.26.&42.1 Is. 44. 3.

promise of my Father upon you: Did not our heart burn within us

7. Ma.6.48. Joel 2. 28.

but tarry ye in the city of Jeruwhile he talked with us by the d Ge. 19.3. John14.16,

salem, until ye be endued with way, and while he opened to us Ac. 16. 15. 26.& 15.26. power from on high. the scriptures ?

e Mat. 14. & 16.7.AC. 50 | And he led them out kas 33 And they rose up the same


1.4. & 2.1, far as to Bethany: and be lifted hour, and returned to Jerusalein,


up his hands, and blessed them.

Or, and found the eleven gathered

51 #And it came to pass, while together, and them that were with

be secr of 2Ki.2.11.

he blessed them, he was parted thein,

them. See Ma. 16.19. from them, and carried up into 34 Saying, The Lord is risen in ch. 4. 30. John20.17. heaven. Jeed, and I hath appeared to Si John 8. 59. Ac. 1.9.Ep. 52 y And they worshipped him, mon.

I fi Co. 15. 4.8.

and returned to Jerusalem with 35 And they told what things

y Mat. 28. great joy: were done in the way, and how

9, 17. 53 And were continually * in he was known of them in break

1 Ac. 9.46. the temple, praising and blessing ing of bread.

1 & 5. 42 God. Ainen.

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Pr. 8. 22, A. D. 26. Son, which is in the bosom of the

23,&c.Col. 1 The divinity, humanity, and office of

Father, he hath declared him. Jesus Christ. 15 The testimony of

1.17. 1J0.1. A. D. 30. 19 And this is f the record of

1. Re. 1. 2. John, 39 The calling of Andrew,

& 19. 13. I ch.5.33. John, when the Jews sent prieste Peter, &c.

and Levites from Jerusalem, to

• Pr. 8. 30. N the beginning I was the

ch. 17. 5,11

ask him, Who art thou ? 1 Word, and the Word was

Jo. 1. 2. & Lu. 3.15. 20 And 6 he confessed, and dewith God, cand the Word was c Phi. 2. B.ch. 3. 28. nied not; but confessed, I am not God.

1 Jo. 5. 7. Ac. 13. 25.

the Christ. 2 d The same was in the begin d Ge. 1.1.

21 And they asked him, What ning with God.

Ps. 33. 6.

In Mal. 4.5. then ? Art thou h Elias? And he 3 € All things were made by

Col. 1. 16.
ver. 10. Ep.10

Mat.17.10. saith, I am not. Art thou il thnt him; and without him was not

3.9. He. i. i De. 18.15, prophet? And he answered, No. any thing made that was made.

2. Re.4.11. 18.

22 Then said they unto him, 4 f In him was life; and the sch.5.20. Or. Who art thou ? that we may give life was the light of men.

i Jo. 5. 11. & prophet.

an answer to them that sent 115. 5 And the light shineth in & ch.8. 12.

What sayest thou of thyself? darkness: and the darkness com- 19.5.& 12.1 x Mat. 3.3. 23 He said, I am the voice of prehended it not.

nch. 3. 19. Lu.3.4.ch.

3, 10:20 Ma. 1. 3. one crying in the wilderness, 6 Ti There was a man sent

A. D. 26.

Make straight the way of the

3. 94. from God, whose name was John.

i Mal. 3.1.1

Lord, asl said the prophet Esaias. 7 The same came for a wit- Mat. 3. 1. 1 Is. 40. 3. 24 And they which were sent ness, to bear witness of the Light, Lu. 3, 2.1

were of the Pharisees. that all men through him might

25 And they asked him, and believe.

k Ac. 19.4.

said unto him, Why baptizest thou 8 He was not that Light, bilt

I ver.4. Is.

then, if thou be not that Christ,

49. 6. 1 Jo. was sent to bear witness of that


nor Elias, neither that prophet 1 Light.

m ver. 3. m Mat. 3.

26 John answered them, saying, 9°! That was the true Light,

He. 1. 2. & 11.

ml baptize with water: i but which lighteth every man that


there standeth one among you, cometh into the world.

n Lu. 19. n Mal. 3.1.

whom ye know not: 10 He was in the world, and 14. Ac. 3. loyer. 15, 27 o He it is, who coming after in the world was made by him,

28.& 13.46.30. Ac. 19. me, is preferred before me, whose and the world knew him not.

o Is. 56, 5.4.

shoe's latchet I am not worthy to

Ro. 8. 15. in 24 Il n He came unto his own, and

Ga, 3.28. 22

unloose. his own received him not.

Pe. 1. 4. 11

ch. 10. 40. 28 These things were done pin 12 But o as many as received Jo. 3. 1. Ex. 12.3. Bethabara beyond Jordan, where him, to them gave he power to Or, the Is. 63. 7.

John was baptizing. become the sons of God, even to right, or, ver.36.AC.

29 The next day John seeth Jethem that believe on his name:

privilege. 18.32.] Pe.l.

sus coming unto him, and saith, 13 p Which were born, not of pch. 3. 5. 19. Re.5.6,

Behold the Lamb of God, blood, nor of the will of the flesh,

Ja. 1. 18.&c.
! | 1 Pe. 1. 23. Is. 53.11.

which taketh away the sin of nor of the will of man, but of

9 Mat. 1. 1 Co. 15, 3.

the world! God.

16, 20. Lu. Ga. l. 4.

30 - This is he of whom I said, 14 . And the Word was made | 1.31, 35. & He. 1.3. & After me cometh a man which is flesh, and dwelt among us, (and | 2.7.1 Ti.3. 2. 17. & 9. preferred before me; for he was we beheld his glory, the glory the clory 16.

28. 1 Pe. 2. before me. as of the only be rotten of the Fa- Ro. 1. 3. 24. & 3.18.

31 And I knew him not: but ther,) u full of grace and truth.

Ga. 4. 4. Jo. 2. 2.&

that he should be made manifest

He.2.11, 35.& 4.10. 15 TT w John bare witness of

| 14, 16, 17. Re, 1. 5.

to Israel, therefore am I come him, and cried, saying, This was i Is. 40. 5.1,

baptizing with water. he of whom I spake, . He that Mat. 17.2.1!!

1 Or,

32 u And John bare record, saycometh after me, is preferred be- ch.2.11. &beareth.

ing, I saw the Spirit descending fore me; y for he was before me. 11.40. 2Pe.. ver. 15.

from heaven like a dove, and it 16 And of his fulness have all 1. 17. 27.

abode upon him. we received, and grace for grace.

u Col. 1.19. Mal. 3.1. 33 And I knew him not : but he

& 2. 3, 9. Mat. 3. 6. 17 For a the law was given by

w ver. 32 Lu. 1. 17,

that sent me to baptize with Moses, but grace and ctruth

ch. 3.32. & 76, 77. & 3.

water, the same said unto me, came by Jesus Christ.

Upon whom thou shalt see the 18 d No man hath seen God at Mat. 3.

Spirit descending and remaining any time; e the only begotten 11.Ma.1.7. u Mat. 3.

on him, the same is he which Lu. 3. 16. ver. 27, 30. ch. 3. 31. vch: 8. 68. Col. 16. Ma. 1.

baptizeth with the Holy Ghost. 1. 7. ch. 3. 31. Ep.1 6,7,8. Col.1. 19. Lu. 8.

31 And I saw and bare record, • Ex. 20. 1, &c. De. 4. 44.& 5. 1. & 33. 4. Ro.3.24.122.ch.5.32.

that this is the Son of God. & 5. 21. & 6. 14. c ch.8. 32. & 14. 6. dEx. 33. 20. Mat. 3. De. 4. 19. Mat. 11. 27. Lu. 10. 2. ch. 0. 46. Ti. 1. 1. Ác,1.5, 1

35 T Again the next day after, 17. & 6. 16. 1 Jo. 4. 12. 20. ver. 14. ch. 3. 16, 18. & 2.4.& 10. John stood, and two of his discii Ja 9.

144. & 19.8. ples;

5. 33.

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The calling of Andrew, Peter, &c. S. JOHN. Christ turneth water into wine.

36 And looking upon Jesus as A.D. 30. A, D. 30, Jerusalem, 14 where he purgoth the he walked, ne saith, y Behold the

temple of buyers and sellert. 19 II. y ver. 29.

foretelleth his death and resurrection, Lamb of God!

25 Many believed because of his mit 37 And the two disciples heard

acles, but he would not trust himself him speak, and they followed Je

with them. sus. Then Jesus turned, and saw

AND the third day there was Then following, and saith unto • To See Jos. n a marriage in a Cana of Galithem, What seek ye? They said

119. 28. lee; and the inother af Jesus was into hiin, Rabbi, (which is to say,

there. being interpreted, Master,) where

2 And both Jesus was called, I dwellest thou ?


and his disciples, to the marriage. 33 lle caith unto them, Come

3 And when they wanted wine, und see. They came and saw

the mother of Jesus saith 'unto where he dweli, and abode with

him, They have no wine. him that day: for it was I about

That b ch.19.26.

4 Jesus saith unto her, Woman, the tenth hour.

was two

cwhat have I to do with thee?

c So 2 Sn. 49 One of the two which heard

hours be.

dine hour is not yet come. Jobu speak, and followed him,

5 His mother saith unto the serwas 2 Andrew, Simon Peter's bro- : Mat. 4. ld ch.7. 6. vants, Whatsoever he saith unto tler.

you, do it. 41 He first findeth his own bro

6. And there were set there six ther Simon, and saith unto him,

e Ma 7.3. water-pots of stone, after the We have found the Messias;

manner of the purifying of the which is, being interpreted, I the

Or, the

Jews, containing two or three firChrist.


kins apiece. 42 And he brought him to Jesus,

7 Jesus saith unto them, Fill the Aud when Jesus beheld him, he

water-pots with water. And sild, Thou art Simon the son of

they filled them up to the brim. Jona: 4thou shalt be called Ce & Mat. 16.

8 And he saith unto them, Draw phas; which is, by interpreta- 18

out now, and bear unto the govlion, I a stone.


ernor of the feast. And they 43 T The day following Jesus


bare it. would go forth into Galilee, and

9 When the ruler of the feast findeth Philip, and saith uuto

sch. 4. 46. had tasted f the water that was him, Follow me.

made wine, and knew not whence 41 Now Philip was of Bethsai-O ch.12.21.

it was, (but the servauts which Ja, the city of Andrew and Peter.

drew the water knew,) the gov45 Philipfindeth Nathanael, ech. 21. 2.

ernor of the feast called the brideand saith unto him, We have

groom, found him of whom a Moses in d Ge. 3.15.

°10 And saith unto him, Every the law, and the prophets, did & 49. 10.

man at the beginning doth set write, Jesus f of Nazareth, the

De. 18. 18.

forth good wine; and when men son of Joseph.

See on Lu.

have well drunk, then that which 46 And Nathanael said unto

24. 27.

is worse : but thou hast kept the him, Can there any good thing

• Is. 4.2. &

good wine until now. come out of Nazareth ? Philip

7.14.& 9.6.

I'll This beginning of miracles saith mto him, Come and see.

& 53.2.Mi.

I did Jesus in Cana of Galilee,

5. 2. Zec.6. 17 Jesus sa w Nathanael coming 12. & 9.9. ch. 1. 14. B and manifested forth his glory; to him, and saith of him, Behold

See more

and his disciples believed on him. Ram Israelite indeed, in whom is on Lu. 24.

12 T Alter this he went down to 10 quile!


Capernaum, he, and his mother, 48° Nathanael saith unto him, Mat. 2. Mat. 12. aud his brethren, and his disciWhence knowest thou me ? Jesus 23. Lu.2.4. 46.

ples; and they continued there answered and said unto him, Be

ch. 7. 41,1

not many days. fore that Philip called thee, when 42, 52. i Ex.12.14. ! 13 T i And the Jews' passover thou wast under the fig-tree, I h Ps. 32. 2.

was at hand, and Jesus went up Baw thee.

ver. 23. ch. 1 & 73. 1. ch.

to Jerusalem, 19 Nathanael answered and

5.1.& 6.1. 8.39. Ro.2.

14 . And found in the temple

& 11. 55. saith unto him, Rabbi, i thou art 28, 29. & 9.

those that sold oxen, and sheep, the Son of God; thou art Athe

A Mat. 21.

and doves, and the changers of King of Israel.

Mat. 14. 15. Lu. 19.

money, sitting : 50 Jesus answered and said unto 33.


15 And when he had made a him, Because I said unto thee, I Mat. 21.

scourge of small cords, he drove saw thee under the fig-tree, be 5. & 27. 11,

them all out of the temple, and lievest thou ? thou shall see great

42. ch. 18.

the sheep, and the oxen; and er things than these.

37. & 19.3.

poured out the changers' money, 51 And he saith unto him, Veri

and overthrew the tables ; ly, verily, I say unto you, iHere I Ge.28.12.

16 And said unto them that sold after ye shall see heaven open, Mat. 4. 11.

cloves, Take these things hence: and the angels of God ascending Lu. 2.9,13. l1 Lu. 2. 49. make not ! my Father's house an and descending upon the Son of

& 22.43. &

house of merchandise. man.

24.4. Ac.l.

17 And his disciples remember| CHAP. II.


m2 Ps.69.3. ed that it was written, The zeal 1 Christ turneth water into wins, 13

of thine house batheaten me up. departeth into Capernaum, and to

18 Then answered the Jews,

Mat. 14. 12. Ma.ll.

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The necurnty of regeneration. CHAP. III. God's great love to mankind. and said unto him. What sign, A.D. 30. A. D. 30. 1 10 Jesus answered and said unto shewest thou unto us, seeing that

- him, Art thou a master of Israel,

* Mat. 12. thou doest these things?


and knowest not these things 1 19 Jesus answered and said un

h Mat. 11. | 11 h Verily, verily, I say unto to them, o Destroy this temple, 1o Mat. 26. 27.ch.1.18. thee, We speak that we do koow, and in three days I will raise it 61.&27.40. &7.16 &8.

and testify that we have seen; Ma. 14.58. 28.& 12.19.

and i ye receive not our witness. 20 Then said the Jews, Forty

& 15. 29. & 14. 24.

12 II' I have told you earthly and six years was this temple in

i ver. 32.

things, and ye believe 1101, how building, and wilt thou rear it up

shall ve believe if I tell you of in three days?

heavenly things? 21 But he spake Pof the temple p Col. 2. 9. Pr. 30. 4. 13 And ano man hath ascended of his body.

He.8.2. So ch.6.33,38, up to heaven, but he that came 22 When therefore he was risen 1 Co. 3. 16. 51,62.& 16. down from heaven, even the Son from the dead, This disciples re

& 6. 19. 2 28. Ac. 2. of man which is in heaven. irembered that he had said this

Co. 6. 16. 84, 1Co.15.

14 T 1 And as Moses lifted up umto them: and they believed the

Lu, 21.6./47. Ep. 4.9,

the serpent in the wilderness, scripture, and the word which

even so must the Son of man be Jesus had said.

i Nu. 21 9. lifted up: 23 T Now when he was in Je

mch.8.28. 15 That whosoever believeth in rusalem at the passover, in the

& 12.:2. him should not perish, but n have feast-duty, many believed in his

r ver. 36. eternal life. name, when they saw the mira

ch. 6. 47. 16 For God so loved the cle, which he did.

o Ro. 5. 8. world, that he gave his only be24 But Jesus did not commit

1 Jo. 4. 9. gotten Son, that whosoever behiniself unto them, because he

lieveth in him, should not perish, knew all men,

but have everlasting life. 25 And needed not that any

1p Lu. 9.56. 17 p For God sent tot his son should testily of man: for fie 1 Sa. 16. ch.5.45. & into the world to condemn the knew what was in man.

7. iCh, 28. 8 15. & 12

world, but that the world through

9. Mat.9.4. 47. 1 Jo. 4. CHAP. III.

him might be saved. Ma.2.8.ch. 14.

18 He that believeth on him, 1 Christ teacheth Nicodemus the ne- 6.64. & 16.le ch.5. 24.

is not condemned: but he that cessity of regeneration. 14 of faith 30.Ac. 1.24.& 6. 40, 47. in his death. 16 The great love of Re. 2. 23.

believeth not, is condemned al

& 20. 3). God towards the world. 18 Condem.

ready, because he hath not benation for unbelief. 23 The baptism,

lieved in the name of the only witness, and doctrine of John con

begotten Son of God. cerning Christ.

19 And this is the condemnaTHERE was a man of the

ch, 1.4,9, tion, " that light is come into the 1 Pharisees named Nicode

10,11. & 8. world, and men loved darkness mus, a ruler of the Jews:


rather than light, because their 2 a The same came to Jesus by a ch.7. 50.

deeds were evil. night, and said unto him, Rabbi, & 19, 39. 3 Job 21. 20 For severy one that doeth we know that thou art a teacher

13, 17. Ep.

evil hateth the light, neither comcoine from God : for no man can och. 9. 16.16. 13. eth to the light, lest his decds do these miracles that thou doest, 33. Ac. 2. Or, should be reproved. except God be with him.


21 But he that doeth truth, com3 Jesus answered and said unto CAс.10.38.

eth to the light, that his deeds nim, Verily, verily, I say unto

may be made manifest, that they thee, d Except a man be born dch. 1. 13.

are wrought in God. . again, he cannot see the king-Ga. 6. 15.

22 | After these things came dom of God.


Jesus and his disciples into the 4 Nicodemus saith unto him,

1. 18. 1 Pe.

land of Judea; and there he tars How can a man be born when he

| 1. 23. 1 Jo. ch. 4. 2. ried with them, and baptized.

3. 9. is old ? can he enter the second

23 | And John also was baptiLime into his mother's womb, and 8 or, from u 1Sa. 9.4. zing in Enon, near to u Salim, be born ?


because there was much water 5 Jesus answered, Verily, verily,

there : and they came, and I say unto thee, Except a man 1. Ma. 16. 6.

were baptized. be born of water, and of the Spir- | 16. Ac. 2. 1 M

24 For y John was not yet cast it, he cannot enter into the king- 38

into prison. dom of God.

25 T Then there arose a ques. S That which is born of the flesh,

tion between some of John's disis flesh; and that which is born

ciples and the Jews, about puifyof the Spirit, is spirit.

ing. 7 Marvel not that I said unto

26 And they came unto John, thee, Ye must be born again. Or, from, ch. 1. 7, and said unto him, Rabbi, he

8 The wind bloweth where it above. 15, 27, 34. that was with thee beyond Jorlisteth, and thou hearest the f Ec. 11.6. a Co. 4.7. dan, to whom thou bearest witsound thereof, but canst not tell i Co. 2. 11. He.5.4.Ja. ness, behold, the same baptizeth, whence it cometh, and whither it

1. 17. and all men come to him. goeth: so is every one that is

! Or,

27 John answered and said, 4 A born of the Spirit.

take unto man can receive nothing, ex9 Nicodemus answered and said

himself. cept it be given him from heaven. lo him,« How cau these things ch. 6. 52. ch. 1 20.1 28 Ye yourselves bear me witbe 1

Dess, that I said, I am not the

Mat. 3.5,


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