תמונות בעמוד

Christ feedeth five thousand.'* CHAP. XV.

The Pharisees reprovod." 8 And she, being before instruct A. D. 31. 1 A. D. 32. him I walking on the sea, they ed of her mother, said, Give me

were troubled, saying, It is a here John Baptist's head in a

2 Job 9.8.

spirit; and they cried out for charger.

fear. 9 And the king was sorry: nev

27 But straightway Jesus spake ertheless for the oath's sake, and

unto them, saying, Be ot good them which sal with him at

cheer; it is I ; be not afraid. meat, he commanded it to be

28 And Peter auswered him and given her.

said, Lord, if it be thou, bid me 10 And he sent, and beheaded

come unto thee on the water. John in the prison.

29 And he said, Corne. And 1 And his head was brought in

when Peter was come down out a charger, and given to the dam

of the ship, he walked on the wasel: and she brought it to her

ter, to go to Jesus. mother.

30 But when he saw the wind 12 And his disciples came, and

Or, I boisterous, he was afraid ; and took up the boily, and buried it,


beginning to sink, he cried, sayand went and told Jesus.

iny, Lord, save me. 13 T. When Jesus heard of it, A, D. 92.

31 And immediately Jesus he departed thence by ship into e ch.10.23.

stretched forth his land, and a deserı place a part: aud when & 12. 15.

caught him, and said unto hin, the people had heard thereof, Ma. 6.32

O thou of little faith, whereloru they followed him on foot out of Lu, 9. 10.

didst thou doubt? the cities.

John 6.1,2

32 And when they were come 14 And Jesus went forth, and

into the ship, the wind ceased. saw a great multitude, and f was f ch.9.36.

33 Then they that were in the moved with compassion toward Ma. 6. 31.

ship came and worshipped him, them, and he healed their sick.

m Ps. 2.7. saying, Of a truth m thou art tha 15 TT 6 And when it was even Ma.6.36. Ma.l.l.ch. Son of God. ing, his disciples came to him, Lu. 9. 12. 16.16.&26. 31 T a And when they were saying. This is a desert place, John 6. 5. 63. Lu. 4.

gone over, they came into the and the time is now past; send

41. John l.

Tand of Gennewaret.

49. & 6.69. the multitude away, that they

& 11. 27.

35 And when the men of that may go into the villages, and buy

Ac. 8. 37. place had knowledge of him, themselves victuals.

Ro. 1. 4. they sent out into all that coun16 But Jesus said unto them,

In Ma.6.53. try round about, and brought They need not depart; give ye

unto hin all that were diseased; them to eat.

36 Aud besought him that they 17 And they say unto him, We

might only touch the hem of his have here but five loaves, and two

och, 9. 20.

garinent: and as many as touchfishes.

Ma. 3.

ed were made perfectly whole.

Lu. 6. 19. 18 He said, Bring them hither

Ac. 19. 12.

CHAP. XV. to me.

3 Christ reproveth the s.ribes and Pha 19 Anil he commanded the mul

risees fur transgressing Gud's cum titude to sit down on the grass,

mandments throurh their own tradis and took the five loaves, and the

tions : 11 teacheth how that which two fishes, and looking up to

goeth into the mouth doth not defile

a man, 21 He health the daughter beaven, he blessed, and brake, 1 ch.15.36.

of the woman of Canaan, 30 and and gave the loaves to his disci

olhor kreat mullitudes : 32 and with ples, and the disciples to the mul

seven loaves and a few little fishes Litude.

feedeth four thousand men, beside 20 And they did all eat, and

women and children, were fiiled: and they took up |Ma. 7.1. THEN o came to Jesus scribes of the fragments that reinained

and Pharisees, which were twelve baskets full,

of Jerusalem, saying, 21 And they that had eaten were

6 Ma. 7.5. 2 UWhy do thy disciples trangabout five thousand men, beside

c Col. 2.8. gress the tradition of ine elders? women and chuldren.

for they was not their hands 22 | And straightway Jesus

when they eat bread. constrained his disciples to get

3 But he answered and said uninto a ship, and to go before him

to them, Why do ye also transunto the other side, while he sent

gress the commandment of God the multitudes a way.

by your tradition ? 23 i And when he had sent the

4 For Gud cominanded, saying,

1 Ma, 6.46. multitudes away, he went up in

d Ex.20.12. Honour thy father and mother: to a mountain apart to pray:

Le. 19. 3. and, e He that curseth father or and when the evening was

De. 5. 16. mother, let him die the death.

* John 6. Pr. 23 22. come, he was there alone.


5 But ye say, Whosoever shall

Ep. 6. 2. 24 But the ship was now in the

say to his father or his mother, midst of the sea, tossed with

e Ex.21.17. f it is a gill, by whatsoever thou

Le. 20. 9. waves: for the wind was con

mightest be profited by me;

De. 27. 16. trary.

6 And honour not his father or 25 And in the fourth watch of

Pr: 20. 20. his mother, he shall be free. Thus

& 17 the night Jesus went unto them,


have ye made the commandment walking on the sea.


of God of uone effect by your trar 26 And when the disciples saw


The Canaanile's daughter healed. S. MATTHEW. Christ feedeth four thousand. 7.Ye hypocrites, well did Esa A. D. 32. A. D. 32. thou wilt. And her daughter ias prophesy of you, saying,

was made whole from that very

Ma. 7. 6. 8 . This people draweth nigh

hour. unto me with their mouth, and

h Is. 29.13. ly Ma.7.31. 29 y And Jesus departed from honoureth me with their lips; but

Ez. 33. 31.
a ch. 4. 18

thence, and came nigh unto the their heart is far from me.

sea of Galilee ; and went up into 9 But in vain they do worship

a mountain, and sat down there. me, i teaching for doctrines the ils. 29. 13. a Is. 35. 5, 30 a And great multitudes came cornmandments of men.

Col. 2. 18, 6. ch. 11.5. unto him, having with them those 10 TT & And he called the multi

----22. Tit.l. Lu. 7. 22.

that were lame, blind, dumb, tude, and said unto them, Hear, 14.

maimed, and many others, and and understand:

A Ma. 7.14

cast them dowu ai Jesus' feet; 11 Not that which goeth into 1 Ac. 10 15.

and he healed them. the mouth defileth a man; but Ro. 14. 14,

31 Insoinuch that the multitude that which coineth out of the 17,20.1 Ti.

wondered, when they saw the inouth, this detileth a man.

4. 4. Tit.l.

dunb to speak, the maimed to be

15. 12 Then came his disciples, and

whole, the lame to walk, and the said unto hin, knowest thou that

blind to see and they glorified the Pharisees were offended alter

the God of Israel. they heard this saying?

6 Ma. 8. 1. 32 TT. Then Jesus called his dis13 But he answered and said,

ciples unto him, and said, I have m Every plant, which may heav. m Johu 15.

compassion on the multitude, beenly Father hath not planted, 2. 1 Co. 3.

cause they contiue with me now shall be rooted up.

12, &c.

three days, and have nothing to 14 Let them alone: n they be n Is. 9. 16.

eat: and I will not send them blind leaders of the blind. And Mal. 2. 8.

away fasting, lest they saint in if the blind lead the blind, both

ch. 23. 16.

the way. shall fall into the ditch.

Lu. 6. 39. lc 2Ki.4.43. 33 c And his disciples say unto 15 Then answered Peter and o Ma. 7.17.

him, Whence should we have so said unto him, Declare unto us

much bread in the wilderness, as this parable.

to fill so great a multitude ? 16 And Jesus said, p Are ye also p ch. 16.9.

34 And Jesus saith unto them, yet without understanding !

Ma. 7. 18.

How many loaves have ye? An 17 Do not ye yet understand,

they said, Seven, and a lew little that whatsoever entereth in atq1Co.6.13.

fishes. the mouth goeth into the belly,

35 And he commanded the mul. and is cast out into the draughi!

titude to sit down on the ground. 18 But " those things which pro- Ja. 3. 6. d ch.14.19.

36 And d he took the seven ceed out of the mouth come forth

e 1 Sa.9.13.

loaves and the fishes, and egave from the heart; and they defile

Lu. 22. 19. thanks, and brake them, and gave the man.

to his disciples, and the disciples 19. For out of the heart pro

s Gu.6.5.&

to the multitude. ceed evil thoughts, murders, adul- .21. Pr.6.

37 And they did all eat, and

H.Je, 17.9. teries, fornications, theils, false

were filled : and they took up of

Ma. 7. 21. witness, blasphemies:

the broken meat that was left 20 These are the things which

seven baskets full. defile a man: but to eat with un

38 And they that did eat were washen hands defileth not a man.

four thousand men, beside women 21 1 Then Jesus went thence, 1 Ma. 7.24.

and children. and departed into the coasts of

Ma.8.10. 39 S And he sent away the mulTyre and Sidon.

titude, and took ship, and came 22 And behold, a woman of Ca

into the coasts of Magdala. naan came out of the same coasts,

CHAP. XVI. and cried unto him, saying, Have

1 The Pharisces require a sign. 6 Jesus mercy on me, O Lord, thou son

warneth his disciples of the leaven of of David; my daughter is griev

the Pharisees and Sadducees. 13 Tho ously vexed with a devil.

people's opinion of Christ, 16 and 23 But he answered her not a

Peter's confession of him. 21 Jesus word. And his disciples came

foreshoweth his death, 23 reproving and besought him, saying, Send

Peter for dissuading him from it: her away; for she crieih after us.

21 and adminisheth those that will 24 But he answered and said,

follow him, lo bear the cross. Lan not sem but unto the lost ach: 10,5 ch.12.29. THE Pharisees also with the 25 Then came she and worship- 26.& 11. 16. ing, desired him that he would

Ro. 15. 8. | J2.54,ped him, saying, Lord, help ine.

shew thein a sign from heaven. 26 But he answered and said, It

66. 1 Co.l.

2 He answered and said unto

22. is not mee: to take the children's

them, When it is evening, ye say, bread and to cast it to 2 dogs. 2ch. 7. 6.

It will be fair weather: for the 87 And she said, Truth, Lord : Phi. 3. 2.

sky is red. yet the dogs eat of the crumbs

3 And in the morning, It will be which fall from their masters'

foul weather to-lay: for the sky table.

is red and lowering. Oye hypo98 Then Jesus answered and

crites, ye can discern the face of said unto her, O woman, great is

the sky; but can ye not discern thy faith: be it unto thee even as

the signs of the times ?


Christ warneth his disciples. CHAP, AV11.2

The transfiguration of Christ. 4 A wicked and adulterous A. D. 32. A. D. 32. Jerusalem, and suffer many things generation seeketh after a sign;

of the elders, and chief priests, and there shall no sign be

b ch.12.39. given

and scribes, and be killed, and be unto it, but the sign of the pro

raised again the third day. phet Jonas. And he left them,

22 Then Peter took him, and beand departed.

+ Gr. Pity

gan to rebuke him, saying, t Be it 5 And e when his disciples were c Ma.8.14. thyself. far from thee, Lord: this shall come to the other side, they had

not be unto thee. forgotten to take bread.

23 But he turned, and said unta 6 T Then Jesus said unto them,

& See 2 Sa.

Peter, Get thee behind me, Sad Take heed and beware of the d Lu. 12.1 19.22. tan; thou art an offence unto leaven of the Pharisees and of the

Ro, 8, 7.

me: for thou savourest nc: the Sadducees.

things that be of God, but those 7 And they reasoned among

that be of men. themselves, saying, It is because

uch.10.38. 24 T a Then said Jesus unto his we have taken no bread.

Ma. 8. 34. disciples, If any man will come 8 Which when Jesus perceived,

Lu. 9.23.& after' me, let hin deny himsell, he said unto them, Oye of little

14. 27. Ac.
14.22.1 Th.

and take up his cross, and follow faith, why reason ye among your


3.3.2 Ti.3, selves, because ye have brought


25 For whosoever will save bis no bread?

lite, shall loose it and whosoever

* Lu.17.33. 9. Do ye not yet understanil,

e ch.14.17. John12.25.

will loose his life for my sake, neither remember the five loaves John 6. 9.

shall find it. of the five thousand, and how

26 For what is a man profited, many baskets ye took up ?

if he shall gain the whole world, 10 Neither the seven loaves of f ch.15.94. y Ps. 49.7, and lose his own soul? or y what the four thousand, and how many

shall a man give in exchange for baskets ye took up?

his soul? 11 How is it thai ye do not un

2 ch.26.64. 27 For the Son of man shall derstand that I spake it not to

Ma. 8. 38. come in the glory of his father, you concerning bread, that ye

Lu. 9. 26. a with his angels; and then be should beware of the leaven of the

a Da, 7.10. shall reward every man according Pharisees and of the Sadducees?

Zec. 14. 5. to his works. 12 Then understood they how

ch. 25. 31.

28 Verily I say unto you, e There that he bade them not beware of

Jude 14,

be some standing here, which the leaven of bread, but of the

Job34.11. shall not taste of death, till they doctrine of the Pharisees and of

Ps. 62. 12. see the Son of man coming in his the Sadducees.

Je. 17. 10. 13 | When Jesus came into

& 32. 19.

CHAP. XVII. the coasts of Cesarea Philippi,

Ro. 2. 6. 1

1 The transfiguration of Christ. 14 Hc he asked his disciples, saying,

Co. 3. 8. 2

healeth the lunatic, 22 foretelleth his & Whom do men say that I, the

Ma.8.27.Co. 5. 10. 1

own passion, 24 and payeth tribute. Son of man, ain? 14. And they said, Some say / ch. 14. 2. Re:2.13.9% AND after six days, Jesus ta

keth Peter, James, and John that thou ari John the Baptist: Lu.9.7,8,9. 22. 12. his brother, and bringeth them up some, Elias; and others, Jere- ich. 14.83. Ma. 9. 1. into an high mountain a part, inias, or one of the prophets.

Ma. 8. 29. Lu. 9. 27.

? And was transfigured before 15 He saith unto them, But

Lu. 9. 20. Ma. 9. 2. them: and his face did shine as

John 6.69. Lu. 9. 28. whom say ye that I am ?

the sun, and his raiment was 16 And Simon Peter answered

& ll. 27.

white as the light.

Ac, 8. 37. and said, i Thou art the Christ,

3 And behold, there appeared

& 9. 20. 1 the Son of the living God.

Jo. 4. 16.&

unto them Moses and Elias talk17 And Jesus answered and said 5.5. He..

ing with him. unto him, Blessed art thou, Si-2, 6.

4 Then answered Peter, and mou Bar-jona: * for flesh and

Ep. 2.8.

said unto Jesus, Lord, it is good blood hath not revealed it unto

for us to be here: if thou wilt, let

1 1Co.2.10. thee, but I my Father which is in

Ga. 1. 16.

us make here three tabernacles; heaven.

one for thee, and one for Moses,

m John 1. 18 And I say also unto thee,

and one for Elias,

42. That m thou art Peter, and n upon

1 2Pe.1.17. 5 While he yet spake, behold, this rock I will build my church:

n Ep.2.20.
Re. 21. 14.

a bright cloud overshadowed and the gates of hell shall not

c ch. 3. 17. them; and behold, a voice out of prevail against it.

u Job 38. Ma. 1. 11.

the cloud, which said, c This is

17.Ps.0.13. Lu. 3. 22. 19 p And I will give unto thee

my beloved Son, d in whom I am

& 107. . the keys of the kingdom of heav- 16. 39. 10. d Is. 42. 1. well pleased : <hear ye him. en: and whatsoever thou shalt


6 S And when the disciples heard

p ch.18.18, bind on earth, shall be bound in


19. Ac. 3. it, they fell on their face, and heaven: and whatsoever thou

22, 23. were sore afraid. shalt loose on earth, shall be loos-ch. 17. 9.

7 And Jesus came and 6 toucbed

Ma. 8. 50. 5 2 Pe. 1. ed in heaven.

Lu. 9. 21.

them, and said, Arise, and be not 204 Then charged he his disci

afraid. ples that they should tell no man

r ch.20.17. & Da. 8.18.

8 And when they had lifted up that he was Jesus the Christ.

Ma.8.31.& & 9. 21. & 21 [ From that time forth be- 33. Lu. 9. ch.16.20.

9.31.& 10. 10. 10, 18.

their eyes, they saw no mau, save

Jesus only. gan Jesus "to shew unto his dis- 2.& 18.31. Ma.8.30.&

9 And as they came down from ciples, how that he must go unto 1 & 24. 6, 7.19.0. the mountain, Jesus charged

Pr, 21. 12. kingdom.

The lunatic healed.

S. MATTHEW. Christ teacheth to avoid offences. them, saying, Tell the vision to no A. D. 32. A. D. 32. should offend them, go thou to man, until the Son of man be

the sea, and cast an hook, and take risen again from the dead.

up the fish that first cometh up: 10 And his disciples asked him,

and when thou hast opened his saying, Why then say the i Mal. 4.5. 1 Or, a mouth, thou shalt find a piece of scribes, that Elias must first ch. 11. 11. stater. It money: that take, and give unto come?

Ma. 9. 11. is half an them for me and thee. 11 And Jesus answered and said

ounce of


silver, in unto them, Elias truly shall first

1 Christ warneth his disciples to be hume

value 2s, come, and restore all things :

* Mal. 4.6. 6d. alter

ble and harmless : 7 to avoid offences, 12 7 But I say unto you, that Lu. 1. 16, 5s. the

and not to despise the little ones : 15

teacheth how we are to deal with our Elias is come already, and they 17. Ac. 3. ounce.

brethren, when they off and us: 21 and knew him not, but i have done 21.

how oft to forgive them: 23 which he tuito him whatsoever they listed: I ch.11.14.

sellelh furth by a parable of the king, likewise n shall also the Son of

Ma. 9. 12,

that took account of his servants, 32 inan suffer of them.


and punished him, who shewed no 13. Then the disciples under-mch. 14.3,

mercy to his fellow. stood that he spake unto them of

a Ma.9.33. T athe saine time came the

John the Baptist.

Lu. 9.46.& nch.16.21.

disciples unto Jesus, saying,

22. 21. 14 T P And when they were come och. 11.14.

Who is the greatest in the king. to the inultitude, there came to

doin of heaven?

p Ma.9.14. him a certain mau kneeling down

2 And Jesus called a little child

Lu. 9. 37. to him, and saying,

uuto him, and set him in the midst 15 Lord, have mercy on my son;

ot' them, for he is lunatic, and sore vexed,

3 And said, Verily, I say unto for oft-times he falleih into the

15 Ps. 181.2. you, b Except ye be converted, tire, and oft into the water.

Ich. 19. 11. and become as little children, ye *16 And I brought him to thy dis

Ma.10. 14. shall not enter into the kingdom ciples, and they could not cure

Lu. 18. 16. of heaven, him.

1 Co.11.20.

4 c Whosoever therefore shall 17 Then Jesus answered and

1 Pe. 2. 2.

humble himself as this little child, said, O faithless and perverse

% ch.20.27. the same is greatest in the kinga

& 23. 11. generation, how long shall I be

dom of heaven. with you ? how long shall I suffer

là ch.10.12. 5 And d whoso shall receive one you? Bring him hither to me.

Lu. 9. 48. such little child in my name, re18 And Jesus rebuked the devil,

ceiveth me. And he departed out of him: and

e Ma.9.42 6 But, whoso shall oflend one the child was cured from that

Lu. 17.1.2. of these little ones which beVery hour.

lieve in me, it were better for him 19 Then came the disciples to

that a millstone were hanged Jesus apart, and said, Why coul

about his neck, and that he were not we cast him out?

drowned in the depth of the sea. 20 And Jesus said unto them,

7 Wo unto the world because Because of your uubelief: for

f Lu. 17.1 of offences! for fit must needs Ferily I say unto you, 9 If ye have ch.21.21. siCo.11.19. be that offences come; but 5 wo faith as a grain of mustaru-seed, Ma. 11. 23.

8 ch.26.24. to that man by whom the offence ye shall say unto this mountain,

Lu. 17.6.1

cometh! Remove hence to yonder place;

Co. 12.9.&

h ch. 6, 9, 8 Wherefore, if thy hand or

13. 2 and it shall remove; and nothing

30, Ma. 9. thy foot offend thee, cut them off, shall be impossible imto you.

43, 45. and cast them from thee; it is 21 Houbeit, this kind goeth not

better for thee to enter into life out, but by prayer and fasting..

halt or maimed, rather than hav22 And while they abode in r ch.16.21.

ing two hands or two feet, to be Galilee, Jesus said unto them,

& 20. 17.

cast into everlasting fire. The Son of man shall be betray

Ma. 8. 31.

9 And if thine eye offend thee, ed into the hands of men:

& 9.30,31.

pluck it out, and cast it from

& 10. 33. 23 And they shall kill him, and

ihee: it is better for thee to enter

Lu. 9. 22 the third day he shall be raised


into life with one eye, rather than again. And they were exceeding & 21.6, 7.

having two eyes, to be cast into sorry.

hell-fire. 24 T And when they were come s Ma. 9.33.

10 Take heed that ye despise not to Capernaum, they that received

one of these little ones : for I say tribute-money, came to Peter, Called ia i Ps. 34 7. unto you, that in heaven i their and said, Doth not your Master the origi. Zec. 13.7. angels do always k behold the face

nal di

He. 1. 14. pay tribute ?

of iny Father which is in heaven.

drachma, 25 He saith, Yes. And when

A Es. 1.14. 11 For the Son of man is como

being in he was come into the house, Je

Lu. 1. 19. value fir

to save that which was lost. sus prevented him, saying What

12 Lu 9. 66, teen

12 m How think ye? If a man thinkest thou, Simon ? of whom pence:

& 19. 10. have an hundred sheep, and one do the kings of the earth take

See Ex.30. John 3. 17.

of them be gone astray, doth he custom or tribute ? of their own

13.&38.26. & 12. 47.

not leave the ninety and nine, and children, or of strangers ?

m Lu.15.4. goeth into the nountains, and 26 Peter saith unto him, Of

see keth that which is gone astray ? strangers. Jesus saith into him,

13 And if so be that he find it, Then are the children free.

verily I say unto you, he rejoiceth 27 Notwithstanding, lest we

more of that sheep, than of the

Christ lżacheth forgiveness


to our offending brethren. ninety and nine which went not A. D. 32. | A. D. 32. and cast him into prison, till he astray.

should pay the debt. 14 Even so it is not the will of

31 So when his fellow-servants your Father which is in heaven,

saw what was done, they were that one of these little ones should

very sorry, and came and told perish.

unto their lord all that was done. 15 | Moreover, n if thy brother n Le.19.17

32 Then his lord, after that he Bhall trespass against thee, go

Lu. 17. 3.

had called him, said unto him, o and tell him his fault between

thou wicked servant, I forgave thee and him alone: if he shall

thee all that debt, because ihou hear thee, thou hast gained thy o Ja. 5. 20.

desiredst me: brother.

1 Pe, 3. 1.

33 Shouldest not thou also have 16 But if he will not hear thee,

had compassion on thy fellowthen take with thee one or two

servant, even as I had pity on more, that in the mouth of two p De. 17.6.

thee? or three witnesses every word

& 19. 15.

34 And his lord was wroth, and may be established,

John 8.17.

delivered him to the tormentorn, 17 And if he shall neglect to

2 Co. 13, 1.
He. 10. 28.

till he should pay all that was hear them, tell it unto the church:

due unto him. but if he neglect to hear the

* Pr.21.13. 35 - So likewise shall my heav. church, let bim be unto thce as an

ch. 6. 12. enly Father do also unto you, if Cheathen man and a publican.

Ro. 16.17. Ma. 11. 26.

ye from your hearts forgive not 18 Verily I say unto you, "What- iCo.5.9. 2 Ja. 2. 13.

every one his brother their tressoever ye shall bind on earth,

Th. 3.6,14.

passes. shall be bound in heaven: and

2 Jo, 10.

CHAP. XIX. whatsoerer ye shall loose on earth,

reh. 16.19.

Christ heateth the sick : 3 answereth shall be loosed in heaven.

John 20.23.

the Pharisees concerning divorce

I Co. 5. 4. 19 Again I say unto you, That

mont: 10 sheweth when marriage is if two of you shall agree on earth,

ach. 5. 24.

necessary : 13 receideth little children:

16 instructeth the young man how to as touching any thing that they

allain elernal life, 20 and how to be shall ask, it shall be done for 1 1 Jo.3.22.

per fect : 23 telleth his disciples hou them of my Father which is in & 5, 14.

hard it is for a rich man to enter into heaven.

the kingdom of God, 27 and promiseth 20 For where two or three are

reward to those that forsake anything gathered together in my name,

to follow him. there am I in the midst of them.

A. D. 33.

it 21 | Then came Peter to him,

a Ma.10.1.

when Jesus had finished these and said, Lord, how oft shall my

John10.40. sayings, he departed from Galibrother sin against me, and I for

lee, and came into the coast of give him ? utill seven times ? * Lu, 17.4.

Judea, beyond Jordan: 22 Jesus saith unto him, I say


2 And great multitudes followRot unto thee, Until seven times:

ed him, and he healed them there. *but, Uutil seventy times seven. ch. 6.14.

31 The Pharisees also came 23 | Therefore is the kingdom Ma. 11. 25.

unto him, tempting him, and sayof heaven likened unto a certain

Col. 3. 13.

ing unto him, Is it lawful for a king which would take account

man to put away his wife for of his servants.

every cause ? 24 And when he had begun to

4 And he answered and said reckon, one was brought unto

unto them, Have ye not read, him which owed him ien thou

c Ge. 1. 27.

cthat he which made them at the Band talents.

! A talent & 5.2.Mal.beginning, made them male and 25 But forasmuch as he had not is 750

2. 15. female, to pay, his lord commanded him ounces of

a Ge.2.24.

5 And said, . For this cause shall y to be sold, and his wife and chil- silver,

a man leave father and mother, dren, and all that he had, and

ter five

1. Ep. 6. and shall cleave to his wife: and payment to be made.


ethey twain shall be one flesh ? 26 The servant therefore fell the ounce el Co. 6.6. 6 Wherefore they are no more down, and worshipped him, is 1871. 103. & 7. 2. twain, but one 'flesh. What saying, Lord, have patience with

y2 Ki.4.1.

therefore God hath joined togethme, and I will pay thee all. Ne. 5. S.

er, let not man put asunder. 27 Then the lord of that servant


F De. 24.1. 7 They say unto him, Why did was moved with compassion, and


ch. 5. 31. Moses then command to give a loosed him, and forgave him the him.

writing of divorcement, and tu dest.

put her away? 23 But the same servant went

The Ro

8 He saith unto them, Moses, be

man penny out, and found one of his fellow

is the

cause of the hardness of your servants, which owed him an

eighth part

hearts, suffered you to put a way hundred pence: and he laid of an

your wives: but from the beginhands on him, and took him by ot:nce,

ning it was not so. the throat, saying, Pay me that which af. & ch.5.32. 9 . And I say unto you, Whosothou owest.

ter five Ma. 10. 11. ever shall put away his wife, ex 29 And his fellow-servant fell shillings Lu, 18. 18.

cept it be for fornication, and shall

the ounce dowa at his feet, and bebought

1 Co. 7. 10, is seven 11.

marry another, commitieth adulhim, saying, Have patience with

pence half

tery: and whoso marrieth her me, and I will pay thee all.


which is put away, doth commit 31 And he would not : but went ch. 20. 2.


which af. Ma. 10. 6,

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