The Prophet (with Original Illustrations)

כריכה קדמית
Capitol Christian Distribution, 7 בינו׳ 2019 - 124 עמודים
As the prophet Al Mustafa departs from the city of Orphalese, heart-heavy but hopeful, he pauses before entering his ship to deliver his final teachings to a group of followers. Answering questions from individuals in the crowd, he delivers a series of inspirational prose poems, sharing religious and moral teachings on simple subjects close to their experience.[p]Ranging from topics as intimate as marriage and children, eating and drinking, to others as vast as crime and punishment, religion and prayer, the prophet's words convey the simplicity and beauty of a joyful life as well as the hard spiritual demands of an authentic morality.[p]Praised by Mary Haskell as "one of the treasures of English literature," [i]The Prophet[i] has stood for nearly a century as an enduring classic of religious poetry, so that "in our darkness and in our weakness we will open it to find ourselves again and the heaven and earth within ourselves." [p]This edition features the unaltered text of the original 1923 edition along with its haunting, original illustrations by the author himself.

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