Kant and the Philosophy of History

כריכה קדמית
Princeton University Press, 1980 - 325 עמודים
This book grew out of over a decade of intermittent Kant studies. As a young undergraduate in Jerusalem, then under strong Neo-Kantian influece, I was led to think that Kant had spelled the doom of all metaphysics, and that his contribution to ethics lay in his formal, all too formal, doctrine of the categorical imperative. As for his essay on history, if they deserved attention at all, they were to be deemed incompatible with the system.

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מידע על המחבר (1980)

Yirmiyahu Yovel is the Hans Jonas Professor of Philosophy at the New School for Social Research and chairman of the Jerusalem Spinoza Institute. He has written widely on philosophy and history, and his books include "Spinoza and Other Heretics" (Princeton); "Kant and the Philosophy of History" (Princeton); and "Dark Riddle: Hegel, Nietzsche, and the Jews.

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