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מה אומרים אנשים - כתיבת ביקורת

לא מצאנו ביקורות במקומות הרגילים

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קטעים בולטים

עמוד 223 - That the said colonies and plantations in America have been, are, and of right ought to be, subordinate unto, and dependent upon the imperial crown and parliament of Great Britain...
עמוד 150 - ... corn, or forage, in hopes that you will come, at the head of troops, in the full powers of health, discipline, and valor, and take charge of them for yourselves. Behold our wives and daughters, our flocks and herds, our goods and chattels, are they not at the mercy of our lord the king, and of his lieutenantgeneral, member of the House of Commons, and governor of Fort William, in North Britain ? AB CD EF, etc., etc., etc.
עמוד 223 - Britain had, hath, and of right ought to have, full power and authority to make laws and ftatutes of fufficient force to bind the Colonies, and his majefty's fubjects in them in all cafes whatfocver.
עמוד 146 - By John Burgoyne, Esq. Lieutenant-General of his Majesty's armies in America, Colonel of the Queen's regiment of light dragoons, Governor of Fort William in North Britain, one of the Representatives of the Commons of Great Britain in Parliament, and commanding an army and fleet employed on an expedition from Canada etc., etc., etc.
עמוד 166 - A satyrical Print, representing the British Lion blind in both Eyes, thirteen of his Teeth drawn, and his Claws pared off ; with Lord North, in the character of a Farrier, bleeding him in the Tail for his recovery.
עמוד 221 - You shall diligently inquire, and true presentment make of all such articles, matters, and things, as shall be given you in charge ; and of all other matters and things as shall come to your own knowledge, touching this present service. The King's counsel, your fellows', and your own, you shall keep secret,
עמוד 199 - ... •The Security of Englishmen's Lives; or the Trust, Power, and Duty of the Grand Juries of England, explained according to the fundamentals of the English government...
עמוד 380 - In the firft cafe I had a fine blue ftreak in the middle of the object, and in the laft a red ftreak. The other lines were too faint, when feen through the telefcope, to meafure the angles they fubtended with accuracy, but from fuch trials as I made I am fatisfied that from the fecond line on one fide to...
עמוד 147 - Ticonderoga. The mountains shook before thee, and the trees of the forest bowed their lofty heads; the vast lakes of the north were chilled at thy presence, and the mighty cataracts stopped their tremendous career, and were suspended in awe at thy approach. Judge, then, oh ineffable Governor...
עמוד 80 - They introduced riot and intemperance into their families, debauched their daughters, and derided the orders they had made for their own good government. Moreover, the old nobleman had, at different times...

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