Journal of the American Oriental Society, כרך 22

כריכה קדמית
American Oriental Society., 1901
"Proceedings" or "Select minutes of meetings" are included in each volume (except volumes 3, 12).

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עמוד 416 - Constitution may be amended, on a recommendation of the Directors, by a vote of three-fourths of the members present at an annual meeting. BY-LAWS. I. The Corresponding Secretary shall conduct the correspondence of the Society, and it shall be his duty to keep, in a book provided for the purpose, a copy of his letters; and he shall notify the meetings in such manner as the President or the Board of Directors shall direct. II. The Recording Secretary shall keep a record of the proceedings of the Society...
עמוד 387 - ... 71. Then, accepting his lord's command, though he knew the purport of the king's injunctions, as being urged by a higher power in his mind, he set himself to bring the horse. 72. Then he brought out for his master that noble steed, his mouth furnished with a golden bit, his back lightly touched by the bed on which he had been lying, and endued with strength, vigour, speed, and swiftness s ; 73.
עמוד 415 - The objects contemplated by this Society shall be : — 1. The cultivation of learning in the Asiatic, African, and Polynesian languages, as well as the encouragement of researches of any sort by which the knowledge of the East may be promoted.
עמוד 397 - Ps. 68". 6-8. The state of things before the war. — Travel on the highways was stopped, and travellers were constrained to take roundabout byways ; the country was harried by armed bands of Canaanites, so that the Israelite peasants...
עמוד 359 - limb by limb," like a shadow, like a person stopping in an empty house which he finds on his way, soiling her as little as a drop of water soils a lotusleaf, standing in her like a reflection in a mirror, xiii. 40. 46, 47, 50-51, 58 ; 41.
עמוד 242 - Sacontala eller den uheldige Ring, et indiansk Drama af Calidas; oversat af Original-Sprogene Sanscrit og Pracrit i Engelsk; og heraf i Dansk med en Inleidning tel den danskeoversattelse.
עמוד 223 - How far is the heaven from the earth ?" 3. "Tell me, what is in my mind ?" These are the answers: 1. "The sun rises in the east and sets in the west.
עמוד 387 - That which is born and grows old and is bound and dies, — is to be known as "the manifested," and " the unmanifested" is to be distinguished by its contrariety. 23. ' Ignorance, the merit or demerit of former actions, and desire are to be known as the causes of mundane existence ; he who abides in the midst of this triad does not attain to the truth of things, — 24.
עמוד 238 - Bonn, 1842, large ed.; 1846, small ed. [Devanagarl recension.] Sakuntala Recognized by the Ring, a Sanskrit drama in seven acts. The Devanagarl recension of the text, with literal English translations of all the metrical passages and notes by M. Williams.
עמוד 385 - Is there anything in the early Upanishads to show that the authors believed in the objective world being an illusion ? Nothing at all

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