Shakespeare: A Life in Drama

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W. W. Norton & Company, 1995 - 403 עמודים
In this comprehensive and compelling study, Stanley Wells explores the wide range of meanings that the plays can generate and analyzes their literary and dramatic craftsmanship in terms that are accessible to the nonspecialist, even to readers with no previous knowledge or experience of Shakespeare. In particular, he looks at Shakespeare's impact through the ages and especially on the varied realizations of his plays in modern theater.

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Shakespeare: a life in drama

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Wells, who is director of the Shakespeare Institute in England and general editor of the "Oxford Shakespeare," shares his wealth of knowledge and experience in this study, which will appeal to anyone ... קרא סקירה מלאה


Man of the Theatre
THREE Comedies of Verona Padua Ephesus France
EIGHT Comedies of Venice Messina France Illyria
SIXTEEN A Lost Play Based on Don Quixote One Last English
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