Contemporary American-Jewish Literature: Critical Essays

כריכה קדמית
Indiana University Press, 1 בינו׳ 1973 - 302 עמודים
CONTENTS: Overviews: Solotaroff, T. Philip Roth and the Jewish moralists. Daiches, D. Breakthrough? Guttmann, A. The conversions of the Jews. Alter, R. Jewish dreams and nightmares.- Close views: Weinberg, H. The activist Norman Mailer. Pinsker, S. Sitting shiva: notes on recent American-Jewish autobiography. Schulz, M.F. Mr. Bellow's perigee; or, The lowered horizons of Mr. Sammler's planet. Dembo, L.S. Dissent and dissent: a look at Fiedler and Trilling. Friedman, M.J. Jewish mothers and sons; the expense of chutzpah. Grebstein, S.N. Bernard Malamud and the Jewish movement. Malkoff, K. The self in the modern world: Karl Shapiro's Jewish poems. Klein, M. Further notes on the dereliction of culture: Edward Lewis Wallant and Bruce Jay Friedman. Gittleman, E. Dybbukianism: the meaning of method in Singer's short stories.- Bryer, J.R. American-Jewish literature: a selective.

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Theodore Solotaroff Philip Roth and the
Allen Guttmann The Conversions of the Jewsv
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