The Works of the British Poets: With Lives of the Authors, כרך 4

כריכה קדמית
Mitchell, Ames, and White, 1819

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עמוד 23 - both in wit and will. I know my soul hath power to know all things, Yet is she blind and ignorant in all: I know I'm one of Nature's little kings, Yet to the least and vilest things am thrall. I know my life's a pain, and but a span, I know my sense is
עמוד 332 - Marie's dayes On many a grassy playne; But since of late, Elizabeth, And later, James came in, They never daunc'd on any heath As when the time hath bin. By which we note the Faries Were of the old profession; Theyre songs were Ave Maryes;
עמוד 110 - BREAK OF DAY. STAY, O sweet, and do not rise, The light, that shines, comes from thine eyes ; The day breaks not, it is my heart, Because that you and I must part. Stay, or else my joys will die, And perish in their infancy. 'Tis true, 'tis day; what though it be
עמוד 328 - OLD. WHAT I shall leave thee none can tell, But all shall say I wish thee well; I wish thee, Vin, before all wealth, Both bodily and ghostly health : Nor too much wealth, nor wit, come to thee, So much of either may undo thee. 1 wish thee learning, not for show, Enough for to instruct, and know,
עמוד 118 - see; If they be blind, then. Love, I give them thee ; My tongue to Fame ; t' ambassadors mine ears; To women, or the sea, my tears; Thou, Love, hast taught me heretofore, By making me love her who 'd twenty more, That I should give to none, but
עמוד 109 - do. Oh stay, three lives in one flea spare, Where we almost, nay more than marry'd are. This flea is you and I, and this O.ur marriage bed and marriage temple is ; Though parents grudge, and you, w
עמוד 141 - into smart, and as blunt iron ground Into an edge, hurts worse : so I, fool found, Crossing hurt me. To fit my sullenness,'. He to another key his style doth dress: And asks, what news; I tell him of new plays, He takes my hand, and as a still
עמוד 109 - this flea guilty be, Yet thou triumph'st, and say'st that thou Find'st not thyself nor me the weaker now ; 'Tis true ; then learn how false fears be : Just so much honour, when thou yield'st to me, Will waste, as this flea's death took life from thee
עמוד 137 - an image, or protest, May all be bad. Doubt wisely, in strange way To stand inquiring right, is not to stray ; To sleep or run wrong, is. On a huge hill, Oragged and steep, Truth stands,
עמוד 120 - Cave to thy growth, thee to this height to raise, And now dost laugh and triumph on this bough, Little think'st thou That it will freeze anon, and that I shall To-morrow find thee fall'n, or not at all. Little think'st thou (poor heart,

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