Western Australia: Its History and Progress, the Native Blacks, Towns, Country Districts and the Goldfields

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T. Evans, Printer & C., 1902 - 119 עמודים

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עמוד 17 - They have great bottle noses, pretty full lips and wide mouths. The two fore-teeth of their upper jaw are wanting in all of them, men and women, old and young; whether they draw them out, I know not. Neither have they any beards. They are long-visaged, and of a very unpleasing aspect, having no one graceful feature in their faces.
עמוד 17 - They are tall, straight-bodied and thin, with small long limbs. They have great heads, round foreheads and great brows. Their eyelids are always half closed to keep the flies out of their eyes; they being so troublesome here that no fanning will keep them from coming to one's face and, without the assistance of both hands to keep them off, they will creep into one's nostrils and mouth too, if the lips are not shut very close. So that from their infancy being thus annoyed with these insects, they...
עמוד 84 - From the old Western world, we have come to explore The wilds of this Western Australian shore ; In search of a country, we've ventured to roam, And now that we've found it, let's make it our home. And what though the colony's new, Sirs, And inhabitants yet may be few, Sirs, We see them encreasing here too, Sirs, So Western Australia for me.
עמוד 17 - The inhabitants of this country are the miserablest people in the world. The Hodmadods of Monomatapa, though a nasty people, yet for wealth are gentlemen to these ; who have no houses and skin garments, sheep, poultry, and fruits of the earth, ostrich eggs, etc., as the Hodmadods have ; and setting aside their human shape, they differ but little from brutes.
עמוד 22 - labouring persons" are included women, and children above ten years old. Provision will be made by law, at the earliest opportunity, for rendering those capitalists, who may be engaged in taking out labouring persons to this settlement, liable for the future maintenance of those persons, should they, from infirmity or any other cause, become unable to maintain themselves there. 5. The...
עמוד 17 - They are long visaged and of a very unpleasing aspect, having no one graceful feature in their faces. Their hair is black, short and curled, like that of the Negroes, and not long and lank like the common Indians. The colour of their skins, both of their faces and the rest of their body, is coal black, like that of the Negroes of Guinea.
עמוד 84 - twill be found Two crops in the year we may get from the ground ; There's good wood and good water, good flesh and good fish, Good soil and good clime, and what more could you wish. Then let...
עמוד 21 - His Majesty's Government do not intend to incur any expense in conveying settlers to the New colony on the Swan River...
עמוד 22 - ... be considered as an investment of capital entitling the party by whom any such payment may have been made to an allowance of land at the rate of £15, that is, of 200 acres of land for the passage of every such labouring person over and above any other investment of capital.
עמוד 21 - ... the year 1830 will receive, in the order of their arrival, allotments of land, free of quit-rent, proportioned to the capital which they may be prepared to invest in the improvement of the land, and of which capital they may be able to produce satisfactory proofs to the Lieutenantgovernor (or...

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