The Village of Palaces: Or, Chronicles of Chelsea, כרך 1

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עמוד 190 - No spring, nor summer beauty hath such grace, As I have seen in one autumnal face.
עמוד 192 - Veritate in my hand, and kneeling on my knees, devoutly said these words : ' O thou Eternal God, Author of the light which now shines upon me, and giver of all inward illuminations, I do beseech Thee of Thy infinite goodness to pardon a greater request than a sinner ought to make. I am not satisfied enough whether I shall publish this book De Veritate.
עמוד 310 - I was, therefore, desired by Sir Stephen (who had not only the whole managing of this, but was, as I perceived, himself to be a grand benefactor, as well it became him who had gotten so vast an estate by the soldiers*) to assist him, and consult what method to cast it in, as to the government.
עמוד 96 - I thank our Lord, son," quoth he, " I find his Grace my very good lord indeed, and I do believe he doth as singularly favour me as any subject within this Realm. Howbeit (son Roper) I may tell thee, I have no cause to be proud thereof. For if my head would win him a castle in France (for then there was wars between us) it should not fail to go.
עמוד 69 - ... both of the King and his Council if you would but do as all the Bishops and best learned of this realm have done. And seeing you have at Chelsea a right fair house, your library, your books, your gallery, your garden, your...
עמוד 68 - I marvel that you, who have been hitherto always taken for a wise man, will now so play the fool as to lie here in this close, filthy prison, and be content to be shut up thus with mice and rats, when you might be abroad at your liberty, with the favour and good will both of the King and his Council...
עמוד 311 - I would needs have a library, and mentioned several books, since some soldiers might possibly be studious, when they were at leisure to recollect.
עמוד 187 - Dr. Donne, I have invited you to dinner ; and, though you sit not down with me, yet I will carve to you of a dish that I know you love well ; for, knowing you love London, I do therefore make you Dean of St. Paul's ; and, when I have dined, then do you take your beloved dish home to your study, say grace there to yourself, and much good may it do you.
עמוד 188 - ... a preacher in earnest; weeping sometimes for his auditory, sometimes with them; always preaching to himself like an angel from a cloud, but in none; carrying some, as St. Paul was, to Heaven in holy raptures, and enticing others by a sacred art and courtship to amend their lives: here picturing a vice so as to make it ugly to those that practised it; and a virtue so...
עמוד 194 - That she would at the age of thirty-three years allow him to become an undutiful son; for he had made a vow to God that if he were able, he would rebuild that church...

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