The Edinburgh Journal of Science, כרך 3

כריכה קדמית
Thomas Clark, 1825

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קטעים בולטים

עמוד 221 - This species, commonly raised for the table (Fig. 319), consists of a footstalk, or stipes, ranging from an inch and a half to two inches and a half in height.
עמוד 281 - A rather singular method," say Messrs. Herschel and South, " of obtaining a view, and even a rough measure, of the angles of stars of the last degree of faintness, has often been resorted to, viz. to direct the eye to another part of the field. In this way, a faint star, in the neighbourhood of a large one, will often become very conspicuous ; so as to bear a certain illumination, which will yet totally disappear, as if suddenly blotted out, when the eye is turned full upon it, and so on, appearing...
עמוד 331 - ... surrounded by as many plates, similar to those of the body ; the extremity of the tail being depressed, so as to form a paddle ; the rest of the tail compressed. The caudal vertebrae extend up to the top of the back, beneath the truncated surface, where the sacrum is bent to meet the tail. The superior semicircular margin of the truncated surface, together with the lateral margins of the shell, are beautifully fringed with silky hair.
עמוד 281 - ... please. The lateral portions of the retina, less fatigued by strong lights, and less exhausted by perpetual attention, are probably more sensible to faint impressions than "the central ones ; which may serve to account for this phenomenon.
עמוד 368 - When the earth's action on the needle was neutralized, and the needle made a tangent to the ball, the north end of the needle was attracted, when the motion of the ball was made towards the needle, and repelled when the motion was in the contrary direction, and this happened whatever was the direction of the axis of rotation. In the two extremities of the axis, there was observed no effect, but in two opposite points, at right angles to the axis, the effect was a maximum, and the deviation of the...
עמוד 357 - Ibs. avoirdupoise. This was dug up by a negro at Reed's mine, within a few inches of the surface of the ground. Marvellous stories are told respecting this rich mass ; as that it had been seen by gold hunters at night, reflecting so brilliant a light, when they drew near to it, with torches, as to make them believe it was some supernatural appearance, and to deter them from farther examination.
עמוד 143 - ... his canoe where he perceives there is a rocky bottom ; this done, he throws the rope out so as to form a tolerably large circle ; and such is the timid nature of the fish, that, instead of rushing out, it never attempts to pass this imaginary barrier, which acts as a talisman, but instantly descends, and endeavours to conceal itself under the rocks. Having waited a few moments till the charm has taken effect, the diver plunges downwards, and not unfrequently returns with four or five fish, weighing...
עמוד 354 - They (the gold mines) are situated in the southern part of the State, not far from the borders of South Carolina and somewhat west of the center. Through the Gold Country flows the river Peedee, (Yadkin) receiving within the same district two considerable streams, namely; Rocky River from the south and Uwharee River from the North. * * * The Gold Country is spread over a space of not less than 1,000 miles. * *
עמוד 143 - The person who witnessed this, suspecting that it might have been assisted by the water, being so nearly on the same level, poured some of the water away, and placed the spider as before. It descended by the stick that supported the platform, till it reached the water, but, finding no way to escape, it returned to the platform, and, for some time, employed itself in preparing a web, with which it loosely enveloped the abdomen, by means of the hinder legs. It now descended, without hesitation, to...
עמוד 8 - I filled the vessel, which was 18 inches high and 10 broad, nearly to the brim with brine of full saturation, the lower portion being occupied, to the depth of about 15 inches, with loose sand from the sea-shore, and thoroughly drenched with the brine. In order to have a view of the progress of the experiment, I placed an earthen-ware tube, about the size and shape of a gun-barrel, closed at bottom, and open at the top, in a vertical position, having its lower extremity immersed in the sand, and...

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