Catechism of Agricultural Chemistry and Geology

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William Blackwood and Sons, 1844 - 48 עמודים

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עמוד 55 - STEPHENS. The Book of the Farm ; detailing the Labours of the Farmer, Farm-Steward, Ploughman, Shepherd, Hedger, Farm-Labourer, FieldWorker, and Cattleman.
עמוד 17 - Q. Whence is the organic part of the soil derived? A. It is derived from the roots and stems of decayed plants, and from the dung and remains of animals and insects of various kinds. Q. Does this organic part form a large proportion of the soil ? A. Of peaty soils it forms sometimes three-fourths of the whole weight; but of rich and fertile soils it does not usually form more than from a twentieth to a tenth of the whole weight. Q. Can a soil bear good crops which does not contain a considerable...
עמוד 56 - The Practical Planter: Containing Directions for the Planting of Waste Land and Management of Wood, with a new Method of Rearing the Oak.
עמוד 55 - THE PLANTER'S GUIDE. By SIR HENRY STEUART. A New Edition, with the Author's last Additions and Corrections. 8vo, with Engravings, 21s. STABLE ECONOMY: A Treatise on the Management of Horses.
עמוד v - Of all the different works which have lately been published on the Chemistry of Agriculture, that now before us appears to be most likely to be of real service to the practical man."— Gardenert' Magazine. A CATECHISM OF AGRICULTURAL CHEMISTRY and Geology.
עמוד 56 - Seven Lithographed Designs. For the ImproveMENT OF FARM COTTAGES AND STEADINGS. With Descriptions, Specifications, and Estimates ; Remarks on the Accommodations required under the modern System of Husbandry, and the defects of existing Farm Buildings. By JAMES CUNNINGHAM, Surveyor. Large 8vo, price 6s. 6d.
עמוד 56 - A Comprehensive Treatise on Land Surveying, comprising the Theory and Practice in all its Branches; in which the Use of the various Instruments employed in Surveying, Levelling, &c. is clearly elucidated by practical Examples. By John Ainslie, land-surveyor. 4to. ll. 6s. An Appendix to the " Doctrine of Life Annuities and Assurances...
עמוד 56 - on River Angling for Salmon and Trout, more particularly as practised in the Tweed and its Tributaries," full of sound information, as well as containing some original suggestions.
עמוד 56 - Sections. 4to, price 10s. 6d. The Practical Irrigator and Drainer. By GEORGE STEPHENS, Drainer, Member of the Nerecian and Wermlandska Agricultural Societies in Sweden. In 8vo, illustrated by Copperplates and Woodcuts, price 8s.
עמוד 56 - from the third British Edition, revised and enlarged," under the following title : "A Systematic Treatise on the Theory and Practice of Draining Land, &c., according to the most approved methods, and adapted to the various situations and soils of England and Scotland ; also on sea, river, and lake embankments, formation of ponds and artificial pieces of water, with an appendix, containing hints and directions for the culture and improvement of bog, morass, moor, and other unproductive ground, after...

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