תמונות בעמוד



İRVING, Dr. his method of obtaining

fresh water at sea, 130. Successfully MACBRIDE, Di, his letter on the revi.
practiced, 131.

viscence of snails, 329.
ITALIAN tongue, its quick growth to Magic, See DE HAEN,
perfection, 570.

MAJOR ÆNUs on the agriculture of the
Jupiter's satellites, obr. on the inequa. ancients, p. 443.
lities in their light, 628.

MAGNETISM, conjuring tricks by, 25,
Max, confidered in his nature and rela-

tions, 536. As a moral agent, 570,
T AMSCHATKA, discoveries relating MANOMETER, a new contrivance for
I to, 593. Inhabitants described, ib. ascertaining the differences in the deg.
KELP, obí, relative to, made in France, fity of the air, 128, ibe note.

MASON, John, account of, 203.
KERENFLECH, M. de, his fyftem of the MATTER, its inert, or its active princi.
small vortices, 346.

ple investigated, 567:

his obf, on modern Carte. MAYER's pofthumous works, 443.
Ganism, ib.

MECHANICS, experimental tricks in,
KERISCLICH, M. his introduction to

the history of Dalmatia, &c. 594 MECKEL, M, his anatomico-phyfiologi.
KISSES, JÍ. and VI. from Secuadus, cal differtation, 576.
with a translation, 388.

KORAN, history of, 531,

MEDICAL and Botanical Di&ionary. See


MEGAMITER, a new inftrument for
I AMBERT, Mr. his essay on mea. marine surveying, 128
u suring the degree of moisture in the MEMOIRS, literary, critical, biographi.
air, 562. On Taxeometry, 583

cal, &c. of ancient and modern phyfie,
LASSONE, M. his obr. relative io natu.

ral tiftory, 619. His account of the MIRIAN, M, his obf. on the problem
inoculation of the royal family of of Molyneux, 581.
France, 627.

MESSTER, M. his catalogue of nebule
LA TRAPPL, abbey of, sketch of, 340. and of clusters of fars seen above the
Lear, poison of, oblon, 163.

horizon of Paris, 625.
LEIBNITZ, M. his doctrine of Monades, MODENA, Duke of, bis palace described,

567. Attempt to reconcile his notion - 385.
of space and a vacuum with the ideas MOLYNEUX, Mr. his famous problem,
of Newton, 568.

LESSING on the antiquity of oil colours MONMOUTH, Duke of, not the son of
in painting, 444

Charles II. 417. Particulars of his
LEYDEN, univerfity of, its providential rebellion, 419.
enablishment afferted, 598.

MONNIER: M. his inquiries into the
LIGHTNING, remarkable storm of, 332. variation of the needle, 622.
LILIO, George, account of him and his Moon, its paft exifence and future du.
writings, 54.

rarion suggested, 615.
LINGUET, Mr. his paradoxes, 589. MORELLIT, M. his satirical account of
LINNET, a fable, 431.

Linguet's paradoxes, 589.
Locxz, Mr. his hypothesis with respeå Mosses, analogy between the propagation

to the manner in which we acquire our of, and that of some animals, 597.
ideas of extenfion and figure, 581. Re- MYTHOLOGY of the ancients explained,
conciled with Descartes, in regard to 475.

the origin of our ideas, 583.
LONGEVITY, remarkable instances of, N A TURAL history of teftaceous anie
and how obtained, 47.

mals, 533
LOTTERY, curious calculation relating NATURE, art of observing, 350.
10 one, 563

NEBULOSITIES, explanatory account of
LOPET, Mr. bis ridiculous pretencions those celestial appearances, 625
to stience and literature, 335.

NECKER, Jos. de, bis Pbyjilogia Map
LUTWIDGE, Capt. his voyage to the corum, 592 .

northward, 123. His defcription of NEEDLE, magnetic, obs. on the varia:
Mcft n-island, 125.

tion of, 6:2.
Lyons, lsrael, his inaccuracy in Ricer. Newton, his notions of space and a va-

taining the pain of the pendulum, in cuim, how far reconcilable with the
Cagt. Phipps's voy 48°, 131.

ideas of Leibnitz, 568.


ley, 293


NICHOLSON, Mr. his account of a storm PURCILL,Dr, his defcription of a double
of lightning, &c. 332.

utetus, 333.
NINUs, hiftory of, not relative to an in.
dividual, but to a nation, 482.

Uadi, dissertation on, 570. .
NORTH-EAST passage, series of voyages
for the discovery of; 120-130,


D AYMOND de Vieuffens's hiftory of

N internal diseases, 441.
It, its powerful effect on the sur. REASon and Truth, hiftoric eulogy on,
U face of agitated water, 325.

OIL-COLOURS. See LESSING, REID, Dr. grossly treated by Dr. Priest-
OSIR 18, explanatory account of that
hero, 478.

RESORPTION, of the excretory fluids,
OSSIAN, poems of, their antiquity dis its important advantages, 176.
puted, 160.

REVETT, Mr, associated with other gen-
OSWALD, Dr. grossly attacked by Dr. tlemen, in a tour to Asia Minor, &c.
Priefley, 292.

in search of antiquities, 193.
ORPHEUS, a name characteristic both of RHEIMS, amusements there described,
a deity and of his votaries, 483, - 382,

ROME, ancient and modern, described,

DALMYRA, pathetic reflections on the RONDET, M. new edit. of his Latin and
P deftruction of, 133.

French Bible, 344.
PARS, Mr, accompanies Dr. Chandler in

his hift, and crit, Diajonary of
his tour to Asia Minor and Greece, in the Holy Scriptures, 442.

search of ancient inscriptions, &c. 193. Rot, in sheep, method to prevent, 14.
PENDULUM, obf. relating to, in Capt. Roy, M. le, his obs. on a ball of disa

Phipps's voyage, 130. Farther re- seen in France, 622.

marks on, 132
PERNITY, Dom, his discourse on phy-

fiognomy, 573. Controversy on that ABITJER, M. his anatomy, 441,
fubject continued, 584.

SADLER'S-WELLS, satirical account
PERRENOT, M, his considerations on of the diverfions there, 141.
jurisprudence, 596.

St. John, Henry, his letter to Mr. Car-
PERSEUS, explanatory account of that ftares, 221.
hero, 479.

ST. MARC's works, 5340
PHILOSOPHICAL conferences, 591. SALAMANDERS, aquatic, said to be vo.
PHILOSOPHY, neceffity of its intimate mited, by a man, 574.
union with philology, 570.

SALT, account of a mineral one, which
PHIPPS, Captain, his voyage to try how resifts fire, 575.

far navigation was practicable toward SATURN, much hotter than our carth,
the North Pole, 123.

PHYSIOGNOMY, principles of proposed SCHILLING, Mr, his account of the

for investigation, 190. Literary con- trembling eel, 577.

teft relative to this subject, 573. SCALOZER's History of Northern Africa,
Pindar, essay on, by Schneider, 444. 594.
PLANETS, new theory of, 614. SCHNEIDER's essay on the life and wri.'
POLAND, Hift. (Italian) of the troubles tings of Pindar, 444.
of, 342.

Scots, in what respect said to be furdy
Poole, Jonas, his voyage to the north moralift:, 161.
ward, on discovery, &c. 122,

Poor, English laws relative to, great de- SECUNDUS, author of the Bafia, fome
fects of, 315.

account of him, 387. His Bafium II,
PORTAL, M. curious anatomical obf, by, and VI. translated, 388.

SEMIRAMIS, not a person but a people,
POTATOE, sethods of cultivating, 16. 482.
PRATIR, a character, 108.

SENE BRJER's art of observing nature,
PRIESTLEY, Dri censured for his want 350.
of urbanity, in literary controversies, SESOSTR 18, an ideal hero, 481. Curious

disquisition concerning his history, ib.
PRINTING, origin of in England, 5r.. SHAKESPEARE, a Lady's comment on
PBOVER BS, their anciens use and pa. his “ As you like it,” 432. High
Sequence, 307,

encomium on the morality of bis wrio


A Rouband, M. his Histoire

Sennale del afresse: 529

tings, by another Lady, 465. Com. Philosophy, 570. On cenforiousness,
ment on his “ All's well that ends 583.'
well,” 466.

SLOPI's aftronomical observations, 443.. TROUBADOUR'S, summary view of their
SNAILS, remarkable instance of the re writings, &c. 602. Their extin&.00,
viviscence of, 327.

Soria, J. A. de, his posthumous works, Trutk. See REASON.

TURPIN, M. his history of the Koran,

SPEECH, grammatic parts of confidered,

his Frencb Plutarcb, 534.
- 98.
SPENSER, imitated in blank verse, 113
SPIRITUAL courts execrated, 553.

V TAUGONDY, Mr. R. de, his account
SPITSBERGEN described, 123

V of those tracts of Aga and Ame.
STARS, the clusters of, leen among the rica that are ftuated to the North of
fixed stars, 625. See MESSIER.

the South Sea, 346.
STEEL, procurable, direfily from iron VERSAILLES described, 382.
ore, 614.

VIEUSSENS (see RAYMOND) bis history
STEHLIN, Mr. his account of native of internal diseases, 441.
maileable iron, 334.

VIRTUE, analysis of, 570.
STELLER's description of Kamschatka, UNDERSTANDING, human, how far

capable of cultivation, 563.
STERNE, Laurence, his Correspondence UNIVERSAL History of the vegetable
with Mrs. Draper, 370.

world, 440.
SULZER, M. his phyfiological reflections --- Dictionary of Arts and

on man, 570. His explication of the Sciences, an impracticable plan, 575.

notion of an eternal Being, 582. VOLTAIRE, his allegorical romance ia
SYDNEY, Algernon, character of, by praise of Reason and Truth, 583.
Mr. Macpherson, 413.

Volvox, curious account of the pro-
Robert, the real father of the pagation of this animalcule, 169.
Duke of Monmouth, 417

Confliflor, fingular history of,
SYMPATHETIC inks, conjuring tricks 172.
performed by, 26.

VOYAGES toward the North Pole, series
.: T..

VOYAGES Metalurgiques, ou Recberebes,
TAcutus, his life of Agricola, new &c. 348.
| translation of, 153.

UTERUS, double. S:e PURCELL,
TEMPERANCE, encomium on, 46.
TERENCI, specimen of a new transla. CITAG, vulgar, a character, 109.
tion of, 321.

V WALSH, Mr. his account of
THEOPHRASTUS, Tome account of him, the Torpedo, 332.

105. His characters imitated by French WARKWORTH, hermitage there, de
and English writers, ib.

fcribed, 234
THEORY of Paradox, 589.

'WATILET, M, his, essay on gardens,
THOMAS, M. his eulogy on M, A. An. 345
toninus, 438.

WEGUELIN, M. his universal and di.
THOMSON, his Edward and Eleonora al. plomatical History, 343. His mem.
fered, 356.

on the Philosophy of History, 584.
THORN, Robert, his early suggestion of WEST, Mr. the friend of Mr. Gray, a--

a North-Eaf paliage to the Spice count of, 378. Letter to him, from
Ilands, &c. 120.

Gray, ib. Another letter from the
THREE AGES of the French monarchy, fame, 385.
523. ,

TILLET and Fougeroux, Meff. their in. WILMER, Mr. his account of a woman

quiries into the supposed noxious quali. accidentally burnt to dea:h, 334.
ties of kelp, 621.

WILLOUGHBY, Sir Hugh, bis voyage,
TORPEDO, found on the coast of Eng.. on discoveries, to the N. E. 121.

land; 332. Eels found with the fame WOLL ASTON, Mr. his astronomical obs.
electrical property, 577.

TOUSSAINT, Mr. his memoir on the
wnion between the Belles Letties and


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of, 121.

WOMAN accidentally burnt to death,

supposed to have been rendered inflam-
mable by her exceflive use of spirituous

liquors, 334.

ORX, Duke of. See James II.

Z. ZOROASTER, his person and charae 2 ter generally misunderstood, 482.


ERRAT A, &c. in this VOLUME. P. 2, par. 4, 1. 3, for freat, t. great. P. 06, 1. 11, for gave, r. grave. P. 70, l. 16 from the bottom, for is it, r. it is. P. 104, par. 4, for decads, read duads, every time that word is re.

peated. P. 108, 1. 8, for give only two, r. ġive only, as specimens, two, &c. P. 173, Art. 18, 1. 11, for sentiments neither, r. sentiments are neither. P. 187, Art. 42, for to a principal, r. to be a principal. P. 191, par. 4, 1. 6, for frequently acknowledged, r. frequently heard

acknowledged. P. 208, par. 3, 1. 16, for disorder or, r. disorder of. P. 248, 1. 6 from the bottom, for work, r. works. P. 257 (in some part of the impresion] par. 2. l. 1, for insufficient,

r. fufficient. P. 302, del. the reflection on the late Editor of Cowley, so far as

relates to Martial. The Reviewer had not that edition of Cowley at hand, at the time of writing the account of Mr. Barry's book ; but he has since found that Cowley's Editor had

referred to Martial, in a note. P. 344, Art. VI. in speaking of the French Parnassus, del. the pa.

renthefis. P. 454, l. 11, for a female Hiftorian, r. perhaps some other person.

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