The Epistolary Correspondence, Visitation Charges, Speeches, and Miscellanies, of the Right Reverend Francis Atterbury ...: With Historical Notes ...

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עמוד 500 - Having therefore obtained help of God, I continue unto this day, witneffing both to fmall and great, faying none other things than thofe which the prophets and Mo23 fes did fay fhould come : That Chrift fhould fuffer, and that he fhould be the firft that fhould rife from the dead, and fhould fhew light unto the- people, and 24 to the Gentiles.
עמוד 195 - Act for the making more effectual Her Majesty's gracious Intentions for the Augmentation of the Maintenance of the Poor Clergy, by enabling Her Majesty to grant, in Perpetuity, the Revenues of the First Fruits and Tenths ; and also for enabling any other Persons to make Grants for the same Purpose...
עמוד 205 - He could never be brought to. pay bills without much following and importunity ; nor then if there appeared any chance of wearying them out. — A paviour, after long and fruitless attempts, caught him just getting out of his chariot at his own door, in Bloomsbury-square, and set upon him.
עמוד 98 - However, let the Dean of Canterbury be as great as he will, I must take the liberty to say that it was my poor labours that made him so. For had not that book I wrote procured a Convocation, and given him by that means an opportunity of forming a strong body of the clergy, and placing himself .at the head of them, he could not have made it necessary for the Crown to take notice of him, in order to bring things to a temper ; but would have continued Dean of Canterbury still.
עמוד 205 - said the Doctor, 'do you pretend to be paid for such a piece of work ? Why, you have spoiled my pavement, and then covered it over with earth, to hide your bad work ! ' ' Doctor ! ' said the paviour, ' mine is not the only bad work the earth hides.
עמוד 19 - ... Wake, in the preface to his ' State of the Church and Clergy of England, in their Councils, Synods, Convocations, &c.' says, that, "upon his first perusal of Dr Atterbury's book, he saw such a spirit of wrath and uncharitableness, accompanied with such an assurance of the author's abilities for such an undertaking, as he had hardly ever met with in the like degree before.
עמוד 449 - ... him up to a pitch of learning unknown to the age in which he lived: his knowledge in scripture was admirable; his elocution manly; and his way of reasoning with all the subtlety that these plain truths he delivered would bear.
עמוד 471 - I humbly conceive, to indulge men in taking the most effectual methods to propagate and perpetuate their schism. " My Lord, of any favours to Dissenters granted or intended by the law, I have no where complained ; of Toleration, a word unknown to our laws, and implying, as I am informed, much more than our lawgivers intended or designed, if I have...
עמוד 117 - died," says Atterbury, " renouncing the Christian religion; yet the church of Westminster thought fit, in honour to his memory, to give his body room in the Abbey, and allow him to be buried there gratis, so far as the chapter were concerned, though he left 800/.
עמוד 313 - I wish it was as much in my power, as it is in my inclination, to attend their meetings and take an active part in the business committed to them.

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