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Oxus, a river in Asia.

Peor, i.e. Baal - peor,

licentious deity. Pales, a Roman deity of person, character, x. 156.

flocks and shepherds. Petsora, Petchora on the pampered, leafy (Lat. pam

Arctic ocean. pinus, 'vine'), v. 214. Pharphar, a river flowing Pandemonium, the place of near Damascus.

All-Devils. A word coined | Phlegeton (Phlegethon), on the analogy of Pan- river of fire, one of the theon.

rivers of the infernal Pandora, a woman made regions in Greek mytho.

by the gods to do mis- logy. chief to men. The word | Phlegra, the battle-field of means that she possest the gods and giants in • all their gifts.'

Greek mythology. Paneas, now Banias, a town Phineus, a blind soothsayer

under Hermon at one of of old Greece. the springs of Jordan, phoenix, a fabulous bird, believed by many to be supposed to live a thouthe ancient Dan.

sand years, and then to panim, pagan (or infidel). burn itself, which Pan, the rural god, a kind another would rise from

of personification of the ashes. nature. The word mây platane, plane-tree, iv. 478. means 'everything,' and poise, weigh down, ii. 995. M. plays on this word in Pomona, the Roman godiv. 266, though there is dess of fruit trees,

wedded no real connection be

by Vertumnus. tween the two.

ponent, from the W. or sunPaquin, Pekin (really the setting, x. 704.

same as Cambaluc.) pontifical, bridge-making, paragon (vb.), to compare,

X. 313. x. 426.

Pontus, the Black Sea; also paramount, chief, ii. 508. a district in Asia Minor pardon, dispensation or in- southward of the same. dulgence, iii. 492.

port, gate, iv. 778. peal, ill with noise, ii. 920. pretended, stretcht Pegasus, the winged horse screen, X. 872.

of Greek mythology ; in prevenient, anticipating, xi. later times associated with

3. the Muses, because with prevention, anticipation (of his hoof he struck, and a coming blow), vi. 320. forth came the inspiring prick, ride or spur, ii. 536. fount called Hippocrene. procinct (in), girt (Lat. in Pelorus, the N.-E. promon- procinctu), vi. 19. tory of Sicily.

proem, prelude, ix. 549.




Proserpine, daughter of Rhea, wife of Jupiter AmCeres (Gr. Demeter), wife of Pluto, who carried Rhea, wife of Kronos her off while gathering (Saturn). flowers in Enna.

Rhene, the Rhine. Proteus, the mythical Old Rhodope, a mountain range

Man of the Sea, who between Thrace and Ma. could transform himself cedonia. Here was the into many shapes.

oracle of the Thracian punctual, like a point, viii. Dionysus. The Thra23.

cian bard' Orpheus did Punic coast, the N. of not honour Dionysus, who

Africa, about Carthage. sent upon him the Baspurlicus, neighbourhood, ii. saridae (a rout of Mænad 833.

women), and they tore him purpose, converse, iv. 337. to pieces, nor could his Pyrrha, wife of Deucalion. mother Calliope aid him. Pythian : the Pythian games rhomb, wheel, viii. 134. were held at Delphi in Rimmon, a Syrian deity.

honour of Pythian Apollo. rined, rinded, v. 342. Python, the dragon of Del-ruin, fall, vi. 868. phi, bred out of slime left by Deucalion's deluge.

Sabean, Arabian. quaternion, fourfold, v. 181. sad, serious, vi. 541.

The four elements, accord Samoed shore, in Siberia. ing to Heracleitus, were

Samos, an island off the

coast of Asia Minor near air, æther, water, and earth.

Ephesus (not in the Cy. Quiloa, near Zanzibar.

sapient king, Solomon.

Sarra, Tyre, famous for its Rabba, or Rabbath, chief purple dye.

city of Ammon ; on the Satan, the enemy.' E. of Jordan.

Saturn (Gr. Kronos), the Ramiel, exaltation of God.' Titan who ruled the uniramp, jump, iv. 343.

verse before Jove (Zeus) Raphael, an archangel. See deposed him. Asmodeus.

Saturn, used by M. for realty, royalty, vi. 115.

the Gr. Kronos, chief of recorder, a wind instrument, the Titanic dynasty that

preceded Zeus. redound, overflow, ii. 889. scales, one of the signs of reluctant, struggling, the Zodiac, between Virgo 515.

and Scorpio. In iv. 997 result, rebound, vi. 619. M. alludes to the classi.

2 A

i. 551.

vi. 541.

cal belief that the fates Sidon was one of the chief of earthly combatants Phoenician towns. were weighed in scales Siloa, a pool with a spring by the gods.

flowing into it, just outScipio, conqueror of Hanni. side Jerusalem, and near bal.

the temple. Scorpion, one of the signs of Sinean, Chinese. the Zodiac.

Sinai, a mountain or moun. scull, shoal, vii. 402.

tain range on peninsula Scylla: the straits of Messina between the Gulfs of Suez

were supposed to have on and Akabah; here were one side Scylla, a devour

given the Tables of the ing monster, and on the Law to Moses. other Charybdis, a whirl. Sion, one of the hills of pool.

Jerusalem, where the sei ure, careless, confident, temple stood.

sirocco, a hot wind from the seneshal, steward of the S.-E. household, ix. 38.

Sieraliona, Sierra Leone. Seleucia, a city on the Tigris, Sittim, a camping.place of

founded by Seleucus. the Israelites hard by Sennaar, Shinar, a part of Jericho. Babylonia.

sleight, trick, ix. 92. sentence, opinion, ii. 51. Sofala, on E. coast of seraphim, a high order of Africa. celestial beings.

Soldan, Sultan. Serapis, an Egyptian god. Sophi, or Sophy, Shah, s. Serbonian bog, Lake Sir

433 bonis in Egypt, between sord, sward, xi. 433. Mount Casius and Dami- spring, growth, ix. 218. etta, where a part of the starve, perish, ii. 600. Persian army perished in Stygian, of Styx.

Styx, River of Hate, one of serene : 'drop serene' seems the rivers of the infernal

to be a literal translation regions in Greek mythoof gutta serena, a disease logy.

of the eyes, iii. 25. sublime, uplifted, x. 536. Sericana, part of China and sublimed, uplifted, i. 235. Tibet.

Success, result, ii. 9. sewer, a butler or steward succinct, girt up, iü. 643.

who arranged the meats supplanted, thrown off his on the table, ix. 38.

feet, X. 513. Sibma, a town in Moab. Susa, a great city, winter sideral, of the stars, X. residence of the Persian 693.

kings (Shushan in the Sidonian, Phænician, Bible).

350 B.C.


Sus, Tunis.

Thebes, a famous city in swage, assuage, i. 556.

Egypt (distinct from Sylvanus, a Roman deity of Thebes in Greece),

the fields and forests. Themis, goddess of justice synod, assembly, ii. 391.

and right. suspense, adj., full of sus- Thrascias, the N.N.-W. pense, ii. 418.

wind. Syrtis, a gulf and quicksand | Thyestes, before whom was in N. Africa.

set the flesh of his sons at

a banquet. Tantalus was condemned tiar, tiara, diadem, iii. 625.

to remain throat-deep in a Tidore, one of the Moluccas lake, with fruit-trees over- or Spice Islands. hanging ; but so often as Tigris, a river of Mesopohe caught at the fruit, the tamia, supposed to be that trees receded, and when which watered Eden. he stooped to drink, the tine, kindle, X. 1075. water filed away from his tire, drag, tear (techn. term lips.

in falconry), vi. 605. Tartarus, 'the Pit,' Hades. Tiresias, an ancient Greek Tauris, Tabriz, in N. Per- seer, who was blind. sia.

Titans, in Greek mythology, Taurus, the Bull, one of the were the beings who ruled signs of the Zodiac.

the universe before the ted, to spread out hay for the dynasty of Zeus, who making, ix. 450.

warred upon them and Telassar, a city of the overthrew them. They

'children of Eden,' where are often confused with

precisely is unknown. the giants. In i. 510 used Temir, i.e. Timar or Tam- of the eldest of the brood,

berlaine, whose capital wbom M. says gave place was Samarcand.

to Saturn, q.v. tempering, mixing, vii. 15. Tobias. See Asmodeus. Ternate, one of the Moluccas Tobit's son, Tobias. See or Spice Islands.

Asmodeus. Thammus, a god supposed Tophet, in the valley of

to have been slain by a Hinnom. boar on Lebanon, and to Trebisond, Trapezus, a Greek die and revive each year. city on the Black Sea. The Greeks identified him Trinacrian, Sicilian, a title with Adonis.

taken from the three proThamyris, a blind Thracian montories of Sicily. bard.

Triton, a river in Libya. Thebes, a city in Boeotia (N. Troy, a town in N.-W. of

Greece), scene of a myth- Asia Minor. ical struggle.

Turnus, the rival and foe iv. 363.

of Æneas, who married charm, jewel, or scarahis betrothed bride La- bæus, or the like. vinia; described in Virgil's Uther's son, King Arthur.

Æneid. Tuscan artist, Galileo, i. Valdarno, the vale of the 288.

river Arno, where Florence Twins, Gemini, a sign of lies.

the Zodiac, called Spartan Vallombrosa, a beautiful in allusion to Castor and valley near Florence. Pollux.

van, wing, ii. 927. Typhoean, of Typhoeus or vapour, heat, xii. 635. Typhon.

Vertumnus, a Roman deity Typhon, a monster who re- associated with the growth belled against Zeus.

of plants from blossom to

fruit. Uncouth, unknown, ii. 407, Virgin, Virgo, a constella

tion. unfumed, not burnt for volant, flying, xi. 561.

sweet scent, v. 349. unobnoxious, not exposed wanton, capricious, iv. 316.

to anything, invulnerable welkin, sky, ii. 538. by it, vi. 404.

what, why (a Latinism), il. unoriginal, primeval,

329. 477

won, dwell, vil. 457. unprevented, unforestalled, Xerxes, King of Persia, who

invaded Greece and was Ur, a great town in Chal- defeated at Salamis, 480 dea.

B.C., and Plataea, 479. He Urania, Muse of the bridged the Hellespont;

heavens, patroness of as- and his first bridge being tronomy; given a

carried away by a storm, meaning by M., vii. 1. ordered the sea


iii. 231.


to be Uriel, 'Light of God.'

scourged and cast fetters Urim, 'light' or 'lights,' into it.

was kept within the breast- yeanling, new-born, iii. 434. plate of the High Priest, senith, the part of the sky for purposes of divination. directly above the head. What it was no man Zephyr, Zephyrus, the west knows; but probably wind. some cabalistic symbol or | Zophiel, a cherub.

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