Judgments in the Admiralty of Pennsylvania. Poems

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עמוד 168 - Nor dream'd of harm as he lay warm, In bed with Mrs. L g. Now in a fright, he ftarts upright, Awak'd by fuch a clatter ; He rubs both eyes, and boldly cries, For God's fake, what's the matter
עמוד 167 - attend and hear a friend, Trill forth harmonious ditty, Strange things I'll tell which late befel In Philadelphia city. Twas early day, as poets
עמוד 168 - told, the rebels bold, Pack'd up like pickling herring} And they're come down t' attack the town, In this new way of ferrying. The
עמוד 106 - inclined to let it go to his credit only, in ** order to let in a proper light to the cafe, which
עמוד 196 - alone can give delight. To me things are not as to vulgar eyes, I would all nature's works anatomize— This world a living
עמוד 170 - their porrage. An hundred men with each a pen, Or more upon my word,
עמוד 71 - eye, Nature, and Nature's Laws, expanded lie : Death, in one moment, taught this infant more Than years or ages ever taught before.
עמוד 164 - And She was forc'd to fly. " She's young and will no more depend " On cruel George or me ;
עמוד 188 - the hills far away, at the birth of the morn I hear the full tone of the
עמוד 47 - you bring : Let the wild croud that catch the breath of fame, In mad huzzas their ruder joy proclaim: Let their loud thanks to

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