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the evils both to the Church and his weight of one honest prudent man Majesty's interest arising from it, may be in such an assembly. Can would not have given a precedent to be be as useful in Londonderry, or justify those who are too apt of in any post in Ireland. As to that themselves to make many.

bishoprick, it might have been supIn your Grace's letter of April plied very well to all intents and pur2d, you seem to be ill--pleased with poses by the scheme we proposed to mine of the 25th March last, and the universal content of the whole call it an extraordinary one. I say kingdom, bothe clergy and laity: nothing to the contrary, only take whereas by this breach upon them leave to put your Grace in mind that they are grievously out of humour; it was on an extraordinary occasion. and I have not observed any one The government here, by the advice thing that has caused more murmur of the best friends to his Majesty's or discontent, though we have had interest, both of the clergy and laity, many hard things put upon us. who have the good of the Church I know very well that Londonand kingdom, most at heart, pro- derry is a better provision for the posed and recommended a scheme Bishop's wife and family than Car. for the filling of the bishoprick of lisle; I beartily wish that it may Derry; with which, and the reasons prove so; but I cant persuade myof it, I acquainted your Grace. Yourself that the interest of a private få. Grace, instead of coming into it, or mily, though it were my own, ought giving us your interest and assist- to be put in the balance with the inance to make it effectual, has, as far terest of the Church and the quiet as you could, effectually broke it, and satisfaction of a whole kingdom, and given a precedent to make all especially in our present circumsuch recommendations, signify no stances. I do not impute this matthing for the future, which what in- ter entirely to your Grace. I doubt fuepce it may have hereafter on this not there were others concurred in Church and kingdom, he must have it, or it had not been done. And I a long head that can foresee. pray God some did not purposely

The only thing your Grace al project it with a design to remove ledges as your reason for making out of the way one that they foresaw this step, is the extraordinary merit would be an obstacle to some conof the person you appeared for. trivances that they have in their There is none that hath a greater minds, and that your Grace may not opinion of the worth and merit of be made sensible of it hereafter when the Bishop of Carlisle, than I; and you come to want his assistance. if either that or my personal friend I imagine your Grace is tot well ship could sway me in a matter pleased with the way I writ my letwhere the interest of the Church is ter : I was well enough aware that concerned, I should surely have it might be so; but that did not joined with your Grace. But as I hinder me from taking the method I take it his merit is nothing in the did. When I write to any friend, in case, but in my humble opinion, is which number your Grace allowed rather a strong argument against me to reckon you, I do it in such a putting him out of the way, wherein way as I think most like to awaken he might be most useful to the pub- them. And though I often anger lic. Where he was, he was a sure them very heartily at first, yet I have prop and stay to your Grace and the hitherto always found it turn to the Church. He was able in parliament best, and that on their cool and seto assist your Grace to stop any in- cond thoughts, it rather confirnied convenient proceedings that might than broke our friendship; and I tend to the hurt of the public, and we have had the happiness to bring severy well know, of what moment the veral to right reason ; which I ani

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satisfied the complaisant genteel struction will hasten my waiting on
way of writing never would have re your Grace for your blessing sooner
covered. If I lose your Grace's than was intended. My Lord, your
correspondence on this account, 'tis Grace's most obliged servant,
the first instance of the kind I have

W. DERRY. met with.

Bp. Nicolson to Archb. Wake. I own to your Grace that I am one of those whimsical men who will

Dublin, June 17th, 1718. not always do, or say, or think what My very good Lord, I am bid. I never was so complai Fourteen days ago I troubled your sant to my governors, and I hope my Grace with an account of my arrival friends will not expect it from me. here, and I must beg leave to acAnd if it has pleased God to make quaint you with my setting vut this me an instrument to do any good in very day for my northern charge. my station in the world, 'tis chiefly The roads thither are, somewhat undue to this obstinacy and the neglect accountably much infested at preof my private interest, which yet sent with several gangs of Rappaafter all by God's good providence, rees; who have lately committed has not much suffered by it.

two or three barbarous murders, and This is but a part of what I have their chief ring-leaders are thereupon to say upon this subject. Your outlawed, &c. To secure me and Grace may command the rest when my Dean who accompanies me from you are willing to hear it. In the the violence of those true Tories, the mean time, I assure your Grace there Lords Justices, have given me is none that more values or honours order to the commanding officer at your Grace, or can be with truer re- Ardee, to furnish me with a guard of spect, my Lord, your Grace's most ten dragoons, through the dangerous humble and faithful servant,

passes in the mountains. In this WILL, DUBLIN. state I am to travel to-morrow, and Bishop Nicolson to Archb. Wake.

some part of the day following.

The worst of my condition is, that
May 9th, 1718.

I am like to be still in an enemy's
My very good Lord,

country, when I come to the place Since I waited upon your Grace, where I hoped for rest. From all I I have not been one whole day free can learn of the present state of from pains of the gravel. They were Londonderry, the heats are more inincreased by my coming from my tense there in the Whig and Tory brother's the other day by water, dispute, than they are in any other which deter me from venturing any part of this kingdom. I am afraid more on the river in an easterly wind. several of the Clergy are of the same Yesterday morning the Duke of Bol- temper with my pert Chaplain at ton shewed me a letter from the Chester, of whose conduct ou the Lord's Justices of Ireland, wherein 29th of May, I think I gave your they acquaint his Grace that they Grace an account in my last. This had, immediately upon the receipt consideration sits the more heavy on of the King's letter, issued out a me, because as the livings in that warrant for passing the patent for diocese are generally rectories of Derry. Hereupon I went to take good value, the incumbents have the leave of his Majesty, who surprised repute of being the most learned me with his command to reside in body of their divines, and for that my new diocese. I was much stun reason their doctrines prevail with ned at this ; but readily professed greatest authority. I have directed · That (I had hitherto) I would per- the Chancellor to call them all to my sonally attend the duties of my charge primary visitation upon the first or ever where.' His extraordinary in- second Wednesday in July, and I

shall then, God willing, give them a the other two Lord's Justices. They plain and explicit confession of my were also pleased to grant me a own faith, and what is like to be my guard of dragoons, with whom I practice thereupon.

travelled in great security through a In the progress that I made with

country said to be much infested the Bishop of Meath, I had a dis- with a set of barbarous and pilfercouraging taste, of what I expect to ing tories. I saw no danger of be entertained with more plentifully losing the little money I had, but in this week's journey. Tlie churches was under some apprehensions of are wholly demolished in many of being starved; having never beheld, their parishes, which are therefore even in Picardy, Westphalia, or called Non-Cures; and several cler- Scotland, such dismal marks of gymen have each of them four or hunger and want as appeared in the five, some six or seven of these. They countenances of most of the poor commonly live at Dublin ; leaving creatures that I met with on the the conduct of their Popish pa- road. The wretches lie in reeky rishioners to priests of their own sod hovels, and have generally no persuasion, who are said to be now more than a rag of coarse blanket, more numerous than ever. About to cover a part of their nakedness. three weeks ago, three or four of Upon the strictest inquiry I could these were seized upon their land- not find that they are better clad or ing, but the magistrates were forced lodged in the winter season. These to admit them to bail. The best sorry slaves plough the ground to part of this city are protestants, and the very top of their mountains for ibe Churcbes are very full; but thc the service of their lords, who spend generality of the population, coach- their truly rack-rents, as somebody men, chairmen, porters, &c. are said supposed the rents of this diocese to be papists. I beg the continuance would be spent in London. A ridge of your Grace's prayers for, my Lord, or two of potatoes is all the poor your Grace's most obliged and ever tenant has for the support of himdutiful servant,

self, a wife, and commonly ten or

W. DERRY. twelve bare-legged children. To Bishop Nicolson to Archbp. Wake. complete their

misery these animals

are bigoted Papists, and we freLondonderry, June 24, 1718.

quently met them trudging to some My very good Lord,

ruined church or chapel, either to I had the honour of your Grace's hear mass, a funeral, or a wedding, letter of the 10th, just as I was leav- with a priest in the same habit with ing Dublin this day sevennight, and themselves. I was pretty curious, about an hour after I had sent to the my Lord, in inquiring after the tempost my last letter for Lambeth. poral state of my metropolitan our The Archbishop of Dublin did not primate ; but had not the satisfac. come home whilst I stayed in town, tion of finding that his revenue was which bereft me of the opportunity as great as it had been represented of getting his particular informa- to your Grace. I went through all tions concerning the state of his the apartments of his chief palace quondam diocese of Derry, which at Drogheda ; which is so far from his singular courtesy would not have meriting a comparison with Lamsuffered him to withhold. I was beth, that I can modestly aver my also forced to come away without successor will find a better house his personal assent to my license of in Rose Castle. His Grace comes return to my family, and of conti so seldom there, and so little fuel puing in England until May next, has been spent in it of late, that I which favour I readily obtained of should be as much afraid of living


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there as I am of bringing my family divines, of about fifty in number, in into one somewhat better in this as good and graceful a dress as I town.

had hitherto beheld, not one counHither I came in much more pomp tenance or garb of a poor curate than I wish for last Saturday in the among them all. They bave indeed evening. The chancellor of the dio- generally very valuable preferments, cese, Dr. Jenkins, contemporary partly here, and partly in other diowith my

Lord of York, at St. ceses. There is but one vicarage 'John's, in Oxford, brought me to his within my jurisdiction, and that is house on the road at ten miles dis- annexed to a plump rectory. Your tance, where I was met by the Grace will hardly believe me when neighbouring clergy, the two citi- I report that there are no fewer zens in parliament, the mayor, al. than nine doctors in divinity benedermen, and sheriffs, &c. who allac- ficed in the diocese of Derry, and companied me to my lodgings. The that there is neither incumbent or next day I was enthroned by the curate under the degree of master dean, and have every day since been of arts, whereof not above four or regaled and feasted by some great five Scotch laureats. man or other. Yesterday the Bi The visitation sermon was preached shop of Raphoe and I were compli- by one of Bishop Hartstong's chapmented with the dignity of freemen; lains, who was of the same endowand after he left us the corporation ments with his younger brother gave a splendid entertainment in whom I met with at Chester. The their Guildhall to me and all the man's name is Breviter. He took clergy in town.

for his text Hebrew v. 4, and the These joys are exceeding damped aim of his discourse was to prove by the account your grace gives of the necessity of a divine mission, your continuing indisposed. I daily which he proved well enough. But beseech God to preserve your health, gave himself much liberty in inveighand have the general concurrence in ing against the late Bishop of Sarum's this prayer. Your own chaplains exposition of the 23d Article, and cannot be more hearty in it, than all the present Bishop of Bangor's Court of them appear to be. I have not Sermon and Preservative. He conbeen unmindful of your commands cluded with an exhortation to myself about the young lady's pad; my re- and his other brethren of this dio- ; gistrar has procured one, which pro- cese to stand manfully in the gap; mises to do well, and will try to do to support with all our strength the better. I am ever your Grace's tottering Church of Ireland, and to most obliged dutiful servant, sound an alarm betimes in all the

W. DERRY. streets of our Jerusalem. In short, Bishop Nicholson to Archbp. Wake. a stranger, as I was, could hardly Londonderry, July 8, 1718.

Popish army at the gates of Derry, My very good Lord,

and that we were all to prepare for I presumed to acquaint your Grace a new siege. in my last with the singular respects As soon as he had done, I preshewed me at my coming into this sumed to address myself to the audiocese, and that I had appointed a ditory in a different strain. I asprimary visitation antecedent to my sured them that I was newly come metropolitan's triennial. Accordingly, from Westminster, and that we had the clergy met me on Tuesday last, there no apprehension of invasion and continued most of them in town from abroad, or apostacies at home : the two following days. A great that the King and Prince were both comfort it was to me to see a set of conformists; that her Royal High

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ness communicated with us monthly; ther the apparitor was not duly inand that her children could say the structed, or, what I rather suspect, catechism in our way. Several of was inclined to squeese a few pence the good men were overjoyed at extraordinary out of me by way of these tidings; for though they ge- composition, I cannot tell." But he nerally had good thoughts of the would needs serve the instrument on present Lord Primate of England, me in the open street two days bee' they as generally believed the whole fore the visitation: after my fatlings royal family to be warping towards were killed for the entertainment of Presbytery; and I cannot but agree the clergy. with them, that there is too much I was not a little provoked at of that leaven already in this part this usage on my first appearanoe in of his Majesty's dominions.

a strange land. And had the fellow I went yesterday to repay a visit persisted in his arrest as he seemed to my very good neighbour the Bi to threaten, I should have been in shop of Raphoe : who, among other great hazard of falling into the sin discourses, told me, that the Bishop of rebellion. I was resolved to have of Clogher, in his approaching me. gone on with my own work, and tropolitan visitation of the diocese should scarce have avoided the of Meath for our primate, was like temptation of disregarding a manto have the rehearing of a late dia- date, which bore date when, I am logue between the Bishop of M. and very sure his grace was 'not within Dean Swift; whereof your Grace the limits of this kingdom the 26th has already had an account. Though of May last. But the dean was a my informer knows not whither his lucky mediator, and mistakes on lordship or the dean is the complain- both sides were corrected. The ant. The Bishop of Down, the metropolitical visitation is to be held 4th of next month, visits here the here on the 4th of next month : very diocese of your Grace's most dutiful soon after which, within two or and obliged servant,

three days, I hope to be moving W. DERRY. towards Carlisle. The Bishop of

Down is chief in the primate's comLondonderry, July 11, 1718.

mission for visiting this diocese, but My very good Lord,

a lameness is like to prevent his By the last post I could but coming. just acknowledge the receipt of The Archbishop of Dublin was your Grace's letter of the 2d of not in town whilst I was there; but June, which came to hand as mine since his return thither he has a went out. Give me leave now to re mero motu most graciously favoured turn thanks for it; and to make me with a letter of good instrucanswer to some parts of its contents. tions for the management of his

I am much obliged to my new old cure here. He has very justly metropolitan for his taking notice of remarked on the sufferings of the me in his late visit to your Grace. see by his two immediate successors;

By a good piece of management and has furnished me with kind in our dean I escaped the misfortune rules for avoiding the rocks whereon of being in a dispute with his grace they split. He invites me to the on my first entrance into his pro- settling some glebes on the new pavince. My registrar had acquainted rishes which he thinks I ought imme at Dublin, that this was his mediately to endeavour to have settriennial. But assured me in that, tled hy the division of several old that the inhibition should not come ones, according to a plan which he to Derry till my primary visitation presented to Bishop Hickman, and was over. I told him this would be wherewith he supposes him to have in the beginning of July. Whe- lighted his pipe. The projected REMEMBRA NCER, No. 26.


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