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this part of the subject in despair. several of our Clergy, support the That gentleman, in his letter to Society; therefore, it is generally! the editor of the Warwick news. sanctioned by the Church; and allt paper, kindly furnishes a clue to the opposition that has been ofar the whole. By repeating the joke fered is a mere pretence! Really, about the 31. 128., he called forth a. this is too bad. The Clergy may. clear explanation of that very di-. be right, or they may be wrong ;verting circumstance, and by reite- but to say, that they generally rating the declaration of ihe de. sanction Mr. Grimshaw's favourite puties, respecting the sound church-society; to cajole a "respectable manship of the Bible Society, he meeting" by such an assertion as has enabled us to understand and this, is to do evil that good may explain their meaning. “ Of nine- come, at a rate which must asto. teen Ministers who were on the nish the Jesuit himself. Mr. Dud. platform at Warwick, on Tuesday ley, in his speech to the ladies, last, sixteen were of the Established (p. 32,) says, that “ the want of a Church." This little word platform Bible Society is the want of God :" is the key to the mystery. Not a and if this be the opinion of his syllable is said about meeting or reverend colleague, we cannot cenroom. There might have been a sure the zeal which he displayed at hundred Dissenting Teachers prea Warwick. But Christianity neither sent, and Mr. Stratton's declara. requires nor authorises the use of tion still be true. And as his is the the weapons which he has been only declaration, which is formally pleased to wield, and we exhort bimsigned with the writer's or speaker's to disavow his reporter with all uame, we are bound to correct the convenient dispatch. reported speeches in the Sketch, by And in case he should be un comparing them with the authentic willing to come alone before the statement in the letter. By so do. public, . we can recommend bim ing, the difficulty is removed at à partner for the occasion in the once. The zeal and charity of our person of Mr. Richard Spooner. Dissenting bretbren are not com- The latter gentleman declares, that promised by their non-appearance the Church of England is comat Stratford and Warwick, but with mitted for the British and Fo. their wonted humility, and wonted reign Bible Society, and is reprudence, they did not aspire to sponsible for every thing that emathe plaform, but mingled ignobly nates from it. That Mr. Spooner with the crowd. By this unassum is committed for this declaration, ing conduct they gave the prece- and that the British and Foreiga deuce to the Church; and they Bible Society will hold him to be gave the deputation a plausible responsible for everything that argument in favour of the Society's emanates from it, we can readily orthodoxy, We do not know who imagine and believe. But how a. is entitled to the praise of invent- person in his situation could veping this trick, but the praise of ture upon such a speech, we are exposing it, and we mention it to quite at a loss to understand. Does' his honour, is due to Mr. Strattou. Mr. Spooner mean to say, that we - The next topic to which we can veither retraet nor repent? must advert, is the refutation of- that those who have got themselves fered by Mr. Grimshaw of Mr. into a scrape have nothing to do Boudier's statement, “ that the Bi. but go through with it? On this ble Society was not generally sanc- principle the pilferer is quite in the tioned by the ministers of the Esta- right when he breaks open a house blished Church." His argument is, and gets hanged. On this princi. that several of our Bishops, and ple the Methodists and the Dissen

ters are drivellers, if they do not subject) is that Mr. Wade was in pursue the Church of England to error, and that he expressed bimself her ruin, and murder another Pri- in unguarded and unwarrantable mate on the scaffold. On this terms. And this inference is strengthprinciple the Irish White-Boys, who ened by subsequent events. Mr. have commenced their reign of ter Boudier contents himself with abiror, and are committed for the ding by his original declaration ; cause of blood and crime, are and proceeds to institute and re. bound to pursue the career in commend a District Committee of which they have set out, and to ex. the Society for Promoting Christian tirpate every Protestant in the coun- Knowledge in his parish, and in the try. We trust, therefore, that Mr. adjoining neighbourhood, His apSpooner will unite with Mr. Grim- peal is crowned with success *. Upshaw, in disavowing the sentiments werds of seventy pounds are subattributed to him. And if he will scribed by ninety individuals in the be so kind as to add a note to his town of Warwick, and the gentry protest, shewing how, when, and and clergy in the vicinity come forwhere, the Church of England made ward in considerable numbers. Now herself responsible for emanations these persons, the inhabitants of from the Bible Society, he will fill Warwick especially, must know wheup a chasm in his argument, and ther Mr. Boudier's declaration be confer a great favour upon his true or false--and the manner in friends. Hitherto we have believed which they have supported him, is that the Church is just as much a sufficient confirmation of his state. committed for the Bible Society, ment. They prove, beyond the as she is committed for Messrs. possibility of doubt, that Mr. Wade's Spooner, Stratton, and Dudley. But charge was unfounded ; and we trust if there be an original contract, are ready to believe that it was like that between the king and his merely the result of misconception. subjects, and Mr. Spooner has got Having alluded to the formation a copy of the deed, he is bound to of the Warwick District Committee, produce it for the information of we have a few words to say upon the public.

the reception that it has experienced The last point to which we shall from the friends of the Bible Soadvert, is Mr. Wade's contradiction ciety. Mr. Richard Spooner de. of Mr. Boudier. The latter de- elared at the meeting, that he would clared that he had complied with plead equally for both Societies every application which had been And in the Newspaper Report of made to him for Bibles, for the use the transaction, the Deputies from of his parishioners. The former London are made to say that “they asserted that a gentleman in War. are themselves strenuous supporters wick had applied to Mr. Boudier of the Society for Promoting Chrisfor two years without

tian Knowledge." Morning Herald, Here, in the first place, it is to be Oct. 12. Of course it follows that observed, that Mr. Boudier could Mr. Boudier has their best wishes not be mistaken upon the point at for his success, and that they have issue, and that Mr. Wade could. exerted themselves in forwarding The one might have misapprehend. his plans. As a proof of this, the ed the iaformation that had been Committee of the Warwick Bible communicated to him, the other Society printed a report of Lord spoke of what he had himself said Liverpool's Speech at Margate, in and done. The io ference, therefore, which his Lordship is made to say which must be drawn (supposing that he prefers the Bible Society to Mr. Boudier and the anonymous gentleman to remain silent upon the

See onr Register for this Month.


the Society for Promoting Christian The Prayer.Book and Homily SoKnowledge, and left a copy of it at ciety is limited by its very title. The every house in the town, the very Religious Tract Society, is in the morniug on which the District Com. same situation. And so is every exmittee was to meet. Had this ex. isting Institution, except the Society pedient been resorted to, on the day for promoting Christian Knowledge. of the Auxiliary meeting, it might That Society not only gives Bibles have passed off as an ordinary puff; to all persons whatsoever, but gives we cannot blame the Bible Society Prayer-Books to such as will accept for being proud of Lord Liverpool's them; and every species of religious support, and his appearance at the instruction into the bargain. SchoolMargate meeting is the only new books for the young, and books of argument which they have discovered devotion for the old : parochial liduring several years. But the disc braries for the poor, and commentribution of his Speech upon the taries on Scripture for the rich: morning in queston, was neither à Offices of Penitence, and consola. puff collateral nor a puff defen- tion for those that are sick and in sive. It was a direct and wanton misery: Demonstrations of the truth

act of aggression; an endeavour to of Christianity for the blasphemer • defeat the efforts of the regular and the infidel, and pious Mission.

clergy; a violation of those assur aries for the heathen. So much for ances which had been given by Mr, the limitation of the Society's deSpooner, an open deelaration of war sigos. Its enemies have reported against the Society for Promoting that because it disapproves of a forChristian Knowledge. No quib. mal divorce between Bible and bling can alter or obliterate this Prayer. Book, it will therefore refuse plain fact.

The two Institutions to furnish Dissenters with the Scripare opposed to each other in War. tures. Its members and friends, wick as well as elsewhere; but know that the very reverse is the while on one side the opposition is fact, and the truth becomes more open and above board, on the other notorious from day to day.

So no. it does not disdain the aid of sub- torious indeed has it been for the terfuge and chicane.

last ten or a dozen years, that we no With respect to the distributed more believe Lord Liverpool to have document itself, in which our ex used the expressions which bave cellent Prime Minister is reported been attributed to bim, than we beto have said that the Society for lieve the Church to be responsible Promoting Christian Knowledge was for the Bible Society, or Mr. Dudley limited in its operations, and never “ never to have known of a Clergygave the Bible without a Book of man who had solicited to have his Common Prayer, it must be observed name erased from that Society's list." that if lis Lordship actually used These two latter assertions are conthese words, he betrayed a want tained in the Warwick Sketch; which of information upon the subject Sketch is published by the Warwick which is very unusual with him, Committee, and paid for in all proand expressed himself with an bability out of the Committee's inaccuracy of which he is never funds. The speakers whom it so guilty in his Parliamentary speeches, shamefully misrepresents are indeLord Liverpool certainly might be fatigable supporters of the Institusupposed to know that the So- tion; most of them peither talking ciety for Promoting Christian Know or thinking on any other subject. ledge has no limits but those which The gross errors however which are are imposed by its revenue. The contained in the speeches of Messrs. Bible Society is limited to the Dudley, Grimshaw, Spooner, and Bible without note or comment. Wade, can only be referred to the

inaccuracy of the Society's reporters. bines to mark ont Lord Liverpool as And why may not Lord Liverpool the properest person in the kingdom. have suffered from a similar cause. for the reporters to go to work upon. Which is most probable : that so- And if the reader should think us cautious and well informed a man as uncharitable for entertaining such his Lordship should have brought suspicions, we only request bim to forward the infounded charge which peruse the Warwick Sketch, and has been fathered upon him, or that count up the gross misrepresenta-, reporters who cannot take down the tions which it evidently contains. words of their own deputation with. If the statements which we liave out inserting fagrant falsehoods, extracted from it are genuine and should have employed their talents avowed, our conjecture respecting for embellishment upon the Prime Lord Liverpool will be somewhat Minister's speech ? His Lordship's weakened. But to what a situation station and employments render it will that avowal reduce Messrs. very unlikely that he should notice Dudley, &c. Either the reporters or the circumstance. He is too much the itinerators must hide their heads. accustomed to newspaper reporting If we believe that his Lordship has to attach any importance to its been correctly reported, we must errors. He is too conscious of his also believe all that has been said established character for integrity about the responsibility of the and good sense, to fear that he can Church and the clerical support of be hurt by any trash that may be the Bible Society, and the presence imputed to him. In all probability of only three dissenting teachers on he has never read a copy of his the platform. If these are mere inspeech. We may be quite confident, accuracies, as we trust they are, that he does not and will not know Lord Liverpool is exposed to a sithe circumstances under which it milar inisfortune, and his sentiments has been printed and distributed at may not correspond with the re. Warwick; or if by any accident port of his speech. The Bible Sothey should come to his ears, he has ciety must take its choice of the something better to do than corres. alternative, for our own parts we pond with newspaper editors or are not at a loss to know which Bible Society reporters. On the we should prefer. whole, therefore, every thing com


Society for Promoting Christian to the purpose of meeting and an: Knowledge.

swering such application. For an In consequence of an application account of the Dublin Society our from the Dublin Association for Dis. readers are referred to the extracts countenancing Vice, stating that the froiu their last Report, which are infunds of that Society were inade. serted in this Number. quate to supply the calls that are Warwickshire District Committee. made upon them for Bibles, Prayer

Ar a special meeting of the menBooks, &c., it was resolved, at the bers of the Society, holden in the last general meeting, to request the vestry room of St. Mary's, Warwick, Association for Discountenancing the 13th day of Nov. 1821. Vice to forward such applications as

C. Mills, Esq. M.P. in the Chair. might be deemed expedient to the

It was resolved unanimously, Board in London, who would dedi

Ist----That this meeting has the greatest cate a sum of one thousand pounds satisfaction in noticing the liberality of the


inhabitants of Warwick, in raising á band- and satisfactory statement of the general some sum, already amounting to upwards objects of the Society, and took a Cursory of 601. for the purpose of promoting among view of its proceedings since its foundation themselves the objects of the Sociсty, by in the year 1699. His Lordship observed establishing a Leading Library, and ob- that, though it bad never made a great taining a deposit of the Society's books, noise or display in the world, it had all and that it heartily concurs in their wish along been silently and effectively promotthat a district committee should be formed ing the cause of Religion both at home in Warwick.

and abroad: at home, by the formation of 2nd,—That it is desirable that Warwick, schools, and the distribution of useful as the county town, should become the books; and abroad, by translations into centre of a certain district, and it is in foreign languages, and the support of consequence determined that such district Christian missions, particularly in the shall comprehend the borough of Warwick southern part of the continent of India; generally, and the neiglıbouring villages; and more recently, by its Committees and that a district committee be now established in cvery part of this Diocese. formed, cousisting of ail the members of After this statement, which we regret our the Society in that district or neighbour- inability to give more in detail, the followhood who may be pleased to attend, toge- ing Resolutions were unanimously passed. ther with all subscribing members to its 1. Resolved-That experience has funds who shall contribute the amount of strongly proved the nsefniness of the sys108. 60. or upwards.

tem upon which the Society for promoting 3rd.—That such district committee be Christian Knowledge is foundei, and that considered as immediately connected with a wider extension of the system, particuthe committee already established at larly in Ceylon, would be highly beneficial Stratford, but that its funds be kept dis to the cause of Christianity. tinct.

2. Resolved, therefore, that it is essen4th.-Tbat eaclı subscriber to the dis- tial that the Committee do adhere in all trict fund, be entitled to receive annually respects to the standing Rules and Orders books from the depository to the value of of the Society. four times his subscription, or to recom 3. Resolved, that the quarterly Meetmend poor persons who shall be supplied ings of this Committee be held at the King's with such books to the same amonnt. House on the third

in January, - 5th. That 501. be expended in the April, July, and October. parchase of a library for Warwick, and 4. Resolved, that members of the Dis. that a further sum of at least 301. be laid trict Committee be such Gentlemen as have out in procuring books for a deposit, and been recommended according to the sothat such books be entrusted to the care ciety's prescribed form, and elected by of Mr. Bondier, till a suitable place be ballot ; each member to pay a benetáction decided upon for the library and deposi- of twelve Rix-collars on admission, and the tory, and an arrangement made for the same som annnally, in advance, the latter pecessary attendance.

being due at Christmas, Mr. Mills having left the chair, the very 5. Resolved, that a Select Committee cordial thanks of the meeting were voted be formed, consisting of the President and to him for luis kind and zealous efforts to

other members, including the promote the business of the day.

Secretary, any fonr of whom may be comJohn Bourler, Secretary. petent tu act; and that they meet on the Donations and subscriptions to the second of every month at the King's amount of 701. bave been already received, House to receive applications for books, from the inhabitants of Warwick, and 30l. to consider in what way the designs of the was subscribed at the above meeting. Society may be best promoted, and to re

commend such measures as may be apColombo District Committee.

proved by them, to the next quarterly Proceedings of a Special Meeting of the meeting of the general Committee. Colombo District Committee of the above 6. Resolved, that members may of right Society, called by direction of the Presi- purchase annually to the amount of their dent, bis Honor the Lieutenant Governor, subscription, and moreover to any farther at the request of the Lord Bishop of Cal- amount with the sanction of the Select cutta, and held at the King's House on Committee, or even have books gratuiWednesday, 231 May, 1821.

tously without any limitation, subject to The President having intimated to the the same sanction. Committee the purpose of their meetiog, 7. Resolved, that all persons shall be the Bishop entered upon a very luminous permitted to subscribe (though bot mem.

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