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cellor to the vicarage of Owthorne in The rev. James Edwardes, rector of Yorkshire.

Reynoldstone, Glamorgan, has been instiThe rev. Henry Law, collated to the tuted to the rectory of Lanmadoc, in the vicarage of Childwall, in Lancashire, by same county. the bishop of Chester.

The rev. E. Benwell, licensed by the UNIVERSITY INTELLIGENCE, lord bishop of the diocese to be minister OXFORD, October 13.-On Tuesday of St. George's chapel, Portsea.

last, the rev. George Williarn Hall, D.D. The rev. Mr. Tredcroft, appointed to a master of Pembroke college, having been Prebendal Stall at Lincoln, by the Lord previonsly nominated by the right hou. Bishop.

lord Grenville, chancellor of the UniverThe rev. William Wilkinson, M.A. of sity, to be vice-chancellor for the year enChrist Church, Oxford, appointed chaplain suing, was in full convocation invested with to the earl of Athlone.

that office ; after which the vice-chancellor The rev. J. H. Barber, B.A. of Wadham nominated his pro vice-chancellors, viz. college, Oxford, to the rectory of Aston the rev. Thomas Lee, D.D. president of Sandford, Buckingham.

Trinity college ; the rev. Frodsham HodThe rev. Charles Kingsley, LL. B. vicar son, D.D. principal of Brasenose college ; of North Clifton, is appointed domestic the rev. Richard Jenkyns, D.D. master chaplain to the marquis of Exeter.

of Baliol college ; and the rev. John ColThe rev. Charles James Burtor, to the lier Jones, D.D. rector of Exeter college. vicarage of Lydd, in Kent, vacant by the Congregations will be holden for grantdecease of the rey. W. P, Warburton. ing graces, and conferring degrees on the

The rev. H. Wiles, M.A. Fellow of following days this term : Tuesday, OctoTrinity college, to the vicarage of Hitchin, ber 23; Thursday, November 15; SaturHerts, vacated by the death of the rev. day 24 ; Tuesday, December 4 ; Tuesday, J. Ruddock; patron, the masters and fel- 11 ; and Monday 17. lows of that society.

On Wednesday last, the first day of The rev. J. Hodgson, M.A. to the Michaelmas term, the following degrees vicarage of Kenvington, near Ashford. were conferred:

The rev. George Andrewes, son of the MASTERS OF ARTI.-Rev. Andrew Wildean of Canterbury, to be sixth preacher tiam Burnside, of Trinity college, grand of Canterbury cathedral, in the room of compounder; Arthur Jackson Drury, the late rev, R. Harvey; patron, the Arch. scholar of Trinity college; William Fisher, bishop.

student of Christ Church ; rev, William The rev. Stephen Bevan, institut- Lewes Davies, Fellow of St. Joho's coled to the rectory and parish church of lege. Carleton Rode, Norfolk ; patron, sir John BACHELOR OF ARTS.—David Umpleby, Buxton, bart. of Shadwell lodge.

of St. Edmund Hall, The rev. William Taylor, B.A. of Ex The following gentlemen were ordained eter college, Oxford, to the rectory of on Sunday, 7th of October, at a general Litchborough, in Northamptonshire. ordination holden by the lord bishop of

His Majesty has been pleased to esta. Chester, in the cathedral of that city: blish by Letters Patent the Archdeacoury DEACONS.

- Robert Myddelton, M.A. of Quebec in Lower Canada, and the Arch Clare Hall, Cambridge; John Leigh, M.A. deaconry of York in Upper Canada. We

Brazenose college, Oxon; Oswald Field. are informed that the Lord Bishop of the ing, M.A. Brasenose college; Richard Diocese will collate the Rev. Dr. Moun- Waterfield, M.A. Fellow of Emman. col. tain to the former Archdeaconry, and the lege, Cambridge ; Henry Playsted Jeston, Rev. G. (). Stuart to the latter.

B.A. Worcester college, Oxon; Philip The rev. T. Jones, curate of St. Twin- Gregson Harper, B.A. Wadham college, nell's, Pembrokeshire, has been presented Oxon; G. Buckston, B.A. St. John's colto the vicarage of Llanrhiddian, ia the lege, Cambridge; A. Browne, B.A. St. county of Glamorgan.

John's college, Cambridge; William OldThe lord bishop of Llandaff has been acres, B.A. Clare Hall, Cambridge; George pleased to nominate the rev. R. Prichard, Salt, B.A. Christ church, Oxon. rector of Langan, to the senior vicarage LITERATE8.—Simeon Clayton, Joseph of Llandaff.

Thomlinson, Henry Hodgson, Joseph The rev. T. Brigstock, junior, minister Stanley, John Allen Wedgwood, George of St. Catherine's chapel, Milford, has Norris. been appointed chaplain to the countess PRIESTS.-Wm. Wliitby, B.A. Brase. of Mapstield.

nose college, Oxon; Johu Baron, B.A.

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Brasenoke college - Thomas Stringer Mills, bum, B.A. Christ's college, Cambridger; Magdalen college, Oxon; Samuel F. Trot- G. J. Harvey, B.A. Sidney college, Camman, B.A. Sidney Sussex college, Cambridge. bridge; Charles C. Cholmondeley, B.A. October 5. This morning, William Brasenose college, Oxon; Francis Close, Joseph Bayne, B.A. of Trinity college, B.A. St. John's college, Cambridge; Tho. Cambridge; was elected a fellow of that mas Warden, B.A. Trinity college, Cam- society: the circumstance of there being bridge.

only one vacancy, has not happened for LITERATES.-Edmund Ellwood, Henry more than thirty years. Wingfield, George Wilkins, Thomas Gar. There will be congregations on the folratt, Laancelot J. Wilson.

lowing days of the next term ; Wednesday, October 20.-On Sunday, the 30th ult. October 24, at eleven ; Wednesday, Nov. the lord bishop of Hereford held a private 7, at eleven ; Wednesday, November 28, ordination in the chapel of Winchester at eleven; Saturday, December 16, end college, at which Walter Farquhar Hook, of term, at ten. B.A. student of Christ church, was ordain A grace having passed the senate to the ed a deacon.

following effect, that those to whom the The rev. Charles Miller, M.A. demy of sunday afternoon turns and the turns for Magdalen college, Oxford, is appointed Christmas-day and Good-friday are assignchaplain to the dowager countess of ed, shall, from the beginning of October, Roden.

1821, to the end of June, 1822, provide no The lord bishop of Lincoln held an otber substitute than such as should be ordination in the parish church of Buck- appointed in conformity with that grace. den, on Sunday, the 14th of October, when The following persons have been elected the following gentlemen were ordained : each for the month to wliich his name

DEACONS. Richard B. Wortbington, has been affixed : B.A.; J. Bonham, B.A. Brasenose college, October.-The Hulsean lecturer. Oxford; J. C. Girardot, B.A. Brasenose Nov.-Dr. Blomfield, Trinity college. college, Oxford; J. Cowherd, B.A. Lid Dec.-Rev. S. Lee, Arabic professor. coln college, Oxford.

Jan.-Rev. C. Musgrave, Trinity college. PRIESTS.C. Semple, M.A. Clare Hall,

The lord bishop of Peterborough,

Feb. Cambridge ; J. A. Ross, Trinity college, | Lady Margaret's professor. Cambridge ; T. Anderson, M.A. Exeter March. Dr. Wordsworth, Master of Tricollege, Oxon; H. T. Atkins, B.A. Wad nity college. ham college, Oxon; S. H. Knapp, B.A. April.

The Hulsean lecturer, Merton college, Oxon; T. Williams, B.A. May. } Christ church, Oxon; J. Gonld, B.A. June.—Mr. Dicken St. Peter's Coll. Baliol college, Oxon; J. Fletcher, B.A. October 10.--This day, being the first St. Jolin's college, Oxon ; J. Sankey, B.A. day of Michaelmas term, the following St. Edmund Hall, Oxon; W. Smitb, curate gentlemen were elected officers of the of Riby, Lincolnshire; C. Ash, curate of University for this year ensuing : Bicker, Lincolnshire.

PROCTORS. Samuel Berney Vince, CAMBRIDGE, September 28.On Sun- M.A. King's college; Francis William day last, bis grace the archbishop of Can- Lodington, M.A. Clare Hall. terbury, held an ordination in that cathe Taxor.-Beaupre P. Bell, M.A. Christ dral, when the following gentlemen were college. ordained :

MODERATORS.-John Hind, M.A. SidD¥ACONS.-Joshua Stratton, B.A. New ney college; Temple Chevalier, M.A. college, Oxford; John Hurst, B.A. St. Catherine Hall. Alban's Hall.


Thomas W. Hornbuckle, Priests.-John Billington, M.A. rector D.D. St. John's college; Henry Wiles, of Kenardington, and vicar of Kennington; M.A. Trinity college. John Dight, S.C.L. of St. Peter's college, October 19. The following gentlemen Cambridge; William Vallance, M.A. ; were on Friday last, appointed the caput Goswick Prideaux, and George Cowell, for the year ensuing : B.A.

The vice-chancellor ; R. T. Cory, D.D. On the same day an ordination was held Emmanuel college, Divinity; E. D. in the cathedral of Wells, by the lord Clarke, LL. D. Jesus college, Law; J. bishop of Gloucester, when the following Haviland, M.D. St. John's college, Physic; gentlemen were admitted to the order of W. Frere, M.A. Downing, senior Non

DEACONS.-F. Aston, B.A. University Regent; F. Calvert, M.A. Jesus college, college, Oxford ; W. S. Townsend, B.A. Senior Regent. Worcester college, Oxford ; W. T. Black The rev. W. W. Gurney, of Clare Hall,

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was on the same day admitted bachelor in The returns are said to be very flattering, civil law,

and the residence of the new clergy much The rev. J. C. Ebden, M.A. fellow of more general than was expected. Several Trinity Hall, was on Wednesday last new churches are to be built, others reelected junior proctor for the year ensuing, paired and beantified, and what is of more in the room of the rev. F. W. Lodington, consequence, divine service is to be perresigned.

formed, and a sermon preached twice The rev. H. Robinson, M.A. fellow of on every sabbath day, throughout the St. John's college, was on the same day diocese, appointed a pro-proctor; the rev. D. Felix, Devonshire.-Died, aged 50, the rev. of Trinity Hall, was also admitted bachelor George Moore, curate of the perpetual of divinity; H. N. Jarrett, esq. of St. cure of Honiton's Clist, rector of Sowtou John's college, master of arts; and R. S. and Peter Tarey, Devon, only son of tbe Battiscombe, esq. fellow of King's college, rev, archdeacon Moore. bachelor of arts.

DORSETSHIRE. Died, at Sherbome, At a general ordination, holden at the aged 76, the rev. Charles Toogood. cathedral church of Norwich, on Sunday DURHAM.--Died at Durham, the rev. last, the following gentlemen were ad Dickens Hazlewood, rector of St. Mary mitted into holy orders:

the Less in this city, vicar of Ayliffe, Deacons.-Thomas Beck with, Corpus minor canon and sacrist of the cathedral, christi college, Cambridge; James Blom and librarian of the dean and chapter of field, Christ college, Cambridge; Walter that church. Burroughes, B.A. Clare Hall, Cambridge ; GLOUCESTERSHIRE.- Died, at DidmarCharles Codd, B.A. Clare Hall, Cam ton, where he had resided 32 years, the bridge ; Salisbury Dunn, B.A, St. John's rev. Morgan Deere, vicar of St. Lythan, college, Cambridge; Edwin Edwards, B.A. Glamorganshire. Jesus college, Cambridge; James Fowle, HAMPSHIRE.-Died, the rev. Charles B.A, Wadham college, Oxford; William Bent Bairy, rector of Quarley. Frost, B.A. Clare Hall, Cambridge ; LANCASHIRE.-On the 18th of SeptemRobert Edwards Hankinson, B.A. Corpus ber, the lord bishop of Chester consecrated Christi college, Cambridge; Charles Wans the new church, St. James's Rochdale, borough Kennington, B.4. Queen's col- and inducted the rev. J. Faring, on the lege, Cambridge; Robert Jay, Marescal presentation of the rev. W. Hay. college, Aberdeen ; Richard Lubbock, LINCOLNSHIRE.—Died, at the parsonB.A. Pembroke Hall, Cambridge; Charles age house, Waddington, the rev. J. RawDavid Maitland, Catherine Hall, Cam lins Deacon, B.D. rector of that parish 24 bridge ; Thomas Welby Northmore, M.A. years yicar of Harmston and Rouston in Emmanuel college, Cambridge ; Jermyn this county, and formerly of Lincoln colPratt, B.A. Trinity college, Cambridge; lege, Oxford. Harmston and Rouston are John Jowett Stevens, B.A. Jesus college, in the patronage of B. H. Thorold, esq. of Cambridge; Thomas Boston Wilkinson, Harmston. Waddington is a valuable liv. B.A. Corpus Christi college, Cambridge. ing in the gift of Lincoln college, Oxford.

Priests, Richard Cobbold, B. A. NORFOLK.-Died, the rev. John Bux. Caius college, Cambridge; William Tho ton, rector of Carlton Rode. mas Goodchild, James Irvine, M.A. Mares Died, at Downham Hall, in his 86th chal college, Aberdeen; Gilbert Nicholas year, the rev, Peter Beauvoir, rector of Smith, James Dewhurst Sprigge, St. Downbam and Wickford. Peter's college, Cambridge; Isaac Tem OXFORDSHIRE.—Died, at his lodgings ple, M.A. Queen's college, Cambridge ; in Clarendon street, Oxford, Joseph William Samuel Parr Wilder, B.A. Caius Harper, esq. D.C.L. many years a much college, Cambridge; William Hindes Wy- respected member of Trinity college, and att, B.A. Pembroke college, Cambridge, for some time deputy professor of civil

BUCKINGHAMSHIRE.—Died, aged 71, law, in the University of Oxford, at the rectory house, near Marlborough, Mr. D. K. Sandford, B.A. of Christ the rev. C. Francis, M.A. rector of that church, Oxford, is elected professor of parish, and of Collingbourn Ducis, and Greek, in the University of Glasgow. chaplain to the marquis of Aylesbury. The worshipful Joseph Phillimore, LL.D.

CHESHIRE.--The lord bishop of this M.P. chancellor of the diocese of Oxford, diocese has made a survey of all the has appointed the rev. W. T. Garnett, churches to the extreme northern parts of M.A, curate of St. Peter's, Wallingford, his extensive jurisdiction. His lordship to be bis surrogate for proving wills, &c. has been as far as Cockermouth, and has &c. within the diocese. since proceeded on bis important work. SOMERSETSHIRE.

-The new district

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cburch, at Kingswood, in the parish of Died, at Swansea, aged 23, J. D. Tho. Bitton, the first completed in this county, mas, esq. of Llwycoen, Caermarthen, and under the late acts for building and en of Jesus college, Oxford. larging churches, was consecrated by the In the course of the month of August, lord bishop of Gloucester, on Wednesday, the lord bishop of Llandaff held his Prio, September 11. A very large concourse of mary Visitations and Confirmations throughthe inhabitants and neighbourhood were out his diocese, which were numerously assembled, and listened with the deepest attended. interest to the solemn service of the day, On Sunday, October 7, the lord bishop and the peculiarly eloquent and pathetic of Llandaff preached an admirable sermon manner in which it was delivered by his at Neath church, for the benefit of the lordship.

National School established in that town, SURRY.—Died, at Ashted rectory, in his when nearly 501. was contributed towards 64 th year, the rev. William Carter, for that institution, a much larger sum than merly student of Christ church.

was ever before collected on any similar WARWICKSHIRE.—Died, at Warwick, occasion. His lordship on Monday was aged 68, the rev. James Hall, curate of present at an examination of the children, Radford Semele, in this county,

who acquitted themselves in a manner exYORKSHIRE. – Died, at his house in tremely creditable to themselves, and to Holsteads, in the West Riding, the rev. their instructors, Mr. and Mrs. Cook, the Thomas Hammond Foxcroft, rector of highly respected master and mistress. Beauchamp Roding, Essex,

Died, on the 20th ult, at Holyhead, in

his 67th year, the rev. Mr. Evans, for 37 WALES,

years curate of the parishes of Llanpethlu, Died, in the 68th year of his age, the and Llanwrog, Anglesea. rev. Millington Buckley, of Nottinghans Died, lately, very suddenly, the rev. place, and Dolvor, Montgomeryshire. Mr. Rumsey, vicar of Laogunuidor, in the

Died, the rev. Francis Parry, rector of county of Brecon, and of Chapel Hill in Llanabar, and Llandanog, Merionethshire, the county of Monmouth. and an acting magistrate for the county.

MONTHLY LIST OF PUBLICATIONS. Private Devotions ; or Prayers, prin- of the Diocese of Sarum, (officiating for cipally intended for the private use of the Archdeacon of Wilts,) and the Clergy Christians. By Joseph Jones, M.A. 38. of the Deanery of Cricklade, and published Popular Lectures on the Bible and Li

at their Request. By William Roles, turgy. By Edward Hawke Locker, Esq. A.M., Rector of Upton Lovell, Wilts. F.R.S. 8vo. 7s. 6d.

8vo. 1s. 6d. Sermons on the Christian Character,

Some of the principal Objections to with occasional Discourses. By the Rev. Communion with the Established Church C. J. Hoare, A.M., Rector of Mitcham, considered ; in a Sermon, preached on Sepand late Vicar of Blandford. 8vo. Is. tember 23, 1821, being the Lord's Day 12mo. 68.

immediately subsequent to the opening of The Gospel Preacher; or, an Enquiry a new and enlarged Independent Chapel, into some of the assumed and real Charac at Ashford, Kent. By the Rev. John ters of the Evangelical Office : a Sermon Nance, D.D., published by Request. 8vo. preached at the Visitation, holdeu in the 1s, 60, Parish Church of Swindon, on Wednesday, Will Waver, or Radical Principles, a the 18th day of July, 1821, before the Tale. Part the First. Dedicated to the Rev. Matthew Marsh, A.M., Chancellor Author of “ John Wildgoose.” 12mo. 18.

LITERARY INTELLIGENCE. The Providence of God in the latter provement of the Mind and the Conduct Days, being a new interpretation of the of Life," carefully revised, with some Apocalypse. By the Rev. G. Croly. Additions.

The Philosophical History of the Origin A short Treatise on the Summation of and Progress of the European Languages. Series, by Increments. By the Rev. E. By the late Dr. Alexander Murray, with C. Tyson, M.A., Fellow of Catherinea Memoir of his Life, written by himself, Hall, Cambridge, in two octavo Volumes.

Hints towards the right Improvement The Rev. T. Broadhurst, of Bath, will of the present Crisis. By Joseph Jones, shortly publish a third Edition of his M.A. "Advice to Young Ladies on the Im

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POLITICAL RETROSPECT, The harvest is now concluded, and large, can be benefited by a scarcity. the reports of its produce by which The rise in prices to which it leads, the nation was so much embarrass, must be nearly if not exactly baed, are beginning to assume a con- lanced by the deficiency in produce. sistent shape, It appears certain And whether a farmer sells twelve that the consumer need not be bushels of corn at eight shillings the alarmed by the apprehension of a bushel, or eight bushels of corn at scarcity: nor the grower by the twelve shillings the bushel, can make prospect of open ports. The quan- very little difference in his receipts. tity of corn is very large ; but the The wealthy landholder, who is in quality throughout the midland possession of a well furnished stack. counties, and several other districts, yard, the growth of former and more is as bad if not worse than the oldest favourable seasons, may of course be farmers can remember. In the north a great gainer by a deficient cropy and in the south the reports are but the majority of farmers through. more favourable, and as the stock out the country cannot be in this of old corn is understood to be large, situation; and their losses must there is no doubt that the country more than counterbalance the profit may be supplied for another year of the select few. If a nation be refrom its own stores. The principal ally benefited by a scanty crop, the inconvenience which we apprehend least fertile should be the most va. is, thisthe damaged corn of the luable, for it has bad crops every late harvest will not make even in. year, to the incalculable advantage ferior bread, until it has undergone of consumers and growers. a good deal of manufacturing froin The Quarter's Revenue to Mi the miller and the meal-man. And chaelmas, has turned out highly as the baker regulates his prices by favourable, and the consequence is , the cost not of the wheat, but of the a material rise in the Funds.. We flour, it is possible, and probable, are assured, indeed, from various that the nation may buy their bread places, that the manufacturers are very dear, while the farmer sells his fully employed, and that the numcorn very cheap.

ber of hands now at work is as This however is not the fashion- great as before the peace, able opinion upon the subject. Our of course are lower; but the lower statesmen and political economists, price of the necessaries of life renour farmer's journals and agricultu• ders this circumstance easily sapral committees, have convinced the portable. We are prevented, by public that the general depreciation want of room, from enlarging upon of the produce of land, ought to be these topics; but we have no liesi, attributed to the abundance of the tation in congratulating the country two preceding harvests. And if this upon its prospects ; we can have reasoning be correct, landlords and no doubt that the experience of tenants have great cause

to be

one other year, is all that is now thankful for the blight and mildew wanted to complete the exposure of of the present season. But with all those false prophets, who have as., due deference to the high authorities sured us so repeatedly, that our dewhom we oppose by so saying, we struction was at hand; and have, must profess our utter inability to frightened half their countrymen by conceive how the landed interest at the loudness of their warning voice,

NOTICE TO CORRESPONDENTS. M. and Alpha shall appear:

Catholicus; O.; I. P.; T. R. B, and C. C. have been received, and are under consideration.


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