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en very frequeut, the expense of keeping tance to every Clergyman in the kingdom, charch-yards is an orderly and seemly con was brought' on Saturday, Dec. 2, before dition is not small, and that of purchasing the Spiritual Court at Blandford ; and it is ** church-yards, wlien the old ones are recommended to the notice of all Churchikely to become surcharged, is extremely wardens not to infringe the rights of the oppressive. To answer such charges, both Clergy. certain and contingent, it is surely not un The rector of Wyke Regis and Weymouth, texonable that the actual use should con to liis great astonishment was informed onc tribale wkeo it is called for. At the same day by his clerk, that Mr. Friend, the time parishes are not left to carve for them. Churchwarden, had taken the key of the Rives in imposing these rates; they are church from him ; declaring at the same time submitted to the examination of the eccle- that the rector had no right to the possession siastical magistrate, the ordinary, who ex- of it; that as churchwarden, it ought to be ercises his judgment, and expresses the in his custody; and that whenever the result, by a confirmation of the propriety, rector had any occasion for it, he might pronounced in terms of very gnarded cau- have it; but that he should first acquaint tion. It is difficult to say where that au- him with the particular purpose for which thority could be more properly lodged, or it was wanted, and with the nature of the mare conveniently exercised,

duty to be performed. In such a case lie Having already declared sufficiently my would grant the key. This churchwarden spinion on the grestion of right, it remains from the very moment of his first entrance cały that I should direct the parish to ex- into office lad displayed a spirit of deteruibut a table of burial fees for the considera mined hostility and rancour towards his tos of the ordinary. It will be for their rector. The latter therefore clearly saw own consideration in the first instance, that as the key of the church was always bow far these coffins should be placed upon left with the clerk for the accominodation the same footing as those of lead. It is of all parties, this claim was set up merely certain that they occupy less room, and to insult him; and he immediately directed that they are less temporary in duration, his proctor to cite Friend before the Spiribut it is to be reinembered, that being tual Court, and to take Dr. Lushington's much more accessible in point of original opinion upon the case, of which the follow. expense, and therefore likely to be much ing is an exact copy :nøre numerous, they are on that account “ I am of opinion that the rector is enmore likely to convert these cemeteries titled to the custody of the key of the into wines of iron, than there is any hazard church, le allowing the church warden die of their being converted into mines of lead. use of it npon proper and necessary occaIt may be said, that this will operate indi- sions. It is the duty of the church warden Sectly as a prolibition in populons parishes to apply to the rector for the key, when he and crowded churclı-yards, and if it should wants to use it for lawful purposes; and he bare tirat effect, it is still better than that has no right to retain the general custody, the parish should be robbed of the fair and and thereby put the rector to the inconveconvenient nse of their public cemetery. nience of sending to him for it. If the Patent rights (and on which it seems these church warden persists in retaining possescoffins are constructed) must be held by sion of the key, after demand inade, I think the same tenure as all other rights, ita he may be articled against in the Ecclesi. dere jure tuo, alieno ne lædas, they must astical Court. having local jurisdiction, and not infringe upon rights more ancient, more punished by its authority. public, and such as this court is peculiarly

S. LUSHINGTON." beand to protect. I would recommend in the mean time, that the body should be

The defendant Friend, when the business committed to the grave without farther

came before the Court, prudently followed obstruction , but withont prejudice to the the advice of his counsel ; and quite satis

or to the rights of the fied with the expences he had already inparis. No prohibitory resolutions existed curred, instructed his proctor to confess le the time of the death, and I willingly the articles, and pat an end to the suit by lay hold of that circumstance to recom

admitting the rector's exclusive right to the ed a measure of peace and Charity to custody of the key. This affair it seems the living and to the dead.

has been much canvassed among the advo. I shall admit affidavits, to be brought in cates at Doctors' Commons. As the case on both sides, before confirming the tables is rather of a novel kind, they were at first

somewhat divided in their opinions, but

they are now unanimonsly agreed, that the Keys of the Church.

key of the church is under the sole authority WILTSHIRE.-A case of great impor. of the rector or vicar.


present question,

of burial fees.

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The rev.

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ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS. lowing gentlemen who had been respec

Jolin Smith, to the vicarage of tively nominated to succeed to the office Mellom, Cumberland.

of select preacher, at Michaelmas next, The rev. J. Moore, appointed arch

were approved by the house, viz. the rev. deacon of Exeter.

Richard Jenkyns, D.D. niaster of Baliol The rev. Samuel Colby Smith, M.A. college; the rev. Peter Helmsley, M.A. instituted to the two medietres, of the rec.

Christ church ; the rev. Philip Nicholas tory' of Denver, called West Hall and Shuttleworth, M.A. fellow of New colEast Hall, on the presentation of the lege; the tev. Edward Hawkins, M.A. master and fellows of Caius college, Cam.

fellow of Oriel college ; the rev. Henry bridge.

Hart Milman, M.A. of Brasenose colThe rev. J. Jefferson, archdeacon of

lege. Colchester, to hold the rectory of Ald

The same day, in a congregation, the ham, with that of Weely, Essex.

following degrees were conferred: The rev. J. J. Lates, to the perpetnal

MASTERS OF ARTS.- Rev. Philip LAUcuracy of Charlton Abbots, Gloucester- rent, St. Alban hall; rev. George Evandy shire,

Christ church.

BACHELORS OF ARTS.Thomas Stret The rev. George Williams, to be minor canon of Worcester cathedral.

ton Codrington, esq. Brasenose college, The rev. Jolin Saville Ogle, prebend of grand compounder; Wm. Holled Haghes, Durham cathedral, in the room of the

Lincola college ; William Sibthorpe Cole, hon, and rev. Anchitel Grey, resigned.

Worcester college ; Theodore Bouwens, The rev. Peter Gunning, rector of Merton college ; Robert Austice, Wad Bathwick, presented to the rectory of ham college; Richard Douglas Gough, Newton St. Loe, by W. G. Langton, esq.

Exeter college ; Samuel Emery Day, St. void by the demise of the rev. J. Wood.

Edmund hall; James Hardwicke Dyer, The dean and chapier of Ely bave pre

scholar of Trinity college ; Gabriel Edsented the rev. J. Blicke, B.D. to the

ward Gillett, Oriel college ; Arthur rectory of Wentworth, in tire Isle of Ely, Drammond, Baliol college ; William Shervacant by the death of Dr. Pearce; and

lock Carey, student of Christ church; also the vicarage of West Wrathing, in Robert Spencer Glym, stndent of Christ the county of Cambridge, to the rev. J. Church; John Roger Kynaston, Christ Dampier, void by the death of the last

church. incombent.

December 2-On Monday last Mr. The rev. Augustus Henniker is insti.

Williams was admitted fellow of New toted to the valuable rectories of Great college. and Little Thornbam, in Suffolk, on the

On Thursday, Mr. Charles Gray Roond, presentation of his ancle, lord Henniker.

B.A. of Baliol college, was elected a fel-
The rev. J. Brewster, M.A. vicar of low of that society.
Grentham, Durham, has been presented

December 9.-On Tnesday last the by the marquis of Hertford, to the vicar

following degrees were conferred : age of Laughton, in Lincolnshire, vacant

MASTERS OF ARTS. · Res. Williams by the death of the rev. S. Smallpage.

Rees, scholar of Worcester college ; rev. The rev. J. F. St. John, of Baliol col.

Watts Wilkinson, Worcester college ; rev. lege, to the rectory of Manston, Dorset.

William Thorsby, Oriel college. The hon, and rev. William Leonard

BACHELORS OF ARTS. George SmalAddington, second son of viscount Sid- ley, esq. Trinity college ; George Howard mouth, to the rectory of Poole, Wilts; Stapleton, Worcester college; James Isaac patron, earl Bathurst.

Moneypenny, Wadham college ; Hender The rev. W. N. Parnell, to the per

Molesworth, Exeter college ; John Parker petual curacy of Crossgate, Leeds.

and John Sneyd, Brasenose college : John The rev. John Harcourt Skrine, B.A. Henry Newman, scholar of Trinity col. of St. John's college, Cambridge, to the lege; Francis Neale, Trinity college ; rectory of Thundersley, in Essex, on the

hon. Arthur Philip Perceval, Oriel colpresentation of the rev. Samuel Hemming, lege; Thomas Meyler, and Robert Smith, D.D.

scholars of Pembroke college ; Ed

mund Robinson, Cosmo Nelson Jones, UNIVERSITY INTELLIGENCE.

Baliol college; Frederic William Hope, OXFORD, Nov. 25.- In a convocation Christ church ; Frederic Rouch, St. John's holden yesterday, the names of the fol- college.

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terwards a paper was read by the professor 3

December 10.-In a full convocation, remarkable formation of Native Natron, holden en Saturday last, the university in Devonshire. The professor also comseal was affixed to a loyal and dutiful ad municated a discovery respecting tho ders, which has been presented to his supposed alabaster soros, brought by M. Majesty, by a delegacy, consisting of the Belzoni from Upper Egypt, which he had night hon, the chancellor of the university, found to consist of one integral mass of ud other distinguished members,

Arragonite. The rev. Mr. Cecil, of On Saturday last, the rev. William Magdalen college, also read a very im. Jackson, M.4. of Queen's college, was portant paper on the application of hy elected fellow of that society on the old drogen gas to produce mnoving force in foundation.

machinery, giving, at the same time,' a On Tuesday last the following degrees description of an engine for that purpose; were conferred :

which was exhibited to the society. DOCTOR IN CIvu. LAW.- Rev. Henry December 4.-On Sanday sen'night, in Parish, St. Edmund Hall.

memory of the late lamented dean of BACHELOR IN DIVINITY. - Rev. John Ely, Dr. Pearce, the cathedral-pulpit was Warren, Oriel college, grand compounder; hung with black, and the members of the

BACHELORS OF ARTS.-Wm. Cookes- choir attended in deep mourning. In the lay Thompson, of Wadham college ; morning a most impressive sermon was Riebard Bardett Worthington, St. Mary delivered by archdeacon Cambridge, the hall; George Sandby, post-master, of prebendary in residence, and in the evenMerton college; John Briggs, Exetering service a funeral anthem was percollege; Henry Westcar, Exeter college; formed, having been composed on the ocWiliam Henry Pryce, št. Edmund halli casion by Mr. H. Skeats, organist of the Jedediah Stevens Tueker, Brasenose col cathedral. lege; Edmund Smith, demy of Magdalen December 8.—The rev. Joseph Cape, college; Charles Nutt, demy of Magdalen B.A. of Clare hall, is elected a fellow of college ; Daniel Walton, Worcester col

this society. lege; William Allen, scholar of Jesus December 15. - The rev. William college ; James 'Turner, Christ church ; French, was on Tuesday last admitted Samuel Taylor, Oriel college.

doctor in divinity, by royal mandate. CAMBRIDGE, December 1.-At a full The rev. Stephen Britton Dowell, of congregation, on Friday last, an address to St. Peter's college, was on the same day bis Majesty, expressive of loyalty and at admitted bachelor of arts. tachment to the king and constitution,

The members of the observatory syndiwas voted by the senate.

cate have made a report of their proceed The rev. Fenton Hort, of Trinity col- ings to the senate, in which they state, lege, is admitted master of arts, and Mr, that after an attentive examination of every Robert Partridge, of St. John's college, situation in the neighbourhood of Cam.

bridge, they have selected a field belongThe following gentlemen were yesterday ing to St. John's college, near the gravel admitted 10 the undermentioned degrees': pits

, on the north of the Madingley road, DOCTORS IN DIVINITY.

The rev.

as furnishing the most eligible site for an George D'Oyly

, of Corpus Christi college, observatory'; it unites the advantages of domestic chaplain to the archbishop of

a view all round the horizon, not now Canterbury, and rector of Lambeth; and obstructed, nor likely to be obstructed the rev. I. T. Barrett, of St. Peter's hereafter, in any direction, particularly

in the essential one of the meridian ; MASTERS OF Arts. – Jobn Frederic of sufficient elevation, of a clear air, nePorter

, of Queen's college; and William ver subject to be disturbed by the smoke Hanson, of Queen's college.

of the town; of a dry soil; and of such BACHELORS IN CIVIL LAW.-George a distance from the university, as, all Hole

, ef Trinity college; George Walsh circumstances considered, they jndge the Halam, of Trinity hall; lord Dudley most desirable. The selection of the synCoutts Stewart, youngest son to the late dicate was approved by the senate at the marquis of Bute, is admitted of Christ congregation on Tuesday last.— The syn.

dics are now engaged in collecting such At the second meeting, for the present information concerning the construction Sear , of the Cambridge philosophical so

of the principal observatories in this kingsiely

, on Monday evening last, several dom and abroad, as may enable them to bew members were elected fellows. Af point out to architects all necessary pre

cantions in the fabric of the new obseryaof mineralogy, D. E. D. Clarke, upon a

tory. The present subscriptions amount

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bachelor of arts.




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to upwards of 60001, exclusive of the the rev. Peter Elers, aged 55, many years 30001. which was voted by the university. rector of that parish, and of Rishargles,

The rev. James Wood, D.D. has been Suffolk. appointed dean of Ely; and the rev. LANCASHIRE. Died, at his father's Williain French, M.A. of Pembroke col- house in Preston, aged 27 years, the rev. lege, master of Jesus college.

John Westmore, late of Queen's College, BERKSHIRE.--Died, at Windsor, aged Oxford, and late curate of St. Martin's 82, the rev. William Clarke, M.A. up. Church, Liverpool. wards of fifty-four years one of the minor MIDDLESEX. The repairs of the canons of St. Paul's cathedral ; he was church of St. Donstan, in the West, being also rector of Orpington, in Kent, and dow finished, the whole of the interior exvicar of Wilsden, in Middlesex.

bibits the appearance of solemn grandeur. BOCKINGHAMSHIRE. - Died, the rev. The vestiges of its antiquity have been R. W. Williams, curate of Dipton, and preserved. The pulpit, gallery, organ and Long Crendon, leaving a wife and infant roof are embellished with rich painting family to lament his loss.

and gilding. The figure of a pelican feed. CAMBRIDGE, December 13.—Died, in ing its young with its own blood (an emhis 46th year, William Beales, esq. M.D. blem of the Church fostering lier children) the alderman or chief magistrate of Bory over the altar, has been repainted. The St. Edmunds. Dr. Beales was a Perse columns of the Ionic order, between fellow of Caius college, Cambridge. which are the Creed and the Lord's

Died, sincerely lamented by his rela- Prayer, in gold letters ; also a globe betives and friends, at his rooms in Magda. tween two Bibles, denoting the spread of len college, the rev. Benjamin Tate, D.D. the Gospel over the world, are restored to

CUMBERLAND. Died, the rev. John their original beauty; and the pictures of Bolton, vicar of Millom, in this county. Moses and Aaron bave been cleaned. The

DEVONSHIRE.—Died, the rev. George whole with the exterior, may now be conHayter Haimes, rector of Chagford, io sidered a public ornainent. this county, aged 29.

Dr. Tomline, now lord bishop of WinDied, the rev. Henry Badcock, curate chester, wlw for many years held the valuof the perpetual curacy of Welcombe, in able deanery of St. Paul's, has presented the north of Devon, in the gift of lord 20001. to the Chapter for the purchase of a Clinton.

painted window for that cathedral. Essex.-Died, in the 77th year of his NORFOLK.—Married, at Felbrigge, the age, the rev. Edward Earle, rector of High rev. John Campbell to the hon. Beatrice Ongar, in this county.

Byn, danghter of the late viscount TorringDied, in the 64th year of his age, and ton. after a long affliction, the rev. J. H. SHROPSHIRE,—The window taken down Wright, opwards of thirty years curate of in the venerable Abbey Church of Shrews. Tillingham, in this county.

bury, to make room for the elegant new GLOUCESTERSHIRE. – Died, aged 58, one of stained glass, is now fixed up at the the rev. John Hunt, A.M. rector of Wel- east end of the north aisle. It contains ford, in this county, and chaplain to the the armorial bearings of all the Vicars from right hon. lord Whitworth.

the Reformation, with the dates of their HERTFORDSHIRE.—The various altera. institution and their death, with the arms tions and improvements of the venerable of lord Berwick, and those of the bishop of abbey of St. Alban's baving been com the See. Another new window has been pleted, it was re-opened for Divine Worship placed at the end of the south aisle, conon Sunday, Nov. 26, when a sermon was taining the genealogy and armorial bear. preached by the lord bishop of London, ings of the Rock family. after which the collection made in aid of Died, at the Vicarage House, Cheswar. the repairs sliewed how much the feelings dine, the rev. William Hammersley. of the congregation were in unison with SOMERSETSHIRE.-The rev, Dr. Colsthose of his lordship. An organ has also ton, rector of Clapton, near Bristol, lias been erected in the Church, originally built presented his parishioners with an elegant by that celebrated artist Father Smydth, service of Communion plate. and previously used in the church of St. Died, aged 76, after a long illness, the Donstan in the East, London.

rev. John Wood, M.A. many years rector HUNTINGDONSHIRE.--Died, at Hanting- of Newtou St. Loe, near Bath. don, aged 19, Henry Farquhar, esq. of the Birth, at the rectory house, Manningford pniversity of Cambridge ; a promising youth Abbots, the lady of the rev. Francis B. and of considerable classical attainments, Astley, of a daughter. KENT.-Died, at Addington Parsonage, WARWICKSHJRB.—Died, at Newbold


Comyn, in this county, the rev. Edward has presented their rector with a piece of Willes; he expired most peacefully in the plate, thus inscribed : To the rev. Edward 77th year of bis age, sincerely regretted Thelwall, rector of Efenechtyd, this wa by many friends.

presented by bis parishioners, as a testiWORCESTERSHIRE.—Married, at Hanley mony of their esteem for the liberal exCastle, the rev. Thomas Butt, rector of ample he has shown in letting his tithes to Kyonersley, Sbropshire, and domestic them for three years. chaplain to the marquis of Stafford, to Ca. The bishop of Bangor lately held an ortherine, eldest daughter of the rev. Ed. dination, whien the rev. George Jolin Maward Bromhead, rector of Reepliam, in jendie, of Magdalen college, Oxford, rev. Lincolnshire, and widow of the late James Hugh Owen Davies, rev. Hugh Rowlands, Edwards, esq.of Pall-Mall.

rev. Jolin Hughes, of Jesus college, OxYORKSHIRE.- Died, at Aldingfleet, in ford, rev. John Warren, Jesus college, this county, the rev. Isaac Tyson, twenty. Cambridge, rev. I. Jones, St. Jolin's coleight years vicar of that place, and formerly lege, Cambridge, were admitted to the or. of St. Bees school.

der of priests. Died, IN AND NEAR LONDON. Rev. John Ellis, vicar of Langwin, has

At his house, in Great Ormond-street, been instituted by the lord bishop of St. the rev. Daniel Duff, A.M. late of Salvador Asaph, to the valuable rectory of Cerrig.yHonse, Tooting.

Druidion, in the county of Denbigli, vaDied, at his lodgings in Portland Place, cant by the death of the rev. William the rev. E. B. Johnson, late of Dulwich

Rowland. College.

The Church-Union Society's Premium WALES.

(by benefaction) of fifty pounds, is adjudg. JESUS COLLEGE ASSOCIATION. - The ed to the rev. S. C. Wilks, for the best following are the prizes intended to be essay on the Necessity of a Church Estagiven for the ensning year:-1. For the

blishunent in a Christian Country, for the best essay in the Welsh language, “ On the preservation of Christiainity among the peoadvantages likely to accrue to the princi- ple of all ranks and denominations ; and on pality from a national biography, 201.- the means of exciting and maintaining a 2. For the best translation into the Welsh spirit of devotion, together with zeal, for language, on the first of the sermons on the the honour, stability, and influence, of the sacrament, by the rev. John Jones, A.M. established church. of Jesus College, archdeacon of Merioneth,

Rev. Ebenezer Morris, perpetual curate and Bampton lecturer for the year 1821, of Llanon and Llandarrog, was last week 10l. 3. For the best six englynion, on the

instituted to the vicarage of Llanelly, va. words of Taliessin “Cymru fu, Cymru

cant by the death of the late Jeremiah Da. fydd," 21. 4. To the best Welsh reader in

vies. Jesus College chapel, 6l. 5. To the second

Died, at Cadoxton, near Neath, aged best Welsh reader, 41. Snch members of 59, rev. William Williams, vicar of that paJesus College, Oxford, as have taken their rish, much respected and regretted by all

who knew him. B. A. degree, and are not of sufficient standing to proceed to that of B. D., are

Died, at Bringwyn house, near Aber! alone entitled to become candidates for the gavenny, the rev. Jolin Davies, vicar of first prize. The second, fourth, and fifth, Dingestow and Tregare, and perpetual are intended for such as have not complet curate of Chapel Newydd. ed four years from their matriculation.

IRELAND. The third, for such as are not of sufficient The rev. William Lee, is appointed to standing to take their M. A. degree. No the parish of Clonkeen, in the diocese of person who has ohtained a prize, will be Armagh. The rev. R. S. Jacob, to the paallowed to become a candidate for a se. rish of Temple Caine, diocese, of Cloglier. cond prize of the same description. The The rev. R. Norman, has succeeded to compositions to which the prizes shall have the parish and union of Ratoath, in the been adjndged, will be recited at the Col- diocese of Meath. The rev. Edward Montlege Meeting, to be held at Dolgelley, in gomery, to the chancellorship of Down. Jaly, 1891.

Died, the rev. John Averell, rector o The parish of Efenechtyd, Denbighshire, Clashmore.

MONTHLY LIST OF PUBLICATIONS. The Church and the Clergy: exhibiting and the Arts to the Ecclesiastical Order : the Obligations of Society, Literature, and the Advantages of an established

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