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it wonld have been in a great measure Mission of Westfield and Greenwich, New irreparable, but the encouragement which Brunswick, to which he has lately been the system has met with throughout the appointed; both these gentlemen bave North American Colonies, and the progress passed very creditable examinations, and it has made in some of the most distant are likely to prove important acquisitions Settlements of those Provinces, encourage to the list of Missionaries. the belief that it will soon be so firmly “ The measure adopted in the year rooted in the babits of the people, that 1819, of appointing Visiting Missionaries it will become the universal mode of for such places as were not yet prepared instruction. It is no longer considered for the reception of a resident Minister, as peculiar to the Established Church, or and carried into effect last year by the even to the Protestant canse, but its appointment of the Hon. and Rev. Dr. merits have become so generally admitted, Stewart and the Rev. J. Barngeat, in the that they have overcome the prejudices of respective Dioceses of Quebec and Nora a Religion, which have hitherto been Scotia, to fill those stations, has been proconsidered as insuperable. Under this ductive of all the beneficial consequences view of the case, the circumstance which which were expected by those whose has operated as a deduction from the local and circumstantial knowledge pointed numbers educated at the Parent School in out to them the expediency of the measure, Halifax, may be considered more as a “ The Reports of these valuable Missubject of congratulation than of regret, as sionaries, which are subjoined to the the example which has been exhibited of a present Abstract, will amply justify the Roman Catholic School, conducted upon wisdom of the proceeding, and prove the the National System, may so far favour lamentable want of all religious instruction, the progress of education among that class which is observable throughout the wide of our fellow subjects, that many of the districts traversed by these gentlemen. errors which still cloud the understanding While, however, the entire absence of all on religious subjects, may banish under spiritual information which pervades so its powerful influence.

large a part of His Majesty's Colonies, “ Though the numbers have been dini. cannot be contemplated without emotions nished at both Schools by this measure, of the deepest sorrow, it affords some conthey still continue very respectably and solation to the heart which takes an interest universally useful; they furnish specimens in the eternal welfare of its brethreo, to of reading, writing, arithmetic, grammar, mark the anxious desire for religious and geography, that would be creditable knowledge which prevails through the to any Schools, and the knowledge of the most distant Settlements; and the cordial Catechism and its Scriptural proofs, which welcome with which the Messenger of the many of the poorer children exhibit, is Gospel was every where received. At the above all praise.” P. 40.

same time it must be a peculiar satisfaction “ The spiritual wants of the new Settle to the Members of the Society to feel that ments at Dalhousie and Sherbrooke have

they and their predecessors have been, been provided for, as far as their present during a long course of years, the instrucircumstances will admit or require, by ments, in the hands of Providence, of the occasional visits of the Missionaries conveying to their fellow subjects those at Annapolis, Aylesford, and Chester, to divine truths which they acknowledge to whom adequate allowances have been made be the source of all future hope-and the for these extra services, and means of educa. absence of which is lamented by the desotion have been supplied by the appoint- late exile as the bitterest misfortune of ment of two Schoolmasters. During the · his lot. It is difficult to describe the last year the Rev. William Gray and feelings of joy and gratitude with which the Rev. Gilbert Wiggins, two of the some of the elder people listened to those Society's Scholars at Windsor, Nova Scotia, prayers, and joined in that form of worship were admitted to Deacon's Orders; the to which they had been accustomed in their former, the son of the Missionary to the early days, before they left their native Germans at Halifax, was ordained by the land to seek a relief from the evils of Lord Bishop of London, and is now re- poverty;" P. 44. siding in England until he is of proper age to be admitted to Priest's Orders ;

New Brunswick. the latter gentleman was ordained by the « The Rev. James Milne, Missionary at Bishop of Quebec, and is now officiating Fredericton, reports, that under the at Rawdon, vacated by the removal of influence of the Governor, two Schools Mr. Twining to Liverpool ; in the spring have been opened upon the National Mr. Wiggios will take charge of the System, one for Boys, containing 5%; the

other for Girls, containing 25. Through have been regularly administered to them, the blessing of God, his health, notwith. The surrounding parishes avail themselves standing the severity of the seasons, has of the opportunity of attending Divine continued so uniformly good, that he has Service, which the Chapel at Carleton invariably attended to the duties of his offers, and he occasionally visits them, office. The books which were sent him, He bad lately returned from Westfield, both for his own use and for general dis- when he preached twice to a devout and tribution, will prove highly acceptable. attentive congregation. The Church, situOn the return of autumn, the town is ated by the side of a river, has lately been generally visited with an epidemic disorder, finished by the pious exertions of Mr. Nais, which, in many instances, proves fatal, who, in the absence of a Clergyman, colLast autumn it was peculiarly destructive, lects the Congregation regularly every whence the number of Burials has increased Sunday, and reads the Church Prayers beyond the usual proportion.

and a Sermon. “ The Rev. Robert Willis, Missionary “ The Rev. Richard Clarke, the veneat St. John's, reports, that the Congrega- rable Missionary of St. Stephen's, repeats tion, though at present numerous and his ardent wishes to witness, before his highly respectable, is still increasing, and death, the arrival of an Assistant, without the Church, notwithstanding every altera whom it will be impossible to pay that tion and addition that the vestry can make attention to the distant parts of the Misin the interior, does not afford sufficient sion, which they require. Fanatical teachaccommodation. "The appointment of ers of every description, open enemies to the Rev. Abraham Wood will prove of Church and State, have availed themselves essential service; this gentleman resides of his age and infirmities, to inculcate at Charlton, and performs Divine Service the most unwarrantable doctrines, and there every Sunday, the congregation among others, the most awful and frightful coming principally from the parish of view of the Holy Communion. Though Lancaster, which surrounds Charlton. Iu in bis eighty-third year, he is able, through the evening he assists at St. John's, where the blessing of God, to attend to the the duty is very laborious, and occasionally duties of the Church. in the neighbouring parishes. A new and “ The Society have frequently expressed more commodious Chapel is building at their readiness to furnish Mr. Clarke with Charlton, at the general expence of the an Assistant, whenever a fit person might parish, upon a site granted by the mayor present himself, provided the parishioners and Corporation to the Rector and Church would contribute to his support.” P. 52. wardens of St. John's,

“ The Rev. Jerome Alley, Missionary “ Great exertions are making for the at St. Andrew's, has the satisfaction to most extensive iotroduction of the National report, that all divisions in the parish are System of education throughout the Pro- terminated, the people have become vince. The central School at St. John's uniformly well-disposed to the Church. has been finished, the expence has been The Congregation is numerous, consisting principally defrayed by private subscrip- of all the leading Members of the Society, tion, aided by a grant from the Legisla- and the greatest part of the population. Diture; 200 Boys are in daily attendance; vine Service has been performed in the a room is also building for a female School, evening as well as the morning, a duty and will be finished in a short time, and which the advanced age of his predecessor it is probable, that in the course of the rendered impracticable. In the outskirts autumn, 200 Girls also will be in daily of the Mission, the progress of religion attendance. Several Schools on the same bas not been so satisfactory, as the distance system have made most favourable reports from St. Andrew's prevents that regular of their progress, and a growing attach- performance of duty which he would ment to the Church and its establishment readily undertake, did it not necessarily is visible throughout the Province. A entail a neglect of the Congregation in the Royal Charter has lately been granted town where the population is principally to the Society, which has given new energy

collected. They are engaged in estab to its friends, and placed it upon a foun- lishing a National School, open to all dation which promises to be as permanent denominations of persons, a measure wbich as the present happy establishments of the has been recommended by the parent Colony.

Institution at St. John's. “ Mr. Wood, the assistant Missionary, " It was found impossible to raise sufreports, that a visible improvement has ficient funds to build a new parsonagetaken place in the morals and habits of house. The old building has been put the people, since the offices of religion into thorough repair, and rendered very

comfortable, at an expence of £200. The 'The people are most desirous of securing Charch is a handsome building, but not to themselves the benefit of a resident complete in the inside. Mr. Alley bas Minister, and with that view they have visited two principal Districts within the already begun to raise a subscription for boundary of his Mission, which compre- erecting a Church; they themselves are kiends almost the whole country. Grand very poor, bnt they will exert themselves Mavam, an Island containing a popnlation to the very utmost; they have derived of 500 or 600 persons, first attracted his from St. Andrew's some pecuniary assistnotice, as it was entirely destitute of all ance, but their principal dependance is spiritual assistance. The people received upon the Society. him gladly, and eagerly attended to his “ At Magaguacavie he was also favourinstructions, particularly on the subject of ably received, and listened to with attenBaptisnı, of the nature of which sacrament tion; there be baptized 13 Children. they were entirely ignorant. On his two Wherever be has passed, the people have visits, and during the circuit of the Island, paid him marked attention, and earnestly which he made to the extent of 60 miles, petitioned for a repetition of his visits." be baptized 122 Children and 37 Adults. P. 58.

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The rev. James Edwards, rector of pointed to the rectory of Martin, near Reynoldston, Glamorgan, has been pre

Horncastle, in Lincolnshire. sented by the Lord Chancellor to the

The rev. G. Graham, B.A. to be master rectory of Llanmadock, in the

of Archbishop Holland's grammar school, county.

in York, vacant by the death of the rev. The rev. E. G. Marsh, M.A. late fellow

G. Sand with. of Oriel college, Oxford, to a prebend in

The rev. H. B. Greene, to the living of the collegiate church of Southwell.

Longparish Hants, vacant by the death of The rev. Walter Gee, B.D. fellow and

the rev. A. Lawrence ; patron, the rev, tutor of Sidney Sussex college, Cambridge, Dr. Woodcock. to the rectory of Week St. Mary, Corn.

The rev. James Pinnock, M.A. to the wall; patrons, the master and fellows of rectory of Husband Bosworth, Leicesterthat society.

shire, vacant by the death of the rev. Dr. The rev. E. J. Howman, B.A. to the

W. W. Green. rectory of Hockering, with Mattishall The archbishop of Canterbury has been Burgh annexed; patron, T. T. Berney, pleased to appoint J. H. Arnold, LL.D. Esq.

to be his grace's vicar general, and M. The rev. Wm. Horne, of Gore Court, Swabey, LL.D. to be commissary of the formerly fellow of Magdalen College, Ox- city and diocese of Canterbury, and dean ford, to the rectory of Otham, Kent. and commissary of the Peculiars of South

The rev. W. Smith, to the vicarage of Malling, Pagham, and Terring, which South Elkington, Lincolnshire; patron, offices became vacant by the resignation Lord Glastonbury.

of the Right Hon. Lord Stowell. The rev. D. Lloyd, to be chaplain of UNIVERSITY INTELLIGENCE. Haslar Hospital.

Oxford, July 28.-On Wednesday last The rev. J. Warneford, of Mickleham, came on the election at Magdalen college, Surrey, to the living of Llanellin, Mon- when Mr. Lipton, of Christ's college, Cam. mouthshire; patron, Kemyss Tynte, Esq. bridge; Mr. Middleton, of Pembroke col

The rev. Liscomb Clarke, M.A. to a lege; Mr. Phillott, of Worcester college; prebendal stall at Hereford cathedral. and Mr. Sewell, of Winchester school,

The rev. J. Jefferson, archdeacon of were chosen demies. Colchester, to the vicarage of Witham, And on the following day, the rev. RichEssex; patron, bishop of London. ard Walker, M.A. W. Morgan, Esq. M.A.

The rev. Edward Bankes, to a prebendal and J. F. Winterbottom, Esq. B.A. denies stall in Gloucester cathedral, vacant by of Magdalen College, were elected fellows the death of the rev. Dr. Griffith.

of the same society. The rev. J. Scobell, to the rectory of

Thursday, Mr. Thomas Price, scholar of All Saints, Lewes.

Jesus College, was elected fellow of that
The rev. W.S. Temple, rector of Mel. society.
don, Northumberland, is appointed a minor
capop of Durbam cathedral.

Aug. 4. - On Thursday last, George
Rooke, Esq. B.A. and George Hamilton

Seymour, Esq. B. A. of. Merton College; May—
Clarence Pigou, Esq. B. A. of Christ June-Mr. Dicken, of Peterhouse.
Church; and Henry William Buckley, Esq. Messrs. Lionel 'Buller and John Callen
B.A. of Brasenose College, were elected Evans, scholars of King's college, were on
fellows of Merton College.

Monday last admitted fellows of that soOn Wednesday, the 25th ult. (St. ciety. James's day), the lord bishop of Worces Aug. 20.-At an ordination beld by the ter held an ordination in the parish church lord bishop of Chester, at Kendal, Westof Hartlebury, when the following gentle. morland, on Sunday, August 12, eighteen men were ordained :

gentlemen were adınitted into holy orders, Deacons.-Henry James Barton, M.A. amongst whom were the two following Brasenose college; William Brown, M.A. members of this university : Daniel Henry Walton, M.A. Worcester DEACON.-E. J. Lockwood, B.A. of college; William Henry Moggridge, B.A. Jesus college. Jesus college; Edwin Faulkner, B.A. PRIEST. - Thomas Butler, M. A. of George Smalley, B. A. Trinity college; Trinity college. Charles Smith, B. A. on letters demissary BERKSHIRE.-Died, at Wokingham, from the lord bishop of Lichfield and Co in the 77th year of his age, the rev. William ventry.

Bremner, many years curate of that place, PRIESTS.-W.M. Williams, M.A. Wad- and master of Lucas's Hospital. ham college; Thomas Snow, M.A. Exe. CAMBRIDGESHIRE.—Died, at Colney ter college; Thomas Winter, M.A. Lincoln Parsonage, aged 76, the rev. W. Gibson, college; Daniel Miller, M.A. Wadham M.A. prebendary of Lincoln, rector of college.

Winterton and Colney, and formerly of August 15.-On Sunday last, the fol. Pembroke Hall. lowing gentlemen were ordained Deacous CUMBERLAND.—Died, suddenly, at Unin Hereford cathedral:

derbarrow, . in his 40th year, the rev. George Robinson, B.A. of New col Thomas Harvey, curate of that place. lege, Thomas Gretton, B. A. of Christ DERBYSHIRE.—Died, at his residence college, Oliver Cave, M.A. of Baliol col- in Derby, the rev. T. F. Twigge, late vicar lege, Bernard Ward, B.A. of Trinity col- of Tickhill, near Doncaster. lege, Henry Holden, B.A. of Worcester DEVONSHIRE.-Died, from sudden incollege, Aaron Thomas, B.A, of Worces flammatory complaint, the rev. Andrew ter college, and Richard Davies, M.A. Lawrence, (brother of Sir Thos. Lawrence, of Oriel college, Oxford.

P.R.A.) chaplain to the Royal Hospital PRIESTS.- Richard Fayle, B.A. of St. at Haslar, and vicar of Long Parish, in the Mary hall, William Duthy, B.A. of Queen's county of Hants. college, Walter Shirley, B.A. of New DORSETSHIRE.—Died, at Tarrant Hincollege, and Mr. Mercer, examined stu. ton, aged 60, the rev. Thomas Diggle, dent in civil law, of Trinity college, Ox thirty-six years the resident rector of that ford.

parish. CAMBRIDGE, August 3.-A grace hav. GLOUCESTERSHIRE.—Died, in Palaceing passed the senate to the following yard, Gloucester, of a rapid decline, aged effect: that those to whom the Sunday 23, the rev. John Adams, son of the late afternoon turns, and the turns for Christe H. C. Adams, esq. mas-day and Good Friday are assigned, Kent.—Died, aged 47, the rev. John shall, from the beginning of October 1821, Williams, curate of Plaxton, in this county. to the end of June, 1822, provide no other Died, at Ramsgate, aged 85, the rev. substitute than such as should be appoint- Richard Harvey, A.M. one of the six ed in conformity to that grace. The fol preachers of Canterbury Cathedral, vicar lowing persons have been elected; for of Eastry and Worth, and late vicar of St.

October - The Hulsean Lecturer. Laurence, Ramsgate.
November-Dr. Blomfield, Trinity col.


· Died, the rev. Mr. lege.

Wrigley, M.A. curate of St. Michael, December-Rev. S. Lee, Arabic Pro- Manchester. fessor.

LINCOLNSHIRE.-Died, the rev. J. ColeJannary-Mr. C. Musgrave, Trinity col- bank, of Sutterton, formerly curate of lege.

Algarkirk and Fossdyke. February—The Lord Bishop of Peter NORFOLK.-Died, at Yarmouth, the rev. borough, Lady Margaret's Professor. Benjamin Wymberley Salmon, in the 78th

March - Dr. Wordsworth, Master of year of his age, forty years vicar of Caister. Trinity college.

SOMERSETSHIRE.—Died, at his bro. April—The Hulseao Lecturer,

ther's house, Style's Hill, near Frome, in

his 27th year, the rev. John Lewin Shep- Thomson, A.B. upwards of 19 years head pard, B.A. and F.A.S. of St. John's Col. master of the Grammar-school at Alford, lege, Cambridge, and curate of Pershore. and vicar of Bilsby.

SURREY.-Married, at Putney Church, WORCESTERSHIRE.—Died, the Rev, T. by the Right Rev. Lord Bishop of Nova Blackball, vicar of Tardebig. Scotia, the Rev. W. C. Brant, A.M. late

WALES. of Oriel College, Oxford, and Curate of Died, the Rev. Jobn Jones, vicar of Stanwick, Northamptonshire, to Isabella Cardiff, and one of the capital burgesses of Anne, youngest dau iter of the late Rev. that town. George Wright, of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Died, at Swansea, aged 23, J. D.

YORKSHIRE.-On the 29th of July his Thomas, esq. of Llwycoen Caermarthen, Grace the Archbishop of York, ordained and of Jesus College, Oxford. 31 priests and 19 deacons at his chapel in

ABROAD. Bishopsthorpe.

Died, at Montreal, in Canada, the rer, Died, the rev. James Bulkeley, incum G. Jenkins, chaplain to the forces in bent curate of Dobcross, in Saddleworth. that province, and formerly curate of

Died, at Halifax, the rev. William Wadhurst, in Sussex.

MONTHLY LIST OF PUBLICATIONS. A Sermon preached in the Chapel of borough, July 22, 1821, being the Sunday Magdalen Hospital, on Sunday, July 22, after the Coronation of our Gracions so1821, in Consequence of the Coronation vereign King George IV. By Charles of his Majesty George IV. and published Pryce, A.M. Vicar. 6d. at the Request of the Committee. By the

A Sermon, preached before the WorRev. Edward Rice, A.M. Assistant Chap- shipful H. J. Dickens, M.A. Official of lain at the Magdalen Hospital, one of the the Archdeacon of the East Riding in the Classical Masters of Christ's Hospital, and County of York, and the Clergy of the appointed Alternate Morning Preacher of Deaneries of Buckrose and Dickering, al Berkeley and Fitzroy Chapels. 18. the Visitation holden at Scarborough, June

A Sermon, delivered at Roebampton 26, 1821. By the Rev. H. J. Todd, M.A. Chapel, in Surrey, July 22, 1821, in re F.S.A. Chaplain in Ordinary to his Maference to the Coronation on the preced- jesty, and Rector of Settrington. 1s. ing Thursday, of his most Gracious Ma Honour the King. A Sermon preached jesty King George IV. By the Rev. Ed at St. Mary's Chapel, Penzance, July 19, ward Patteson, M.A. formerly of Trinity 1821, the Day of bis Majesty's CoronaCollege, Oxford. 18. 6d.

tion. By C. Val. Le Grice, M.A. Chap A Charge delivered to the Clergy of the lain of Penzance. 1s. 6d. Archdeaconry of Sarum, at his Visitation The Works of the Right Hon. Edmund in the Year 1821. By the Rev. Charles Burke. Volume the Seventh, in 4to. Cor. Daubeny, Archdeacon of Sarum.

taining Speeches on the Impeachment of “ God save the King." A Sermon Mr. Hastings. 21. 28. preached in the Parish Church of Welling


LITERARY INTELLIGENCE. The Rev. T. H. Horne's Introduction to tures, and the Translation of them into the Critical Study aud Knowledge of the different Languages. . By the Rev. James Holy Scriptures, will be ready in the Townley; is printing in three octavo Vocourse of October next, in four large Vo. lumes. lumes, octavo, with fifteen Plates of Maps, To be pnblished by Subscription, Serand Fac-similies, and other Engravings. mons on Divine Revelation, and the Ca

The Third Volume of Messrs. Kirby nonical Books of the Old Testament. By and Spence's Introduction to Entomo- Robert Jones, D.D. logy, is in great forwardness.

Dr. Wardlaw of Glasgow, has in the An Introduction to the Literary and Press, Lectures on the Book of EcclesiEcclesiastical History of the Sacred Scrip astes, in two octavo Volumes.

POLITICAL RETROSPECT. The Queen's death has been the to this country. The abettors of signal for renewing that system of confusion appear to have made clamour and tumult which was called that proficiency in wickedness which forth about a year ago by her return long and assiduous practice may be

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