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Had he

any reason to suppose, that maturer years. The fault of his his preaching would be blessed by disposition was self-sufficiency ; the God, while the preacher was mere fault of his understanding was inly acting a part ? We refrain from accuracy; and the combined effect saying more upon this part of the of the two was to make him the question ; but if Mr. Wilson's at: leader of a party, when he was quatempt is followed up, and the Force lified for a respectable situation in of Truth continues to be put for. the Church itself. ward as an unanswerable case, we Into the consideration of his vashall take another opportunity of rious writings we do not now enter, entering at large into its merits. not only on account of the length To the merit of honesty and sin.

to which this article is extending, cerity we conceive that it can esta but also from our reluctance to use blish its claim; but we liave never one word of unnecessary reprehenyet been able to see, and we have sion. Mr. Wilson has grievously read it carefully and repeatedly, exaggerated their merits. He asthat it contains one tittle of eyi. serts, that the Remarks on the Re. dence to shew, that its author was futation of Calvinism form " a logical reasoner, or a judicious of the first theological treatises of critic.

the day ;” and Mr. Scott's Bible, This, therefore, is the solution which is pronounced absolutely newhich we take the liberty of sub cessary for the use of careful stustituting, for the one which is offered dents, is shortly to be acknowledged in Mr. Wilson's Discourses. Mr. by all Protestant Churches “ to be Scott was a good but was not a one of the most sound, and instrucwise man; and although his ac tive comments of our own, or any tions were commendable, yet his other age.” Yet there is evidently reasoning was fallacious. His con a little soreness about the slowness duct improved, and his temper soft- of its sale

of its sale in this country. And ened; and his labours as a student we are assured, that in America, and a parish priest were exemplary "where prejudice has less force," and permanent, not because he was it goes off much quicker. If it be a Calvinist, but because he necessary, as we suppose it may conscientious and pious. Even in be, that the congregation of St. his early years, though he did John's, Bedford-Row, should never not shun the stumbling-blocks of read the Word of God without a the young, yet it is evident that he Calvinistic commentary, they may knew and desired to perform his duty, as well read Mr. Scott's as any After he was ordained he describes other with which we are acquainted; himself as having lived for a time and if they are deficient in patience, in sin ; but his sius were abandoned they will have a good opportunity before he was converted. It is absurd, of increasing their stock. But Mr. therefore, to contend, that he would Wilson talks of students; and if by have been an infidel, or a profligate, this we are to understand that he reif he had rejected the dogmas of commends the work to the study of Calvin. The principles, and feel those who are qualified to read for ings, and habits, which make a dili- HolyOrders,if he wishes them to pass gent scholar, and a humble Chris over all our own, and all foreign antiaŋ, and a persevering teacher, notators, and give up their faith to were to be distinguished in him at the guidance of Mr. Scott, we hesia very early age. If he had re. tate not to affirm, that the result of ceived a regular education, and carrying his plau into effect would been preserved from the Socinians be to sacrifice sound learning and in his youth, he would have been true Christianity to prepossession preserved from the Calvinist in his for an individual, and attachment


to a party. Mr. Scott did not pos- have reason to be thankful that it is sess a single requisite for his stu so unwieldly, and so unattractive. pendous task, except piety and We are not ignorant of the attempts diligence. His work is full of er. that have been made to force it rors, and full of mischief*, and we into circulation, by crying down all

commentaries of a different cast. • It happens singularly enough, that But hitherto these attempts have the very text selected for Mr. Wilson's failed; and it may be hoped that Funeral Discourses, is misinterpreted by Mr. Scott. The confidence expressed by the renewal of them will be equally St. Paul is not a Calvinistic confidence; unsuccessful. for it is not grounded on the immutability of the divine decrees, but ou the humble all true believers in Christ, according to consciousness of having kept the faith; the measure of their grace, sufferings, and from which he concludes, that “ HENCE. service in his cause. This the Apostle PORTI there is laid up for him a crown knew had been ' laid up' for him ; and he of righteousness.” Mr. Scott's paraphrase had now little more to do than to enjoy is, “He therefore assuredly expected it.” This change of tense is totally un• the crown of rigliteousness,' that glory authorised ; and is an evident misrepre and immortality which were prepared for sentation of the Apostle's meaning.


Society for Promoting Christian Society's list, for the Benefit of that PaKnowledge.

rish. This sum was applied, as will be seen Extract from the Third Annual Report of wards the purchase of a Parochial Lend

in a subsequent part of this Report, toProceedings of the Committee of Mem- ing Library. And as it cannot be doubted, bers of the Society for Promoting Chris

but that much benefit will accrue to the tian Knowledge within the Deanery Parish of Ashby-de-la-Zouch, both from of Ackely.

this grant, and from the special mode of The Committee of Members of the its application; so it is hoped by the ComSociety for Promoting Christian Knowledge mittee, that both will alike furnish a strong within the Deanery of Ackely and its ground for future pecuniary support, from Neighbourhood, having arrived at the the well disposed in the Parish of Ashby. Third Anniversary, held since their first de-la-Zouch, towards the future advanceInstitution ; submit the following to the ment of the Society's, and Committee's de. Public, as the Third Annual Report of signs. their Proceedings

“ On this subject, viz. the support af“ On similar gronnds to those which forded by Subscriptions and Donations

, actuated the Committee in holding their whether to the Parent Society, or to the Quarterly Meetings alternately at Lough- District Fnnd, or both; the Committee are borough and Ashby-de-la-Zouch, instead enabled to make a very satisfactory stateof Loughborough alone, as stated in the ment: and with regard to snpport to the last Report; thie Committee having previ- Parent Society in particular; the Compusly obtained the consent of the Incum- mittee baving now been in active opera: bent, resolved on holding the last Anni- tion for more than two years; it may be versary in the Parish Church of Ashby-de satisfactory to lay before the Public, the la-Zouch. Accordingly the Anniversary progress which has been made in cncreas. was so held, and a Collection made, after ing the Funds of the Society, since the a Sernion preached by the Rev. Francis commencement of that period. From Merewether, Rector of Cole Orton, and March 1819, the time when the CommitVicar of Whitwick, amounting to 281. tee's circular was distributed, to the pre18. 6d. one third of which was immediately sent, Juve 1821: in this comparatively very remitted to London by the Treasurer. At limited District, 32 Subscribers have been a subsequent Meeting of the Committee, a added to the Parent Society, and at the grant was made out of the remaining two present time, ont of 22 Benefices, and 15 thirds of Seven Pounds to the Parish of Chapelries in the limits of this Deanery; Ashby-de-la-Zouch, disposable at the dis 20 of the former, and 14 of the latter, poscretion of the locumbent, in Books on the sess direct means of access to the Society's

Publications; through the intervention of Quorndon, Ravenstone, Rothley, Seale, Incumbents or Curates, (and in most in- Sheepshead, Shuttington, Swepstone, Wanstances of both) as well as other Members lip, Whitwick and Woodhouse, there have of the Laity, being Subscribers to the Pa been circulated from the Society's stores rept Society, or to the District, or to both. since the 10th of April, 1820, So amply have the anticipations expressed “ Bibles and Testaments

474 in the Circular been realized on this head; Prayer Books and Psalters

695 and so satisfactorily has it been made ap Tracts bound and stitched

4538 pear, that wherever the Society's existence and character are properly made known,

Total 5657 and its benefits actively diffused, there will

OF WHICH ever be found proportionate, if not always

Bibles and Testaments

212 adequate compensation through the bounty

Prayer Books and Psalters

281 of the Public, for the encreased demands

Tracts bound and stitched

482 upon its Fonde. Nor have the Subscriptions and Donations to the District Fund

Total 975 been unproductive. It will be seen in the Appendix, that the number of District Sub. have been supplied from the Local Depo. scribers amounts to 23 ; some of a Guinea, sitory. And when to this is added the fol. and some of half a Guinea Annually. Yet lowing statement of the distribution, which although the paramount claims of tlie Pa

took place during the two years preceding rent Society to support, added to a disin

the present, viz. as reported in the years clination to urge the claims of this Society

1819. 1820. 1821. too strongly; bave hitherto occasioned less Bibles and Testaments S36) 385/ 474 activity, in soliciting District Subscrip- Prayer Books and Psalters 859 644 625 tions ; it is nevertheless obvious, that nei. Tracts bound and stitched 2650 2258 4558 ther the designs of the Local Depository

MAKING A TOTAL OF for Books can be adequately sustained, nor

Bibles and Testaments the means for assisting Indigent Parislies be


2128 supplied ; if a certain degree of encourage- Prayer Books and Psalters

9466 ment be not afforded by District Subscrip. Tracts bouud and stitched tions and Donations. It is hoped therefore, that the attention of the Members of

Total 12,789 the Society in general, and of the Clergy besides Papers on the Sacrament, Confirin particular, resident within the District; mation, Public Worship, Observance of will not be entirely withheld from recom the Lord's Day, Sunday Schools, &c. of mending the District Fund to a certain which no Account is taken; it will appear share of attention and support.” P. 3. that the distribution, when compared with

“ On the Subject of Schools instructed, the extent of the Deanery, has been for the either wholly or in part, by Books from last three years, (over and above what was the Society's stores; the Committee are done before) very considerable. Lastly, enabled by means of the Parochial returns when it is further considered, that the dion this head, to state a considerable portion rect aim and tendency, and onder Divine of the extent of benefit derived from the Providence, doubtless to a considerable Society's Publications. It appears from the extent, the actual effect of this distribution account in the Appendis, that, indepen- has been to instil into the minds of those, dent of such Parishes as bave made no re for whose benefit it has taken place, sound turn, the number of Children throughout maxims of faith and practice; wholesome the District taught by the Society's Books instruction on points of Ecclesiastical and is 2913."

Civil Polity; and in particular useful les“ The next particular on which the sons to the Poor, concerning the duties Committee have to report, is the distribui. they respectively owe to their God; to tion of the Society's publications, that has their King, and Country; to their Ministaken place, since the receipt of the returns ters; to their superiors; to themselves ; in May 1820. From the Parochial Returns and to each other : it would be questionon this head, which have been received ing the faithfulness of the Divine Councils to from the Incumbents, and other officiating doubt; that upon all these great and fundaMinisters throughout the District, il ap mental points, a most salutary state of mind pears that in the Parishes of Appleby, has been produced, proportionably to the Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Barrow-upon-Soar, distribution above stated. The Committee Castle Donington, Church Gresley, Cole therefore feel, that po stronger ground can Orton, Diseworth, Kegworth, Long What.. be presented, both for congratulation reton, Loughborough, Nailstone, Polesworth, specting the past; and hope of increased

and increasing exertion respecting the fu- District Committee of the Society for Proture; than is here exhibited in the direct moting Christian Knowledge within the tendency, and obvious effect, of this brauch Deanery of Ackely was further opened to of their efforts."

the designs of the Society for the Propa. “ The Committee have now to enter on gation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts. As another branch of its labours, which, thoughi these measures, together with the Subscripas yet but recently acted upon, promises tions arising from them, form a distinct to hold a very prominent station amongst branch of the Committees proceedings, the works of charity of the Society for Pro- they will be found in a brief statement af. moting Christian Knowledge; viz. the es. fixed to the end of this Report. tablishment of Parochial Lending Libra “ The Committee have now only in ries. A Circular having been received by conclusion to state, in connection with the Secretary containing certain resolu. their own immediate proceedings and intions and suggestions on this subject from terests; that during the past year a meathe Parent Society, the same was read to sure has been instituted, and further it is the Quarterly Meeting held in October hoped, very successfully matured, for hold. Jast; and it was resolved that the Resolu- ing a County Anniversary during the en. tions of the Parent Society should be sning Summer in the Town of Leicester printed and sent to the Parochial Ciergy for the Societies for Promoting Christian of the District, together with a short State. • Knowledge, and for the Propagation of the ment of the advantages peculiar to this Gospel in Foreign Parts. The aim of this mode of distribution, and one or two Lo Anniversary will be to diffuse the advancal Regulations. This document so framed tages of the Society for Promoting Chris. will be found in the Appendix, as will also tian Knowledge both in the County Town, a document on the same snbject supplied and through the Districts of the County at by one of the members of the Committee, large; and likewise to produce an increased which it is thought may be useful and inte degree of union and co-operation between resting. At and since that time, Parochial the Members of either or both of these imLibraries have been established in the Pa- portant Institutions throughout the Counrishes of Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Cole Orton, ty. The measure thus considered and ma. and Polesworth by their respective Incum- tnred has subsequently received the counbents : of the size and cost of which an ac tenance and sanction of His Grace the count will be found in the Appendix also. Lord Lientenant, and the High Sheriff, The Committee have reason to believe that both of whom, there is reason to hope, as far as this District is concerned, the will give to the proposed Meeting the sancexpectations formed from the establish- tion of their personal presence." ment of these Libraries, have been more Incorporated Society for the Prothan realized. And from the accounts which have reached them in point of fact,

pagation of the Gospel in Foreign as well as from the obvious benefits pecu

Parts. liarly attached to this mode of circulation; " The Committee of Members of the the Committee have no hesitation in com- Society for promoting Christian Know. ing to the conclusion, that no measure is ledge within the Deanery of Ackley and more effectual for applying the Society's its Neighbourhood; having opened their general service to the peculiar exigencies Quarterly and other Meetings to the deof the present time and state of things, signs of the Incorporated Society for the than by a general adoption of Parochial Propagation of the Gospel in Foreigu Lending Libraries. The Committee think Parts, have particular satisfaction in obit proper to add, as an encouragement to serving, that since October last, after Parochial Collections for this particular Meetings held at Ashby-de-la-Zouch and purpose ; that whilst the member ordering Loughborough for this special purpose, 32 a Parochial Library is obviously liable to Associated Members have been added to the additional charge of binding, the usual the Parent Society from this District: the demand of the one third due to the Parent Society having of late gears admitted SubSociety from all Parochial Collections is scribers of a Guinea Annually, over and remitted in the solitary instance of collec- above the List of the Members of their Intions being applied to the purchase of Pa- corporated Body, whose Annual Subscriprochial Lending Libraries.

tion is Two Guineas. Whilst the Com“ At the same meeting at which the Re- mittee bave great pleasure in stating to the solutions were brought forward respecting Public this source of increase to the SoParochial Lending Libraries, a series of ciety's funds, whereby they doubt not its Resolutions were also submitted to and means of carrying forward its pious and adopted by the Committee ; whereby the charitable designs will be materially anga

mented; they at the same time indulge an Scotia still continues 80 impaired, that he earnest and well grounded hope, that the has been compelled to relinquish, however new claims on public bounty supplied by reluctantly, the prospect of an early return a consideration of the moral and religious to his diocese. The operations of the state of India, will alone supply a suffi- Society, have, however, been materially cient stimulus to the clarity of every assisted by his councils whenever the Christian Patriot in Great Britain.

nature of his complaints would allow him “ The Committee therefore beg leave to to attend their meetings. During his abclose the present sta vent witli respect

sence the affairs of the Diocese have been fully submitting to every Member of the conducted in the most exemplary manner Chorch of England resident within this by the Ecclesiastical Commissary, the District, and capable of affording aid (whe- Rev. Dr. Inglis, under whose care and ther much or little) to designs no less im- superintendance the progress of religion portant than extensive; that whilst the and religions education has been uniformly Missionary cause is daily obtaining and ex- proportionate to the increasing prosperity citing increased and awakened attention; of the Province. they may find in the Society for the Pro “ Dr. Inglis reports, that his interesting pagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts and important charge still affords bim its designs scarcely to be answered by the accustomed comfort; the kind attentions most enlarged and united alms of our whole of his flock are unabated, and he is on Church and Nation : and that by throwing terms of friendship with all his parishioners. their charitable efforts into this particular The Church is well filled, and it is a direction, they become instruments of dif- subject of serious regret, that there is no fusing to the distant nations the pure and room for many families, who are continu. primitive usages of Church Government ally applying for seats. The organ at St. and Church Discipline; at the same time Paul's has been thoronghly repaired, at a that they send along with them, and ander very considerable expence, and he trusts their particular infinence, the cheering and that it is their endeavour to make every healing light of genuine, vital and prac. outward performance instrumental, with tical Christianity.

the blessing of God, to their advancement FRAS. MEREWETHER,

in faith and holiness. Secretary."

" The National School has sustained a

very considerable diminution in the number Society for the Propagation of the of its scholars, in consequence of the re

Gospel in Foreign Parts. moval of all the Roman Catholic Children The Annual Report of this Society management, the Master of which received

to a Madras School under their own is now printed, and we extract some

instruction from Mr. West; it is also of the principal passages. An ac threatened with many other adverse circount of Dr. Stewart's Missionary cumstances. The removal of the Countess Tour has already appeared in our of Dalhousie is an irreparable loss ; her Journal. His entire narrative is in- Ladyship's patronage and continued serted in the Report, and will be personal attention have been invaluable.

Mrs. Alen has been obliged to give notice found very interesting.

of her resignation, on account of ill health The plan of admitting subscribing and the limited amount of the salary; conand associated members, has met siderable difficulty has arisen in the apwith great encouragement. Nearly pointment of a successor, which has at six hundred names were enrolled at last been decided in favour of Miss Barret, the commencement of the present

who has qualified herself for that purpose.

Mr. West has also given notice of his year, and the new Committees which

intention to quit at the end of the year, continue to be formed in all parts of cliefly on account of the injury his health the country, authorise us to hope has sustained from confinement; the loss that we shall soon have to report a of this valuable servant is duly appreciated large addition to this list.

by the Society, and the testimonials which The whole number of persons em

the Trustees of the National School at ployed by the Society as Mission. Halifax have transmitted, of the zeal and aries, Catechists, and Schoolmasters, dnties of his laborious office,

evince the

abilities with which he discharged the is 146, of whom eighty are in holy sense which was entertained of his meriorders.

torious conduct in that Country; had the Nova Scotia.

Establishment sustained this loss under other The health of the Bishop of Nova circumstances, and at an earlier period, REMIMBRANCER, No. 33.


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