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Appendix to Gibson's Codex with respect subscribe at bis admissioå, if the word at to the instruments which pass when bi- be construed to mean what is contemporashops, deans, and prebendaries are cre neous or simultaneous, unless the viceated, will probably agree with me in chancellor be present at the time. But if thinking that the word admitto has in the immediately after admission he went to law of Er:gland a peculiar appropriate the vice-chancellor, or his depoty, and signification belonging to itself, and de- subscribed the declaration, would not that noting a distinct act, which goes to the be in the fair meaning of the word a subcomplete investiture of a person in an scribing at his admission; at being someoffice of this kind. And the statutes of times interpreted, upon the occasion of? this college will lead to the same conclu- But it is said, that if this be the true in. sion. For in the election of fellows, it is terpretation of the word, Dr. Godfrey ordained, that after the election has been was bound to act accordingly; and that pronounced, the fellow shall take the ap- he should have repaired to the vice-chanpointed oath, and then be admitted ad cellor on the Sunday morning, and signed totum jus el emolumentum societatis. And the declaration then. For it appears that I find accordingly that there is a solemn there are many acts done in the University admission of the fellows after they have of Cambridge on a Sunday ; and that this taken this oath; and I think that such a is such an one as has been frequently, and ceremony accords with the meaning of the repeatedly, and constantly done on a Sunstatutes. With respect to the master, the day. I do not find that they proceed in statutes having ordained that the senior the same way at Oxford. The question, fellow shall declare his election, and admit however, if it were to turn upon this, him, proceed to reqnire that such senior would be not what may be done upon a shall present the master in the chapel Sunday, but what must be done upon a coram communitate collegii, that the Te Sunday; and if that point is not to be Deum shall be sang, and that the master considered as pre-judged by what one may elect shall take an oath which is there call a very general usage, I should think it prescribed, which being done, the senior would be better to say, that this act ought fellow shall immediately deliver the book not to be done on a Sunday, than that it of statutes, and the keys of the chests must necessarily be done on Sunday. But which belong to the master of the college, in my view of the present case, the quesNow it is not very clear what book is here tion does not require an answer; and meant; and whether the right book was therefore I desire to be understood as or was not used on the present occasion, giving no opinion upon it. I should be very sorry to decide the case The true point here is, what are we to upon a circumstance of that kind. Mr. consider as the act which is to be called Godfrey took the oath at the time of his the admission of Mr. Godfrey. It is cer. election, and likewise received the book tain that a fellow is not admitted, until and the keys. He went to the master's the president pronounces the words, adlodge, and did acts there which are repre- mitto te socium, &c. And this ceremony sented as acts possessory; and on the Sun- is not prescribed in the statutes, except in day he was introduced into the arm chair those words which required the president in the hall, where he presided as master. to admit the fellows elect. And therefore It is contended, therefore, that having since the word admit, as I have already taken the oath, and received the book observed has a technical meaning, and the and keys, he was in fact admitted ; and statutes require that the master should be that his appearance in the hall proved that admitted; I understand them also to rehe was considered as complete master of quire, that a ceremony of admission shonld the college.

be gone through. I have been told that If this reasoning be valid, and Mr. the head of a college does not think it Godfrey be held to have been admitted consistent with bis dignity to go down on at that time, we then come to the his knees before a senior fellow, who is question, did he, or did he not, within the his inferior in rank ; but the answer to this meaning of the Act of Charles II. (the is, that until the master elect is in comAct of Uniformity) make the declaration plete possession of his mastership, it is not which he was bound to make before, or at certain that the senior fellow is bis inferior his admission. Before he took the oath, in rank; and in the next place, if the and received the book and keys, it is clear statutes require such a ceremony, they are he had not subscribed the declaration : to be obeyed in spite of any objections and what are we to understand by the arising from punctilio. There may be word at? It is clear that if a master be more or less ceremony according to usage; elected and admitted instanter, he cannot but if the word admittere requires any

thing to be done, then until that thing is forms of this kind are observed -as com. done, the admission is not made. Then pleting the admission, in bodies where you come to this, this is so as to fellows adıission is required, the eircunstance and scholars, though there is no injunction that such ceremonies have been observed on the subject, except the word admit- is sufficient to prove that they must still tantur ; and the practice that lias long be continued; and therefore I do not prevailed. What then is the practice as think that Mr. Godfrey's admission was to the master? On this point we have completed on the Sunday, and consevery little evidence. No one seems to quently he subscribed in the presence of remember what passed at the election of the vice-chancellor before he was admitted Dr. Milner, and the most that we learn is, to his office. that lie was taken from the altar to his The only remaining question is, wheseat by the senior fellow. But with re ther what I call the admission was too spect to the election of former masters, a long delayed. And I cannot say that it witness deposes, that he is in possession of was. For every person connected with a book containing a copy of the stalutes, the matter appears to have been considerin a blank leaf of which there is written ably ignorant of what was to be done ; in the hand writing of a former fellow of and the admission which subsequently took the college, a memorandum, entitled, place was made as soon as professional " Forms attending the Election of a Mas. advice could be got upon the subject. The ter," which forms are, that he should be case being thus decided, it is uunecessary introduced to his seat in chapel by the for me to dwell upon the effect that would senior fellow, should then repair to the bave been produced npon Mr. Godfrey's vice-chancellor, and subscribe according election, if he had not subscribed before, to the Act of Charles II. and lastly, be or at his admission. That his office would admitted kneeling by the senior fellow in thereby have become ipso facto void, is a this form, “ Admitte te, &c.” Now it point upon which there can be no donbt. appears that this memorandum was drawn But whether the vacancy thus occasioned up in 1761, and that the writer was a fel. would be to be filled up by the college, or low, and voted at the election of a for by the crown, is a question of very great mer master, Dr. Plumptree; and it is difficulty, with which I am not called reasonably inferred, that the forms above npon to interfere. With respect to costs, mentioned were the forms actually ob it strikes me that the inquiry was so deserved at that election. It is stated, how. cessary on the part of the college in genefeer, that in many of the colleges no such ral, that Domus onght to pay the costs of forms are observed; but this las po bear all the Pctitions. ing upon the present argument, because if


ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS. The rev. William Collett, the younger,

B.A. to the vicarage of St. Mary in SurThe Dean and Chapter of York cathe- linghiani, with St. Saviour's annexed, Nordral have presented the rev. W. H. Dixon

folk; patron, the rev. William Collett, of to the vicarage of Wiston and the perpetual Swanton Morley. curacy of Cawood, in that county.

The rev. E. Heawood, M.A. to be mas. Tlie rev. H. J. Ridley, A.M. chaplain to ter of the grammar school at Maidstone. the lord chancellor, and prebendary of The rev. C. S. Bonnett, M.A. rector of Bristol, to hold by dispensation the reco Avington, to be one of the marquis of tory of Abinger, Sorrey, together with that Buckingham's domestic claplains. of Newdigate, in the same county,

The rev. Mr. Dent, to the very valuable The rev. J. J. Dewe, perpetual cnrate living of Cockerham, Lancashire; patron, of Harwich, to the vicarage of Alstone. Jolin Dent, Esq. field, Staffordshire; patron, Sir G. Crewe, The rev. Harry Lee, fellow of Winches.

ter college, to a prebendal stall in the ca: The rev. H. Walter, to the rectory of thedral of Hereford. Haselbury Bryan, Dorsetshire; patron, The rev. A. H. Kenney, D.D. to the the duke of Northumberland.

rectory of St. Olave, Southwark, vice the The rev. Thomas Gronow, to the living rev. W. Greene, resigned. near Neath.

The rev. Thomas Garbett, appointed to REMEMBRANCER, No. 31.



of Cadoxton,

a minor canonry in Peterborough cathe. Esq. B.A. some time of Baliol college, dral, lately vacated by the rev. C. Pratt. now fellow of Oriel college, and son of the

The rev. J. C. White, M.A. fellow of right hon. sir Thomas Plumer, knight, Pembroke hall, to the rectory of Rawreth, master of the rolls.-Latin Verse : “ Eleuin Essex, vacant by the death of the rev. sis;" hon. G. W. F. Howard, of Christ J. Wilgress, D.D.; patron, master and church, son of viscount Morpeth, and fellows of Pembroke.

grandson of the earl of Carlisle. The hon. H. Townshend, A.M. to the SIR ROGER NEWDIGATE'S PRIZE. consolidated rectories and parish churches English Verse, “ Pæstum;" the same, hon. of Broome and Oakley, Suffolk; patron,

G.W.F. Howard. the marquis Cornwallis.

June 9.-The rev. W. Bockland, reader

in mineralogy and geology, in this univerUNIVERSITY INTELLIGENCE.

sity, has been elected a corresponding OXFORD, May 26.-On Thursday last, member of the Museuin of Natural History the following degrees were conferred : at Paris, by diploma.

MASTERS OF ARTS. - Charles Baring Saturday se'nnight, Mr. Churton, of Wall, Esq. Christ church, grand compoun Brasenose college, was elected a fellow of der; Henry Edward Stewart, Christ church;

that society. rev. Thomas Snow, Exeter college.

On Thursday last, Messrs. T. W. TeasBACHELORS OF ARTS.—Robert Clutter dale, W. Smith and R. Watts, of Lincoln buck, Exeter college; Richard Charles college, and Mr. C. Rolph, of Queen's col. Coxe, scholar of Worcester college; Geo. lege, were elected scholars of the former Gould, University college; Charles Hard- society. wicke, University college; John Watkins Same day, Mr. Henry Bowden was Bayliss, Magdalen hall; hon. Robert Gros- elected exhibitioner of the same college. venor, Christ church; Charles Drewitt, and The last day of Easter term the followHaviland Durand, scholars of Pembroke ing degrees were conferred: college ; John Fawcett, Baliol college ; BACHELOR IN DIVINITY.-Rev. Geo. Jobo Holding, St. John's college ; Charles Rowley, master of University college. Hand, Jesus college.

BACHELOR IN MEDICINE.-Geo. Bryan June 2.— Yesterday, the rev. G. Row Panton, of University college, with a lie ley, M.A. and fellow of University col cence to practice in medicine. lege, was elected master of that society. MASTERS OF ARTS.-Richard Webb,

The following gentlemen of Westmin- Esq. of Queen's college, grand compounster school were on Wednesday last elect der; rev. Thomas Hodges, of University ed students of Christ church:– E. V. Ver- college, grand compounder; George Aus. non, R. Hossey, W. Legge, J. Temple ten, Esq. of Trinity college, grand comMansel, and Frederick Alex. Sterky. ponnder; Henry Barrow Evans, of Wad

On Wednesday last the following de hain college ; William Lewis, of St. Mary grees were conferred :

hall; rev. Joseph Cox, Demy of Magdalen Masters of Arts.--The rev. William college ; rev. Georges Majendie, fellow of Johoson, St. Alban hall, grand compoun. Magdalen college; Richard Davies, of Oriel der; W. J. Smithwick, Esq. Oriel college, college; rev, Edward Eedle, of Christ grand compounder; rev. H. P. Bennett, church; James Edward Newell, of Wor. Worcester college; rev. J. Billington, cester college; rev. Charles Girdlestone, scholar of University college; C. R. Pole, fellow of Baliol college. J. Ford, Oriel college.

BACHELORS OF ARTS.-Edward Frowd, BACHELORS OF Arts.-R. Holberion, Esq. of Exeter college, grand compounder; Exeter college; H. P. Jeston, Worcester Thomas Pinder Pantin, Esq. of Queen's college; B. D. Hawkins, scholar of Pem. college, grand compounder; Henry John broke college; T. Klyne, St. Edmund Urquhart, fellow of New college; Fredehall; J. C. Girardot, Braserose college; ric Lea, of Merton college; Richard Por. G. Grey, Oriel college ; E. Hay, student ter, of Magdalen hall; Philip Wm. Dougo of Christ church; J. Ellis, Jesus college. las, student of Christ church; Waller Far

Same day the prize compositions were qubar Hook, student of Christ church; adjudged to the following gentlemien: Sheffield Naave, of Christ church; Law

CHANCELLOR's Prizes.-English Essay : rence Latham, of Pembroke college ; “ The Stndy of Modern History;" D. K. James Nurse, and Robert Radclyffe, of Sandford, B.A. of Christ church, and son Worcester college ; John Matthew, scholar of the right rev. D. Sandford, D.D. one of of Baliol college ; Wm. H. Mogridge, of the bishops of the Scotch episcopal church, Jesus' college. Edinburgh.-- Latin Essay: " De Auguriia The whole number of degrees in Easter et Aospiciis apud Astiquos ;” C. J. Plumer, term was, one B. M. thirty-nine M, A.

Jesus' college.

forty-six B.A. and matriculations ninety- Price, scholar, Thomas Stacy, Thomas Dai two.

vies, of Jesus' college. Wednesday, June 15.-On the first day The rev. Francis Wrangham, M. A. of of Easter term, Augustus William Hare, Trinity college, Cambridge, and archdeaM.A. fellow of New college, rev. Henry con of Cleveland, was admitted ad eundem. Jenkins, M.A. fellow of Oriel college, and Yesterday, the following degrees were rev. Charles Stocker, M.A. fellow of St. also conferred: John's college, were nominated masters of DOCTOR IN DIVINITY.-Rev. George the schools,

Rowley, master of University college. The following degrees were also con MASTERS OF ARTS.-Charles Barton, ferred:

Brazenose college; rev. John Strange DanMASTERS OF ARTS. Rev. Benjamin dridge, scholar, of Worcester college; Ju. Milingchainp, of Merton college, grand lius Deeds, scholar, of Trinity college. compounder; William Anderson, Esq. of June 16.-On Wednesday last, the rev. St. Mary hall, grand compounder; rev, W. Jones Skinner, M.A. was elected felFrancis George Leach, fellow of Pembroke low, and Mr. James Hadley, scholar, of college; rev. John Mobson Furness, of Worcester college, on sir Thomas Cooke's Mertou college; Matthew Robert Grey, foundation; and on Friday, the rev. John fellow of Merton college ; Robert Everest, Strange Dandridge, M.A. was elected fel. scholar of University college í John Piercé low, and Mr. Charles Joseph Philpot, Maurice, Brasepose college ; rev. George scholar of the same college, on Mrs. Eaton's Randolph, Henry Bull, rev. Charles Wm. foundation. Knyvett, rev. Jobio Hunter Fawcett, rev. CAMBRIDGE, May 25.-T. Thorp, Esq. Wm. Holland, students, and George Freer, B.A. fellow of Trinity college, was on of Christ church ; George Warry, scholar, Wednesday appointed travelling bachelor, and rev. Marcus Armstrong, of Trinity on Mr. Worts's foundation. college ; John Henry Abbott, Esq. of Ba The following gentlemen were on the liol college; and rev. Hugh Rowlands, of same day admitted to the under-men

tioned degrees : BACHELORS OF ARTS.—Alfred Smith, MASTERS OF ARTS.---Rev. H. Yenn, Esq. of Queen's college, grand compoun.

fellow of Queen's college; rev. W. Waller, der; Russell Ellice, Esq. of Brasenose of Sidney Sussex college. college, grand componnder; John Sar BACHELORS OF ARTS-R. Barker, of geannt, Esq. John Barneby, Esq. of Christ St. Peter's college; T. Blakeway Bray, of church, grand compounders; Christopher Magdalen college. John Musgrave, of St. Alban hall; Rich May 30.-At a congregation held on ard Blackmore, Aaron Foster, Alexander Wednesday last, John Smith, B.A. of St. Lamb, of Exeter college; Richard Rocke, John's college, was appointed deputy esJohn Scott, William Bownes, scholar, of quire Bedell; Mr. Beverley, the senior Lincoln college ; Thomas Bennett Round, squire Bedell being allowed by the univerNewman John Stubbin, of St. John's col-sity to retire with the full emoluments of lege; Anthony Chester, of Merton col- office, in consideration of his long services lege; William Wilson King, Alexander and advanced age. William M'Nish, Henry Pickthall, of June 2.--Tuesday last, John Holroyd, Queen's college ; Francis Orton, of St. B.A. of Trinity college, was elected a felMary hall; Thomas Hope, Charles Ho

low of Catberine hall, on the Skirne foun. tham, scholar, of University college; John dation. Mendham, Robert Lawrence, of St. Ed. mund ball; William Henry Prescott, Tho.

On Wednesday, the following gentlemas Lloyd Pain, scholars, Willam Niel.

men were admitted to the undermentioned son, Edward Francis Arney, Robert Lit

degrees : tle, William Lee, Andrew Alfred Dau

MASTER OF ARTS.-Benjamin Heath beny, Charles Parkin, hon. Hugh Anthony

Malkin, fellow of Trinity college. Rons, of Brasenose college; Thomas Va.

Bachelor OP Civil Law. -John Page Fasor Durell, student, Charles William

Wood, of Triuity college. Dodd, Frederick Harry Pare, William

BACHELORS OF ARTS.-Loftus Anthony Ewart, George Salt, Henry Cæsar Hapkins

Cliffe, and George Best, of St. John's colHawkins

, of Christ charch; James Winter lege; Charles Stuart Girdlestone, of Caius Scott, Esq. Corpns Claristi college; Cecil college; Charles Birch, Catberice hall; Robert Smith, Baliol college; Robert

Thomas Foster, Emmanuel college; Samuel Townsend Passingham, Worcester college; Charlton, and George Ludford Harvey, Harry Townsend Powell, Oriel college;

of Sidney Sussex college. Ames Hellicar, Trinity college; Thomas June 16.-On Monday last, the follow.

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ing gentlemen were admitted to the under. GLOUCESTERSHIRE. Died, the rer. mentioned degrees :

Thomas Veel, M.A. curate of Eastington, BACHELORS IN DIVINITY. William in this county. Tatham, Richard Wager Allix, and James, HEREFORDSHIRE.—Died, the rev. Mr. Commeline, fellows of St. John's college. Squire, prebendary of Hereford cathedral,

HONORARY MASTERS OF Arts.-Lord and many years bead master of the college H. F. C. Kerr, and hon. H. S. Law, of St. school. John's college ; hon. Baptist Wriothesley Kent - Died, the rev. D. Ibbetson, Noel, Trinity college.

M.A. rector of Halsted. MASTERS OF ARTS.-J. Hutton Fisher, LINCOLNSHIRE.-Died, at Pinchbeck, fellow of Trinity college ; Charles Courte near Spalding, aged 68, the rev. T. H. nay, St. John's college,

Wayett, vicar of that parish. BACHELOR IN CIVIL LAW. - James NORFOLK.—Died, the rev. Morden CarKennedy, Trinity hall.

thew, A.M. aged 60, vicar of Mattishall, BACHELOR OF ARTS. - George Pitt, with the rectory of Paxley, in this county. Trinity college.

Died, at Field Dalling, in this county, At the same congregation, the following aged 74, the rev. William Royle, vicar of gentlemen were elected Barnaby lecturers, Islington, and many years of Crimplesham, for the year ensuing :

in this county. MATHEMATICAL.-B. P. Bell, M.A. of Aged 76, the rev. L. Berney, of StalChrist college.

ham. PHILOSOPHICAL.-Jos. Hudson, M. A. NORTHAMPTONSHIRE. – Died, by the fellow of St. Peter's.

bursting of a blood vessel, the rev. William RHETORIC.-H. P. Hamilton, M.A. Stalman, son of the rev, William Stalman, fellow of Trinity college.

rector of Stoke Bruery, near Towcester, Logic.—George Stevenson, M.A. ditto. in this county, and fellow of Brasenose col

The chancellor's gold medal for the best lege, Oxford. English poem, for the present year, is ad OXFORDSHIRE.—Died, after a long injodged to T. B. Macaulay, scholar of Tri- disposition, at his father's

, aged 28, the nity college. Subject, “ Evening."

rev. Samuel Jackson, M.A, of Baliol colSir W. Browne's three gold medals, for lege, Oxford. the present year, were ou Wednesday last

Died, aged 38, the rev. William Thomas adjudged as follows: the Greek Ode, Beer, of Worcester college, Oxford. H. N. Coleridge, fellow of King's college; SOMERSETSHIRE. - Died, at Batheasthe Latin Ode, C. Fursdon, Downing col- ton, aged 62, after a lingering illness, the lege; Greek Epigrams, E. Baines, Christ

rev. Race Godfrey, D.Ď, of Walcot Pacollege.

rade, one of his Majesty's justices of the The vice-chanceller has selected the fol

peace, and nearly thirty years minister and lowing exercises, Honoris causa : Greek

chief proprietor of Kensington Chapel, Expectes, eadem, &c.”

Bath. Latin Ode: mottos, “ Barbiton Paries Died, at Bristol, in the 79th year habebit ;" "Lauro, cinge volens, &c.”

age, the rev. Thomas Ford, LL.D. late Epigrams: mottos, “ Conamar

vicar of Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire. grandia ;" “ Labor ultimus ;" Quisquis Died, on the South Parade, Bath, the “ Ta mikka mikkois.” The

rev. C. H. Sampson, D.D. minister of names of the respective writers will be re

Laytonstone chapel, Essex, and late one of corded, if their consent to open the mottos the chaplains at the presidency of Madras

. be communicated to the vice-chancellor, SURREY. — Died, at Wimbledon, the

rev. Joshua Ruddock, M.A. vicar of HitchBEDFORDSHIRE. Died, in the 59th in, and late fellow of Trinity college, Camiyear of his age, justly beloved aud regret- bridge. ted, the rev. Thomas Gregory, vicar of Sussex. Died, the rev. sir Henry Henlow, in this congty.

Poole, bart, of the Hook, BERKSHIRE.- Died, in his 59th year, his 78th year. the rev. Lawrence C: ord, vicar of St. YORKSHIRE.-Died, in the 77th year Helen's church, Abingdon.

his age, universally respected and revered, CUMBERLAND.—Died, at Whitehaven, the rev. William Richardson, sub-chapter the rev. Richard Armitstead, minister of of the cathedral, incumbent curate of st. St. James's in that town, rector of Mares- Michael le Belfrey, and vicar of St. Sanipby, and a magistrate of the county.

son's, York, DorsersHiRE.--Died, the rev. J. Mariden, LL.D. rector of Beer Hacket and Died, on the 16th instant, at his parCorscombe, in this county.

sonage, Langdon-Hills, Essex, the rev.

Ode: motto,

of his


es, &c."

wear Lewes, in


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