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youthful voices uniting in our grand na I took at at the commencement of the pretional anthem, “ God save the King ;" sent parliament. The bill recognizes the after which the party broke up, and dis- foreign jurisdiction, which I then swore persed with mutual feelings of gratification does not exist, and ought not to exist and good-will.

within this realm. The oath expressed my Bath.

real sentiments. I took it without the smallest mental reservation whatsover: and

at the time I was resolved to fulfil the The following Speech delivered by tenor of the oath. It seems to me, there

the Bishop of St. David's on the fore, if I were to vote for the bill, I should second reading of the Catholic falsify my oathi and my declaration. I ob Bill, was omitted in our last num- ject to the bill, because it appears to me ber; it will be found more cor contrary to one of the highest prerogatives rect than the reports which have of the crown. The king is bead of the appeared in the Newspapers :

Church of England by common law, as

well as by statute. But it this bill were to The Bishop of St. David's said, my pass into a law, it would be a great encouLords, though I ain wholly unable to do ragement to the papal power ; that power justice either to the great importance of which the Roman Catholics bold to be su. the subject before the house, or to my own perior to the sovereignty of the realm. convictions, yet I am unwilling to give the Every encouragement, therefore, of the vote which I shall do this night against the papal power, is a diminution of the authosecond reading of the bill, without endea- rity of the crown. My Lords, there are vouring at least to state the grounds of my many other objections to the bill. I obobjections to it. But, before I state those ject to it, because it appears to me a most grounds, I wish to make a single observa- pernicious anomaly to permit the members tion on what fell from the noble earl, whose of a foreign church, and subjects of a foeloquent speech closed the debate of last reign sovereign, to sit in either house of night. The noble earl observed, that the parliament without renouncing their foreign constitution of this country “ is essentially allegiance; and especially to legislate for Protestant, but not exclusively so.”. My the Church of England, against which they Lords, the bistory of the constitution, if are united by principles of conscientious I mistake not, requires both terms. From hostility. I object to the bill, because it the Constitutions of Clarendon, down offers to the Church of England fulse secuwards, its Protestant character was form. rities. It proposes, by way of security to ing. It was forming by the variety of the Church, an oath to be taken by the Rochecks which were given to the intrusive man Catholic Clergy, which no conscienauthority of the Pope by the laws of Ed tions Roman Catholic Clergyman can take wards I and III. Richard IJ. and others. or can keep. It is contrary to their reliIt was formed, and in great measure com- gion, or what they call their religion, to pleted, by the laws of Henry VIII. It swear, that they will enter into no commuwas finally completed by the statute of the nications with the Pope for the disturb30th of Charles II. and the act of settle ance or the overthrow of the Church of ment. It was completed, my Lords, by England; their creeds and oaths, their the catire exclusion of the Pope and his preaching, writing, and ministering, havjarisdiction from the constitution. Ex. ing all a tendency, directly or indirectly, clusion is therefore of the very essence of to the overthrow of the Protestaut Church, our Protestant constitution. The consti. as every body knows, who knows any thing tution is not only essentially Protestant, of the decrees of the Council of Trent, and but exclusively so,-exclusive of the Pope as we have been lately informed by a Roand his jurisdiction, I object to the bill, man Catholic Bishop, who stated it as his because it appears to me contrary to the objection to the oath proposed by the bill. very end for which your Lordships are here I object to the bill, because it is contrary assembled. The writ of summons convened to the acts of union, by which the Protestparliament expressly to consult for the de ant Religion was declared to be inviolable, fence of the Church of England; super.

But this bill abrogates the securities which rebus quibusdem arduis defensionem regni were intended to preserve it inviolate, and Angliæ et Ecclesiæ Anglicanæ concer has provided no equivalent. My Lords, nientibus. Bat the Church of England the objections to the bill are endless. They never can be defended by giving political may, perhaps, be comprised in a few power to ber greatest enemy, the Church words : its atter inconsistency even with of Rome. I object to the bill, because it the religion of that foreign Church, which appears to me contrary to the oath which it was intended to serve ; its ruinous neg.

lect of the Church of England, which it despaired of; but he denied it: he was not ought to have taken care of: and the con doubt in a dangerous state, but his life sequences which may be expected to fol was not despaired of. He therefore thought low from so great a change in our laws by he should satisfy his learned friend, that the loss of many, perhaps indescribable the objection of the bishop to Mr. Upple properties, of the English constitation, by's presentation was not well founded. which have given to this cuuntry its present The Chief Justice said, that in the contranscendant power, dignity, and character veyance there was a provision, that after in the world. My Lords, the opponents the presentation there should be a reof the bill are often called upon for a proof conveyance on the part of Mr. Fox, if lie of the danger of admitting Roman Catho- requested, if not, then a purchase of the lics into parliament and offices of state. next presentation, and uot of the advow Can there be greater danger than that of sod. He merely threw out the biot. granting political power to persoos, who, Mr. Cooke, an attorney in Salford, the having views and interests foreign and hos- agent of Mr. Trafford, was called and exatile to the Church of England—who tell mined. On Nov. 11th, 1819, be accomyon before band that it is contrary to their panied Mr. Fox to Leamington, who had religion to swear that they will not employ previously requested him to become his that power for the overthrow of the Esta- attorney in the transaction, in order to ne blished Church ; whose religion also may gociate the purchase of the living from compel them to betray the councils of the Mr.Trafford; he arrived there on the 14th, king.

at ten o'clock; 50001. were offered, but

Mr. Trafford declared his determination Simony and Church Presentation. not to take less than 6000l. An agreement

was at last made for 60001. about ten miAt the late assizes for Chester, an issue nutes before three o'clock on that day. was directed from the Court of Chancery Cross-examined. I took the deed ready to try the legality of the presentation of drawn with me: it is more usual to take a the Rev. Mr. Uppleby, to the living of draft first. I considered the then rector, Mr. Wilmslow, but which presentation the Bradshaw, in a dangerous state. Mr. Fox Bishop of Chester refused to sanction applied to me on the 11th of Nov. and told The plaintiff was - Fox, Esq. and the de me Mr. Bradshaw was very ill. He refendant the Lord Bishop of Cliester. quested me to go with him to Mr. Traf

Mr. Serjeant Cross detailed the facts of ford. He told me that he had sent a bailiff the case. The plaintiff Mr. Fox, is a gen over to Wilmelow, to inquire about Mr. tleman of fortune in Lancashire. When he Bradshaw's health. I then said no time purchased from Mr. Trafford, the Advow was to be lost. We left Manchester at son in question, Mr. Bradshaw was then eight o'clock the same evening; it was the rector, and was dangerously ill of a four or five o'clock when he came to me. fever: this circumstance might naturally Mr. Fox, Mr. Brettargh, and myself, went give rise to a wish on the part of the plains in the chaise. There was no ad valorem tiff to become the patron, for he had two stamp on the deed then. We had four brothers in the church, and it was desira- horses, but the roads were pot particularly ble, therefore, to obtain the patronage by bad. It was near ten at night when we all fair, honourable, and legal means. He arrived at Wilmslow, when I sent for Mr. applied to Mr. Trafford's agent in Man- Bradshaw's butler; he could not come, but chester, and with bim set off immediately he sent a messenger, saying Mr. B. was 80 to Leamingtou, where they saw Mr. Traf- ill that he lived only from hour to hour. ford, on Friday, the 12th of Nov. 1810. We then set off for Leamington. I sail A conveyance was then prepared, and the somewhat to the drivers about signing a purchase was closed for 6000l. It was paper to shew what rate we went at. It three o'clock in the evening of that day was about a hundred miles froni Mancheswhen the conveyance was executed, and ter to Leamington. We went about ten about eleven o'clock that night the Rev. miles an hour. When we saw Mr. TrafMr. Bradshaw died. Mr. Fox then made ford, we went directly to business ; and an offer of the living to his brother, wlio the completion of the contract, and the declined it, and subsequently to his bro- signiug, was simultaneous. I believe I inther-in-law, Mr. Uppleby, who accepted formed Mr. Trafford that Mr. Bradshaw it, but wbo was refused by the bishop. was in great danger. Mr. Trafford is-a Mr. Fox had not the least interest in this Roman Catholie; and I knew, if the inoffer to his relative; it was altogether an cumbent died, the next presentation would act of friendship on his part. The point fall to one of the miniversities, under the raised was, that the incumbent's life was act of William UI. I don't think Mr.


Trafford was aware of this before I told was a simoniacal one, and many lonour. him, which was before the deed was exe- able men had been guilty of it. He did cuted. We left Leamington the same even not assert that there was any thing corrupt ing, and druve at the same rate back. in the presentation; but lie did assert, When we arrived at Wilmslow next day, that the purchase of the presentation, the we were told Mr. Bradshaw died about party being dead, or his life despaired of, eleven last night. It is possible one of us was pull and void to all intents and purmight have said, “ Well, then, we are just poses, and the next turn of presentation in time." The value of the living is about fell

to the crown. 12001, a year.

The Chief Justice did not think it Dr. Hull, of Manchester, was examined cessary to sum up the evidence to the jury; as to the state of the health of Mr. Brad. the case principally rested on the fact, shaw. He said his complaint was an ery

whether Mr. Bradshaw was in extreme sipelas fever; it is by no means a fatal dis- danger? order. He did not at all despair of his After a long consultation, the following life. He died a little before twelve o'clock issues were agreed to be put to the jury: on the night of the 12th. He did not de 1st. Whether Mr. Trafford and Mr. Fox, spair of his life till his last visit on Friday ; or either of them, knew that Mr. Brad. and half an hour before his death be quite shaw was in great danger at the time of despaired of him.

the execution of this deed: Verdict, The Rev. George Uppleby examined. I That they both knew it. was presented to the living of Wilmslow in 2d. Whether Mr. Bradshaw was afflict1819. I then lived at Barton-on-Humber, ed with a mortal disease, and in extreme Lincolnshire. - Before Mr. Bradshaw's danger? Verdict, Yes. death I had no communication whatever 3d. Whether Mr. Trafford and Mr. Fox, with Mr. Fox or Mr. Trafford on the sub- or either of them, believed that Mr. Bradject. The first communication was made slaw's life was despaired of at the time of to me by Mr. Fox on the 26th of Nov. I the execution of the deedt Verdict, That have never given any thing to him, nor bas his life was despaired of by both of them. he required any thing from me.

4th. Whether the life of Mr. Bradshaw Mr. Sergeant Cross. This is my case, was actually despaired of at the time of my lords.

the execution of the deed. Verdict, That The Attorney General rose and said, it it wus. became his duty to state, that there was The points, that the conveyance was do imputation ever meant to apply throngł- intended as the means of conveying the out the whole course of the proceedings to next presentation, and that only, and that Mr. Uppleby; and he believed Mr. Fox Mr. Uppleby was not privy, to be added and Mr. Trafford were both highly re in the special verdict. Verdicts were then spectable gentlemen. He charged them entered for the Bishop of Chester on these with no personal fraud; but in the legal counts. construction of the agreement, it certainly


the vicarage of Corston, void by the cesThe rev. William Wyvill, of Trinity sion of the rev. T. Whalley. college, Cambridge, to the rectory of The rev. T. Beckwith, by sir R. SutSpenithorne, Yorkshire, void by the death ton, bart. to the living of East Retford, of Dr, Dodsworth, patron, the rev. C. Nottinghamshire, vacant by the death of Wyvill, of Burton-hall.

the rev. Mr. Morton. The rev. Edward Jones, of Whitchurch, The rev. Edward Anderson, B.D. felSluropshire, to the rectory of Duonington, low of Queen's college, Cambridge, prenear York, on the presentation of the earl sented by that society to the rectory of of Bridgewater,

Hickling, Nottinghamshire, vacated by The rev. H. Bromby, vicar of Hull, to the death of the rev. John Thomas Jorthe vicarage of Cheswardine, in Shrop- dan. sluire, by Thomas Small wood, esq. of

The rev. William Evans, M.A. to the

vicarage of Wigmore, Herefordshire. The rev. T. Whalley, M.A. prebendary The rev. Robert Williams, to the living of Wells, to the rectories of Ilchester and of Llandyfrog, Anglesey. REMEMBRANCER, No. 30.



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on Dr. Clarke's founda. he' rev. J. Smyth, to the perpetual curacy tion; and on of Keyingham, Yorkshire.

Btiller, elected scholar on the same foudThe right hour.' ford Selsey 'has pre- dation. sented the rev, R. Chester, M.A.' of Em May 19. Mr. Llewellen, commoner manuel college, Oxford, to the rectory of of Jesus college, is elected scholar of Elstead, Sussex.

that society. The rev, Charles Grant, student of civil On Thursday the remains of the rev. law, to the vicarage of West Barham, Dr. Griffith, late master of University Suffolk.

college, were interred in the chapel of that The rev. Thomas Mills, one of his edifice. *Majesty's chaplains in ordinary, to the On Thursday William Russel Williams, rectory of Little Henning, Essex, void by B.A. of Queen's college, was elected a the resignation of the rev. Thomas Wright. Vinerian scholar, in the room of Nassau

The rev. R. Hoblyn, M.A. rector of All William Senior, fellow of Magdalen college. Saints, Colchester, which he previously re On the same day the rev. John Taddy, signed to the rectory of St. Laurence M.A. sometime fellow of Trinity college, Newland, in Essex.

Cambridge, was admitted ad eundem The rev. George Proctor, M.A. of The following degrees were also conWorcester college, is elected head master ferred : of Lewes scbool, Sussex.

MASTERS OF ARTS, Rev. Daniel The rev.' E. M. Willan, to the rectory Hughes, All Souls' college; rev. William of Oving, Bucks.

Servante, Exeter college ; rev. William The rev. R. H. Barham, rector of Snar. Newland Pedder, fellow of Worcester gate, to be a minor canon of St. Paul's college; Daniel Walton, 'fellow of Worcathedral.

cester college ; Tliomas Butler, scholar of 2 The rev. J. J. Dewe, perpetual curate Pembroke college; Peter Erte, fellow of of Harwichi, to the vicarage of Alstone. New college; William Ives, of Magdalen field, Staffordshire.

hall; Charles Carr Clarke, student of The rev. Edward Addison, B.D. senior Christ church; Daniel Veysie, student of fellow of Corpus Christi college, Cam- Christ church; John Daniel Lewis, Oriel

bridge, presented by the master and fel- college ; rev. George Cuncliffe, Baliol "lows of that society to the rectory of college ; rev. Charles Phelips, University Landbeach, vacated by the death of the college ; and rev. William Valence, Unirev. 1. C. Burroughes.

versity college.


esq. Magdalen hall, grand compoander ; OXFORD, April 23.-Yesterday Mr. R. Alexander Hantly, Robertson Baillie, LinW. Jelf, B.A. of Christ's college, and Mr. coln college ; John Cowlierd, scholar of C. J. Plumer, B.A. of Baliol college, were Lincolo college ; Henry Augustus Holden, elected fellows of Oriel college.

Worcester college ; John Abbot, Baliol May 5.-On Tuesday, the first day in college ; Edward Leigh Bennett, Merton Easter term, the following degrees were college ; Primate Knapp, Mertoo college; conferred:

Richard Sparling Barry, Queen's college ; MASTERS OF ARTS.-Rev. Alfred But William Cleminson,' Queen's college ; ler Clough, fellow of Jesus college; William Richard Bingham, Magdalen hall; James Herrick, University college; rev. Godfrey Smith Townsend, Oriel college ; William Bird, University college ; rev. Robert Bingham Baring, Oriel college, Anthony Brodie, St. Edmund's hall; rev. William Hesketh Gower, Christ church ; and Wilkinson, Christ church.

Charles Thomas Plumptre, University In the afternoon of the same day, in a 'college. full convocation, 'the rev. William James, On Saturday, May 5, the rev. Joseph M.A. fellow of Oriel college, and the rev. Carter, M.A. fellow of St. John's college, William Morgan Kepsey, M.A. fellow of was admitted bachelor in divinity. Trinity college, were admitted proctors; CAMBRIVGE,

March 30. --The two gold and the rev. Edward, Hawkins, M.A. fel. medals given annually by the chancellor Jackson, M.A. fellow of Queen's college, classical learning among the commencing

rev, Mr. Thomas Short, and the rev. bachelors of arts; were on Tuesday last William Streatfield, M.A. fellows of Trinity adjudged to Messrs. Alfred Ollivant and college, were nonsinated pro proctors. On Tuesday last the rev. James Bul- college.

Wm. Henry Fox Talbot, both of Trinity

! DIE Dunk & 100REPI lock, M.A. was elected å fellow of Wor April 14. The following

vind is a list of In

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ceptons to the degree of M.A. yesterday of Pembroke hall, Mr. William Greense'nnight, Samuel Hawkes, William Twigg, wood, fellow of Corpus Christi college ; and Jobo Fell, Trinity college; John Ste- Messrs. George Skinner, and Joseph Studrens Henslow, John Hawkeley Beach, Jo- bolme, fellows of Jesus' college. seph Hindle, and William Peach, of St. BACHELORS OF ARTS.Messrs. Edward John's college; Charles Beales, St. Peter's St. Aubin, John Wilson Sbeppard, and college; George Atwood, Pembroke hall; Archibald Dutbil, of Trinity college ; Richard Godson, Caius college; Richard Messrs, George Cummins, Charles George Harvey, Catharine hall; Edward Sorocold Festing, William Joho Croll, and High Pearce, John Warren, and T. Warren, Taylor, of St. Jolin's college ; Mr. WilJesus college; John Hallewell, Christ col- liam John James, of Peter bonse ; Mr. lege; John Hind, Sidney college.

Charles W. Henning, of Queen's college ; The rev. J.C. Franks, M.A. chaplain of Messrs. Robert Gorton, John Longe, Trinity college, is appointed by the trus John Conington, and Edward Bowlby, of tees to act for the Holsean lecturer, during Jesus' college ; Messrs. James Lugar, and his indisposition.

Ricbard Wiosloe, of Sidney colege. April 27.-List of persons ordained hy The rev. Thomas Tattershall, M.A. of the lord bishop of Ely, at St. James's Queen's college, was, on Friday Jast, church, London, on Sunday, April 15.

elected a fellow of that society, Deacons.-Joseph Dewe, B.A. fellow May 11. — The following gentlemen of Queen's college; William Greenwood, were, on Wednesday last, adnitled to the B.A. fellow of Benet's college ; John

underinentioned degrees : Abraham Roberts, B.A. fellow of King's MASTERS OF ARTS. - George James college; Robert Aberc Denton, fellow of Pennington, fellow of King's college, and King's college; Richard Oakes, B.A. fel John Escreet, of Trinity college. low of King's college ; George Skinuer, BACHELORS OF ARTS, — Henry HanB.4. fellow of Jesus' college ; Joseph nington, Thomas Roberts, and Richard Studholme, B.A. fellow of Jesus' college; Okes, fellows of King's college ; Thomas Joseph Hindle, B.A, fellow of St. John's Dixon, James Thomas Fenwicke, and college ; Mark Cantis, B.A. fellow of Simon Mewburn, of St. Jolin's college ; Emmanuel college; John Husband, B.A. Henry Lloyd, of St. Peter's college ; John fellow of Magdalene college; William Thomas, of Corpus Christi college ; John Twigg, B.A. Trinity college; Thomas Wilkinson Wasney, of Catharine hall; Coombe, B.A.St. Peter's college; Weever George Henry Hely Hutchinson, William Walter, B.A, Sidney, college ; Richard Hartford Daniels, Charles Reynolds, and Samuel Dixon, Trinity hall; Frederick Frederick Money, of Caius college ; and William Gray, B.A. Baliol college, Ox- Henry Lloyd, of Peterhouse. ford; H. B. Lennard, B.A. Merton col May 19.-At an ordinaticn, holden by lege, Oxford; Matthew Newport, B.A. the lord bishop of Bristol, in Christ colTrinity college, Dublin ; Thomas Calve lege clapel, on the 6th instant, the followley Parsons, literate ; Thomas Hassel, ing gentlemen were ordained: literate; and William Thresher, BA. St.

Deacons.-Charles Benjamin Tayler,

B.A. Trinity college, Cambridge; John PRIESTS.

- Richard Gwatkin, M.A. fel Barrow, B.A. St. Peter's college, Camlow of St. John's college ; George Miles bridge ; Thomas Henry White, B.A. UniCooper, B.A, fellow of St. John's college ; versity college, Oxford ; John Covington, William Peach, B.A. fellow of St. John's B.A. Jesus' college, Canıbridge; William College ; Thomas Shelford, M.A. fellow of Wilcox, B.A. St. John's college, Oxford ; Benet's college, Edwin Colman Tyson, Edward Whiteley, B.4. Jesus college, B.B. fellow of Catharine liall; Stephen Cambridge. Britton Dowell, B.A. St. Peter's college; PRIESTS. - Augustus Cecil Minehin, Henry Clissold, B.A. Exeter college, Ox M.A, Trinity college, Dublin ; Charles ford; David Daniel, B.A. Jesus' college, Burrell Cookes, M.A. Pembroke college, Oxford; Isaac Wilson, literate ; William Oxford; Thomas Gronow, B.A. Brasenose Girod, literate.

college, Oxford ; Charles Grant, S.C.L. May 4. Ta on Wednesday, the first day St. Peter's college, Cambridge; and Baden of Easter term, the following gentlemen Powell, M.A. Oriel college, Oxford, were admitted to the undermentioned de BUCKINGHAMSHIRE.-Died, at Aston

Sandford, the rey. Thomas Scott, rector MASTERS OF ARTS = Messrs, William of that parish, and many years chaplain to Twiss, Robert Borindt, and Robert Bed. the Lock Hospital. $0.94 of. Trinity college drev. J. Lunn, of Died, after two days illness, at Broad St. John's college ; Mr. William Hutchins, Hinton, in this county, the rev. William

John's college.

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