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St. Clement and St. Helen, in Ipswich, to Frances, daughter of the late James and of Holbrook, in this county.

Conington, esq. of Horucastle. SUSSEX.-Died, the rev. E. Merriman, master of the free grammar-school, and

WALES. rector of All Saints, Lewes. Died, at Hellingley, in this connty, in

CAMBRIAN INSTITUTION.-J. H, Parry, bis 60th year, the rev. Joseph Langley, esq. has resigned the secretaryship, and curate of that place, and vicar of Bap- is succeeded by James Evans, esq. This child, Kent.

society offers a reward for an ode on the WORCESTERSAIRE,- Died, at the rec

subject of the revival of the institution, tary-bouse, the rev. Christopher White- Cymrodorion society, in Gywnedd. The head, A.M. thirty years rector of East- comunittee of engagement in the society lam, in this county, and one of his held a meeting at Caernarvon, ou the 29th Majesty's justices of the peace,

of December, when the following were YORKSHIRE.-A -soit having been in. decided on for the subjects for the several stitated in the consistory court of York,

prize poems and essays, at the Eistedd. in reference to a hymo book previously

fodd, to be held in the course of the in use at St. Paul's church, in Sheffield,

ensuing antama : In memory of the both parties eventually agreed to refer the

birth of the first prince of Wales, of matter in dispute to the archbishop, and English blood, or Edward II. in the castle

of Caernarvon. agreed to adopt such a selection as his graee should appoint. The archbishop

For the Englyn Coffedwriaeth am encdi. has been pleased not only to prepare a

gaeth y Tywysog cyntaf o waedoliath y selection, but also to present, at bis own

Saeson (sef Edward yr ail) yu Nghastel, expence, a sufficient number of copies

Caernarvon.- For the Awdl (ode), Cerd. for the nse of the congregation. An ad

driaeth (minstrelsy). dress of thanks to the archbishop has been signed by the minister, church wardens,

IN AND NEAR LONDON. and the seat-holders of St. Paul's church,

Died, at his house, in Park place, the Sheffield, as a testimony of the high

rev. F. Thruston, minister of Bayswater appreciation of the liberality which he

chapel. has so conspicuously manifested, and the trable he has so kindly taken in this Crigan, rector of Marston, and son of the

Married, at Kensington, the rev, Dr. basiness.

late bishop of Sodor and Man, to Mary, A handsome deve church is to be built third daughter of colonel Smelt, lieutenantat Seulevates, near Hull; it is to be in the Gothic style, built of white brick, governor of the Isle of Man.

At the same church, the rev. B. V. with buttresses and pinnacles, and 500 Layard, M.A. rector of Uffington and free sittings are to be appropriated in it to the use of the poor.

vicar of Tallington, Lipcoloshire, to Died, at Askrigg, after a long and pain. T. Margary, esq. of Clapham.

Sarah Jaue, only daughter of the late fined indisposition, in the 65th year of his

Married, at Willesdon, Middlesex, the age, the rev, Robert Bowman, perpetual

L. Burroughs, of Omey place, carate of Askrigg and Monk Fryston, both

Herts, to Miss Ann Dickie, of Brands.

bury, Middlesex, Died, at York, aged 82, the rev. Jonas Thompson, by whose death the livings of

DEATH ABROAD. St. Martin cum Gregory, in York, and of Rafforth and Langtoft, in this county, be Died, at Grenadi, aged 13, Henry

Larkins, esq. M.A. barrister scholar of Married, at Horncastle, the rev. J. F. University College, and likewise scholar ! Ogle, fellow of Jesus college, Cambridge, upon the Vinerian foundation.


in this county.

come vacant.

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The Book of Common Prayer, in Eight (formerly Fellow of St. John's College, Languages. 4to. 21. 10s.

Cambridge) Vicar of Suvning Hill, Berks, Unitarianism Refuted, being a Reply to and perpetual Curate and Superiotendant Captain James Gifford's Sequel to Mr. of the Clerical Institution, at St. Bees, Hewson's Appendix. By the Rev. Wil Cuniberland. 18. ljam Hewson, Vicar of Swansea. 18. 6d. Vindiciæ Hebraicæ, or a Defence of the

A Sermon preached in the Parish Church Hebrew Scriptures, as a Vehicle of Reof High Wycombe, Bucks, Dec. 30, 1820, vealed Religion, occasioned by the recent By the Rev. Thomas Boys, A.M. of Tri- Strictures and Innovations of Mr. J. Belnity College, Cambridge. 15. 6d.

lamy, and in Confutation of his Attacks on Christian Loyalty (as tauglit by St. all preceding Translations, and on the Paul) acceptable to God, and beneficial Established Version in particular. By to Mankind, a Sermon, preached in the Hyman Hurwitz. 98. Parish Church of Wooburn, Bucks, on A Series of Sermons on the Christian Sunday, November 12, 1820. By the Faith and Character. By the Rev. John Rev. Thomas Mortimer, of Queen's Col Bird Suppner, M.A. Prebendary of Durlege, Cambridge, Curate of Wooburn, 3d. ham, and Vicar of Mapledurham, Oxford.

A Dissertation on the Importance of 10s, 6d.
Natural Religion. By the Rev. Robert Memoirs of the Life and Writings of the
Broagh, B.A, of Corpus Christi College. Right Rev. Brian Walton, D.D. Lord
2s. 6d.

Bishop of Chester, Editor of the London Two Sermons. 1. On the Duty and Polyglot Bible, with Notices of his CoadReasonableness of Loyalty. II. On the jutors in that illustrious Work; of the Daty and Reasonableness of that Medinm, Cultivation of Oriental Learning in this in respect to Christian Faith and Practice, Country, preceding and during their time; which lies between the Extremes of Apa- and of the authorised English Version of thy and Enthusiasm. By the Rev. Richard the Bible, to a projected Revision of which Pearson, B.A. of St. John's College, Ox Dr, Walton and some of his Assistants in ford; and late Curate of the United the Polyglot were appointed. To which Parishes of St. Briavel's and Hewelsfield, is added, Dr. Walton's owo Vindication of in the Diocese of Gloucester. 1s. 6d. the London Polyglot. By the Rev. Henry

A Course of Sermons for the Festivals John Todd, M.A. F.S. 1. Chaplain in Orand Fasts of the Church of England. By dinary to his Majesty, and Rector of SetJoseph Holden Pott, A.M. Archdeacon of trington, County of York. With a PorLondon, and Vicar of St. Martin in the trait. 2 vols. 8vo. 11. 1s. Fields. 8vo. 12s.

Plain Thoughts on the Abstract of Mr. Attention to the Origin and Design of Brougham's Education Bill, humbly subthe Gospel, recommended, as a Defence mitted to the Consideration of the British against prevailing Errors, in cluding some Legislature. By a Plain Englisliman. 1s. Observations on the Doctrine of Imputed A Letter to Earl Grey, in Answer to a Righteousness, a Sermon, preaclied at St. certain Challenge thrown out by his Lord. James's Chapel, Whitehaven, July 14, ship at the late Meeting at Morpeth, on 1820, at the Visitation of the Right Rev. Wednesday, the 10th Day of January last. the Lord Bishop of Chester, and published By one of the Clergy. 28. by request. By William Ainger, B.D.


The Society for promoting Christian Rev. S. C. Wilks, A.M. of Oxford, author Knowledge and Church Union in the dio of “ Christian Essays," “ Christian Miscese of $t. David's, have adjudged to the Biods," and of “the St. David's Prize Es.


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say for the year 1811, on the Clerical PREPARING FOR PUBLICATION. Character," their premium of fifty pounds, for the best Essay on " the Necessity of a A History of the Town of Shrewsbury. Church Establishment in a Christian coun. By the Rev. Hugh Owen, and the Rev. J. try for the preservation of Christianity, Blakeway, of that place, in two quarto among the people of all ranks and deno volumos, with a Profusion of Antiquarian minations ; and the means of exciting and Illustrations. maintaining among its members a spirit of The Rev. Robert Stevenson, of Castle devotion, together with zeal, for the ho Heddingham, bas in the press, a small nour, stability, and influence of the Esta work on the Nature and Importance of blished Church."

the Christian Sabbath, with Hints for its

belter Observance, and Remarks on the WORKS IN THE PRESS.

awful Consequence of the Profanation of The first Part of a new Edition, on fine

that Sacred Day. medium Paper, of the Family Bible, edited

Mr. Faulkner has issued Proposals for by the Rev. Dr. D'Oyly and Bishop publishing by Subscription a Series of Mlant, and published onder the sanction of Etchings, illustrative of his History and the Society for promoting Christian Know Antiquities of Kensington, from original ledge, will appear in a few days.

Drawings by R. Banks. Comprising The Rev. Thomas Boys, of Trinity Col every object of Antiquity in that ancient lege, Cambridge, bas a Volume of Sermons and interesting Parish, in the Press.

Mr. Cooper has issued Proposals for a The Works of John Home, Esq. Author new Choral Book, for the Use of the Estaof Donglas, with an Account of his Life blished Church; containing a Selection of and Writings. By H. Mackenzie, Esq.

the most valuable and useful Compositions In S vols. 8vo.

for that Service, by the most celebrated Recollections of a Classical Tour made Gernian Composers of the last four hunduring the years 1818 and 1819, in Tur dred years ; with a number of choice Me. key, Greece, and Italy. By P. E. Lau lodies, by the best English Masters of the rent, Esq. In a quarto volume, with

last Century. Among the former will be Costumes,

found nearly forty Tunes by the celebrated Captain Parry's Voyage for the Disco- Martin Luther, not hitherto published in fery of a North-West Passage from the this Country: Atlantic to the Pacific, with numerous

A Chart of the Episcopacy of England and Charts and other Engravings in a quarto Wales, begioning with the Reign of Henry volume, will soon appear.

VIII. The Compartments, viewed horiThe Doge of Venice. By Lord Byron. zontally, exhibit the Bishops who fourishMr. Burckhardts Travels in Syria and ed in the Reigns of the respective Kings Monnt Sinai. In one volume quarto, of England ; taken vertically, they shew

the succession of Bishops in the respective A Second Volume of the Rev. T. Mit Sees. The dates of the Kings are those chell's Translation of the Comedies of of Accession; the dates of the Bishops, as Aristophanes ; with numerous illustrative near as may be, those of Consecration.

The Martyrs for the Protestant Faith are Church of England Theology, in a Se- printed in Capitals : the Seven Bishops ries of Ten Sermons, separately printed in sent to the Tower by James II. are distinManuscript Character, on important Sub- guished by Italics. jects. By the Rev. R. Warner.

with Maps.




THE Session of Parliament which as severe or as general, as many was expected to be fertile in such persons have been induced to supvariety of uncommon and important pose. The Birmingham petition events, is passing away with a very produced a very strong sensation ; unusual degree of tranquillity; and and as far as that town and its imthe attention of all parties appears mediate vicinity are concerned, we to be directed to ordinary measures have no doubt that the stagnation of inquiry and legislation. It is not of trade, and the consequent em

little singular that after all barrassments of the merchant, mathe dissatisfaction which was sup- nufacturer, and mechanic are nearly posed to exist upon the subject of as overwhelming as they appear the Queen, Ministers have had upon paper. But the petitioners larger majorities in their favour, conceal a fact which must have been upon that question, than upon the known to them, though it has esother topics which have furnished caped the attention of the public at their opponents with matter of com- large, viz. that the trade of Birmingplaint. The explanation of the cir- bam has repeatedly been threatened cumstance seems to have been cor- with anpihilation ai times when other rectly pointed out in our last Num- parts of the country have continued ber, viz. that of those who disapprove in a flourishing state. It was thus ed of the Bill of Pains and Penal during the war of the American ties, and consequently assisted in Revolution; and it was thus also causing it to be withdrawn, the larger during the last war with America, portion decidedly condemn the con- when the sudden opening of the duct of the Queen, and will not whole continent of Europe did not sanction any proceeding which would compensate the Birmingham manuimply their approbation of it. The facturers for the loss of the market people, too, appear to share the of the United States. This market same sentiments; for no dissatisfac- is lost to them at present from a diftion has been manifested at the ferent cause than that of war. The large majorities in the House of Americans can find no purchasers Commons, and the agitation which for their surplus corn, and cousewas lately visible has entirely sub- quently have no nioney to pay for sided.

Birmingham wares, And if to this If we are to believe the assertions we add the cessation of the war deof many respectable individuals, mand for arms, and for all the innuit is otherwise with the agricultural merable articles of military equipand commercial distress. Com ment with which Birmingham replaints and petitions are sent up cently furnished at least a million of from all parts of the country, and soldiers, it will be quite certain that the assertions which they contain the decay and suffering of that imare for the most part corroborated portant town may be accounted for by the testimony of the members on other principles than the exceswho present them. But, in spite of sive pressure of taxation; and it this stroug primâ facie evidence, we will be absurd to argue upon the canbot believe that the distress is extreme case of one district, as if it

were an adequate specimen of the If agricultural associations choose general situation of the country. to amuse themselves with petitionOn the contrary, it is agreed on all ing the Parliament, they ought not hands, that the clothing and cotton to be denied this harmless though manufactories are improving : and trifling occupation; but if their the increased consumption of excis- leading members proceed from comable articles during the last year, plaints to threats, and talk, as in ingenio us as have been some of the some recent instances, of defraudendeavours to explain away the fact, ing the public creditor, and breakis a stubborn proof of the increasing ing the national faith, they will only prosperity of the people. We can demonstrate their own ignorance, only speak (from our own knowledge) rashness, and want of principle, and of the metropolis and its vicinity; create a new and dangerous division but of them we can assert, after a in the bosom of their country. very diligent inquiry, and pretty Some progress has been made in ample means of information, that enforcing the law against libels.there never was a winter during Mrs. Carlile, and Hunt the pub. which the great body of the labour- lisher of the Examiner, have been ing classes have suffered less than recently convicted ; Sir F. Burdett by during the present season.

The a lenient sentence, has been sent to bigh rate of protit, and of wages prison for three months; and prosewhich was obtained during the war, cutions have been instituted by the cannot reasonably be expected to Queen against the Courier and return; but there is no dearth of Morning Post, and by a private inemployment, and there is the great- dividual against the Sunday Newsest abundance of provisions, and paper called John Bull. This looks the people, in spite of all the wiles of well-both parties are beginning to the demagogue,

are happy and discover that the press may be abuscontented.

ed-Government has no longer the The agricultural difficulties are slightest excuse for inactivity; and of a more formidable nature. The we trust that respectable persons of poor-laws are a dead weight round all parties and opinions will join in the neck of the landholders, and one grand effort to punish libellers no one has the ability or the cou- of every description. By so doing rage to remove it. Capital employ- they may at once secure the invalued in agriculture cannot be depre- able blessing of an unrestricted press, ciated less than one-fourth, and in and cut off the main source of that numerous instances this proportion irritation and uneasiness which has might be doubled. The effect of caused so much alarm during the such an event is too obvious to re last four years, and which will be quire explanation; and it is equally excited again and again, as long as evident that the mischief admits of the law winks at the shamefal misDo instantaneous cure. Until the conduct of the Newspaper scribblers, new capital has been produced to and the people read and believe teplace that which has been suok by their lucubrations. No notice has the altered value of our currency, yet been taken in Parliament of Sunrents will be paid with difficulty, day Newspapers—but it is to be labourers be employed as sparingly hoped that they will not be permitted as possible, and the farmer will feel to pass uncensured. It has been prouncertain from day to day whether posed entirely to prohibit the publicahe shall be able to proceed in the tion of weekly journals; but we doubt cultivation of his land. These evils whether this be a proper or a pracare serious; and their only cure, ticable scheme. To prohibit loweven their only alleviation is patience ever any publication or any sale on

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