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Society for the Propagation of the ment as had produced in their reGospel.

spective Parish Churches, or in

Chapels appendant to them, addiTHE Anniversary of this Society tional accommodation for 15,149 was holden, according to charter, members of our Communion, preon Friday, the 16th inst. The mem- viously excluded from the congrebers assembled, as usual on this gation ; of whoni, we had the satis. occasion, in the vestry room of Bow faction to state 10,904 as gratuiChurch, waiting the arrival of the tously provided for. Lord Mayor, who came in state, Since the date of this account about 12 o'clock, attended by the there has been no relaxation on the Sheriffs and several of the Alder- part of the committee, either in its men. There were present of the exertions or its liberality; nor any Society, the Archbishop of Canter. falling off on the part of parist.es bury, the Bishops of London, Ban- standing in need of its relief. The gor, Carlisle, Chester, Peterborough, number of applications then amountSalisbury, and Killaloe, the Dean of ed to 214, the subsequent encrease Carlisle, the Archdeacons of Lon- bus raised this number to 301. The don, Middleser, Essex, and Col

cases disposed of were then. 103. chester, besides a much larger num- They are now 155. Those approved ber of the Clergy and lay members, of and aided were then 97. They than has been usual on late occa. are now 143. The amount of its pesions. The Sermon was preached cuniary grants was then 23,5641. it by the Bishop of Peterborough, is now 36,2121. The Church room fron Romans x. 14., and was a provided then furnished additional sketch of the operations of the So- accommodation to 32,050; it now ciety, in discharge of the great duty extends this benefit to 44,617; and for which it had made itself respon- the proportion of gratuitous sittings sible. After Divine Service, busi- continues progressively upon the ness was entered upon, and the increase, for it then rather exceeded Board continued sitting for the dis- two-thirds, but now nearly amounts patch of it, till four o'clock, when to three quarters of the whole numtheir Lordships the Bishops ad- ber. journed to the Mansion House pur Within this period it has received suant to annual custom.

occasionally both from public bo

dies and private individuals, --sub. Church Building Society.

stantialiukens of approbation,

which, though by no means keeping Our last tabular specification of pace with its disbursements, have the progress of this most important still the effect of demonstrating that institution in the truly patriotic it is under the observation of those, work which it has undertaken, and by whom the valuable institutions has now been assiduously prosecut- connected with our National Church ing for three years, will be found are so liberally supported, and that in the Remembrancer for January, it will never be permitted, for want 1820. In that number of our mis- of funds, to suspend its operations cellany we had the pleasure to pre- whilst there remains a parish straitsent our readers with the particu- ened in its means of accommodation lars of 51 cases, which had received for the worship of God, and disfrom the Society's funds, subse- posed to make some pecuniary saquently to a former report, in grants critices for the supply of this la. amounting to 11,2551. such mentable deficiency, it encouraged measure of pecuniary enco:irage- to it by the Society's relief.


. A Table shewing ihe Grants which have been made by the Society for

promoting the Enlargement and Building of CHURCHES and CHAPELS, from JANUARY 1820, to FEBRUARY 1821, inclusive, und the Additional Accommodation which has been thereby obtained.

(Continued from No. 13. Vol. II. p. 54.)

Auditional Accoinmodauon, how



Addil. Sum
Accom. Granted.


Pontgpool (additional). si di. Land. 100 £100 Building Chapel.

York. 120 200 Rebs, and Enlarg, Church,
St. Botolph, Colchester Lond. 1 200 1000|Building Church.
St. Mary-le-Strand


100 50 Altering Pewing. Midhurst

Chich. 133 50 Altering Pewing. Holt

Salisb. 170) 140 Enlarging Church. North Mundham

Chich. 00 50 Building Gallery. Shepseoinb, Parish of Painswick Glouc. 60 60 Building Gallery. Waldron

Chich. 50

30 Building Gallery. Stretford, Parish of Manchester Chester 50 50 Enlarging Chapel. Windsor

Salisb. 750 750 Rebe, and Enlarg. Church, St. Mary de Crypt


250 100 Building Galleries, Forest of Dean, S. E. District. . Glouc.


500 Building Chapel. Maresfield

Chich. 57 35 Enlarging Gallery.

220 500 Rebs, and Enlarg. Church. Kenwyn


100 50 Enlarging Church. Balkington

L. & C. 350 200 Enlarging Church. Hylton (additional)


300 Purchas. & Accom. in Chap. Groombridge

Roch. 100 100 Enlarging Accommodation. Newport Pagnel

Lincoln 200 40 Altering Pewing. Whaplode Drove

Lincolu 110 100 Enlarging Chapel. Manningtree (additional).. Lond. 2301 150 Enlarging Chapel. Harston...

Lincoln 50 50 Enlarging Church, Christ Church, Hants

Winton 200 100 Altering Pewing. Dewsbury (additional) York

100 Enlarging Church. Llangefin


300 250 Rebg, and Enlarg, Church. Merthyr Tidvil..

Lan. 344 150 Enlarging Church. St. John's, Sunderland

Darh. 500 200 Purchase. Seats in Chapel, Kingsley

L, & C.

206 100 Enlarging Church. St. Martin's, Scilly.

Exeter 100

200 Enlarging Church. Frant

Chich. 490 350 Building additional Aisle. South Cerney

Glonc. 1481 50 Building Gallery. Basingstoke

Winton 141

45 Building Galleries. Osselt

York 300 300 Enlarging Chapel. Skelmersdale, Parish of Ormskirk Chester 140 90 Enlarging Chapel, South Wraxall

Salisb. 160 200 Enlarging Church. Buckiugham

Lincoln 230 25 Enlarging Gallery. Calne

Salisb. 837 250 Altering Pewing. Southleigh

Exeter 163 80 Enlarging Church. Lane End.

L. & C.

460 600 Enlarging Chapel. Colford (additional)



100 Rebg, and Enlarg. Chapel Quainton.


15 Fnlarging Church. Caerphilly.


50 100 Rebs. and Enlarg, Chapel. Weymouth

Bristol 800 800 Building Church, East Teignmoutb

Exeter 400 500 Enlarging Church. Blagdon

B.&W. 250 300 Enlarging Church, Hemel Hempstead

Lincoln 197 100 Enlarging Church, Selattyn

St Asa. 100 60 Building Gallery. Radford

York 2501

150 Enlarging Church. Bucklapd Newton

Bristol 1201 50 Enlarging Gallery. St. Peter's Nottingham

York. 1851 500 Enlarging Charch. St. Mary, Reading ..... Salisb. 210 60 Altering Pewing and

l building Gallery Total 12,884 €10,430


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In our statement in January, 1820,

£. & d. we recorded adelivional benefactiuns Lady Jane Gardiner ........ 25 0 0 to the amount of about 1,0601. we

Rev. Dr. Luton.

20 0 0 Mrs. Brown ..........

10 0 0 have now the pleasure to announce

Zaccheus.............. 10000 the following, amounting to 24301. T. C. Warner, Esq.

52 10 O more :

Rev. James Blatch..... 21 0 0 si d. Mrs. Langton . . •••

100 0 0 Osborne Markham, Esq.

Mrs. M. Milles .....

25 0 0 E. H. by Miss Gabrll...' 10 00 Miss Brooke ...jid..... 30 ,0 Rev. Archdeacon Brown 52 10 0 T. Monkhouse, Esq. .......

10 0 A, B, 10 00 Rev. E. Williams.

10 0 0 Hon, P. Pusey, 3d Donat. . 100 0 0 Anonymous

..1000 0 0 R. W. of Staffordshire 100 0 Christopher Pemberton, Esq. 10.10 John Back, Esq. ....

50 0 0 J. Wbitmore, Esq. 2d Donat. 105 0,0 W. A, .

10 00 Miss S. C. Marriott, 2d Don. John Curteis; Esq. 10 10 0 Anonymous

500 Rev. Charles Proby

21 00 Rev. J. L. Crawley ... 20 0 0 Rev. W. Raikes

20 00 Mrs. Waldo, 2d Donation ... 2000 W. Nettleship, Esq.

10 10 0
Mrs. Baylis

10 10 0 Rev. F. Tutte 20 0 0 Rev. Jolin Wilson ..

21 0 0 L. G. 3d. Donation

100 0 0 W, by Mr. Gutch, of Bristol.. 50 00 Sir H. W. Marten ...

0 0 And various sums under £20 D. Cabanel, Esq... 20 0 0 amounting to

49 15 0

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The rev.

ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS. St. Sepulchre, Northampton; patron, T.

Butcher, esq. The rey. A. Wheeler, B.D. head master The rev. John Lynes, M.A. to the ree. of the college school, to the rectory of tory of Elmley Lovet, Worcestershire, void Broadway, Worcestershire, void by the by the resignation of George Waldron, resignation of the rev. T. Clarke, M.A. clerk.

T. Clarke, M.A. to the vicar The rev. A. Crigan, to the valuable recage of Overbury, Worcestershire, void by tory of Marston, Yorkshire. the death of the rev. Wm. Stafford.

The rev, J. Willes, to the perpetual cuThe rev. T. Price, M.A. to the rectory racy of Wilberfoss, near York: of Bredicott, Worcestershire.

The rev. Edwin Colman Tyson, B.A. The rev. C. Copner, M.A, to the vicar. fellow of Catherine ball, Cambridge, elect. age of St. Peter, Worcestershire, on the ed second master of the Royal Mathema. resignation of the rev. T. Price.

tical School at Christ's Hospital. The rev. H. Glossop inducted to the va The rev. H.S.J. Bullen, late head mas. luable vicarage of Isleworth; patrons, the ter of the free school, Leicester, to hold dean and canons of Windsor.

by dispensation the living of Wrestling. The rev. Mr. Heath, son of Dr. Heath, ham, Bedfordshire, with that of Danton, head master of Eton school, is presented to Buckingliamshire. the valuable rectories of West Dean and The rev. W. H. R. Bireh, to the vicar. East Grinstead, near Salisbury, in the age and parish cliurch of Yoxford, Saffolk; counties of Hampshire and Wiltshire. and also to the rectory and parish church

The rev. E. R. Batcher, of Portman of Bedfield, in the same county ; patron, chapel, London, and chaplain to the earl lord Rous. of Pomfret, instituted to the vicarage of The rev, S. M. Westhorp, to the vicar.

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age and parish church of Sibton, with the Friday last adjudged to Mr. Henry Melchapel of Peasenhall, Suffolk.

ville, of St. John's college, and Mr. SoloThe rev. Charles Ashfield, to the rec mon Atkinson, of. Trinity college, the setory of Dodington, by Bridgewater ; pa cond and first wranglers. In tron, the marquis of Buckingham.

Feb. 16. — The following gentlemen The rev, S. Parkins, to the vicarage of were admitted to the undermentioned dePreston deanery, Northainptonshire,vacant grees on Wednesday: by the death of the rev. Thomas Watts; DocToR IN PHYSIC.-Stephen Luke, patron, Langham Christie, esq.

of Jesus college. The rev. J. T. Law, M.A. late fellow of BACHELORS IN DIVINITY.-The Rev. Christ college, Cambridge, and eldest son T. Beevor, and the Rev. G. C. Gorham, of the lord bishop of Chester, appointed fellows of Queen's college. by the lord bishop of Lichfield and Coven. BACHELORS IN Civil LAW.-S. Mars try, to the chancellorship of that diocese, ryat, esq. Trinity hall, K. M. Beverley, vackot by the death of the rev. Dr. Out- esq. Trinity college; the Rev. G. T. Seytam.

mour, the Rev. G, S, Elliott, the Rev. J. Rawlinson, and the Rev. J. Roberts, Tri


the present year are, for the Senior BaOXFORD, Feb. 3.- We omitted to no

chelors, De Origine et Progressu Idolotice, that on the 23d of December the fol

latriæ,- Dialogus. Middle Bacuelors, lowing gentlemen were admitted students Orutio in Laudem Musice. of Christ charch:-Mr. Legge, Mr. Durell, and Mr. Grenville.

The Rev. Jolin Anthony Cramer, M.A. student of Christ church, has been admit BUCKINGHAMSHIRE.- Died, at Tyringted pro-proctor, in the place of the Rev. ham, in this connty, the Rev. Jolm Praed, Walter Levett, of Christ church.

yonngest son of Wm. Praed, esq. Saturday last, the following degrees Died, at Dinton vicarage, aged 27, the were conferred :

Rev. R. W. Williams, BACHELOR IN Crvi LAW.-Rev. James CAMBRIDGESHIRE.-Married, the Rev. Duke Coleridge, Baliol college.

Jonathan Wilkinson, B.A. of St. John's MASTER OF ARTS.- Oswald Feilden, college, to the daughter of Richard Bur. Edmund Heory Penny, Brazenose college. rows, esq. of Saffron Walden.

Feb. 10,—Thursday last, the following CHESHIRA.- Died, in his 26th year, the dezrees were conferred:

Rev. T. Norbury, of Macclesfield, assist. BACHELOR IN DIVINITY. - The rev. ant curate of Pott Shrigley. Ellis Ashton, fellow of Brazenose college. CUMBERLAND. -Died, the Rev. Robert

MASTERS OR ARTA.- Rev. Wm. Salmon Bigg, curate of Winster. Bagsbaw, Worcester college ; rev Charles DEVONSHIRE. - The right rev. Dr. 8. S. Dapree, scholar of Pembroke col Wm. Carey, the new lord bishop of Exlege; Henry Joseph Boone Nicholson, eter, arrived at his palace in that city on Magdalen college.

Tharsday, Dec. 28. The snow was still Feb. 17. The rev. Charles Thomas deep, and the weather very cold, when his Langley, M.A. student of Christ church, lordship was met by a procession from the has lately been admitted one of the mas city on the Heavitree road, about 3 p. m. ters of tbe schools, in the place of the rev. His lordship stopped his carriage ; and the John Anthony Cramer, M.A. student of master of the episcopal charity schools Christ church, and pow.one of the pro- drew up his troop of little scholars in the proetors.

Snow ; when the eldest of them (Robert He. CAMBRIDGE, Jan. 31. The subject of Garland) his teeth chattering while he the Seatonian prize poem, for the present spoke, addressed his lordship as follows: wars is, The Old Age of St. John the “ My lord We, the poor charity chil. Erangelist.

dren of this city, and parish of St. Thomas 929 The Lord , Bishop of Lincoln has insti. : the Apostle, do most bambly beg leave to Anted the Rev. E. Pane to the prebend of congratulate your lordship on your happy Cliftontile ***

arrival in your diocese, and implore that The late Dr. Smith's annual prize of your lordship would be a "patron unto us. 251. each, to the two best profieients in We are in number 1wo bundred and fifty, mathematics and natural philosophy among clothed and educated by the charity of the the commencing bachelor of arts, were on good people of this city, and of the said

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parish of St. Thomas the Apostle, at first city and county of Gloncester, under the prompted thereto by the kind persuasion immediate patronage of the lord bishop and good example of bishop Blackall, one of the diocese, and the nobility and genof your lordship's predecessors, and encou try of the county. raged and animated in the same good de HERTFORDSHIRE.—Married, at Great sign by all his successors. May their me Gaddesden church, the rev. John Fitzmories be for ever blessed! The same More, of Ivinghoe, Bucks, to Mrs. Halgood Providence which at first raised sey, of Gaddesden park. these schools has continued them for one Kent.--Died, the rev. Henry Kipling, hundred and eleven years, during which vicar of Plumstead and East Wickham, period some thousands of poor children Kent, formerly of Emmannel college, have been instructed by their benefactors Cambridge. This gentleman has left in the duty they owe to God and their 10001. towards keeping up the Sunday neighboars, and many of them are now schools at Plumstead and Wickham. living comfortably in the world, industrious Died, at Eltham, in the 8 1st year of his members of society, true to the Church, age, the rev. Dr. Wilgress, rector of and loyal to the King. This, my lord, is Rawreth, in Essex, and late reader of the the state of us, who now intreat your lord- Temple church. ship's blessing and protection. May your LANCASHIRE.--The rev. Joseph Sellordship enjoy long life and full health to kirk, curate of Balderstone, near Press govern the Church,"

ton, has been appointed to the incoinThe right rev. prelate replied in the bent curacy of Aslıworth, near Manchesmost kind and condescending terms, re ter, by Wilbralam Egerton, esq. M.P. gretted the inconvenience incurred by the NORFOLK.—Died, at Caebourn, dear children in this inclement weather, ex Caistor, aged 75, the rev. Anthony Furpressed his satisfaction on reaching his ness, vicar of that place. diocese, and assured them be would pa. OXFORDSHIRE.—Died, at Ambrosden, tronize their schools as his predecessors near Bicester, the rev. Thomas Pardo had done. He also presented the boy with Matthews, M.A. formerly of Magdalen a guinea. His lordship’s carriage then college, vicar of Ambrosdea and of Pid. moved on to East Gate, where at the dington, and one of his Majesty's justices house of the rev. C. H. Collyns, master of of the peace for this county. the free grammar school, who accompa SHROPSHIRE.-The rev. John Langnied him into the city, he was met by the ley, A.M. of Newport, has been unani. mayor, common council, and incorporated mously elected chaplain to the gaol and tradesmen. A procession was then form- house of correction in Stafford. ed, of the rev. clergy, and the gentlemen SOMERSETSHIRE.—An altar-piece has of the chamber, headed by the mayor and been erected in the parish church of Dow: the bishop; down High-street, through liswake, in this county, execnted by a Broad Gate, into the Close, where his self-taught artist, master of the free lordship was met by the precentor, sub- school at Ilminster. The subject is the dean, chancellor, canons, prebends, lay xxiiid chapter of St. Luke, verses 50, officers of the ecclesiastical court, and 52, 53. choir, and introduced by the mayor to the STAFFORDSHIRE.—Died, at Litehfield, precentor. With this addition to the pro. the rev. Edward Outram, D.D. canon cession they entered the cathedral; the residentiary of Litchfield cathedral, chancivic body entered the church, the digni. cellor of the diocese, archdeacon of Der. taries and choir returned to the chapter. by, and rector of St. Philip's, Lichfield. honse through the cloisters, whilst his lord SUFFOLK. Married, at Southwold, ship retired into bishop Grandison's cha- Thomas Tayler, esq. B.A. of Trinity pel (which is between the real and appa- college, Cambridge, to Miss Fanny Manrent front of the church) to robe. Being sel, fourth daughter of the late bishop of attired in his episcopal habit, he was con

Bristol. ducted to the chapter-house, and introduc At Eye, the rev. Samuel French, D.D. ed by Mr. precentor Bartlam, to the other master of Jesus college, Cambridge, to dignitaries ; after which they returned Miss Wythe, of Eye. through the cloisters to the west entrance, Died, at Sibton vicarage, very sad. preceded by the choir. His lordship read denly, the rev. Francis Leggatt, rector of himself in (as it is called) on Sunday, at Bedfield, and vicar of Sibton, both in this the cathedral.

comty. GLOUCESTERSHIRE.A female peni Died, at an advanced age, greatly reteptiary is about to be established for the spected, the rev. George Routh, rector of

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