Sparks from an Anvil

כריכה קדמית
Kessinger Publishing, 1 בספט׳ 2004 - 324 עמודים
1893. Illustrated. Contents First Book: Curiosity from Forest; Christianity or Infidelity, Which?; Sectarianism; Perseverance; The Bible. Second Book: Tired of Sin; I Don't Know; Not by Might; Nervousness; Stinginess; I'm Going to Hell; Going Down; Attractive Services; A Cup of Cold Water; Cooperation; The Wise Man; Activity; Building on the Sand; Profanation; Bar-Timaeus; Yes and No; The Traitor Judas; Pew Renting; Fiery Serpents; Pastor in the Parish; The Nobleman; Mr. Independence; The Conqueror of Death; Creeds and Deeds; Veronica's Faith; The Water of Life; The Unjust Debtor; Suicides; Music; The Babe Who Became a Lawgiver; My Mother; Christ Healing the Sick; Kindness. Third Book: Christian Work in New York City; and Temperance Talk.

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