תמונות בעמוד

Where through the freczing skies in storms it pours, Pleas'd with our ruio, to his arms we ron:
And brightens the dull air with shining showers, To be undone by him who would not be undone !
Ev'n there with you I could securely rest, Alas! I rave! ye swelling torrents, roll
And dare all cold, but in niy Damon's breast; Your watery tribute o'er my love-lick soul!
Or should you dwell beneath the sultry ray, To cool my heart, your waves, ye oceans, bear!
Where rising Phæbus ushers in the day,

Oh! vain are all your waves, for love is there!
There, there I dwell! Thou sun, exert thy fires; But ah! what sudden thought to frenzy mors
Love, mighty love, a fiercer flame inspires : My tortur'd soul ?--perhaps, my Damon loves!
Or if, a pilgrim, you would pay your vows Some fatal beauty, yielding all her charms,
Where Jordan's Itreams in soft meanders flows; Detains the lovely traitor from my arms!
I'll be a pilgrim, and my vows I'll pay

Blatt her, ye skies ! let instant vengeance feise ! Where Jordan's streams in soft meanders play. Those guilty charms, whose crime it is to please's Joy of my soul! my every with in one!

Damon is mine !—fond maid, thy fears fubdx Why must I love, when loving I'm undone ? Am I not jcalous ? and my charmer true? Sweet are the whispers of the waving trees, O, heaven, from jealousy niy bosom fave! And murniuring water3, curling to the breeze ; Cruel as death, insatiate as the grave ! Sweet are soft slumbers in the shady bowers

Ye powers ! of all the ills that ever curs When glowing suns infeft the sultry hours : Our sex, sure wan, diffembling man, is work! But not the whispers of the waving trees, Like forward boys, awhile in wanton play, Nor murmuring waters, curling to the breeze; He sports with hearts, then throws the toys at Not sweet fost flumbers in the lhady bowers, With specious wiles weak woman he assails ; When thou art abfent whom my soul adores! He swears, weeps, smiles, he facters, and preven Come, let us seek some flowery, fragrant bed! Then, in the moment when the maid believes

, Come, on thy bosom reft my love-fick head! The perjur'd traitor triumphs, scorns, and leaves Come, drive thy flocks beneath the shady hills, How oft my Damon swore, th' all-seeing fun Or softly Number by the murmuring rills ! Should change his course, and rivers backward Ab no! he flies: that dear enchanting he! Ere his fond heart should range, or faithless Whose beauty steals my very felf from me! To the bright object of his stedfast love :

Yet wert thou wont the garlaud to prepare, 0! infant change thy course, all-feeing fun! To crown with fragrant wreathes thy Cælia's hair: Damon is false! ye rivers, backward run! When to the lyre the tun'd the vocal lays,

But die, O wretched Cælia, die! in vain Thy tongue would flatter, and thine eyes speak | Thus to the fields and foods you breathe your p praise :

The tear is fruitless, and the tender figh, And when smooth-gliding in the dance the mov'd, And life a load :-forsaken Culia, die! Ask thy false bosom if it never lov'd ?

Fly (wifter, time! O speed the joyful hour! And fill her eye fome little lustre bears,

Receive me, grave !-then I fall love no mare If swains speak truth!-though dim'd for thee with | Ah! wretched maid, so fad a cure to prove! tears!

Ah! wretched maid, to fly to death from lore But fade each grace! since he no longer sees Yet oh! when this poor frame no more sball im Those charms, for whom alone I wilh to please ! Be happy, Damon! may not Damon grieve!

But whence these sudden, sad presaging fears, Ah me! I'm vain! my deach can not appear These rising sighs, and whence these flowing tears? Worth the vast price of but a single tear. Ah! left the trumpet's terrible alarms

Forlorn, abandon'd, to the rocks I go; Have drawn the lover from his Cælia's charms, But they have learo'd new crueltics or you! To try the doubtful field, and shine in azure Alone, relenting Echo with me mourns, arms!

And faint with grief the scarce my lighs retors: Ah! canst thou bear the labours of the war, Then, lighs, adieu ! ye nobler passions, rile! Bend the tough bough, or dart the pointed spear? Be wise, fond maid !—but who in love is wik? Defift, fond youth ! let others glory gain, I rage, I rail, th’extremes of anger prove, Seek empty honour o'er the surgy main,

Nay, almost hate ---then love thee beyond love Or theath'd in horrid arnis ruth dreadful to the Pity, kind heaven, and right an injur id maid! plain!

Yet, oh! yet, spare the dear deceiver's bead! Thee, in epherd, thee the pleasurable woods, If from the sultry suns at noon-tide hours The painted meadows, and the crystal floods, He seeks the covert of the breezy bowers, Claim and invite to bless their sweet abodes. Arvake, O South, and where my charmer lies,

hady and sylvan , Bid roses bloom, and beds of fragrance rise !

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Flowers to delight the smell, or charm the eyes : Sigh to his fighs, and fan the glowing ky! But mourn, ye fylvan scenes and thady bowers; If o'er the waves he cuts the liquid way, Weep, all ye fountains; languish, all ye flowers! Be still, ye waves, or sound his seffel play! If in a desert Damon but appear,

And you, ye winds, confine each ruder breath, To Cælia's eyes a desert is more fair

Lie huth'd in silence, and be calm as death:

But if he lay detain'd by adverse gales, Gods! what soft words, what sweet delufive wilcs My fighs shall drive the thip, and is the day. A He bparts: and, oh! whose dear undoing Imiles ! fails.

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Ev'n chaos burns: again earth groans, heaven roars, ATTLE OF THE GODS AND TITANS.

As tumbling downward with its shining towers;

Or burst this earth, torn from her central place, m the Tbeogony of Hefiod; with a Description of With dire disruption from her deepest base : Tartarus, &c.

Nor slept the wind: the wind new horror forms,

Clouds dash on clouds before th' outrageous storms, -μάχην δ' αμέγαρτον έγειραν

While, tearing up the sands, in drifts they rise, Cártas, &c.

soy. 666.

And half the deserts mount th' encumber'd skies :

At once the tempest bellows, lightnings fly, »w sounds the vault of heaven with loud alarms, The thunders roar, and clouds involve the sky: 1 gods by gods embattling rush to arms: Stupendous were the deeds of heavenly might; e Talk the Titan of portentous size,

What less, when gods conflicting cope in fighe } ft from their dungeons, and assault the skies; Now heaven its foes with horrid inroad gores, i there, unchain'd from Erebus and night,

And flow and sour recede the giant powers : ciliar *giants aid the gods in fight:

Here stalks Ægeon, here fierce Gyges moves, hundred arms each tower-like warrior rears, There Coteus sends up hills with all their groves; i stares from fifty heads amid the stars ; These hurl'd at once against the Titan bands '? dreadful brotherhood stern-frowning stands, Three hundred mountains from three hundred Jhurls an hundred rocks from hundred hands;

hands : 2 Titans rush'd with fury uncontroul'd; And over shadowing, overwhelming bound is sunk on gods, o'er giant giant rollid; With chains infrangible beneath the ground; en roar'd the ocean with a dreadful sound, Below this earth, far as carth's confines lie, aven shook with all its thrones, and groan'd the Through space unmeasur'd, from the starry sky; ground,

Nine days an anvil of an enormous weight, mbled th' eternal poles at every stroke, Down rushing headlong from th' aërial height, i frighted hell from its foundations shook : Scarce reaches earth; thence tost in giddy rounds se, horrid noise, th' aërial region fills,

Scarce reaches in nine days th' infernal bounds : ks dash on rocks, and hills encounter hills; A wall of iron of stupendous height (night : ough earth, air, heaven, tumultuous clamours Guards the dire dungeons black with threefold rise,

High o'er the horrors of th' eternal shade I thouts of battle thunder in the skies.

The stedfait base of earth and feas is laid; in Jove omnipotent display'd the god,

There in coercive durance Jove detains | all Olympus trembled as he trod:

The groaning Titans in afficlive chains. grasps ten thousand thunders in his hand, A seat of woe! remote from cheerful day, is his red arm, and wields the forky brand; Through gulfs impassable, a boundless way. n aims the bolts, and bids his lightnings play; Above chese realms, a brazen structure stands y fash, and tend through heaven their flaming with brazen portals, fram'd by Neptune's hands; way :

Through chaos to the ocean's base it swells; oubling blow on blow, in wrath he moves; There stern Ægeon with his giants dwells; sing'd earth groans, and burns with all her Fierce guards of Jove! from hence the fountains groves;

rile floods, the billows, boiling hiss with fires, That wash the earth, or wander through the skies; bickering flame, and (mouldering smoke That groaning murmur through the realm of woes, aspires

Or feed the channels where the ocean flows; ight of clouds blots out the golden day; Collected horrors throng che dire abodes, in their eyes the writhen lighenings play:

Horrid and fell! detested ev'n by gods !

Enormous gull! immense the bounds appear, • Egen, Cortus, Gyges,

Wareful and void, the journcy of a year :


Where beating forms, as in wild whirls they fight, , Above, below, the conflagration roars,
Toss the pale wanderer, and retoss through night: Ev’n the seas kindled burn through all their fores

, The powers immortal with affright survey Deluge of fire! Earth rocks her tottering coaits, The hideous chasm, and seal it up from day. And gloomy Pluto shakes with all his ghosts; Hence through the vault of heaven huge Atlas Ev’n the pale Titans, chain d on burning for sy

Start at the din that reads th' infernal fhores : His giant limbs, and props the golden spheres : Then, in full wrath, Jove all the god applies

, Here sable night, and here the beamy day, And all his thunders borft at once the skies; Lodge and dislodge, alternate in their sway. And rushing gloomy from th' Olympiad brow, A brazen port the varying powers divides : He blasts the giant with th' almighty blow; When day sorth issues, here the night refides ; The giant tumbling finks beneath the wound, And when night veils the skies, obsequious day, And with enormous ruin rocks the ground: Re-entering, plunges from the starry way. Nor yet the lightnings of th' Almighty lay, She from her lamp, with beaming radiance bright, Through the sing'd earth they burl their buraz Pours o'er th' expanded earth a flood of light :

way; But night, by sleep attended, rides in shades, Earth kindling inward, melts in all her caret, Brother of death, and all that breathes invades: And hifling floats with fierce metallic waves : From her foul womb they sprung,resistless powers, As iron fusile from the furnace flows, Nurs'd in the horrors of Tartarean bowers, Or molten ore with keen effulgence glow! Remote from day, when with her flaming wheels When che dire bolts of Jove ftern Vukao fraze. She mounts the skies, or paints the western hills : In burning channels roll the liquid flames; With downy footsteps fleep in silence glides Thus melted earth, and Jove, from realms on the O'er the wide earth, and o'er the spacious tides; Plung'd the huge giant to the Dether sky. The friend of life! Death unrelenting bears

Then from Typhæus sprung the winds tha: An iron heart, and laughs at human cares; Storms on their wings, and thunder in the a: She makes the mouldering race of man her prey, But from the gods descend of milder kind, And ev'n th' immortal powers detest her sway. The east, the west, the south, and Boreal

Thus fell the + Tirans from the realms above, These in soft whispers breathe a friendly beats: ? Beneath the thunders of Almighty Jove;

Play through the groves, or sport upon the ea Then earth impregnate felt maternal woes, They fan the sultry air with cooling gales, And shook through all her frame with teeming And waft from realm to realm the flying fail throes :

The rest in storms of sounding whirlwinds ts Hence rose Typhæus, a gigantic birth,

Toss the wild waves, and battle in the sky; A monster sprung from Tarturus and carth, Fatal to man ! ai once all ocean roars, A match for gods in might! on high he spreads And scatter'd navies bulge on diftant fores From his huge trunk an hundred dragons heads, Then thundering o'er the earth they resc And from an hundred mouths in vengeance flings,

way, Envenom'd foam, and darts an hundred Rings; Grass, herb, and flower, bencath their rage er Horror, terrific, frowns from every brow,

While towers and domes, vain boasts of to And like a furnace his red eye-balls glow ;

trust, Fires dart from every crest; and, as he turns, Torn from their inmoft base, are whelm'deKeen splendours flash, and all the giant burns: Thus heaven asserted its eternal reign Whene'er he speaks, in echoing thunders rise O'er the proud giants, and Titanic train ; An hundred voices, and affright the skies, And now in peace the gods their Jove obet, Unutterably fierce! the bright abodes

And all the thrones of heaven adore his fwa Frequent they shake, and terrify the gods. Now bellowing like a lavage bull, they roar, THE LOVE OF JASON ÅND MEDEA Or angry lions in the midnight hour; Now yells like furious whelps, or hiss like snakes;

From the Third Book, Ver. 743. of Apellosi

dius. The rocks rebound, and every mountain shakes : He hurl'd defiance 'gainst th' immortal powers, And heaven had seiz'd with all its shining towers, Ni pivirut'tzi gañar cysy xvipas, &c. But, at the voice of Jove, from pole to pole

ADVERTISEMENT. Red lightnings flash, and raging thunders roll, Rattling o'er all th' expansion of the skies, The translator has taken the liberty, in the Bolt after bolt o'er earth and ocean flies.

lowing version of the Argonautics of Ape Stern frowns the god amidst the lightnings blaze, us, as well as in the story of Talus, të Olympus shakes from his eternal base;

whatever has not an immediate relation Trembles the earth : fierce flames involves the subjec ; yet hopes that a due connections poles,

wanting; and that the reader will not be Devours the ground, and o'er the billows rolls : pleased with these short ke:ches from a Fires from Typhæus fath : with dreadful sound who is affirmed to be every where fubisme, Storms rattle, thunder rolls, and groans the ground; no less a critic than Longinus ; and from ot

many verses are borrowed by fogtes: a poc Of night.

† 820.



“ Medea, careless of her virgin fame, ow rising shades a solemn gloom display, “ Preferi'd a stranger to a father's name !" 'er the wide earth, and o'er th' thereal way: O may I rather yield this vital breath, ll night the failor marks the northern team, Than bear that base dishonour, worse than death! nd golden circlet of Orion's beam :

Thus wail'd the fair, and seiz'd with horrid joy deep rep'se the weary wanderer shares, Drugs foes to life, and potent to destroy ; id the faint watchman ceps away his cares; A magazine of death! again the pours in the fond mother, while all breathlet's lies From swoln eye-balls tears in mining showers; er child of love, in funber seals her eyes; With grief insaciate, and with trembling hands, » found of village-dag, no noise in va des All comfortless the cask of death expands : he death-like filence is the midnight shades; A sudden fear her labouring loul invades, one Medea wakes : 'To love a prey,

Struck with the horrors of th' infernal shades': {tless the rolls, and groans the night away : She stand: deep mufing with a faded brow, w he fire-brea hing bulls command her cares; Absorb’d in thought, a monument of woe! e thinks on Jafon, and for Jason fears :

While all the comforts that on life attend, Sad review, on horrors horrors rife ;

The cheerful converse, and the faithful friend, rick beats her heart, from thought to thought By thought deep-imag'd on her bosom play, the flics ;

Endearing life, and charın despair away : from replenish'd arns, with dubious ray, Th'all cheering funs with sweeter light arise, le sun beams dancing from the surface play, And every object brightens to her eyes : sw here, now there, the trembling radiance falls Then from her hand the baneful drugs shc throw 5 ternate flashing round th'illumin'd walls; Confents to live, recover'd from her woes; jus fluitering boundsthe trembling virgin's blood, Refolu'd 'he magic virtue to betray, Id from her thining eyes descends a flood: She waits the dawn, and calls the lazy day : 'w raving with refiftless flames the glows, Time seems to stand, or backward drive his wheels: 'w fick with love the melts with softer woes : The hours she chides, and eyes the ealern hills : e tyrant god, of every thought poffeft,

Al length the dawn with orient beams appears, ats in each pulse, and stings and racks her breast: The mades disperse. and man awakes to cares. w she resolves the magic to betray

Studious to please, her graceful length of hair, tame the bulls, now yield him up a prey: With art she binds, that wanton'd with the air ; ain, the drugs disdaining to supply,

From her soft checks she wipes the tear away, e lothes the light, and meditates to die :

And bids keen lightnings from her eyes to play; ion, repelling with a brave dildain

From limb to limb refreshing unguents pours, se coward thought, she nourishes the pain : Unguents, that breathe of heaven, in copious aus toft, retost with furious storms of cares,

Thowers : 1 the cold ground the rolls, and thus with tears: Her robe the next assumes; bright clasps of gold Ah me! where'er I turn, before my eyes Close to the lessening waist the robe infold; dreadful view, on sorrows forrows rise ! Down from her swelling loins, the rest unbound oft in a giddy whirl of strong desire,

Float: in rich waves redundant o'er the ground: flow, I burn, yet bless the pleasing fire.

Last with a shining veil her cheeks the shades, had this spirit from its prisun fled,

Then swimming smooth along magnificently treads. Dian sent to wander with the dead,

Thus forward moves the fairelt of her kind, : the proud Grecians view'd the Colchian skies; Blind co the future, to the present blind : • Jason, lovely Jafon, met those eyes !

Twelve maids, attendants on her virgin bower, Il gave the shining mischief to our coast, Alike unconscious of the bridal hour, dea saw him, and Medea loft

Join to the car the mules : dire rites to pay, t why these sorrows ? if the powers on high To Hecate's biack fane flie bends her way; s death decree, die, wretched Jason, die! A juice the bears, whose magic virtue tames all I, elude my fire ? my art betray?

(Through fell Persephone) the rage of flames; ime: what words shall purge the guilt away! It gives the hero, strong in matchless might, t could I yield-O whither must I run To fand secure of harms in mortal fight;

find the man whom virtue bids mc shun? It mocks the sword : the sword, without a wound, all 1, all loft co shame, to Jason fly?

Leaps as from marble, thiver'd to the ground: d yet I niult-If Jafon bleeds, 1 die!

She mounts the car* ; nor rode the nymph alone; en, shame, farewell! Adieu for ever, fame! On eitder fide two lovely damsels fone : il, black disgrace! be fam'd for guilt my name! Her hand with skill th' embroider'd rein controuls; e! Jason, live! enjoy the vital air !

Back fly the itreets, as (wift the chariot rolls ve through my aid and fly where winds can Along the wheel-worn road they hold their way, bear!

The domes retreat, the sinking towers decay : when he flies, ye poisons, lend your powers, Bare to the knee fuccirct a camfel train at day, Medea treads th' infernal Thores! Behind attends, and glitters tow'rd the plain. en, wretched maid, thy lot is endless shame, As when her limbs divine Diana laves on the proud dames of Colchos blast thy name: In fair Parthenius, or th’ Amnelian waves, ear them cry—“The false Medea's dead, Through guilty pallions for a stranger's bed;

# 869.


Sublime in royal state the beunding roes Whom wouldnt thou fis? Stay, lovely virgin,
Whirl her bright car along the mountain brows; Speak every thought ! far hence be fears away
Swift to her fane in pomp the goddess moves; Speak! and be truth in every acçent found!
The nymphs attend that haunt the shady groves, Dread to deceive ! we tread on hallow'd gieru
Th’Amnesian fount, or Gilver streaming rills; By the stern power who guards this facred plac.
Nymphs of the vales, or Oreads of the hills! By the illustrious authors of thy race
The fawning bea before the goddess play, By Jove, to whom the stranger's cause belongs
Or, trembling, savage adoration pay:

To whom the suppliant, and who feels the wrap
Thus on her car sublime the nymph appears, O guard me, save me, in the needful hour !
The crowd falls back, and as she moves reveres; Without thy aid, thy Jason is no more;
Swift to the fane aloft her course the bends; To thee a suppliant, in distress I bend,
The fane she reaches, and to earth descends : To thee a stranger, and who wants a friend
Then to her train-Ah nie ! I fear we tray, Then, when between us seas and mountains
Milled by folly to this lonely way!

Medea's name shall sound in diftant skies; Alas! should Jason with his Greeks appear, All Greece to thee shall owe her beroes fates, Where should we fly? I fear, alas, I fear! And bless Medea through her hundred dates. No more the Colchian youths, and virgin train, The mother and the wife, who now in vain Haunt the cool shade, or tread in dance the plain: Roll their fad eyes faft-streaming o'er the ma. But since alone ;-with sports beguile the hours, Shall stay their tears; the mother, and the Come chaunt the song, or pluck the blooming Shall bless thee for a son's or husband's life! flowers;

Fair Ariadne, sprung from Minos' bed, Pluck every sweet to deck your virgin bowers! Sav'd the brave Theseus, and with Thesens Then warbling fost , she lifts her heavenly voice; Forsnok her father, and her native plain, But fick with mighty love, the song is noise ; And stemm'd the tumults of the surging mas She hears from every note a discord rise,

Yet the stern fire relented, and forgave . Till, pauling, on her tongue the music dies; The maid, whose only crime it was to fare:

She hates each object, every face offends; Ev'n the just gods forgave : and now on higi In every wish her soul to Jason sends;

A star she shines, and beautifies the sky: With harpen'd eyes the distant lawn explores, What blessings then fall righteous heates, To find the object whom her soul adores : At every whisper of the passing air

For all our heroes fav'd, and fav'd by thee! She starts, she turns, and hopes her Jason there : Heaven gave thee not, to kill, so soft an air, Again she fondly looks, nor looks in vain; And cruelty sure never look'd so fair! He comes, her Jason shines along the plain.

He ceas'd; but left fo charming on her er As when, emerging from the watery way, His voice, that listening still fhe seem'd to le Refulgent Sirius lifts his golden ray,

Her eye to earth the bends with modest gram He shines terriéc! for his burning breath And heaven in smiles is open'd in her face

. Taints the red air with fevers, plagues, and death; A glance she steals ; but rosy blushes spread Such to the nymph approaching Jason shows, O'er her fair cheek, and then the drops here Bright author of unutterable woes;

A thousand words at once to speak the tries; Before her eyes a swimming darkness spread, In vain—but speaks a thousand with her eyes: 1 Her flush'd chcek glow'd, her very heart was Trembling, the shining casket the expands, dead;

Then gives the magic virtue to his hands; No more her knees their wonted office knew, And had the power been granted to convey Fix'd without motion as to earth she grew : Her heart-shad given her very heart away. Her train recedes; the meeting lovers gaze In filent wonder, and in still amaze :

EPISTOLA AD AMICUM RUSTICANTI As two fair cedars on the mountain's brow,

Scripta Vere ineunte Cantab. 1709. Pride of the groves ! with roots adjoining grow; Erect and motionless the stately trees

Ecquid abfenti tibi cura Grantæ ? Awhile remain, while sleeps each fanning breeze, Ecquid antiqui memor es sodalis! Till from th' Æoliart caves a blast unbound Chare permultis, mihi præter omnes Bends their proud tops, and bids their boughs rc

Chare, Go sound;

Cernis ! in mulcét levis aüra campos!
Thus gazing they, till by the breath of love

Ut róla dulcit, violisque terram
Strongly at length inspir’d, they speak, they move; Flora depingit, Zephyrusque blandis
With smiles the love-lick virgin he survey'd,
And fondly thas address’d the blooming maid:
Dismiss, my fair, my love, thy virgin fear;

Tarde, quid ceffas? Age Rozinantis 'Tis Jason speaks, no enemy is here !

Terga conscendas eques t ingementis,
Man, haughty man, is of obdurate kind;

Tene ruralis Galatæa duris
But Jason bears no proud inhuman mind,
By gentlest manners softest arts refin'd.

Temple of Hecate.

ť Obeso fuit corpore,



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