תמונות בעמוד

Contending lexos push one common aim,

There froth, farce, fatt'ry, chance, fedition, rule; And youth, and wit, and beauty, meet to game; And virtue scarce finds place in virtue's school. Ac cards to conquer, or at dice to (weep,

Farewell, forsaken stage-when courts refuse Is all the humble joy the polith'd reap.

To urge wit's wand'ring rein, the Thames a muse; Or, if aspiring to robufter praise,

Hail, from afar ! thou fate-foretelling light ! Some livelier genius warmth more adive (ways; Beaming prognostic through the eye of night! Then frock'd in groomy Neekness, tight and smart, Kindling a hundred realms, th’enliv'ning flame The pest cap'd racer dares the jockey's art; Wings the wak'd energy of courted fame. At fake and plarc his skill protoundly shown, There empire fathing into glory's blaze, He from his horse's worth presumes his own. Conscious intention blushes not at praise ;

Or, nobly sung by John the coachman's claim, There spurring virtue, wit has leave to meas, Climbing th' advent'rous box, disputes his fane; And pow'r exciting passion prompts the scene. Scatt'ring malignant dult, cracks voice and thong, So must it be ere tragic fire is felt, Glows for a livery's r.ght, and burns along : But where grave thoughts are marks for fools to Proudly display'd, looks back, and shouts to find Where tir'd illit'rate viewless yawning pride Poor conscious John, less glorious, hang behind. Must hear unlift'ning, and untaught decide,

Not so th' Olympiau rivals charm'd of old, There let loft sentiment mispoint no beam, When fiery youths in whirling chariots rollid; To hope were blindness, and to with a dream.. Then the watch'd signal bade the rank disjoin, Up leap'd Thalia, glowing red with rage, And rushing wheels dissolv'd the breaking line: Fir'd and indignant at a farceful age; Strain'd to th' expanded whip's impulsive sound, Shall comedy's insulted muse, the cry'd, Light leap'd th' exulting axles o'er the ground, Hold hoops to tumblers'Twixe crowding nations, partial, panting, gay, She paus’d-unable to proceed ;-righ'd Nicag: The prais’d, pluni'd hero tkim'd the less'ning way, Repelld the big disdain—and trac'd her wrong. The smoking steeds obey'd the watchful rein, Shall comedy for sworded harlequin And winding warlike, swept the shouting plain. Split lashes, and arm him for the mimic scene? Now graceful rais’d, now pendent in career, While he, proud impotence, with modih irat, High and far-glitt'ring, Mone the charioteer, Cocks bluff, diffusive of his wooden cut : Firm in his feat, superior in his mien,

Must the swing gyplies o'er the winnow'd pit, Flew o'er the course, and flam'd along the green; Mounting pofteriors in defect of wit; Martial in gesture, eminent in grace,

Or clap fome human whirlwind's bluft'ring rage, His birth and grandeur light’ning from his face. That o'cr twelve heads descending thakes the flag

Or, if to sweeter contest match'd he mov'd, Scare while th’ upmanly reptile's wriggling with And in some ball, led the kind hand he lov'd, Threads the farv'd ladder, and descends un his di The modeft fair, flow through the mazy dance, Or, for the rope-aspirer's jirksul tread, Swam to the love. sick soul in sofe advance; Shall the poise right their emblematic lead! No light coarse frisking kick'd off woman's air, No---let implor'd expulsion wing me hence! No strong ftretch'd limb oue-trod attraction iherc, Far let me fly to fonie fair seat of sense ; (grate Decent their pleasures, and discreetly weigh'd, Where life's stoll'n humour glows with mariht. Active the youth, and delicate the maid: And comic pidure copies nature's face; Honour by.clegance its right maintain d,

Where imag'd paljon, dear to the polite, And thoughe correcting rapture, prudence reign'd. Leaves low buffoon'ry to the rabble's right.

Mournful Melpomene, with tragic frown, Tir'd, yet untaika, let me no longer wait, Spoke next; and thus deplor'd a tasteless town. Laughing unhecded---at the laughing great ; Why Itrove the scenic muse to shine in vain, While with the roar of boys to tricks they run, Where wie is levity, and art is gain?

Which mobs should fout at, and the wife feu. Where law’s blind hope would curb corruption's Tun. rage,

Gravely, good souls! reserving solid scorp, {borz Yet left undac contempt to taint the stage? For thoughts to feel whose force themselves wc Hence ilieatres neglected into shame,

Warmd in wit's cause, lamenting genius lol, Catching at concourse, purity disclaim.

Nor tafting ecstasy at judgment's coft, By pow'r deserted, make their humbler court List’ning Germanicus, with penlive grace, To rake and rancour, or to fool and sport : Revolv'd with'd soft'nings for a pitied race; Piqu’d to reprisal, unconfed'rate wit,

When like a trumpet pouring mulic's flood, Noting the popular, evades the fit.

Speaking Calliope thrill'd through his blood. Then the play plocs on state-craft, laughs at truth, There was a prince' ah, bid me add, ere loog Misguides allegiance, or upsinews youth;

There is : ---impulsive of the epic song, Thither crowds faction to be taught complaint, Flame of imperial prominence he find; Wherc pow's, the martyr, might have reign'd the Terror at once, and charm of human kind! faint.

All the soft praise of fucial life his due : There wisdom bleeds, by pleasure's feath'ry dart, All the rais'd pow'rs of arms and arts he know; And love's loose land unfrings the flacken'd heart; Fearless, impelld his father's fortune on; Tere discontent first tries her tim'rous force, And in youth's dawn a dazzling victor hone : Hints and finds help ard dares her dang 'rous la force refiftless, yet undaring wrong; course;

tíonek ia vengeance, and in pity Areng.

Without dwek war, in all her thund'ring din; Safe in fage politics conceal your wit ;
While peace in all her stillness wept within. Then by my bounty qualify'd to fit,
Formid for a lover, for a thinker taught;

Nine Cornish boroughs might assign you place, Bloodless reflective eminence he sought :

Where mix'd unthought of you may shup disgrace. Born to be greates, chose bur to be bet;

There, breathing unsuspected influence lurk, But heav'n that know his use, forbad his rest : Till patient progress crowns your arduous work. Then from the calms of conqu’ring thought he rose, Thence Mall descending radiance talte convey; Glow'd in tempestuous war, and scorn'd repose. And willing kingdoms make the mules way. Uncrown'd, gave crowns at will, their thorns un Till time tlow fav'ring you may quit disguise, tryd;

And wear wit plaiņ among th' wolaughing wise. And more than reigning, without reigning died. Paufing, he Imild humanity so kind, [mind : Such, though the land I leave could now me That ev'ry muse was couch'd, and chang'il her till,

All bow'd cooleot to his grave purpose wrought; Calm seasons call not for a pilot's kill.

And thus Urania voic'd her lifter's chought. Peace is the blesing commerce loves to choose ; Born to a people's hearts, their darling chine;' Bur war and glory task the epic muse.

Let ev'ry with, and hope, and joy, be thine, Farewell, sure subject of my future fong.

Mov'd by the magic mercy of thy view, When rising shameful at a people's wrong, We feel good counsel, and embrace it too. In times yet distant, thy rememb'ring hand One sole condition grant, and we obey ; Lets loose correction at some foreign land.

No dang'rous norice must detect our stay. Then loud as thy applause, reclaim us all; Hid in thy grove, cach menial muse shall claim And every muse of nine shall wait thy call. Domestic Thelter from reproach and shame;

Speaking, she rose; and with her rising Now, Till by thy scheme their yet unrivallod friend, Her eight sad sisters, sighing, turn'd to go. Their influence widens, and their suff'rings enda Lively, upstarting from his shadow'd feat, Then shown the world, and privileg'd to pleale, Stay (cry'd the prince alarm’d)---suspend retreat. And gach'ring face and fashion by degrees, Just though your anger, yet revenge forbear; Seen at assemblies belles may jokes forbear; Lelt taught by muscs, man forgets to spare. Nor shocking modelt llrangers curn and stare ! Too soon degen'rate nature warps awry,

Thus, in his shade from public pain exempe, The bad co copy, and the good to fly.

Sleeping, the visionary poet dreamt. (there; Have you beheld wit's Itream discolour'd glide, Then wak'd, and found his sparkling prince was And pour'd lost azure on th' unconscious tide? But ev'ry empty mule was lost in air. Think the blame yours, who heav'n's best tindure bring,

CAMILLUS: A POEM. To ftain the current, yet neglect the spring. Would you at once Cæruleau depth renew? Humbly inscribed to the Right Honourable Charles Earl And gayly bright’ning flush th' improvement of Peterborough and Monmouth. Written in the through?

year 1707. High at the source th' infusive tinge bestow ; And ev'ry downward drop shall tindur'd flow.

Wuen injur'd heroes fuffer in their fame, But while a vagrant inspiration ftrays,

Justice unsumon'd thould their wrongs proclain : And here and there unlicens'd pow'r displays;

But Phæbus' fon should raise resentment higher, Though sep'rare individual strollers (bare

And light up vengeance with poetic fire. Some uncollective scalı'rings of your care;

For where injustice clouds a noble name, This way and that though some faint hint of light The patron's icandal is the poet's shame. Gleams like a meteor, and shrinks back in night, Permit, great Sir, my humble muse to raise Or, ming'livg beams to furm fome deathless blaze, A puiva'e monument of public praise : Once in an age you Popes or Thomsons raise : Unbend your mighty foul, and stoop to fame, All the lost labour serves but to express

Whole voice mall found to heaven your glorious How wide our wants ! how thinly we posless! Till the day breaks expe&t no gen'ral glow ;

Minds that are great like yours disdain applause, For the sky darken'd keeps all dark below. Their inborn virtue gives their reason laws: Here for wit's fountain dream not of a court,

Above the reach of malice bleft they live, Falle and injurious Dighe th’unweigh'd report.

Proud to be envy'd, and like heaven forgive. Meant for a clime where thrones appropriate

Whac depth of line nuit my rais d fancy find, pow'r,

To found th' unfathom: ocean of thy mind! And one man's pallions all mens rights devour. Or through the lab'rinth of thy wonders wind ! But in free starea where liberty may choose, How dares my uniry'd pen attempt a verse, Taste knows no monarch, and obcys no mule. Worthy thy godlike actions to rehearse? Senates their muses, property their aim;

How daras my flutt'ring muse invade that sky, Their boast but safety and their plaything fame. Where Virgil, fagle-wing d, would fail to fly?

No-would your willing culture waite no toil? Dark in my brealt tumultuous terrors rolt, Would your bays thrive in a reluctant foil? And rising pasions thake my lab'ring foul : Duetile vs form, and changing tapes at will, Encount'ring scalons through my judgmene hine, Allume new sex, new Eames, new views, new kill. Some urge and some forbid the vait d.lign:


Here justice fummons---there my youth denies ; Thither with tow'ring hopes and longiog eyel Duty to this, to that my will replies.

The young excluded monarch (wiftly fies; Resolv'd at lait you safe return to greet, Whispers in Anna's ear his weighty grief, I throw my worthless numbers at your feet; And from her pitying foul extracts relief. Allurid the generous goodness of your eye At her command th' intrepid Britons fly, Will see my zeal, and pass my errors by.

Exert their inborn worth, and proudly die : But if ny seeble genius chance to fail,

Pleas'd with their fate they dearly fell their breath, Nor ardent pray'rs can with the nine prevail ; And smile amidit the raging pangs of death. Think, Sir, bow various your great ads appear! A chofen band of thefe who all things dare, 'There was and glory---wit and honour here: For distant war their mighty souls prepare : One glitt'ring moment spreads your wond'rous Through ev'ry ear their glorious cause they ring fame,

To curb proud France, and right an injur'd king. Battles and bloodshed celebrate your name.

O'er thefe a chief by art and nature grac'd, Now the great hero in a purple flood

Renown'd in war and policy was plac’d; Pluriges through stormy seas of hostile blood. Beyond mankind his judgment could discern, Now Itrides with skilful courage from afar, And much improve what others could not learn: To stop some gap of unsuccessful war :

He ow'd no virtue to a drcad of thame, Another moment smoothly gilds his face

No seeming honefty to promis'd fame : With lovely sweetness and delightful grace : On its own base in him true honour food, Calmly he tunes his mind to fofter sports, Wah'd by a generous tide of noble blood. And lives the matchless paragon of courts. Him the great Anna chose--. Camillus go No wonder

then if my presumptuous eye, Revenge my brother on his haughty foe; Viewing thy sun of excellence too nigh,

Guard him to Spain---there let my will be knowa, Dazzled with light, is forc'd to look awry! And seat the monarch in his ravith'd throne. A traveller, who thus without a guide,

The valiant chief without ambition brave, O'er some unmeasur'd tract attempts to ride ; Humbly receiv'd the weighty charge the gare: Where thousand paths of equal breath appear, Defin'd in spite of malice to be great, And each fair course feenis safe alike to steer, His daring soul contemns the tricks of stare : May fpite of itriceft caution lose his way,

Swiftly he bids his glad commanders meet, And scarce be justly said to go astray.

And lead their army to the waiting fleet. 'In peace the fam'u Hispania long had slept, Their swelling hopes the swelling gales invite, And free poffeflion of her Indies kept :

And heaven and they propitioufly unite ; Made poor by plenty, dull content she knew, In loud falutes the deep-mouth'd cannons roar, Her strength declining as her riches grew; Answer'd by zealrus wishes from the shore: Till forc'd to valour the begins too late,

Whence mingled crowds their hearty prayers to And climbs unwilling but to pull down fate.

peat, Their fecond Charles resign'd his princely breath, Till rising waves obscure the failing fleet. And swift-wing'd fame proclaim'd th' expected On the extremelt limits of that land, death :

Through which the Tagus rich in golden sand, Sudden the trumpet echoes from afar,

His ràpid course in depths of waters bends, And friendly nations rise to furious war :

And twice two hundred miles his stream cxtends; The hardy veterans their arms prepare,

Old Barcelona strong by nature stands, And waving banners fan the heated air :

Aud rules a vast extent of fertile lands: The sprightly steeds with lofty bounds advance, With rocky niountains half environd round, And curb'd by skillful riders proudly prance : The other half by bogs and marshy ground: A wild consulion o’er the globe is hurl's,

Bencash her walls furronnding trenches lie, And warlike earthquakes fhake the Chriftian world. Beyond thofe depths rise bulwarks vastly high : The Austrian prince, heir in affirm'd descent, Walls within walls the solid place defend, To grasp the crown his strong endeavours bent : Where watchful centinels their charge attend: Bourbon oppos’d, and in the vacant throne Whence trains of hollow brass with fiery breath, Would place a royal offspring of his own. Vomit black fulph'rous messages of death; Doubtful the right---but pow'r which all obey, Ramm'd with destruction, burst with horrid roar; Appear'd to justify the second's sway:

And scatter'd terrors round the trembling shore. 'The arms of France allure the voice of Spain, Hither with crowded fails the Britons bent, And Anjou seated will his post maintain.

Big with the message their great mistress sent Sighing the young prevented Austrian stands, Their warlike souls to emulation rife, And lifts to gracious heaven his eyes and hands; And breathe out pious wiflies to the skies; Implores swift justice to an injur'd man ; And now those powers which brave deligas at And heaven directs his prayers to heaven's vice tend, gerent Anne.

Had brought their voyage to a happy end. Thither they fly whom powr'ful wrongs oppress, From Barcelona's tow'rs with wild af right, And find a certain Melter from distress :

The trembling foe beholds th' unwelcome fight; By her the proud aspirer daily bleeds,

A mighty fleet approaching by degrees, And biass'd monarchs wait her dreaded deeds. lo graceful order plooghs the smiling feas; Aw d though displeas'd, to her decrees they stand, Harmonious music spreads the joy they bring, And own the fate of Europe in her hand, i And clam'rous shouts proclaim the coming king:

The founding trumpets his intent declare, Strove not to hide the hazard of the talk,
And waving streamers flourilh in the air :

Nor cover danger with a gilded mask :
Arriv'd at length the cannons loudly roar, He bids each soldier like himielf perform,
And shake with panic frighe the wond'ring shore. And by example wins 'em to the storm.

Meanwhile the Spaniards all their force prepare, The roly morning usher'd in the fun, And arm confus'dly for defensive war :

Which was to see a bloody business done ; Blind with amazement and ignoble fear,

His beams shone bright to guide the baitie well, They double all the Britons that appear:

And drank their blood in picy as it fell : All think with horror England now had bent Eight hundred Britons on this glorious day, Her utmost force, to form one grand descent. O'er pathless forests force their oblique way;

But when they saw so finall a number land, In tedious march o'er high ascents they past, And boldly tread the surface of their sand, And won the dangerous precipice at last. The paler marks of fear forsook their face,

With strange surprise the Spaniards rush to And wonder far more great supplies the place.

arms, An equal force within their walls they found, And bells rang backward in confus'd alarms : Yet fear'd to meet their foes on equal ground: The fummon'd foldiers hurry'd to their port, They saw, with wonder at an act lo vain, And pour whole vollies on the clirubing host : Th' undaunted Britons win the neighb'ring plain, Repeated charges from the cannons fly, Where soon their squadrons form’d a camp, and Like fiery meteors blazing through the sky: then

[men. The shatter'd limbs of men who nobly dare, They thought or drcaded they were more than Are borne on bullets through the flaming air :

Thus had the great Camillus forc'd his way, The dismal prospect shocks the bravest hearts, And void of fear in midst of dangers lay :

And adds new motion to disjointed parts; Inpatient of delays, the Austrian youth,

The brave Camillus with a fierce delight, Deep-touch'd with furrow, liftend to the truth; Drives on the headlong sury of the fight; He law the weakness of his daring few,

Urges his bleeding troops ftill higher and higher, And with concern his foe's advantage knew : And scatters death for death, and fire for fire. The brazen tubes of death were mounted high, Thus, when of old the mighty giants Atrove And clouds of rolling snioke obscur'd the sky; To check the boundless power of angry Jove; All this and more from his small camp was feen, With force like this, but in a cause less good, And death disguis'd with horror ftalk'd becween. The huge Briareus, their great leader, stood;

The aged chicis in cautious war grown eld, The solid centre shakes beneath his weight, Would rather be too backward than too bold : Who, all-unknowing, or unfearing fate, Therefore advis'd the prince to hafte away, Kicks at the thunder which with horror flies; Since 'twas scarce possible to live and stay.

And while swift lightning flashes in his eyes, The prince with melancholy thoughts opprest, Tears up a bundred rocks and hurls 'em at the Came to Canillus and unlock'd his brealt;

fkies. Told him the pangs of forrow, Mame, and rage,

But now aloft the mingled war grows high, Which ihook the blooming comforts of his age : On heaps promiscuous numbers fall and dic; Told him the flames in which his foul would burn, Rivers of blood from the mix'd battle flow, Should he thus unsuccessfully return.

Till death fcarce fees to guide a destin'd blow. With grief the gen’rous Briton heard him tell The walls are won, the Spaniards lose the day, The deep misfortunes he but knew too well : And crowding Britons win the cover'd way : He rolls his eyes, accuses partial fate,

While some on high the conquer'd pass defend, And tells the Austrian that he should be great. Ochers below by mutual help ascend: Resolved to act, the council speak in vain, No more the driven foes their fortune try, And by debates protract the fall of Spain : But quit their bloody battlements and Ay: Camillus had a foul whose heavenly fire

Despair and horror fill the dismal place, Could compass all things, and to all aspire. And terror fits enthron'd on every face. Jimself alone could with hin felf debate,

Deftrudive fate grows cruel to excess, And mov'd obscurely like the hand of fate. And rages blindly in her blackest dress:

Hard by the towers of Barcelona itands, Matrons and virgins weep with bitter cries, High on the rocks o'crlooking neighb'ring lands, And noisy sorrows pierce the distant skies. frong-built castle, whose extended sway

But cease, mistaken wretches ! cease your moan, Obliges ev'n the city to obey.

Proud of your conqu’ror your conquest own;
Five hundred men the solid ranıparts keep, Your friends vi&orious might tyrannic be,
On rocks beyond imagination steep:

Your foes but conquer you to set you free.
Vhence rolling stones invading foes can chase, No base design diftains a Briton's cause,
Vhen with an aching eye they climb the dreadful But piry guides the sword which justice draws,

With such success was that great day begun, This was the fource whence victories must flow, which not the army but their general won : Elither the British chief resolv'd to go:

While he impatient his great talk to end, Jous'd to fear, and more unus'd to boat,

Which heaven appear'd lo early to befrience Vith temp'raie words he cheer'd his wond'ring Cheers his glad foldiers with divided gain, bolt;

And leads 'em down undreading to the plain


Ranges 'em widely near the city's bound, In search of whom o'erftretch'd idea buro; Resolv'd to force a place they scarce forround. And sense rolls back on darkness capse uncaus'd!

Thus inoves he brightly like fore wand’ring flar, Progressive unbeginner--without end! And scorns the heavy arts of common war : Giver of thought, oh guide it.- Arm a mind, In their own fire his matchless actions blaze ; Tremblingly itruck,-toftem but one thort glimpse, He needs no counsel, and he seeks no praise : One diftant, trau Gent, mumentary flash While other generals tedious projects form, Of thy kcen light and live !-oh, far from dream He thinks and ads, and wins applause by storm; To draw b' Almighty's deigo'd approach toa With furious courage stands and tempts his fare, But heaven till spares the man to bless the state. All that my soul's touch'd lense aspires to tell

With threat’ning look each ready Briton stands, Is, that the dares not view thee, thou who know'i And sharp-edg'd weapons grace their warlike hands; The'muse's conscious rev'rence, aid her forg. Obsequious silence waits the general's nod,

Awfully shrinking from ch' affumer's hand, As ancient Grecians watch'd the Delphian god. That points me to thy place, thy power, thy will, Mean while, each trembling tow'r with horrid Afonish'd at his pride! I Nart-and ily. dread,

O pitier of presumption ! whence aspires Loosen'd its walls and took its batter'd head; Awak'ning dust's brief glance of Nadowy life, The lofty works which should the town desend, To launch its little plummet---into depths The thocks of hoftile thunder widely rend; Profounder than Eternity!-low dare Amidtt these crowds of terror and despair, O'erweening, mole-blind furrowers of dark earth The Britons for a sharp assault prepare;

Engross to their low selves, their Gods whole care? The Spaniards fee and shun the louring fates, Slight nobler orbs, as skirts to this din ball, And widely open their submissive gates.

That day by day rolls round its eyeless bulk, And now the mighty deed is greatly done; To beg light's needful almıs from one kind fun, A king rclicv'd, and kingdoms bravely won. While tracts superior to conception's bound, The warlike chief, with glory fir'd his breast, See suns in millions o'er new worlds pour blaze, Forgot his pleafures and forsook his relt;

Yet reach but confines of new suns, and dic. The Ausrian fix'd--Hc bravely onward bent, Require not these vast works of God, Goči And conquer'd rebel countries as he went:

grace The stubborn Catalans unus'd to bow,

Proportion'd to their valtness ? --- how then dars Gladly submit to firm subjection now.

Cunceit's proud pref'rence of its owo clay'd cote With joyful fhouts their happy monarch greet, O'erleap those azure voids, wherс thought, ani And leave their mountains for the regal seat;

space, That strong-built fort whose state the reft excell'd, And number, and immensity, are lott, And thrice ten thousand Gallic foes repellid, And comprehenfion aches to scale repulse! Afraid to frive, her iron gates unlock'd,

Whence had man's infect arrogance of guess And gladly open'd when Camillus knock’d. Such impotent outstarting, to presume To his successful arms whole nations yield, His momentary nothingness of grasp And frcely give him up an untry'd field.'

Could know, talk, limie, and describe his God! At his bless'd feet the rich Tortosa lay,

Say, bigot boaster of unmanner'd zeal, And matebless conduct gain'd him Lerida. Thou that are impudently fure of heaven! Valencia's kingdom gloriously he won,

And, cov'ring blalphemy behind faith's name, And triumph'd o'er the proftrate Arragon. Sinn'st deepeit where molt fan&ified !---Weigh, But hold, unwary muse! no higher foar ;

pause, He who did this, alas, must do no more!

Think---answer not from custom's light allest, Oh that thy numbers could but reach my aim, Buc ihe try's soul's true test unwarp'd within. How would I celebrate his glorious naine ! Is it in revelation's awful claim How would I paint the battles he has won, That dust Tould dare misplead th' Almighty And all the noble actions he has done!

For insult on his justico? Dare men pass How would I paint him spilling gen'rous blood, For intimates of heaven, who thus degrade And tempting death for his dear country's good Th' all-gladd’ning Lord of all those wid'nies How would I drag his two illuftrious fons,

worlds Proud of their mangled fieih'and shatter'd bones ! Ta one poor partial care of one poor part How would I tune my elevated song,

Of one poar corner of one world's poor clan? And shame the men who do Camillus wrong! Out with this av'rice of fauatic (crape! But since his works through clouds are forc'd That, picching to itself God's nibbled grants to shine,

Hedg'd in th' Eternal's common! Greedily How could I hope success from such as mine? Forestall'd all power of op'ning mystery's gate Let vistue be rewaded if it can,

For its own pick-lock tribe, unkcy'd by heaven. When gratitude forgets fo great a man.

Why, if enlighten'd molt, thould will most dark

Bid these few fav’rite handled spies of græe FREE THOUGHTS UPON FAITH : Conceal from modelt doubt their arts to kow? OR, THE RELIGION OF REASON.

Why, if pofrelsid of some educive clue,

That shows loft diffidence truth's lucid ray, Ou Thou! who'er, whare'er, where'er thou art, Claim they consent implicit? Why subm's fols--or allcciated-conceiveless power:

Belicf to bold assumption ---Taúclefs faith

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