תמונות בעמוד

Tis not that my fancy dips,

Seill unpleas'd but where you are, In the rainbow's red thy lips,

Still untaught what pleases there! Tis not er'n thy lips that please :

Since those breasts--(how soft they rise!) Though the happiest Hybla bees,

Reach no farther than my eyes; Vhen they rob the Anw'ry spring,

Since I count a thousand charms, Never ply'd the busy wing,

None of which my heart disarma: harg'd with honey half so sweet,

Let your ftill-uncounted store As it would be those lips to meet.

Guide my search to find out more, l'is not your neglect of air,

Till the cause I learn to know, Far outcharming others care ;

Pleasing cause! that charms me so. or those locks that fall relign'd, Catch'd and courted by the wind :

Ah! 'tis found delightful truth! hough the drifts of glitt'ring sand,

Sense with beauty, temp'ring youth. Strow'd o'er Afric's yellow strand,

'Tis that peerless foul of thine,

Breaks like day-light into mine ; i'er to charm ambition, rollid Half such tempting veins of gold.

Charg'd with heav'ns etherial flamci

Full of charms without a name! is not to those polith'd rowe,

'Tis thy converse turu'd to move, Twixt whose openings music flows,

Claims respect and forces love. ar I find my offerings due, Vows fo tender and so crue!

EPIGRAM, ough the pearl-producing eart Ne'er did Europe's wonder feast,

On giving the Name of Georgia to e Part of Carolina te of all its toothy store,

Walle rip'ning low the future purpose lay, With such ivory before.

And conscious silence plann'd the op'ning way; s not that declining waist,

Kind o'er the rising scheme an angel hung, Nor that neck so sweetly grac'd ;

And drope this counsel from his guardian tongues * the pantings of that brea!t,

Wish you this way the royal pair inclin'd? Sofe as pity, and as blest!)

To Carolina be a Georgia join'd uld even that breal defy :

Then shall both colonies sure progress make,

Endear'd to either for the other's fake: pugh were Læda's swan but nigh, its down would fail to show,

Georgia shall Carolina's favour move; f fo white and soft a snow.

And Carolina bloom by George's love. en that forehead I behold,

A LETTER Smooch as flatt'ry and as cold!) not its majestic frown

From a departed Spirit to the Author ( Mr. Pope), hrows my heart's defences down :

of a Lady's Character, lately publifoed in a Tburf ugh the filver moon at height,

day's Journal, es less awful through the night, in the meanings of that brow

Stipt to the naked soul, escap'd from clay, t corredion at me now,

From doubts unferter'd, and dissolv'd in day;

Unwarm'd by vanity, unreach'd by strife, not that this azure vein

And all my hopes and fears thrown off with life larks your arm with heav'n's own sain,

Why am I charm'd by friendship’s fond ellaye, le along the white it flows, vell’d with triumph as it goes :

And though unbody'd conscious of thy praise ?

Has pride a portion in the parted soul? not this engaging hand,

Does pallion fill the formless mind controul? is my heart in soft command;

Can gratitude out-pant the silent breath? ugh to hear it touch the lute,

Or a friend's sorrow pierce the glooms of death? is would speak— and birds grow mute.

No—'tis a spirit's nobler taste of bliss! h me, then, mysterious fair,

That feels the worth it left in proofs like this: hat your power to charnı, and where That not its own applause, but thine approves, is flame of my desire,

Whose practice praises, and whole virtuelloves! id not at your eyes catch fire :

Who liv'lt to crown departed friends with fame, ose lips (how sweet they be!)

Then dying late, shall all thou gav'l reclaim. o not thus entangled me; me what my heart could move?

THE CIV, PSALM. a me whence arose my love?

Let my exalced harp be doubly strung! ose ringlets of your hair

High-tune thy praise, my loui! and let thy God d not string this amorous snare;

be sung! at beauteous mouth has fuild,

Sce! how around his throne the conscious rays or those ivory teeth prevaild?

Shoot quiv'ring, with continuous curve, and cremme what refiftless cause,

ble in their blaze!

displays: unknown my fancy daw?

Sce! what coul-haking majesty, effulgeot big

Cloth'd with embodied light, fee! where he From the huge treaf'ry of the bring deep, stands !

Through thousand earth-form'a lab'rinths caught Pointing wide his dread commands !

to slide, As earth's dim flames, o'erwhelm'd by stream In search of springs the fale-stript waters creen ing day,

And trickling thence into sweet rivers glide. Beneath the sun-beams die away;

Smooth-travelling to seek their mazy way, The fun full met, with cover'd face, retires, And devious 'twist th' enamour'd hills, donde Burns inward and rolls back his frighted fires!

delightful fray; Gracious, th' unequal eye of man to skreen! These God appointed thus to low, ezbaute See! where the maker kindly shades the too re

stores of driuk, splendent scene !

Where every beast may quench his thirit, the And like a curtain widely drawn, Spreads out seeks the smiling brink! whole heaven between.

And in the shady groves, which on their boLook! now, amazing! where he glides !

ders rise, Look! where yon gathering host of clouds lie He hous'd the warbling longsters of the kis dreadfully belirides :

The pride-swoln mountains, which ambes And, awful on those felf-rollid chariots rides !

grow, He moves! he walks upon the swift-wing'd And neighb'ring heaven disdain the rate wind!

Nor will to humble brooks refreshment or He steps, from world en world at once, and leaves He waters with th’ ætherial feas or coronet : even thought behind!


Amazing goodness! where's the smallel fpez Myriads of hovering angels crowd the God-grac'd

That does not feel and hoast his grace! fccne to fill!

For cattle's food green flourishes the fonto Angels: fit heralds for th’ Almighty's will!

broider'd mead; Ten thousand firey light'nings sweep his way! Nimble couriers of his sway!

For man's free use is every fruit decreed: And round his temples, hilling (wift, in blue

For him th' inspiring grape was taught to bles mcanders play

Bread-bearing corn makes glad the laboure The firm-fix'd balance of the self pois'd globe, And his rough skin grows fupple, smooth'd ra

toil; To neither bias partial sway'd, (obey'd! Became thus just, at his great word, and lasingly When, at fix'd times, up, rolls the change At his command the covering deep, drew off the

moon, world's wet robe ;

Gud shoots her shadowy gleam through its Gave back, and fillid the channels he had made !

black noop! But peeping o'er the hills reluctant staid;

Rapid as is the ever-wheeling fun, Displeas'd with its new bounds, but more afraid,

He dares not measure heaven one thor Its old to re-invade!

too soon? E'en yet the stubborn-hearted flood, no more

Yet at God's word the flag of day is furl's, High-licens'd as before,

And licens'd darknels rises o'er the world : Disdains to give its proud repinings o'er :

Then does the gloomy foreft quake, Oft, with bold murmurs, it alarnas the shore,

And all th' assembled Lavage kind their bolso And, now and then, with rebel rage breaks out in

then make : general roar!

Leaf-crembling trees in silent horror habe, But when presumptuous billows swell too high,

And panting herds creop terrified away, And sprinkle heaven's eternal eye: While the stern lion, hungry, roars and fai Streight all the thunders of God's voice in loud

broad for preỹ. resentment rise ;

God suffers him the needful prey to take, The starting fivod hears, fhakes, and flies!

And then new-wakes the day: Down sinks the qualh d aspirer from the skies, Out breaks the fuli, and to their' dens the best And bush'd in humble fatness lies !

fly (wift away. Yet if the Sovereign will but nods, black, oceans Almighty Power ! how doft thou thought er quit their bed :

What human search can trace thy masy role Foamy they lasa each other on, with high dif

How wisely, and how vastly, Lord: are all of covering head,

wonders done : And curling climb the steepy hills, and o'er

Not earth alone does with thy wealth abou! drown'd mountains spread;

But all above, and all beneath the sun. Thence callid again, again they rush, confessing God's controul !

The sea's wild herds, as well as those on land

, Again let loose, re-seck their sandy beds, Rough-moulded fons too of thy formal hand,

Tumble for halte o’er one another's heads! All live and niove by thy command. (ing And, I wecping with resistless breadth, o'er delug'd The horrid wonders of that scene fatigue the a kingdoms roll!

There wave-toss'd thips the op'ning depths den Fierce as they are, they're subject to his check! And circly through th' imprifond winds .. They know th' appointed bounds, and watch dif'rent courses ply: th' imperious beck!

There does Leviathan wide-wallowing We;


And while his broad unwieldy sports the scaly | Oh! were his wishes blest, and thy kind ear people fly,

(at the sky. Would once, impartial, his conceptions hear; He, dreadful monster! sucks in seas and spouts 'em Th’important moment might resolves produce,

On thec, obedient, all thy creatures wait; And clothe ideas with fubitantial use.
And, in die feason, all by thee are fed :

Stop there, 0 muse! 'cwere needless more to say,
Thy iingle bounty does their bliss create; And with unwilling fownels glide away :
They gather what thy op'ning hard has Spread; If, mov'd, he calls thee back, regardsul, go;
If thou but hid'st thy face they fali atvay: If not, return ungriev'd; all vain complaint is low,

Thou tak'lt their breach and they decay ;
At once return to unform'u duit and old paternal

Again thcu dost but speak thy potent will,
And life, rekindling, flows within 'em still!
For ever thall thy glorious power endure:

GERMANICUS, for love and empire born,
The pillars of thy majesty stand stedfaly and sure: At once to govern kingdoms, and adorn;
Approach'd by thee, che conscious mountains smoke, Too good for greatness, but that kings can bless;
And earth diffolv'd, flows loose beneath thy ftroke! Too firm for fear, but of his friend's distress.

Forc-temp’ring pow'r, by reason's generous plan,

To talk the monarch, medirates the man.

In a town grove, whence Driad's noile exclude,

And hush loud streets to sylvan folitude, The country! blast it, if it once disdains Veil'd by a verdant skreen’s encircling hade, To prop thy virtues, or reward thy pains : Whose angly fides eight arching lights pervade

e; I there ! prosper, here was only born

Friend to mankind their pensive fav'rite food, That claims my duty : this deferves my scorn. Revolving previous plans of purpos'il good. ) mufe! 'tis mean to stoop to helpleis nioan; Soft to his light a female fuppliant prets'd, lry if no clinie is geniler than thy own:

In all the speaking marks of niis'ry dreis'd; ffer, on distant fhores, a faithful hand;

Down-lookid, relax'd of mien, ofc bending low, n vain, not useless, in thy mother land.

Now flopping short, now re-advancing flow: When fortune fruwas, and care's black harvest Pardon, the cry'd, th' intruding signs of grief springs,

Hope is the friendless wretch's last relief. I change of place, a change of prospect brings: Germanicus, who, when diitress draws nigh, ar off thy reason's force uncu:b'd may reign; Catches quick forrow from the fuff'rer's eye ; But even the prophets preach'd at home in vain. With gentle waf: invites her back’ning fears,

Yct hold; and e'er it quite determind grows, And smiles the warmth of picy on her tears. Let me fome sudden faris of hope disclose : Her, while advancing, heedful he survey'd, c'er, widely wand'ring, led by false difruft, Chance itretch'd his eye to the remoter thade; From my wing'd feet i Make thcir native duft. Where, dimly obvious, from the bord’ring wood, Perhaps my doubt clouds fume domestic ray, Dark’ning the arches, eight new phantoms stooda And hides a profpeet bordering on my way: All like the first, thin forms of shiv'ring woe, hough men of uitle scem excmpe from thought, Wept all--in dumb, sad, folemn, circi'y show. Ind pride's alliance is but vainly fought;

Think, cry'd th'approacher, proftrate at his fect, hough truth, oft try'd, this known advice im

How sharp is insult, and relief how sweet : parts,

Piry a wretched alterhood of tears, hat noble blood may warm ignoble hearts : Nine friendless mourners, whom no comfort cheers. lid in a cloud of pomp which hems the throne, All arts were ours, that polifli'd life could gain ; There may be greatness, to my hopes unknown; But ares, and polith'd liti, were ours in vain. low'er unfought, howe'er unseen by me, See what reward with'u knowledge could impart, here may fonie loul-diftinguith'd nature be: Where fool is fashion, ignorance is art. ome gen'rony brcast, whose mind, divinely warm, Urg'd hy derision, and escaping ha:e, tas taught him husty lincourted favours charin. We sad, flow exiles, teek sonic gentler fate.

If such there be, lo rich, so ilrong a mind, To the bleak north's new-rising coasts we go, and thou, bleit muse, shall bis brighi botom find, Less cold than these, amidst eternal snow. Whisper, in gentle potes, thy matter's pray's, Glury's gay beanis, to whose felt warmth we run, and in fost accents this fand truth declare:

More than fupply the absence of their fun. There lives, o brightest gem

of honour's crown,

There mourning merit cannot miss relief, hou angel-acted theme of just renown! Where watchful pow'r tupplants prevented grief. "here lives, who, skill'd in fortite's wanton sports, Fam'd for munificence, thy princely hand lopes, with such faintness, for regard from courts, Singly absolves an unbelowing land. tas, though not blind to worth, which all men Ah! save the friendless-help the wrong'd away; fee,

Too poor to go, yet too unlov'd to stay. le sends me, half despairing, even to thee. Pay but wilh'd paffage from this cruel shore, Ho gain-polluted ain inspires his views;

And never, ever will we truit it more. le fucks not cifice, nor reward pursues : [sign, Scarce had th’impluring accents voic'd her lore nobly fir'd, his thoughes high schemes de

pray'r, o fresch goninion, and make empire lbins, When she knotya (junds and recolledled air

Through the false femblance, natively convey'd There heroes multiply; and labouring fame To the charm’d prince, a speaking muse betray'd. Grows busy---to record each sparkling name. Round, while uncrediting the storied woe,

She ceased---the prince, his patriot eyes with. His curious eyes discov'ring glances throw.


(trot; Th' examin'd umbrage, as he turn'd, reveal'd Weigh'd the long charge, and wilh'd it half de Each muse that ev'ry distant arch conceal'd. sigh'd at the walte domestic difcord made, Waiting impatient for the finish'd tale,

And mourn'd unfriended arts by foleen betray'd : Quit your vain hope, he cry'd, by want's thin veil | Then view'd the filters, re-prepar'd to hear, Unhid, to 'scape the rev'rence of my zeal, While Erato, soft fighing, charmed his ear. Who all your power through all your changes feel. Lurd, said thic am'rous mufe, from realize

Joyful he snatch'd th' implorer from the ground, above, Then, turning graceful, bow'd progressive round; Pleas'd I descended on this land of love : Press'd their joint access, undisguis'd and gay, Look'd and approv'd; and form'd aèrial schema And shone receptive of each cffluent ray.

Of heart-felt ties, and hope's elusive dreams; Seated and circled by the beamy train, Vainly propos'd-each sex by each to mend, Their shapes resuming, and themselves again; And smooth the rugged paths of life with fried Tell me, faid he, ye soul inspiring nine !

Snatch'd at one sweet exarople new to fame, Ye living fires that give the great to thine, Urg'd its dear pow'r th’unhappier to reclaim. Who, quick'ning regal courage into flame, Misguided millions hail'd th’acknowledg'd charm, Guide it, by justice, to immortal fame.

And lov'd perfection when it bless'd thy arms. Why would ye leave a land distinguish'd long But ah! too lost at length themselves were goet; For love of valour, and for hate of wrong; They worshipp'd and confess'd---but still can'das. Where freedom unrestrain'd her empire holds, Yet I, vain hoper, still new helps apply; And legal monarchy new bloom unfolds ?

And, ever failing, would for ever try. He paus'd—and Clio answering, thus began: To lighted beauty would new powers impart, Perish pale malice :-- It oblie'rates man.

And stretch the aided empire of the heart. Where envy blasts, the muse inspires in vain; Teach man that woman's ftrength in softness lis; No human culture there extends its reign.

Teach woman why the modest charm the wie. Lost in malignity by civil hate,

Useless to either I from both remove; Virtues that clash with virtues, curse a state. Money's th' inspiring muse of modith love: Stified in faction, arts unfriended fink,

O'er truth and passion avarice prevails, Or pigmy'd into partial Aatt'ry shrick.

All vows are venal, and all lighs are sales. Hist'ry must blush the wiles of spleen to pen, Int'rest and vanity, and self, difarm And grace the bloodless broils of angry men. Mutual esteem, till neither sex can charm:

Smother'd in self there breathes no public soul, The blank uinat'ral whims pervert delic, Where sep'rate strugglings general strength con Attraction failing they exchange attire. troul;

Then man's lac'd lightness apes the lady's air; There policy's old gen'rous straitness bends ; And bluff big boldness masculates the fair. And thifting medium crawls to fidelong ends : With changing sexes, love's loft notives change, There fraud triumphant, tempts the just to fall; From with to wish, the short-liv'd paflions rangi And every one man's gain is loss to all :

Recorded constancy becomes romance, There love internal, checking fighs that roam, And, among millions, two may love--by ches.co Begins and ends all charity-at home.

Why should I then supporting present score, Each pray's appropriates one man's modest aim, Stretch my too patient hope to times unborn! And humbly trufts to God, the common claim. When to the north, where nature shines unfai: Crush'd by contempt of praise exertion dies, Confiding lexes love with faith unfeigo'd, And public fpirit, laugh’d at, suns to rise. Their native beauties, in no clime excell'd,

Thither when hope misleads th' historic mule, To rising force by conscious worth impelled; Swift let her seek some scene of nobler views ; While through the sparkling eye caught fpicis Where guileless pow'r no praise to craft afcribes,

breaks, Where courage scorns deceit and duty--bribes; And the felt luftre of their fame partakes. Where nervous meaning dares directly speak, The lover prince unwillingly believ'd, And crooked windings ecach no truth to sneak. Faults which his nobler nature scarce conceir’d;

?Tis sound --for fec---the icy pole dissolves; Touch'd for the honour of the human beart, Honour's new warmth with funny force involves. His own glow'd painful with ideal (mart: There glows event, there more than Roman arms When loftier accents from Urania broke, Clash their prophetic thunder's fear'd alarms : And soatch'd his listning soul, while science spekta There the puls'd public beats in ev'ry vein; From heav'n's unfounded depth,' the cry'd, 1 file Strong to one purpose, lifts with equal train. Angelic fire, and form'd a Newton's foul; No vile pretenfiou there at titles anos;

Taught him the secret walks of God to tread, No pride.swolo lumber lazy lordship shames : And 'twixt the starry worlds his fpirit led. There shines the sword in honour's guarded track; | All æther op'ning to a mortal's eyes, No knighthood blushes on a miser's back; Till earth fent colonies, and held the kies. No bought emblaz’nings eminence efface; What king for this magnificently jutt, No dirty dignity fublimes disgrace:

Bless’d him in life, or dignided his duật

That voted honours mark elie aspirer's race ? Pardon a mourning muse that leaves with tears, wac :binking Statues emulate his face?

The land chat lov'd Germanicus endears; He who inmortaliz'd his country's name, But ah, what toils! what anguish shalt thou bear! Beyond ten thoutaud conqu’rors bounded fame, What endles, labour muit o'erload thy care! Hi, who to lift mankind, new heav'ns display'd, Ere thy last views a taste like thine inspire, And every human breacher nobler made;

And sparkling kingdoms catch thy manly fire ! Did he to public fame all nature raise ?

Near operas fribling fogues what nuse can stay, And is he poorly left to private praise ?

Where wordless warblings winnow thought away; si such a land, ah! vhat can arts expect, Music when purpose points her not the road, Hi hat claim has hopeless fcietice, but neglect. Charms to betray, and softens to corrode :

O fate of wine'ry worth, by climate cross’da! Empty of fenfe, the foul-feducing art sudding ustimely to be nip'd in frott!

Thrills a llow poison'to the sick'ning heart : cwton has multiplied the suns !--yet pours Soft links idea difTolutc in eafe, n vain the light of all their orb, on ours, And all life's feeble lesion is to please. hen will the incurious courts for which he found Spirit, and taste, and generous toil, take flight, lew worlds, find will to trace an old one round? And lazy love, and indolent delight, Phat promis'd pension fhijis th' unshaken soul, And low luxurious wearincfs of pain, o dare discov'ry and ungloom the pole?

Lull the lost inind,--and all its powers are vain. hat coafting keel indenting fouthern strands, Hence to the realms of fame ye mufes fly, arts the long shores of cloud-benighted lands? T'here to the drum’s big beat the heart leaps o annual bounty perfevering kind,

high ; raws the dark veil that covers half mankind, There fighing flutes but temp’ring martial heat, 'hat regal influ'nce easing learning's birth, Teach distant piry and revenge to meet; ow adds new fars to heav'n, or arts to carth? The manly pipe there fcorns th' cxpanded fakes, ho fows munificence to root up Noth,

That wind wav'd nothings, till attention akęs ; nd call forth harvefts of eternal growth? There now concurring keys and chords increase, Hail to the land where war makes science room ! The heart's soft social ties, and cherish peace ; here realms from defarts rise, and ruins bloom! | Then trumpets answ'ring trumpets fhrill and far, here conquest spreading to embrace distress, Swell to the founding wind ch'inspiring war; to loose anıbition, not to walle, but bless : There the rous'd foul in exercise grows strong,

ere pow's inverts destruction into birch, Nor pools to puddly foulness stopp'd too long : od the prolific sword en peoples earth!

Strength’ning and itrengthned by the poet's fire, Tere Jesolation, fruitful in decay,

There music's mearling voice exal's desire ; ces into opulence, and strengthens sway. There harmony not drowns but quickens thought, mere ports (unnative) indrawn seas confine, And Tools unfccling words by potes are caught. ad climbing streams o'er channel'd mountains Soft figh’d the prince, for suff'ring music paindy Dine;

And Polyhymnia rising warm complain'd : cre public splendor swallows private pride, Deign to be told impartial, gen'rous, wise, id claims which all nen share in all men guide; | Why fruitless cloquence indigoane flies; ipse art rewarded trains excited skill,

Gall'd at lost time in cases vainly clear d, II dazzling wonders wid’ning empire fill : At truths untouching, and at sounds unhcard; ne fierce free Tartar, fees the Tartar taught, Blushing, while oratory's lab'ring strains ins at advancing rule, and pants for thought; On pre decision waite derided pains; in in long link, new na:ions forward draw, And flourish'd periods to no purpose fine, d the drain'd wilds of nature crowd to law. Like funs in defarts, without notice thine; il promis'd land !--All now that seenis severe, Hating grave insult, I disdain to stay, that redioving hence we leave you here. Where talk but trifles, and where tropes but play: Urania fupp'd and bow'd.-- The prince whose It serious rhet'ric fweats where sneering mutes heart

Haft’ning the hurried question, crop Jilputes ; y confefs'd the pow'r of cherish'd art,

If law felis argument, yet forms mult reigo, hly approving praise fo justly warm,

And custom pleading, equity is vain; wild conscious of his inborn right to charm. If the dark pulpit's short mysterious art, Next rose Terpsichore, ---melodivus muse! Lifts faith to heav'n, and damns the mural heart; Et her first accents like defcending dews; Bear me, dishonour'd God! to some plain state, Feet, and slow swelli till in livelier found, Where truth, in spite of aye and no, is weight; y to the ravıfh'd ear quick transports bound, Where pleas of right a reas'ning bench persuade, end to the tuneful voice each trembling tree And justice fcorns in precedent to trade; ain'd its togg'd roots, and labour'd to be free : Where no bold blafphemy would faith enslave, am'd through the wak'ning stone the sculptur'd But humble, honett, doubting works, can save.

Euterpe, watchful of her sister's close, cvery Itarting ftatue seem'd to hear;

Snatch'd her funk cadence, and impatient rose: catch'd, and length'ning back the mazy notes, Pleasure, the cry'd, is mine, mine the gay skill, rls, while the undulating music floats,

To paint the fancy, and adorn the will. oh Hiltning to inhale harmonious pain,

But where dry avarice has taste betray'd, -hid it in tcfi vabratio buck agaidd.

Pleasure is robbery in masquerade ; Voi. Vith


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