תמונות בעמוד

Live now confefs’d, from this propitious hour,
Imperial partner of divided pow'r. (pride,

Grateful, the chief bow'd low, unmou'd with 17 you too frequently provoke your God,
And to the gen'rous offer thus reply'd :

That God, who merciful, forgives you fill, You tempt me with a pow'r I would not lose, You must expect at last to feel his rod; Had I my queen's consent that pow'r to use. His rod, the firtest scourge of head-strong will. She bid me rule the feas to my last breath, But gave me no commiffion after death.

But I, long vers’d in women's winding ways,

Unmov'd with patient phlegm their follies sec; THE FRENCH PROPHETS.

And, like men tir'd with dirty wine'ry days, [he.

Would with 'twere spring, but know it cannot Propgecy, no-'tis luxury of soul! No cataracts down religion's rivers roll! (clear, No longer then in spite of nature pine; Jer streams, though deep, are ever smooth and

Those tiny eyes can spare no room for tears ; And from their bottoms all things plain appear,

Your wand'ring dove has snatch'd the first glad In superstition's sea these vessels ride,

fign, Coul with the dathings of her muddy ride.

And with the peaceful olive-branch appears. Vhat marks, what cukens, can they boast from For should your tuneful clack be stricken dumb, heav'o ?

More wonders would arise than you have shown; nowledge is still with inspiration giv'n!

Not Celia only ftatue would become, While these the duky paths of ignorance tread, But all th' astonish'd cown would turn to tone. ind impudently prophecy for bread! Vith counterfeited fhocks of soul they (well,

TO MIRANDA, AFTER MARRIAGE; und in forc'd sweats, convulsive falsehoods tell.

with Mr. Locx's TREATISE ON EDUCATIOX. o heights like this religion would not fly; v'n zeal grows madness, when 'tis screw'd coo SINCE every day with new delight I fec high.

These lively litele images of thee, Now law, methinks, most wholesomely severe,

I would their tender minds to virtue bow, Tight truth's fair garden from this rubbith clear ;

And have 'em never less belov'd chan now. ''hich long despis'd, may frike too vig'rous root,

Take then, thou gentle partner of my care, ind into groves of godly error shoot !

A glass, to show thee what these infants are : ['were easy, now, to sweep loose weeds

By this just light direct their opening way,

away, Which may destroy the flow'rs by short delay.

Left road-met folly lead their steps astray : [owe, So, in the bottom of some goodly plain,

First, teach 'em what to heav'n's high thrope they lows a small rill, increas'd by casual rain ;

Then--whence on earth the wise man's comforts Jear which, with careful steps, and

founding hands, Teach 'em, while fortune smiles to use her right,

flow : ome cautious clown with needless terror stands; oth to attempt a nimble passage o'er,

And nobly scorn her when the takes her flight. Vhile fill the swelling stream increases more ;

The rare-found charms of friendship let 'em know, ill faint essays protracting time in vain,

And learn, that love's soft dress is lind with woe. he rising river drowns the cover'd plain.

Form with progreflive care che wid'ning mind, hen Itaggʻring with affright he gazes round,

And, growing, bid 'em leave the world behind : nd forc'd to pass at last mistakes his ground :

Till having learn'd whate'er becomes the free, Fill deeply wading toward the wide miss'd shore,

You lastly tcach 'em, how to charm like thee, he current sweeps him, and he's seco no more.


INCE God, whom we continually offend, Ripe in virtue, green ip years,
Is ftill fo merciful, that he forgives,

Here a matchless maid lies low : lan sure a pitying ear may juftly lend,

None could read, and apare their tears, When woman penitent in sorrow lives.

Did they but her (weetacfs koow. he mournful dove, when abfent from her mate,

Humbly wise, and meekly good, Sits brooding melancholy all alone;

No carthly lover's arms the bleft; Enes and bemoans her separated face,

But full of grace, her Saviour wood,

And hides her blushes in his breast. And all the groves can ne'er the loss aconc. - I, depriv'd of all I hold most dear,

AUGUSTA'S COMPLAINT TO HER My much-mourn'd lover, and my tend'rest friend,

THAMES. car reason whisper in my conscious ear,

Near the soft solitudes of Hampton's plain, That only your bleft light my grief can end.

Where the moist banks perpetual spring maintain; re, if I see you not helore I feep,

The gentle Thame : has form’d a deep'ning bay, A second Niobe I hall become;

Where sportful streams in wanton whirlpools play. y then, Amintor, give my woe relief;

In this feet plac the clouds no terrors wear ; Rather than vex you, I'll be always dumb, Here no bold tempeits discompole the air ;

No rufiling billows here assault the fore, The pilot radiance pointing out the source,
Nor wint’ry floods with swell’d ambition roar ; Whence public wealth derives its vital course;
But all, ferene and calm, is form'd to please, Each timely draught some healing pow'r .
And the smooth stream reflects the bord'ring Mown,

Ere general gangreen blacken'd to the bone. Hither no winds, but zephyrous breaths repair, But fest'ring now, beyond all sense of pain, Soft as the sighs of love-lick virgins are!

'Tis hopeless, and the helper's hand is vain. Here safety reigns, and on the filent brink,

Sweet Pamela! forever blooming maid! Cud.chewing cattle watch their fleeting drink : Thou dear enliv’ning (yet immortal) thade! While fishes, conscious of no foes to shun, Why are thy virtues scatter'd to the wind! Turn up their scaly noses to the sun. (bred, Why are thy beauties flash'd upon the blind?

Here, fick with grief, which Anna's absence What though thy flutt'ring sex might learn is Augufta's genius hid her mournful head;

thee, And, with low accents, speaking inward pains, That merit forms a rank above degree? Thus to the gliding river the complains :

That pride, too conscious, falls from ev'ry din When gentle Arcam to fhun the briny tide, While humble sweetness climbs beyond its aa Anon thy sea-met waves shall backward glide; What though religion, smiling from thy crea Then, gentle stream be kind, one moment stay, Shows her plain pow'r, and charms withoes And, on thy surface, bear my lighs away;

guise ? Tell the great mistress of this happy ille,

What though thy warmly-pleasing moral (ches: Augusta, stripe of joy, forgets to smile. [ftate, Gives livelier rapture than the loose can dream What though yon tow'sing spires have ris’n in What though thou build't by thy perfuafive The city's genius feels an humbler face.

Maid, child, friend, mistress, mother, ocigles, Shou'd art and nature toil to make me fair,

wife? Cou'd I taste glory, and my queen not there? Though taste like thine each void of time can E. But, oh! too fondly I to thee complain ;

Unsunk by spleen, unquicken'd by quadrille? Thou know'ft, unkindly know'lt, 'tis all in vain! What though 'tis thine, to bless the lengther. Thy streams their eye-bewitching pleasures join,

hour, To raise thy Windsor's state to ruin mine! Give permanence to joy, and use to pow'r? Windsor has other boasts, but help'd by thee, Lend late-felt blushes to the vain and smart, Grows proudly charming and out-rivals me. And squeeze cramp'd pity from the miser's her? But turn sweet current ! bid thy waters stray, What though 'tis thine, to hush the marre And guide their mazy bends some other way.

breeze, Strip the gay cottage of its boastful pride, Teach liberty to tire, and chains to please? Nor longer through th' imperious prospect glide. Thine though from stiffness to divel restraint, So to thy care this glory shall remain,

And to the charmer reconcile the faint. T' have given Augusta back her queen again. Though (miles and tears obey thy moving for

Grave Thamelis thrice shook his dripping head, And passion's ruffled empire waits thy will. And slowly rising from his oozy bed, (ran, | Though thine the fancy'd fields of flow'ry mi While the hush'd stream with awful smoothness Thine art's whole pow's in nature's lanza He to the mournful genius thus began :

writ. Yon queen of cities ought to learn content; Thine to convey strong thought with models Her gratitude shou'd these complaints prevent. And, copying converse, tcach its style to pleak: Have I not rais'd her to an envy'd state? Though thine cach virtue that a God could be. Is the not rich, licentious, pow'rful, great ? Thinc every help that every heart can mend: And would she thus make every bliss her own? 'Tis thine in vain, thou wak'tt a dying land, And must our Anna live for her alone.

And lift'st departed hope with fruitless hand. Do not yon fun-beams with unwearied race, Death bas no cure-thou haft miltim'd this air Whelm their enliv’ning light from place to place ? Rome had her Goths-and all beyond was bar Why, then, must Britain's glory cease to move, And bless her world with her divided love?

ON CORINNA'S FIRST ATTEMPT IN Go, go, retire! your tears with pain I see,

And this compiaint renew'd shall dang'rous be!
He said, and gliding from her presence went,

With eyes unbrib'd, by your enchanting view, And fad Augufta Itrove, but could not be content.

I trac'd impartial your foft numbers through
Your loose-dress’d fancy in each sparkling lise

, TO THE UNKNOWN AUTHOR Gilds the gay current of your deep deligo.

Your poem, Rrongly fine, and fostly bold, Of the beautiful new Piece, called Pamela.

Is filkworm's labour spun with threads of gold. BLEST be thy pow'rful pen, whoe'er thou art, Go on, bright maid! nor doubt the world's 1 Thou skill'd great moulder of the master'd heart ! plause; Where haft thou lain conceald ? or why thought Wit arm'd with locks, like yours the critic awes At this dire period to unveil thy wit? [lit, Though years may knit and lengthen your face. 0: late befriended ifie! had this broad blaze, Think not your youth will your due praile c; With carlier beamings blefs'd our fathers dags,

preis :


Ev'n the broad fun, when first his glories rise, Now swelling winds deficient fails to fill; With struggling tincture, streaks the eattern Now soft'ning tempests with reductive skill, skies;

Now with wide blellings looks she through the isle, But soon, through heav'n's enlighten'd orbs, the And calls forth harvests with a fruitful smile. conquering luftre flies.

Then t'wards Augutta's spires the loves to lean,

And guide ftray'd comforts to Augufta's queen. THE VALENTINE,

But, whether tir'd with her loog line of care, Why, be it fo! it matters not what name

Or lullid to rest by the unacted air, i'on river bears, since still it flows the same.

A rising languor o'er her senses creeps, Vhate'er I call you, this l'un sure I feel,

And in a fatal hour the guardian sleeps. lo name can speak of you with half my żeal.

Now was the time! the prompted Gallic foc i vain, love's meaning, this or that we call,

Callid out to strike a chance-invited blow, "he comprehensive lover takes in all!

With shameful odds, in strength advanc'd to meets et since to custom's bent we all incline,

Th' unfearing convoys of a British fieet! ou fhall, to please you, be my valentine.

With deadly shock th' unequal squadrons join, nd since my charming trifcr alks a gift,

And death-wing'd fires fly swift from either line. he mystic value of this present Gft.

In jetty pomp black terrors force their way, ccept these gloves, and if they worthless feem,

And fulph'rvus (moke puts out the eye of day. earn, thus, what pleas they bring for your e

Just in the thunder of the growing fight, steem.

The waking genius started at the fight! heir spotless white preferr'd their choice to me,

In fad furprise sie rolls her sparkling eyes, s the best emblem of your chastity.

Springs from her couch, and to the ocean flies! heir smoothness may almoft the honour win,

Arriv'd, incumbent on the ruffled air, o represent the velvet of your skin. (find,

She sees rude globes the floating forest tear : "heir supp!eness, which join'd with strength, you

Her sons o'ermatch'd, like men untaught to yield, the just fabric of your well mix'd mind.

Scud, unresolv'd, about the watry field: he kid, that wore 'em, had fome faint pretence,

The spacious seas with scatter'd vessels charg'd, 'o be the type of your sweet innocence.

To double length the breaking line enlarg'd. low then can I a ficter present choose?

Averse to Ay, nor deaf to safety's call, Is you these emblematic gloves refuse.

They hang, like scart'ring clouds, about to fall. Ine Itronger reason, too, my fear has found;

But while the foe, encourag'd at his view,
Vomen, they say, oft flight the breast they wound. Presling triumphant on, would dare pursue;
And when dark absence shades us from their view, Again united they the fight restore,
They look not after us, but feek out new.

Again dart vengeance fiercer than before :
Po ibun chis fate these gloves your lover sende,

Again the big-mouth'd cannon rends the sky, Chat you may have him at your fingers ends.

And the unconquer'd fuff'rers ruth to die.

Thus, while the hunted panther fpent with fightge THE REVENGE.

Looks round distrest, and meditates a flight;

If then prevented, he with sudden roar lige on the summit of a craggy rock,

Turns back, and dyes the field with hostile gore ; Whofe harden'd lides refill the billows shock;

Disdaining lise upon the fpears he flies, Whose cliffy brow, mens eyes with horror view,

And heap'd on piles of victims proudly dies. D'erlooking, proudly, land and ocean too :

All this the trembling nymph with grief beheld; Chere stands a roomy cave by nature made,

At length her care the victor's force repellid; roknit, in just embraces, light and shade :

Then wastes no time the ruin'd to deplore, ts spacious mouth the fun's up-rising greets,

But guides the rich remainder safe to shore : Admits his lustre, but repels his heats!

Thence to the cave with threat'ning transport flew, No glaring gold on this rough portal shines,

Revolving what her hop'd revenge should do! But creeping ivy round its entrance twines.

There, while de press'd with melancholy thought, Wall-flow'rs, wild thyme, and juniper grow there,

Her working fancy diff'rent projects taught, And with their odorous influence feed the air,

From heav'n's bright orb a youth divinely fair, Surrounding groves, at distance, graceful rife,

With wings extended, cleav'd th' enlighten'd air ; Shades for the little songsters of the skies.

Juft at the mourning charmer's feet he stay'd, And near the cave, a torrent gushing o'er,

Look'd lovely on her, bow'd him low, and said: Dashes the sea beneath with tributary roar.

Mourn not this little lofs, nor blame thy fate; Stretch'd on a bed of freth-blown roses here,

Decreed revenge shall on thy wishes wait : Serene the region, and the prospect clear,

Look up, bright maid! read Ramilies writ there, Rests, when grown weary by her summer toil, The wakeful genius of our happy ille.

And pay thyself large int'rest for this care!

He said : and frait his wings their plumes advance, Hence, her unbounded fight can trace the shore,

And bear him glitt'ring through the wild expanfe; And look high-pofted the proud ocean o'er.

The ravish'd nymph beholds his starry flight, And hence, while hostile winds grow hoarse in | And fill'd with promis'd glory blest the fight. vain,

[main. Guide fase her wide-watch'd Britons 'cross the

JOSTLING IN SNOWY WEATHER. 'Twas here of late, on an ill-fated day,

ForGive me, Chloris ! nor my rudeness blame ; The awful nymph, o'ercharg'd with buliness, lay; ! Strange as it is, this frost has bred a flame:

Driv'n from your breast, I glow with new desire; / 'Tis prodigy! 'eis out of nature's road; And melt like ftraggling snow that falls on fire. 'Tis scorn of prudence, and offence to moie. Had you been black you might have funn'd this Shake, Dunkirk! and retract thy bold enter blow;

Doom'd co due duft, stands each proud batter For diff'rent colours would each other show; Swell high, propitious surge, hide Tournay'star But, oh! you're fair, and cold, and soft, and every And walh off insult, from our cow'rd campare way like snow.

Look up, ye sea-driv'oghosts! whom pleas'd 1:1

Saw sink in fruitless fight, forgot tos soon! LIBERIA WATCH'D AT MIDNIGHT. O'er the sale wave triumphant thunders bear,

Hail the wish'd vengeance that at lalt draw us As from a window in the wane of night, With starry views I feasted wand'ring fight,

While France starts wide, and wonders steri

came, I saw Liberia watch the rising day, Whose lustre was to light her friend away!

Pale to her trembling geaius point a Graham

Tell her, 'tis his to feel his country's fire, That friend whose kindred pasion serv'd to prove

Hold her palt fane in view to urge it higher, The promis'd ardous of her brother's love! That brother's love, which though it meets regard, To pour atonement o'er the pride of Gaul;

Tell her, rewaking glory waits bis call, Remains uncrown'd with the yet-hop'd reward!

Reclaim asserted ocean's question'd (way, As in some overcast and dismal day, We start to see the sun at once break way;

And teach the doubtful nations to obey.

Say, pitying Heav'n, that sav'it a bluod'ring So, at that hour, to see such charms advance,

Whom halt thou late inspir'd to lend us wat When ghosts are said to rise, and fairies dance ! With more than usual pleasure fill'd my sight,

Blow, ye broad winds, expand his op'ning liga And mix’d some wonder with much more delight! Tell us, whence rose he? Do his country ra

Born on thy bleaks, Albania! nurse of kiss While arm in arm they trac'd the garden walk, The love-hush'd air hung lil'ning to their talk,

From gen'rous flock this gen'rous scian (pring The dancing breeze which had till then been gay, Prop of a crown when three lof kingdoms to

Son of chy sou), Montrose! There, known, tos re At their appearance figh'd and dy'd away. As they drew near the moon more trongly shone, in every wreathe but death's transcend thy L,

Far be the omen from thy filial fire, 'To view their brightness, not to boast her own. A gen'ral stillness seeni'd to soothe their cares,

Far from thy great forefather's suff'rings res

For more than all his virtues lov'd and praia And nature's face grew sad, to suit with theirs : Shrill-barking Mopsy (mother'd her own joys,

Down through tinie's ride transmit his lengas;

fame : Fearing to drown her miftress' charming voice:

O born above his fate to lift his name. Liberia spoke, but seem'd to speak in vain,

Oh, Mallet this was he-sweet heav'o-fa' As if unable to describe her pain ! When grief is true, no words its force can paint;

Thy friend congratulates thy conscious jos: A silent forrow far outspeaks complaint !

Pride of thy care, thou led'll his earlielt fuck A thousand leaves the deftin'd filters took ;

To court plain glory, white as robeless trud,

To scorn dark lists, which men distinctio a A thousaud unspoke meanings fill'd each look:

And climb, self.fincwd-or pot rise at all. Oft they gaz'd upward to the dawning sky, And curs d th' expected hour for drawing nigh:

Courage by nature his—thou taught himz

And innate warmth with polith'd brightnehm If now, thought I, some gentle zephyr blew,

Breath'd o'er his lift’ning heart reflection's bras Thus should it whisper as it round her flew : Think, fince your pitying foul does absence hate, Thine, half the triumphs of his rising fams

Gave hin desire to know, with pow's to plex Absence from you must sharper pangs create ! Think, if to lose the filter gives you woes;

And Bricain's future flag fall bless thy name. What loling you the brother undergoes!

IN A BLANK LEAF OF A BOOX Who every night from your lov'd presence sent,

Doçs long repeated absences lament !
And if this parting does yourself displease,

Go, happy book,
Be caught by sympathy to give him ease. Who, void of life, art from life's cares fo free,

Thou canst before my lovely charmer lie, TO LORD GEORGE GRAHAM; Unscorch'd by all the lightnings of her eye: On bis Adion near Ofend, on tbe 246b of June 17450 Tasteless of pleasure, and secure from pain

'Midtt her inspiring touch thou canst remain, 'Twas finely tinid: third Edward's brightest days while abseni beauty breaks thy author's rek, Had from such captains claim'd increase of praise, And hope and fear by turns diftract his breale But now, 'tis tenfold greatnefs thus to rise, My angel mistress muft henceforth be thine, Where sense of vi&'ry, lost in purse-craft lies ! And I devore thy offerings to her brine: Where war but pilfers, and buc bags contest; On varied themes divert her wand'ring ere, And public honour is the public jeft.

As o'er thy honour'd leaves her glances dy: At such a time, to dare the sneerer’s joke; But when her thoughts on softer fubje&s ronen To ruth on danger when but foes provoke; And lead her where thy pages talk of love; Unbrib’d by profit's impulse, fight for bays, Ob! then, so mindful of thy author be, And court no premium but his country's praise, To bid her in a whisper think on me,


In place of fies, grave swans of snow-like hue, THE PROGRESS OF WIT ;

Sweetly majestic in flow circles flew;

But though these ifles the distant prospect cheer'd, A CAVEAT.

No bay, no port, no landing-place appear'd; "ONEFUL Alexis, on the Thames' fair fide, Kind birds alone gave entrance o'er the mound, The ladies play-ching and the muses pride;

Nor from the stream below was inlet found. Vith merit popular, with wit polite,

Then fancy thus-Fame's future regions these, asy though vain; and elegant though light:

Where nothing surfeits, yet where allthings plcase; Jeliring, and deserving others praise,

Here memory stands fix'd while time runs on, oorly accepts a fame he ne'er repays;

And worth blooms fresh when life itself is gone; mborn to cherish, sneakingly approves,

Danger keeps distance, soften'd spleen grows kind, nd wants the soul to spread the worth he loves. Ambition temperate, and love refin'd: his to the juniors of his tribe gave pain, Nor pride nor jealousy can here annoy, ir mean minds praise but to be prais'd again; Nothing is ecstasy, though all is joy : enceforth renouncing an ungracious Baal,

Peace without languor, labour void of pain, s altars smoke not, and their off'rings fail : Glory unenvied, and unslander'd gain. e heat his scorn had rais'd, his pride inflam'd; Though diff'ring thus the streams unsocial lides, ll what they worship'd first they next defam'd; Yet poe broad gulf absorb'd the double tides; pos'd at length, froni Pindus' top he roll'd, From birth devolving, death's blind sea below, hile insect witlings pleas’d, his fall behold,

Boundless, and formless, snatch'd the mingled flow; id each cold-croaking Heliconian frog

Both rounding oceans backward seem'd to tend, aps (cornful, and bett rides th' anreigning log. And vast beneath their sable surges blend : Far-fall’n Alexis, who so ill aspir'd,

But far more frightful this !-whose dark prok of successiess war, from wounds retir'd,

found, here, while in sleep, his sorrows ebb’d away, A depth eternal! life wants line to sound : d hush'd in darkness, indignation lay ;

Unbottom'd fade rollid loose, o'er swallowed icy, fair mistress of the poet's mind,

lightever changing, yet for ever kind;

Fancy grew giddy, nor sustain'd the fight : to'er his dreams her formful radiance shed, But starting into fear, transpos'd remark, d his rapt foul through heav'n's thin purlieus And fought the source less dreadful, though as dark.

Thick on the rising stream's emitted tide, ited beside the far-invading dame, [flame. Millions of shapeless bodies seem'd to glide ; nose feeds, wind-footed, paw'd the lanıbent Whose breathing bulks to life and motion blown, gh as a widow'd lover's grief can climb,

Shot into human formis completely grown; ir air-built chariot rose, and hung fublime. Mix'd rank and sex sprung through the liquid jet, Unveiling, thence, the world's bleak waftes be But pouring outward, clear distindion met; low,

Sonie wading naked, trode the Nipp'ry plain, ey saw the fream of life beneath 'em flow; Some cut the fluent wave-some tir'd with pain, n from the fable sea of birth it rose,

Failing to float, or wade, neglected fell, a fow, filent, sullen, dread repose :

And funk unsnatch'd at in the troubled swell : ; round th' emerging Source that glimmer'd To others, rising happier and serene, pale,

Fortune, dark bustling pow'r, obscurely seen, puntains of midnight darkness rollid a veil : Reach:d with blind bounty, and with hasty hand, t, as the evolving surge swell'd into day, Thin boats--and buoy'd'em o'er the shining sand: ick’ning it movid, and roar'd, and rush'd away. Of diff'rent fo:ni these boats---a single oar Broad on the left from low oblivion's fhore, Distinguish'd some---some wing'd their sides with icksands and rocks reach'd half the current o'er: cid, like truth, the treach'rous water shonc, Others, with oars and fails conjoin'd, made way, d o'er gay gilded shoals ran tuneful on ; And mow'd the murm’ring surge with swcepy obles of gem-like hue, with painted pride,

sway : owd through the wave, and burnt amid the tide; While some now pole-men, o'er their toil reclin'd, antonly kind, the sun's enliv'ning beams Push'd their check'd barks, and lab'ring, lagg'd wer'd in light spangles on the dancing streams,

behind. mile infect nations, gnats, and wasps, and flies, While some eflay'd to cross, and veering wide, g'd in the rainbow's ever-changing dyes, Would with strong stem the stubborn stream cathing their stings, and smiling like the fair,

divide, pled the sunshine, and adorn'd the air. Aod slowly Nanting, fought the filene Gde; Less lively, on the right the streams deep flow, Swist to the shelvy shore light gallies fcw, ere no false colours mix'd their varied glow; As the fierce channel's rapid current drew,

gawdy bottom catch'd the downcaft eye : 'Twixe socks, and whirlpools, driv'n obliquely gay, ove no fiutt'ring infc&t wing'd the sky: And through the shoaly sunshine danc'd away. encly fulema all-One equal whole

Caught by a gulfy void that gloom'd below, thid not upon the lense, but touch'd the foul : These from the current's fair descending flow, ead of rocks green islands flourish'd here, In-drawn at once by darkness swallow d o'er, ne and fruitful as the full-grown year; Sunk from their sunny scene and rose no more :

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