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Great bard! what energy, but chine,

Worlds which, unnumber'd as thy virtues, to Could reach the vast description of their rage! Round suns-fix'd, radiant emblems of thy fou Or when, to cruel foes betray'd,

Hence lights refraded run through diftant fire, Sareph and Hamar call for aid,

Changeful on azure plains in quivering dyos! Loft, and bewilder'd in despair,

So thy mind darted through irs earthy frame, How piercing are the hapless lover's cries ! A wide, a various, and a glittering flame. What tender strokes in melting accents rise ! Now a new scene enormous luftre brings,

Oh, what a masterpiece of pity's there? Now seraphs shade chee round with silver wingi, Nor goodly Joah shows thy sweetness less, In angel-forms thou seest thy Rochford hue; When, like kind heaven, he frees them from dif- In each sweet form is trac'd her beauteous lize! tress!

Such was her soul, ere this selected mould Hail thou, whose verse, a living image, shines,

Sprung at thy with, the sparkling life t' info In Gideon's character your own you drew!

So amidst cherubs shone her son refiud, As there the graceful patriot shines,

Are infant-Aeth the new-form'd foul enfhrin'
We in that image bright Hillarius view!

So shall a roquent race from Rochford rife,
Let the low crowd, who love un wholesome fare, The world's fair pride-descendants of the firs
When in thy words the breath of angels flows,
Like gross-fed spirits, sick in purer air,

Their earthly fouls by their dull taste disclose !

Thy dazzling genius shines too bright! [light.

And they, like fpe&res, shun the Areams of Each softening charm of Clio's smiling forz.

But while in shades of ignorance they stray,
Round thee rays of knowledge play,

Montague's soul, which shines divinely frong, • And show thee glittering in abstracted day.'

These blend, with graceful ease, to form thy rhymn
Tender yet chatte ; sweet-founding, yet fubius,
Wisdom and wit have made thy works their care,

Each pallion glows, refin'd by precepi, there:
BESSY, COUNTESS OF ROCHFORD, To fair Miranda's form each grace is kind;

The muses and the virtues tunc thy mind.
Daughter of the late Earl Riverswhen with Child.
As when the sun walks forth in flaming gold,

Mean plants may smile, and humble flowers unfold, Polls, from me, though now a love-fick proto
The low-laid lark the distant æther wings,
And, as she soars, her daring anthem fings;

Nay, though a poet, hear the voice of truth
So, when thy charms celestial views create,

Polly, you're not a beauty, yet you're pretty; My smiling song surmounts my gloomy fate.

So grave, yet gay; so filly, yet fo witty ; Thy angel-embryo prompts my cowering lays,

A heart of softness, yet a tongue of satire; Claims my fond wish, and fires my future praise :

You've cruelty, yet, ev'n with that, good nature May it, if male, its grandfire's image wear;

Now you are free, and now reserv'd awhile; Or in its mother's charms confess the fair;

Now a forc'd frown betrays a willing Imik. At the kind birth may each mild planet wait ;

Reproach'd for absence, yet your sight deay'd,
Soft be the pain, but prove the blessing great. (rest: How would you chide me, should yout sex deier

My tongue you silence, yet my silence chide.
Hail, Rivers ! hallow'd shade! descend from
Descend and smile, to see thy Rochford bleft: (run, if i despair, with some kind look you bless;

Yet, should they praise, grow jealous, and escas
Weep not the scenes through which my life must
Though fate, feet-footed, scents thy languid son.

But if i hope, at once all hope fuppress.
The bar that, darkening, cross'd my creted claim, Too late you'd whimper out a fofter eale.

You scorn; yet should my passion change, or fi
Yields at her charms, and brightens in their flame :
That blood which, honour'd, in thy Rochford Doubt, yet difeern; deny, and yet desire.

You love; yet from your lover's with retire;
In cold, unwilling wanderings trac'd my veins.

Such, Polly, are your sex-part truth, part

fi&ic Want's wintery realm froze hard around my view;

Some thought, much whim, and all a contradicts And scorn's keen blafts a cutting anguish blew. To such sad weight my gathering griefs were



ADDRESSED TO JOHN JOLIFTE, E9Q. Life seem'd not life, but when convuls'd with Decreed beneath a mother's frown to pine, A DECENT mein, as clegance of dress, Madness were ease, to misery form'd like mine! Words, which, at cafe, each winning grace express Yet my muse waits thee through the realms of A life, where love, by wisdom polith'd, faines, day,

Where wisdom's self again, by love, refines ; Where lambent lightnings round thy temples play. Where we to chance for friendthip never truf, Sure my fierce woes will, like those fires, refine, Nor ever dread from sudden whim disgust; Thus lote their torture, and thus glorious shine! To social manners, and the heart humane; And now the muse heaven's milky path surveys, A nature ever great, and never vain; With thee, 'twixt pendent worlds, it wondering A wit, that no licentious pertness knows;


The sense, that unalluming candour thowa;


Reason, by narrow principles uncheck'd,

Charms, which th' unthinking muft to thought Slave to no party, bigot to no fect;

excite; | Knowledge of various life, of learning too; Lo! vice less vicious! virtue more upright : | Thence taste; thence truth, which will from caste Him copy, Codex, that the good and wile, ensue:

Who fo abhor thy heart, and head despise, : Unwilling censure, though a judgment clear; May see thee now, though late, redeem thy name, A smile indulgent, and that smile sincere;

And glorify what else is damn'd to fame. An humble, though an elevated mind;

But should fome churchman, a peing wie severe, A pride, its pleasure but to serve mankind : The poce's sure turn's Bap:ist---lay, and sneer; If these esteem and admiration raise;

Shame on that narrow mind so often known, Give true delighe, and gain unflattering praise, Which in one mode of faith, owns worth alone. In one wilh'd view, th' accomplish'd man we see; Sneer on, rail, wrangle! nought this truth repels.-These graces all are thine, and thou art he. Virtue is virtue, wherefoe'er she dwells;

And fure, where learning gives her light to shine, CHARACTER

Her's is all praise---if her's, 'tis Foster, thine.

Thee boatt dissenters; we with pride may own OF THE REV. JAMES FOSTER.

Our Tillotson; and Rome, her Fenelon ".



Some seem to hint, and others proof will bring, From Codex hear, ye ecclefiaftic men,

That, from neglect, my numerous hardhips spring. This pastoral charge to Webster, Stebbing, Ven; Scek the great man! they cry---'ris then decreed, Attend, ye emblems of your P -'s mind! In him, if I court fortune, I succeed. Mark faith, mark hope, mark charity, defin'd; What friends to sccond? who for me should sue, On terms, whence no ideas ye can draw,

Have interests, partial to themselves, in view. Pin well your faith, and then pronounce it law; They own my matchless fate compassion draws; First wealth, a crofier next, your hope enflame; They all wish well, lament, but drup my cause. And next church-power-a power o'er conscience, There are who ask no pension, want no place, claim;

No title with, and would accept no grace. In modes of worship right of choice deny;

Can I entreat, they should for me obtain Say, to convert, all means are fair ;--add, why? The least, who greatest for themselves disdain ? 'lis charitable-let your power decree,

A statesman, knowing this, unkind, will cry, That perfecution then is charity;

Those love him: let those serve him: --why Call reason error ; fornis, not things, display;

Mould I? Let moral doctrine to abitruse give way;

Say, thall I turn where lucre points my views; Siak demonstration; mystery preach alone; At first desert my friends, at length abuse? Be thus religion's friend, and thus your own. But, on less terms, in promise he complies :

But Fofter well this honell cruth extends Years bury years, and hopes on hopes arise ; Where mystery begins, religion ends.

I trust, am trufled on my fairy gain; In him, great modern miracle! we fee

And woes on woes attend, an endleis train. A priest, from avarice and ambition free;

Be posts dispos'd at will!-I have, for these, One, whom no persecuting fpirit fires;

No gold to plead, no impuder.ce to teaze. Whole heart and tongue benevolence inspires : All tecret service from my soul I hate; Learn'd, noc assuming ; eloquent, yet plain ; All dark intrigues of pleasure, or of state. Meek, though not timorous; conscious, though I have no power, clecion-votes to gain; not vain ;

No will to hackney oui polemic strain; Without craft, reverend; holy, without cant ; To shape, as time thall serve, my verse, or prore, Zealous for truth, without enthusiast rant.

To fatter thence, nor flur, a courtier's foes; His faith, where no credulity is seen,

Nor him to daub with praise, if I prevail; 'I'wixt infidel and bigot, marks the mean; Nor shock d by him with libels to assail. His hope, no mitre militant on earth,

Where there are not, what claim to me belongs? 'Tis that bright crown, which heaven reserves for Though mine the muse and virtue, birth and worth.

wrongs. A priest, in charity with all mankind,

Where lives the statesman, so in honour clear, His love to virtue, not to fect confin'd:

To give where he has nought to hope, nor fear? Truth his delight; from him it flames abroad, From him, who fears no being, but his God. * In this charafler of the Rev. James Fofter, truth In him from Chrittian, moral light can thine; guided the pen of the muse. Mr. Pope paid a tribute Not mad with mystery, but a sound divine;

to the modeft worth of tbis excellent man: little did be He wins the wife and good, with realon's lore; imagine bis Rev. Annotater would endeavour to convert Tlien strikes their vallions with pathetic power; bis praise into abuse. The cbaracter and writings of Where vice erects her head, rebukes the page; Fojter will be admired and read, when the works of the Mix'd with rebuke, persuadire charms engage; bitter controversialist are forgotten.

No!-there to seek, is but to find fresh pain : Constant, molt pleas'd when beauty moft ye The promise broke, renew'd, and broke again;

please : To be, as humour deigns, receiv'd, refus'd ; Damon your pidure's shown in tints like these By turns affronted, and by turns amus'd;

Say, Delia: mult I chide you or commend? To lose that time, which worthier thoughts require; Say, mult I be your flatterer or your friend! To lose the health, which should those thoughts To praise no graces in a rival fair, inspire;

Nor your own foibles in a fifter fpare; To starve and hope; or, like camelions, fare Each lover's billet, bantering, co reveal, On ministerial faith, which means but air. And never know one secret to conceal;

But still, undrooping, I the crew disdain, Young, fickle, fair, a levity inborn, Who, or by jobs, or libels, wealth obtain.

To treat all fighing saves with Aippant scorn; Ne'er let me be, through those, from want exempt; An eye, expreslive of a wandering mind : In one man's favour, in the world's contempt: Nor this to read, nor that to think inclin'd; Worse in my own !---through those, to posts who Or when a book, or thought, from whim retard rise,

Intent on songs or novels, dress or cards; Themselves, in fecret, must themselves despise; Choice to select the party of delight, Vile, and more vile, till they, at length, disclaim To kill time, thought, and fame, in frolic flighi; Not sense alone of glory, but of shame.

To flutter here, to Aurry there on wingi What though I hourly see the servile herd, To talk, to teaze, to fimper, or to fing; For micanness honour'd, and for guilt prefer'd; To prude it, to coquet it---him to trul, See selfish passion, public virtue seem;

Whose vain, loose life, Mould caution or disgust; And public virtue an enthusiast dream;

Him to dilike, whose modeft worth that: See favour'd falsehood, innocence belied,

please. Meekness depress'd, and power.elated pride ; Say, is your picture shown in tints like these ? A scene will show, all-righteous vision haste; Your's! ---you deny it--- Hear the point then tris The meek exalted, and the proud debze'd!... Let judgment, truth, the muse, and love decide. Oh, to be there !---to tread that friendly shore, What your's !---Nay, fairelt erifler, frown not fa: Where falsehood, pride, and statesmen are no Is it ? the muse with doubt---Love answers xo: more!

You smile---Is't not? Again the question try But ere indulg'd---ere fate my breath shall claim, Yes, judgment chinks, and truth will res, reply. A poet still is anxious after same. What future fame would my ambition crave?

TO MISS M*** H*** This were my wifh---could ought my memory save,

SENT WIT& MR. POPE'S WORKS. Say, when in death my forrows lie repos'd, That my past life no venal view disclos'd;

See female vice and female foily here, Say, I well knew, while in a state obscure,

Raillied with wit police, or lash'd severe : Without the being base, the being poor ;

Let Pope present such objects to our view; Say, I had parts, too moderate to transcend : Such are, my fair, the full reverse of you. Yet sense to mean, and virtue no t' offend; Rapt when, to Loddon's stream from Windfor's My heart supplying what my head denied,

Say that, by Pope eíteem'd I liv'd and died; He fings the modest charms of sylvan maids;
Whose writings the best rules to write could give; Dear Burford's hills in memory's eye appear,
Whose life the nobler science how to live.

And Luddal's springt ftill murmurs in my ear:
But when you cease to bless my longing eyes,

Dumb is the spring, the joyless prosped dies:

Come then, my charmer, comie ! here transport

reigns !

New health, new youth, inspirits all my veins. HEAR Damon, Delia hcar, in candid lays,

Each hour let intercourse of hearts employ, Truth without anger, without flattery, praise ! Thou life of loveliness! thou soul of joy!

A bookish mind, with pedantry unfraught, Love wakes the birds---oh, hear each melting lay! Of a sedate, yet never gloomy thought:

Love warms the world---come charmer, come a Prompt to rejoice, when others pleasure know, And prompt to feel the pang for others woe; But hark ---immortal Pope resumes the lyre! To soften faults, to which a foe is prone,

Diviner airs, diviner Alighis, inspire : And, in a friend's perfection, praise your own: Hark where an angei's language tunes the line! A will sincere, unknown to selfish views;

See where the thoughts and looks of angels shine! A heart of love, of gallantry a muse;

Here he pour'd all the music of your tongue, A delicate, yet not a jealous mind;

And all your looks and thoughts, unconkcioos

, A pallion ever fond, yet never blind,

fung. Glowing with aniorous, yet with guiltless fires, In ever-eager, never gross delires :

* Alluding to the beautiful Episode of Lodioas, ío A modeit honour, sacred to contain

Windfir l oreft.
From tattling vanity, when Imiles you gain; t a spring near Eurford.





There may young worth, the noblest end obtain, A LADY OF QUALITY

In want my friends, in friends may knowledge

gain; From the Small-Pox.

In knowledge bliss; for wisdom virtue finds, Long a lov'd fair had bless'd her consort's fight

And brightens mortal to immortal minds. With amorous pride, and undisturb'd delight;

Kind then my wrongs, if love, like yours, fucTill death, grown envious with repugnant aim, Frown'd at their joys, and urg'd a tyrant's claim.

For you, like virtue, are a friend indeed. de summons each disease !---the noxious crew,

Oft when you saw my youth wild error know, Writhing, in dire distortions, strike his view!

Reproof, soft-hinted, taught the bluff to glow. rom various plagues, which various natures know, Young and unform’d, you first my genius rais’d, orth rules beauty's fear'd and fervent foe.

Just Imild when faulty; and when moderate ierce to the fair, the millile mischief Aies,

prais'd. 'he fanguine streams in raging ferments rise!

Me shun'd, me ruin'd, such a mother's rage!

You sung, till picy wept o'er every page. drives, ignipotent, through every vein,

You call d my lays and wrongs to early fame; langs on the heart, and burns around the brain !

Yet, yet, th' obdurate mother felt no shame. ow a chill damp the charmer's lustre dims!

Pierc'd as I was! your counsel fufcen'd care, id o'er her eyes the livid languor swims !

To ease turn'd anguish, and to hope despair. er eyes, that with a glance could joy inspire, ike setting Itars, scarce shoot a glimmering fire.

The man who never wound afflictive feels, Here stands her confort, sore, with anguish, prelt, Welcome the wound, when bleft with such relief:

He never felt the balmy worth that heals. rief in his eye, and terror in his breast. he Paphian graces, smit with anxious care,

For deep is felt the friend, when felt in grief.

From you shall never, but with life, remove filent forrow weep the waining fair. ghe funs, fuccellive, roll their fire away,

Aspiring genius, condescending love. nd eight now nights see their deep shades decay. Relief seems infult, and confirms distress;

When fone, with cold, superior looks, redress, "hile these revolve, though mute each muse ap- You, when you view the man with wrongs bes

pears, ch speaking eye drops eloquence in tears.

sieg'd, 1 the nin:h noon, great Phæbus, listening bends!

While warm you a& th' obliger, seem th' oblig'd.

All-winning mild to each of lowly state ; the ninth noon, each voice in prayer ascends : --'eat god of light, of long, and physic's art,

To equals free, unservile to the great;

Greatness you honour, when by worth acquir'd; store the languid fair, new soul impart !

Worth is by worth in eyery rank admir'd. r beauty, wit, and virtue claim thy care,

Greatnefs you (corn, when titles insult speak; d thine own bounty's almost rival'd there. Each paus’d. The god affents. Would death

Proud to vain pride, to honour'd meckness meek

That worthless bliss, which others court, you fly; advance?

That worthy woe, they shun, attracts your eye. æbus, unseen, arrests the threatening lance !

But shall the muse resound alone your praise; -wn from his orb a vivid influence streams, d quickening earth imbibes falubrious bcams;

No-let the public friend eralt her lays !

O trace that friend with me!-he's your's :-hee ch balmy plant, increase of virtue knows,

mine!d art, inspir'd, with all her patron, glows.

The world's-beneficent behold him shine! e charmer's opening eye, kind hope, reveals,

Is wealth his sphere? If riches, like a tide, d hope, her confort's breatt enlivening feels.

From either India pour their golden pride; h grace revives, each muse resumes the lyre,

Rich is good works, him others wants employ ; Eh beauty brighcens with re-lumin'd fire.

He gives the widow's heart to sing for joy. health's auspicious powers gay life display,

To orphans, prisoners, shall his bounry flow; eth, fullen at the fight, Atalks flow away.

The weeping family of want and woe.

Is knowledge his ? Benevolently great,

In leisure active, and in care fedate ;

What aid, his little wealth perchance denies,

In each hard instance his advice supplies. I lov'd Hill, O thou by heaven design'd With modeft cruth he sets the wandering right; charm, to mend, and to adorn mankind!

And gives religion pure, primæval light; thee my hopes, fears, joys, and sorrows tend, In love diffusive, as in light refio'd, -u brother, father, nearer yet !---thou friend! The liberal emblem of his Maker's mind. worldly friendships oft cement, divide,

Is power his orb? He then, like power divine, nterests vary, or as whims preside;

On all, though with a varied ray, will shinc. agues of luxury borrow friendship's light, Ere power was his, the man he once carets'd, -cagues subversive of all social right:

Mects the same faithful fimile, and mutuai breast; -y, my Hill, in what propitions iphere, But ask his friend fome dignity of late;

we the friend, pure, knowing, and sincere ? His friend, unequal to th' incumbent weight? where the worthy and the wise retire; Alks it a stranger, one whom parts inspire re wealth may learn its use, may love inspire; With all a people's welfare would require ? L. VIII,

His choice admits no pause ; his gift will prove Say, what have honours to allore the mind, All private, well absorb'd in public love. Which he gains molt, whó least has serv'd misHe shields his country, when for aid she calls ;

kind? Or, should the fall, with her he greatly falls : Titles, when worn by fools, I dare despise; But, as proud Rome, with guilty conquest crown'd, Yet they claim homage, when they crown the wik Spread Navery, death and desolation round, When high distinction marks deserving heirs, Should e'er his country, for dominion's prize, Desert ftill dignifies the mark it wears. Against the tops of men a faction rise,

But, who to birth alone would honours owe? Glory in hers, is in his eye disgrace;

Honours, if true, from seeds of merit grow. The friend of truth; the friend of human race. Those trees, with sweetest charms, invite our eyes

Thus to no one, no sect, no clime confin'd, Which, from our own engraftment, fruitful riše. His boundless love ciabraces all mankind;

Still we love best what we with labour gain, And all their virtues in his life are known; As the child's dearer for the mother's pain. And all their joys and sorrows are his own.

The great I would not envy nor deride; These are the lights, where stands that friend Nor ftoop to swell a vain superior's pride; confelt ;

Nor view an equal's hope with jealous etes; This, this the spirit, which informs thy breast. Not crush the wretch beneath who wailing lies Through fortune's cloud thy geriuine worth can My sympathizing breast his grief can feel, shine;

[thine? And my eye weep the wound I cannot heal. What would'st thou not, were wealth and greatness Ne'er among friendships let me low debate,

Nor by another's fall advance my state;

Nor misuse wit against an absent friend :
Let nie the virtues of a foe defend! (weight


In wealth and want truc minds preserve there In Answer to bis from the Country

Meek, though exalted; though disgrac'd, elate;

Generous and grateful, wrong'd or help'd they lic Now various bird, in melting concert fing, Grateful to serve, and generous to forgive. And hail the berry of the opening spring :

This may they learn, who close thy life attend; Now to thy d-esms the nightingale complains, Which, dear in memory, still instructs thy friceà. Till the lark wakes thee with her cheerful strains; | Though cruel distance bars my groffer eye Wakes, in if y verse and friendship ever kind, My soul, slear-sighted, draws thy virtuc nigh; Melodious comtort to my jarring mind. [fee, Through her deep woe that quickening comic:

Oh could my soul through depths of knowledge gleams, Could i read nature and nankind like thee, And lights up fortitude with friendship's beans I should o'ercome, or bear the shocks of fate, And e'en draw envy to the humblest state.

VERSES Thou canst raise honour from each ill event,

OCCASIONED BY THE VICE-PRINCIPAL OF Fromn shocks gain vigour, and from want content. Think not light pocety my lise's chief care!

ST. MARY-HALL, OXFORD. The muse's ma: fion is, at beít, but air;

Being presented by the Honourable Mrs. Knight, to the But, if more solid works my meaning forms,

Living of Godsfield in Effex.
Th' unfinish'd structures fall by fortune's storms.
Oft have I said we falsely those accuse,

While by mean arts and meaner patrons rise
Priests, whom the learned and the good despike

; Whose godlike souls life's middle Rate refuse. Self-love; I cry'd, there seeks ignoble rest;'

This sees fair Knight, in whose transcendent mais:

Are wisdom, purity, and truth ensurin'd. Care sleeps not calm, when millions wake unbleft; Mean let me shrink, or spread sweet shade o’er all, Thy living, Godsfield ! falls her inftane gist.

A modest merit now she plans to lift, Low as the shrub, or as the cedar tall!-'Twas vain! 'twas wild - I sought the middle state, And make the church-revenue virtue's prize.

Let me (faid she) reward alone the wile, And found the good, and found the truly great.

She fought the man of honest, candid breast, Though verse can never give my soul her aim;

In faith, in works of goodness, full exprest; Though action only clainis substantial fame; 'Though fare denies what my proud wants require, To science moral, and religious truth.

Though young, yet 'tutoring academic youth Yet grant mepheaven, by knowledge to aspire : Thus to inquiry let me prompt the mind;

She fought where the disinterested friend, 'Thus clear dinım'd truth, and Lid her bless man

The scholar, fage, and free companion blend; » • kind;

The pleasing poet

, and the deep divine, [chine From the pierc'd orphan thus draw Mafts of grief!

She fought, she found, and, Hart: the prize wat Arm want with patience, and teach wealth relicf!

To ferve lov'd liberty inspire muy breath! sin
Or, if my life be useless, grant me death;
For he, who useless is in life survey'd,

Let Fulvia's wisdom be a Nave to will
Burthens that world, his duty bids him aid.

Her darling 'pafsions, fcandal and quadrille;

On friends and foes her tongue a fatire known Sc: L'yer's Poems.

Her decds a fature on herself alone.



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